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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest | Xandra]

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#1Xandra Queen 

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:52 am

So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Word Count: 521
Total Word Count: 521/1000
Mana: 530/530
Quest Description

The silhouette of the female strolled alongside her as the sun gazed upon Baska town, peeking shyly from behind the cover of the clouds that brought with them a series of cool winds. The pastel pink hoodie that embroided her torso hung loosely as strands of blonde hair were trapped within the clutches of an elastic band. Her hands seeked protection from the cold within the warm embrace of the cloth of her top while her legs were hidden underneath the blue pair of jeans that matched the dull shade of the skies. Her sneakers clashed against the concrete ground as she swayed past people, accidently looking some in the eye with an indifferent expression before drifting it away. Her steps steered from side to side gracefully, in a desperate attempt to prevent any unnecessarily collisions from occurring, and indeed, she succeeded.

For a rather anonymous reason, she felt joyous that day as escaping her sealed plump lips, was the low humming which was drowned within the commotions of her surroundings. However, she did not mind it. Her steps halted before the large wooden board that silently stood towards the side of the pathway. Its sole purpose was to allow the citizens of the town to stick some requests over it so a bypassing mage could take it and perform the tasks people had difficulty in. As a Knight and a mage, she felt the need to do the same. Lilac irises glided over the board skimming over small, mediocre tasks until her eyes halted upon one which, to her, screamed urgency. Perhaps, it was simply the bright pink of the paper that captured her attention as she plucked it off the board and skimmed through the black inked text.

Ah, Fernando. That was definitely a familiar name as rumors of his creations spread across Fiore like wildfire. Xandra was unaware of the fact that he was in the same town as her, but while she was here, might as well help out as she had deemed the other jobs as average. They were nothing to pay too much heed to; her decision would depend on which she found to be most important and this was definitely it. It didn't require any saving lives, but it definitely didn't require some mice to be terminated either. Folding the paper, she shoved it into the pocket of her jeans as she sauntered over to the boutique where she would meet her client.

Unfortunate for her, the location required her to do a bit of interrogation but her strangely relaxed mood for the day didn't focus too much on her distaste. It took her approximately ten minutes of walking to arrive before a grand boutique which could be spotted from a mile away. Flashing colours of pink and purple adorned the doors as the through the glass, the elegant and sophisticated attires that screamed jewels were to be seen. Looking down at her own outfit, she stood there hesitantly before shrugging off the feeling of being underdressed and pushed the door, entering into the cool air of the shop. "Bonjour! Hello, pretty young lady."
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#2Xandra Queen 

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:14 am

So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Word Count: 582
Total Word Count: 1103/1000
Mana: 530/530
Quest Description

"Je vois. You are here to help me. Merci, pretty young lady." Xandra nodded her head in greeting, letting a scarcely visible smile play on her lips at the demeanor of Fernando. His posture and style radiated an aura of elegance that she couldn't help but be mesmerized by after she had told him the reason of her arrival. Snapping her out of her thoughts was the sound of his claps as his hand, adorned with rings and a watch, clashed against another. His hair was swept up neatly as his attire consisted of a pastel pink blazer hiding the white formal shirt underneath and black formal pants paired with a pair of sleek, shiny black shoes. "Well, well. We have a lot of work to do. Let's go. Bien attaché."

He spent the next thirty minutes or so explaining to her the types and colours of the fabrics he required. He showed her a room, filled from top to bottom and from wall to wall, with various categories of fabrics and made her touch the ones similar to those that he needed to allow her to get the perfect idea of what she should be buying. Handing her a list of the places where she could find those along with a pink wallet seemingly filled with jewels, he shooed her away, claiming to be busy with the scattered papers of designs that he seemed to have drawn.

She was on her own and felt the urge to do a good job as the glimpse of the design of his new collection seemed so beautiful, she wanted to help bring out its beauty in the best way possible. Rolling up the sleeves of her hoodie, she glanced at the list before making her way down town, ready to visit each of them. She jumped from store to store, spending at least thirty minutes in each of them, feeling the material of the fabric and collecting the right colours, buying up to five from each of them. In some, she ended up buying none as they didn't meet the requirement.

Time ticked past at a speedy rate as she carried bags of different retail outlets, running into any she found that she had missed, only to end up coming back out with even more bags in her hand. Her next destination was the flea market which was brimming with people. She barely managed to slip past the hoard of individuals with the cache of bags filled with various fabrics. Much to her dislike, she collided into people more often than she would have liked but nonetheless, visited the stalls one by one, going through the different types of materials they possessed and buying it if they reached beyond the standards she had set so far. This experience also helped make her a better shopper.

The day settled into evening as the sun droopily awaited to fall into a slumber. Finally, she was done as she had visited every place that was written on the list, until the sheer number of bags became too heavy for her to haul alone but she did it. She was determined to reach back to his boutique and once she did, dropped the mass of shopping bags onto the ground as beads of sweat rolled down her face and neck. "Here you go." With a delighted look, fernando walked to her, before gasping and breaking out into a grin. Pulling her into an excited embrace, he yelled, "Fantastique."
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