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Sirius Training [Quest: Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:16 am

Bianca was once again going to take a job from one of Oak Town’s celebrities. That was sarcasm, obviously, but Sirius Phantasm was a pretty well known guy in Oak Town. There was literally no one who lived in Oak Town who did not know this name. Even those from the surrounding towns and places knew of this name. He was the heir of the Phantasm family and handled pretty much all of the Phantasm family’s dirty work. What? Of course he was did illegal shit. What did you think a noble living in Oak Town did? Oak Town was pretty much the place to go if you are interested in illegal dealings. But that was not the point of her job today. She was appointed by Sirius Phantasm to train the guards working for him. Apparently they were not showing the kind of effort that he wanted to see. And Bianca, out of all the people, was going to be the one to train them. Not that she was not capable of doing that. She just needed to think about how she was going to do this. She had never taught anyone but herself to do anything, so it was going to be somewhat difficult. A small challenge. Before going to the Phantasm Castle, she decided to get herself a refreshing cup of coffee. It seemed to be something she depended on these days, and if she kept up this habit of having a cup a day, she was going to be addicted soon, no doubt.

The vampyre went to her usual cafe, hoping that she was not going to meet the school girl that she met last time who asked her to answer a million questions because she did not feeling like wasting her energy thinking about appropriate answers to a bunch of questions. Bianca had actual work to do so she was just going to turn around and leave if that girl was still around. Luckily for her, the girl was not around and she was freed from all that questioning that she was dreading. She just wanted to get her coffee and leave in peace to finish her tasks for the day. Once Bianca was receiving her coffee, she took a look at the wall clock behind the counter to check the time. It was almost noon. She wondered if she was going to get there during lunch time, but Sirius mentioned nothing about it and it actually seemed like he would make his guards train before eating because that was apparently more important. For him, of course. It was better to eat later anyways, otherwise they would throw up while training or something. Bianca did not want to see anyone throw up while she trained them. What she was hoping was for Sirius to have somehow prepared some part of his castle grounds for the training. There was no way she was going to tolerate it if he gave her a tiny plot of land.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:37 am

The vampyre reached the castle of the Phantasms, waiting for the guards at the gate to report to Sirius and let him know that she was here to train his soldiers, uh, well guards. Same thing right? Yeah, not really, but nobody cares. That was so far from the point right now. So Bianca was standing in front of the gate waiting to be allowed inside while the guards at the gate stared at her from top to bottom like she was like a specimen or something. Folding her arms, the vampyre tried to wait patiently. She did not like having to wait at all. It was not something she actually did, but for situations like now, she had to summon all the patience in her not to fuck up this mission. She was going to get money for this, so she could not afford to mess it up. She had not even started the actual job which was to train the Phantasm’s family guards that were under Sirius’ command. She was going over what she had planned to do in order to train them over and over in her head. A few moments later, she was allowed to set her feet on castle grounds. She remembered she was here for some jobs, about some stone mason workers gossiping about Sirius. She was here about that job twice and the second time was with the spikey haired dude called Varian from whatever guild. She either forgot, or he never mentioned it.

Once she was inside the castle, led to Sirius’ office by a butler who was very polite and nice to her, this meant that he was well trained. Sirius welcomed her into his study, telling her to take a seat. He asked her if she wanted a glass of water which Bianca politely refused. She was not at all tired, but Sirius seemed to think she was. She was a little bit pumped already to train the guards and was not really looking forward to this little chat with Sirius. He obviously did not remember her because he asked if she was new in town, and only when she made a glare at him, he asked if she was the Broodmother. The vampyre nodded with a teeny tiny smile that meant nothing. She just did not want to look like she was going to eat him alive. After the unnecessary small talk that Bianca did not enjoy, she headed out of his study together with him down the stairs back outside and to the back of the castle. That was where the guards were all hanging out until they saw Sirius. They all dropped whatever they were doing and all stood in some formation as if they were cheerleaders or something. What else Bianca noticed in that plot of land (that was pretty large by the way) were the dummies that were standing ready to be hit. Bianca smiled. Sirius did prepare for the training session for his guards.

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#3Bianca Fleur 

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:17 pm

Bianca wondered if Sirius did this just for this training session or if he just had this little training area for whatever reason. Sirius had followed her to the training area, probably to introduce her to his guards or something. Bianca had a stern look about her face. It was all about first impressions, right? She wanted to make sure that they did not disrespect her, but she was sure they would not even dare because of Sirius. They seemed like they were pretty afraid of him. This made the vampyre wonder what exactly he would do if they disrespected him or like disobeyed him. She did not think too much about it, since Sirius began the introductions. He obviously was not going to introduce each and every one of his guards. She doubted he knew and remember all of their names. So he just told them that Bianca here was going to train them. Of course it was a little strange for a woman to be training a bunch of men, but she was a pretty large woman. She was actually taller than some of the guys among the guards. Sirius was taller than her though but just by a few inches. That made her feel less like a giant among these men. The vampyre smiled and nodded as she was being introduced. And so their training session would begin.

What she mostly did was instruct them to do things to things to the dummies. Having dummies there made everything much easier for her. Otherwise she would have actually asked them to practise hand to hand combat against each other. To be honest, she will probably do that later after the warm ups and stuff. That way they could fight active opponents instead of the dummies. That should give them more experience she thought. Sirius left her to train the guards telling her that he would be back later to check on them because he had some business to take care of. “Alright, sure,” said Bianca, nodding and turning back to pay attention to her trainees. Honestly she could not imagine what could go wrong at this point. She was doing pretty well as a trainer and that was kind of increasing her confidence. Folding her arms, she watched from the platform that she stood on. The guards gave her looks as if to ask for approval of what they were doing. A while later she stepped down from the platform towards them and helped them improve their stances as well as how they straightened their arms and stuff when they punched forward, little things like that. It was a little weird because they kept saying ‘Yes sir’ by accident and they kept fixing themselves by saying ‘Yes ma’am’ right afterwards and Bianca found that sort of funny. She just nodded at them when they corrected themselves so that they did not feel all awkward and dumb for mistaking her gender or something. And soon it was lunch time.

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#4Bianca Fleur 

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:05 pm

The trainees were provided a light lunch by Sirius so that they would not have to waste a lot of time resting before they started training again. Bianca was also provided with lunch but she politely declined. However, Sirius still invited her into their dining room where she could just have like a refreshing drink while he ate his lunch. The vampyre was pretty confused as to why he would make her watch him eat. That was pretty strange right? Surely she could not be the only one who thought that was weird. She would not want someone to be watching when she was eating. But of course there was an active conversation to make the awkwardness disappear, and Bianca liked talking to someone she could somehow relate to. She did not mention her last name however, because she did not want to remind him about her family. She wanted want him to know her because of her family, if that made sense. That probably did not make sense at all, but you get it.

Sirius finished his food quickly, probably because he did not want to waste time while Bianca was supposed to be training his guards. Bianca understood this and once their chit chat was over, they both got up from the table, Sirius wiping his mouth with a napkin and leading her out of the dining room. She followed closely behind him, studying the beautiful interior of the dining room of Castle Phantasm. She really admired how much time and effort they put into this castle. Her family did not go that far. They owned a manor that was now already gone because it was demolished and turned into something else. She even thought about buying that plot of land later and building a home for herself but she decided against that. If she was going to live somewhere, it was going to be Dahlia Town. That town was the shit. Plus if she was in Oak Town she could stay in the Phantom Lord guild anyways.

So after the little awkward lunch break, they were back in the training area and Sirius followed her here as well. He wanted to see how his guard were doing probably and Bianca was proud to see that her training was impressing the Phantasm. He even asked her if she had planned this out or something and of course she said that she did. She told him that she had not expected him to prepare dummies and things like that and that made him laugh. She told him how she was going to let them fight each other, but she was still going to do that. Sirius nodded and told him to come pick up her reward after the training was over in his office. So Bianca said that she would and turned her attention back to the training. About an hour or two later, she noticed that the guards were pretty exhausted so she ended the training for them.

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