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Deadliest Designer [Mission | Alisa | Arisa]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:21 pm


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Ultimately, Alisa felt rather happy the doctor's job today didn't involve cutting up animals or something of the sort. Personally she didn't really care about those jobs, just like she didn't care for most people she wasn't close to. But Arisa cared, not so much about strangers or strange animals, but rather about her friend's well being. In the end all they had to do was arrive at a troubling conclusion, and realize the real culprits behind this plague outbreak had undoubtedbly been human, and not simply a stroke of bad luck, or even poor sanitation. After reporting to the doctor, they had nothing more they could do about it...

Instead, they simply strolled around Baska to the song of the cicadas. Much to Alisa's surprise, as Summer had long passed. It was a pretty warm night though, courtesy of the bright moonlight and the winds dying down. The night was still young, and for all of the sculptress' early rising habits, she couldn't really ignore such an appeal either, occasionally throwing curious glances at her beautiuful friend, noting how her luminious violet hair seemed to shimmer under the lunar gleam. But as they waddled around, a speedy courier boy would suddenly dart their way, pulling out a sheet of paper:

"Alisa and Arisa?", he asked with a plain, monotone voice; and despite his teen years didn't fall under the two girls' booby trap like so many others his age might have. Chuckling at that little notion, Alisa nodded and folded her arms under her bosom, all but pressing those mounds ever so slightly until even a stonefaced professional had no choice but glance downwards, "Uhm, I have this invitation here for you two. Have a good night!"

And with that he ran off once more, leaving the two girls alone to look over what he'd brought. It appeared to be a stylish invitation of sords, with their names written on it:

"Oh, what's this...?", she spoke, looking at the little piece of paper, flipping it around to get a look at both sides, "Another of the good doctor's job offers by any chance...? No... That's defenitely not a doctor's handwriting."

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on Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:26 am

The job felt more simple than it should've been. Her eyes gazed towards the doctor who was thinking after they gave him their answer. The answer that pretty much told him that he was right, someone -- a Group of specifics were spoiling the water with some potion. She doesn't quite remember their names, the name of the group so they must not be really too important other than this drama. She looked at the doctor and he nodded. ''Alright... That's all I need. Thanks.'' was all he said. He went on his business after paying. Both of them left after that to stroll the night. The night had a crisp to it, the air. At first it nipped her nose as the cold started to get to her. Arisa's arms stretched out as she yawned. Her long legs cat walked forward as they were going towards a non-specific destination.

Rather or not Alisa had anything planned was beyond her. Her head tilted to look at the sky above her. Unlike that time in Dahlia, the area had a clear sky with tons of stars in areas where there weren't street lights on about. In Dahlia - for herself, she only saw clouds and the moon like it was made for the races of darkness. Her heart was beating slowly as she remembered showing Hyoen her wings, he was petting them and then there was Alisa who too started petting them. Was she some wild animal to be petted now? She was thinking such things as her eyes gazed in mid-level and straight to wherever she was walking. Her arms wrapped around her large bosom, hip swayed left and right and her long beautiful violet hair swayed with those hips. Her full, glossed lips were straight, no smile nor frown as she had some calm expression, if any.

Soon enough has they were enjoying their peaceful quiet walk someone arrived with their names escaping their lips. She was prepared to annihilate this kid, but all he did was give Alisa some letter. ''What does it say, Alisa?~'' she spoke in a soft harmonic tune. Ghostly air escaped her lips every time she spoke, it signaled on how cold it was getting, how closer winter was. The boy spoke of some 'invitation', but to what? Was this another one of Doctor's quests that he was requesting by a letter?! She shook her head as she took a deep breather, hearing Alisa say it twas not him this time. Was it the fashion designer guy then? She felt clueless at this, but nonetheless they were going to get whatever job needed to be done. Slowly she walked closer to Alisa to look over her shoulder to read the letter for herself. She was curious and since it was her, she was not going to mind her being behind her, reading 'over her shoulder'. She knew that she would mind, but since her height compared to Alisa's was different with herself being taller, it shouldn't be a problem.


#3Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:27 pm


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She had no clue as to what manner of thoughs fluttered around her absent friend's mind, or that she felt bad for people enjoying petting her wings. However could they not, with how ridiculously soft they felt - velvety even? That said, ever since that lovely night they spent Alisa often wondered when she'd be able to pet them again. Back then, it really looked like Ari enjoyed it too, so it's not like there could be anything wrong with it, is there?

"Let's see...", answered Alisa, unable to avert her gaze from the small envelope, and the piece of paper it contained. A good bit harder than normal paper too, halfway between that a card proper, about as firm as a business card, and twice that size. Alisa calmly pulled the paper, not the slightest bit worried about standing still in the cold or the small puffs of condensation forming in front of her mouth with every breath exhaled. For a northerner like here, this temperature was pretty much still summer, "Hmmm, it's an invitation for a fashion show by Mr Milano. Of course, it comes with an offer for work as well~"

She finally concluded, chuckling as she looked back to the expectant Arisa. That guy did pay well for jobs that weren't particularly difficult, and thus Alisa rather enjoyed the opportunity to work for him. But question was, how would Arisa feel about it at this time of the day? She titled her head slightly, letting her long hair drape down her shoulder, slowly sliding down the bound curve of her bosom:

"It appears he needs us for protection this time around. I wonder if this has anything to do with someone paying his models to turn on him...", wondered the artist, her eyes gazing up at the moon as one finger moved below her lip...

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on Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:04 pm

The walk, the peacefulness and silence was no longer as the boy showed up with some letter. Rather the letter showed something for them to do or not was not dependent on such as it was easy to find something to do. Her eyes looked at the letter with curiosity, standing behind Alisa. She smiled sweetly while her golden hues were sticking to the paper in front of her. What could it be? Another job?! She didn't really need the money, but she knew that it would give them something to do in the end. She enjoyed walking, but no when there was nothing to look at, nothing to talk about even... She read the letter in her own head, her thoughts as she imagined the last time she was there. So much female drama which was why having female friends, she felt she needed more guy friends. Females are dramatic; including herself and many others when it came to certain things. The letter talked about how he had some worries about something and needed to talk to the two ladies about a suspicious subject. He didn't give much details, but will give them the details when they meet him at the place he was located. It was obviously the place he was always located at. Her eyes looked towards Alisa and nodded. ''Alrighty, let us go then.'' she spoke softly and started to walk with her friend to the location. Not many people were out at this time obviously, so it made her curious on exactly why they were needed. Was some person going to steal his stuff or what? Finally, Arisa continued to walk on the stone-like sidewalk towards their next destination. Rather or not this was going to be worth it, was unknown.


#5Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:15 pm


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Yup, neither Alisa nor Arisa appeared to be short on money or anything of the sort, yet Alisa for once wanted to try out that high level, A-rank mission. But even the money they could possibly gain from an S-rank mission hardly mattered when compared to sheer girth of the sculptress' fat bank account, let alone an A-rank one... Then, why? For the hell of it of course! After all, since the raid on Blue Pegasus ALisa had been made painfully unaware of her own irrelevance in the grand scheme of things. She needed experience far more than she needed training, and the best way to attain it was simply living all the adventures Fiore had to offer.

Of course, she also remembered the kind of work he had for them last time... Simply recalling it made Alisa roll her eyes with wanton exhasperation, as nothing short of shouting and striking fear into those pissy models seemed to cool them off. Girls like them are what gives all model a bad name. Then again, she also had to wonder how much were those girls actually being serious, as opposed to simply trying to plot against their supposed employer:

"I wonder if we'll finally discover what got into those models last time...", Alisa thought out loud as she started making way towards the venue, "Still, it's not like we're in a hurry or anything, might as well enjoy the cool night air before we get there~"

She said this, but her head was clearly hard at work, if Arisa bothered to look at her best friend she'd undoubtedly see this for herself, confirming how Alisa defenitely planned on figuring out who their enemy was before actually meeting with the employer. After all, she had a hunch Mr. Milano himself had no clue of what he was up against...

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on Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:38 am

She walked beside her friend as she always has. They were a duo that couldn't fall apart nor seperate unless obvious reasons. She listened to her and wondered herself about the models. ''I've had offers in the past, but I could never be a model.'' she started and turned her head to look at her friend with a cheesey smile. ''I love food too much.~'' Arisa giggled and looked forward with a-now serious facial expression. ''Not only that... I find societies main view on appearance being beauty a hoax. It's foolish. Like, what I mean is... is that they would never put a plus sized woman who was beautiful, good personality on some magazine...No. Only thin, fit bimbos and the desperate wants to be models -- unless of course they were offered.'' she tried to say her opinion. Alisa might have a different opinion, but it didn't matter to her. She looked back at that last mission when her and Alisa had to figure out why they were being dramatic. Were they getting paid to do it or were they just being typical dramatic women on their monthly? Her hands rested on the back of her head as she yawned and walked forward to their next destination. Her stomach felt hungry, her mouth was thirsty, but she wondered if they had to do the mission right at this second. Perhaps the mission will be done fast. Fruit sounded wonderful as she could already taste the nectar sweetness of the juices coming from the fruit. Fruit was amazing for you, most of them good for losing weight. It was just like the meat products, certain meats are actually bad for you, even if it is still protein. As there were good types of meat for you as well. Fish was one that was good for you, which to her sounded good.


#7Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:39 am


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"So...?", Alisa crossed her arms, pushing up her full, round bust as a confused expression flashed on her face. Clearly she had some difficulty understanding Ari's issue, especially considering the girl ate like that and still looked stunning, "If you work out, you can eat whatever you want and stay fit. Then again, it doesn't look like you have that problem to begin with~"

She nodded towards the tall woman, her eyes scanning down those fantastic curves she seemed oh so eager to flaunt, giggling as she looked back up into her eyes... Plus, it's like she could hide them even if she wanted to. Alisa's gaze trailed up from Arisa and towards the radiant lunar disc, smiling as she thought back to her own modelling tenrue, and how she hadn't taken any such work in a long time... A really long time:

"Personally, I rather modelling work. You get paid to look beautiful, could there ever be an easier job for girls like us~?", Alisa winked, not really bothering going into how she enjoyed being admired. Arisa probably knew by now, and there's a good chance she was like that as well. Though she nodded at her friend's statement, her agreement ended when the girl's view on beautiful women began, "I understand where you're coming from... But as far as I'm concerned, it takes work looking like this. I spend half my day training, shopping for outfits, trying them out, seeing what looks good at what doesn't. It don't know how you get to look like that, but at least some of it must be hard work."

That was alright though, Alisa didn't mind debating these subjects with Arisa, even when they disagreed. Nay, she liked debating especially when they disagreed. She knew Arisa could respect a different opinion, even if the same couldn't be said of... Whatever it was she had inside her. The two resigned to silence after that, and though Alisa had no issue with that, her curiosity over Arisa's contemplative expression spoke louder, prompting the sculptress to rub behind her head before flipping her dark hair behind her:

"Penny for your thoughts~?", she'd ask, raising an eyebrow

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on Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:21 pm

She listened to Alisa as she was thinking of all this. She gave her opinion back, commented about all the exercise and spending all that time. Spending all that time on getting fit and fancy. She giggled as such and looked back at her friend again for a second with that fake reassuring smile. ''I find it silly to spend so much time of the day on that. I rather just eat, relax and enjoy the money we make.~'' she spoke cheerfully and looked forward. Her facial expression went to straight as she felt sorrow from never being able to forget since the first day they met. Every time besides that one time felt like a dream, falling for him. If she was hated for this then so be it, but when he left he took her heart with him. Were they truly meant to be? An angel and one who embraced the darkness? Such as yin and yang?

Her eyes cornered and were to look at Alisa -- wherever she may be. ''My thoughts? We don't have enough time for me to explain what is all in my thoughts.'' she started and looked forward and then up. Her eyes of golden suns gazed at the sky itself. Her heart was both in pain and in happiness, being quite the mix. She felt happy to be accompanied by someone who cared about her well-being, being Alisa. While she will always be in pain till the 'issue' is resolved. Her arms dangled now against her side as she felt no more energy, not even to hold her own hands together. ''Perhaps 'he' will never leave my mind. I know you see it as dependent towards him, but for you, you should see it as a curse then.'' she spoke calmly as her sweetness as gone.



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#9Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:30 am


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It turned otu Alisa might not have even had to ask in the first place. Yes, she hadn't known Arisa for too long... But she'd known her long enough to recognized those dreamy looks on her face whenever she saw them, and know how whenever she looked too out of it, she was probably thinking about him. A man Alisa had never truly met - though she did have a run in with him - but after spending so much time with Arisa she defenitely felt like she did. A different question might be, how long could Alisa gaze into that look on her best friend's face - think about her thinking about her love life - before she too started thinking of her own romantic misadventures.

Granted, that term alone might already be giving them too much credit, but then Alisa felt just fine the way she was. She opened her heart only for a select few, and saw no need to bring herself to do so for other, or to open it more the few she did know. Her Quest had to be taken solo, and the more people she let in the greater the chances of them getting hurt... She rationalized it that way at least, but deep down Alisa simply felt more at ease by herself...

Until exceptions came along. Even someone like Arisa already counted as one, despite them lacking any form of romantic attachment. But then there were others... When she thought about her, the sculptress couldn't help but cross her arms, furrowing her brow as she tried to define what it was she felt towards Xandra. She failed, she always did, but she was never one to give up anyway...

She liked her, that much was certain... Simply holding her hand brought her far greater comfort than she could ever dream of getting from another person, yet had it not been for them getting incredibly drunk and pouring their hearts out to each other, they might have never come close to this level of clonesness, feeling at ease with each other, despite how short at time ago they'd met. Hell, she didn't even know what kind of magic she had up until a few days ago, here in Baska... Which begged the question of when would they meet again?

Just thinking about it made her heart race with antecipation, and before she knew it, she'd find herself twirling a lock of hair around her finger, a hopeful, almost coy smile drawn across her lips. Which promptly turned into a guilty blush once Alisa spoke up, as if she'd just been caught red handed... Had she seen that look on her face...? If she did and asked about it, and Alisa didn't know what what to answer... Now that would make her feel silly:

"W-well, it looks like you have that luxury anyway~", she'd answer, regaining her cool just in time, only to giggle at her answer at the next question, "That much huh~? Guess I was right to ask you."

She listened attentively, as it appeared Ari truly did have rather deep thoughts bouncing around that head of hers, such as her almost desperate bond with her lover. Alisa found her love admirable, her devotion as well, but just like she'd told her before, she admired Arisa's strength as well, and their tight bond only made this less pleasant to watch:

"I can't bear seeing your happiness conditioned by the will of one man...", she answered simply, balling her fists. She saw it as a weakness Arisa didn't need, or at least, the idealized version of Arisa that existed inside her thoughts. Glancing down, she knew this side of Arisa put her in a difficult position. She couldn't bring herself to dislike a man simply for being himself, but on the other hand she found it hard to forgive whoever hurt Ari...

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on Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:03 am

The beauty in everything was in its own order. There were many things that could be defined as such; depending on the person and matter it will be such to all. She continued to walk with her dear friend, hands sliding against her side and wrapped around towards the back so they held each other. Her mind was wrapped around her 'lover' as she thought of when her fingers were entwined with his. She remembered the warmth of his embrace, the skin grazing against each other as they were close. Her heart pounded as her body, soul and whole felt true ecstasy with being around him. Her heart only pained all so much after he walked out on her. It broke her as she remembered that single feeling when she poured all her feelings towards him in one go -- he walked away soon after. Her everything felt like it was devoured by the darkness that was truly the abyss - dark muk-like substance she could never get out of. To her, it seemed like Alisa was disapproving of how she was when it came to love, to him. Perhaps humans were really different then compared to how angels were. Was her heart not as vulnerable as a human or is it that once you become one, it makes the one sin/virtue you embrace, sensitive? ''I suppose humans are different in that aspect. I'm assuming that once one embraces their 'angel' within, you change as well. You're chained with the sin and virtue you stand with most. The thing I don't understand is why do I feel like I'm more than one?'' she questioned.



#11Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:56 am


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"Guess all that power must come with a equally blatant weakness huh...", concluded Alisa, nodding to herself how it made sense, for there was no such thing as truly absolute power. If absolute offense were to meet an absolute defense, either of the two would give way and lose all claims to its title. In this case, Arisa suggested angels like herself couldn't thrive.

A romantic idea in theory, but not so much in practice where a weakened mental state might easily render one helpless. Her next words rung bells in Alisa's head, not as alarms but as reminders of what she'd seen of Arisa before, and the problems she yet faced with entities that weren't her:

"No doubt that must mean you have parts of yourself you can't connect to... But simply burying them won't disappear.", theorized the ever contemplative sculptress, looking to her friend for either approval or disapproval of the words she'd just spoken...

Soon enough though, a sound would steadily pierce through the dark of night. It started out low, almost a murmur in the distance, but it would get louder as they grew closer, and soon enough, it would get brighter. They'd just arrived at the venue, and immediately, Alisa gulped, all but cringing at the sight. Was she expected to swim through that crowd to get to their destination? Hell no! Immediately, her sharp eyes got to work, seeking a short cut, a staff entrance of sorts she could make her way into...

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on Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:06 pm

While Alisa was obviously thinking, her thoughts on her love were continuing. No one could beat that feeling out of her though as her angel-being will always be his, it was as if it was scripted that way. His action was more overpowering than any words from any other could bring or make an impact on her. She had no idea when it came to him nor why she felt so enticed by him. His eyes were welcoming her, his embrace was her home and it gave her hope. His dark-like eyes, filled with so much mystery; Arisa knew she was never going to solve that mystery. She felt all hung up on him, never wanting to let go. With him being all that is on her mind, making time feel all so slow.

Arisa continued to walk, but getting ahead. Looking back once more towards Alisa with a smile that makes it look like she's okay. Even though deep within, she feels so much pain. From love, from death, from it all that she feels and knows. She wants to see him again, just once more as this pain was killing her. Maybe she was being selfish, but even if it's one last time; one goodbye, it'll be closure with him standing in front of her at this time, right now. She saw the crowd of people that Alisa too saw. 'Parts of her that is missing', like her memory? She knew there were things, a lot of things she doesn't remember, but it could also mean the ability to control her emotions and soon her emotions will erupt. She feared that once her emotions controlled her being, she felt like she will have to hide.



#13Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:11 pm


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While Arisa yet remained immersed in her thoughts, Alisa was hard at work, hands on her hips, tucking away strands of hair behind her ear as they fell in front of her face, readily impeding her sight lest she continuously brush them away. She had zero intention of walking in through the busy front door, and promptly lead her friend through an alley around the side, avoiding the crowd entirely. The ruckus all but seemed to die out as the narrow alley filtered out the noise, pushing even that modest wind through the tight space, making it strong enough to send her long hair fluttering about. Between this and the dark of night, seeing her way forward became a lot harder... But thankfully, she didn't have to look long.

"This must be it...", Alisa pointed out, towards a locked door that said, staff only.

Actually cranking it open though... That was a different story altogether. But in the end all they needed was a bit of persuasion... If by 'persuasion', you mean 'kicking it down'. That's alright, this didn't look expensive enough that Alisa couldn't pay for it, and it rather clarified just what she was willing to do to avoid swimming through a crowd. Best part was, taking this path left them rather close to teh staff area, and from there to the dressing rooms took no longer than a few minutes...

"Oh good, good, you're finally here...", greeted their employer, letting his greeting guests wander back into the party before shutting the door behind him, leaving only the three of us. And with that slight, scarcely perceptble click, it was almost as if a switch went off inside his head, as the man turned around in a flash, frantic and desperate, "SOMEBODY JUST TRIED TO KILL ME!!! AND I THINK I KNOW WHO!!"

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on Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:19 pm

Even if so, it would kill her in the end to even pretend, to even say that she will get over him. Every time she closed her eyes, she imagined a life. A life with him by her side, forever, together -- fighting, protecting and achieving all side-by-side. Maybe she is a fool, maybe even a tool, but she didn't know nor will she ever know. Was it time to let go? All she knew now was what was going on right now...

Her other sides thought of her as a fool for loving someone like that. Someone who thought they were a cat (someone cool). All she could do was embrace the light she was given. As she gave herself hope  and all will be forgiven.

The halo lights shining on the ground, from the lamp posts distancing every feet for so long. Their feet hit against the cobbled stone street ways that was showing the way. Every pigment of her was wrapped on love, on hope, and hiding the insanity of the sins she is apart of. Her desires, her pride of what she does, how envious she is of those who had it easy, her anger towards many things and how she always felt so tired, so sleepy to where she doesn't really want to do anything. The sound of silence was peaceful and welcoming to her mentality as they went forward towards their destination.  Was the person prepared for them -- whoever their enemies or enemy may be? Her emotions felt like they were shackling their chains wishing to volcano their way out and release towards all her enemies and sadly, perhaps, all. She held onto her emotions tight, her feelings and fright, ever since that day that she found over-developing and made a huge impact on what she is now and how she thought on this very day. Her long beautiful violet hair swayed left and right as she walked in this silent windy night with her friend towards the mission. Soon enough her mind paid attention as they were in the building. She saw then the client, Alisa and herself in a room, the client complaining, but if there wasn't any complaining... obviously there'd be no mission.



#15Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:16 am


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The client went on to explain how, when he and his model were busy preparing the stage and catwalk, a bit, heavy load got dropped on his face, and only by sheer miracle were the two abe to avoid it. He had to survive other such assassination throughout the whole day, and even thoughh he had no leads at all, he seemed convinced the culprit was his rival, another designer named Jaune.

So their mission was simple, head to the man's boutique, find him and tail him. Their client had given a fairly decent description of his suspected perpetrator, but there's a lot that could be said about finding a flamboyant man, at it really wasn't easy. He walked up a purpose, heading towards the fashion event with an annoyed but resolute look in his eyes. As they tailed him from the shadows, ALisa eventually heard something suspicious... Something she wouldn't have if not for her mother

"Putain, ce connard n'est pas mort encore?", she heard him grumble, a foreign language nobody in Baska had any business knowing, especially with so few people on the streets, "Trés coriace..."

Her mother's language... Alisa hadn't spoken it in a long time, and it's a rather difficult language to get a grip on without regular practice. Hearing it, she'd strut out the alleyway, urging Arisa after her.

"Ou allez vous monsieur? Les rues de Baska sont trés dangerouses à cette heur de la nuit~", she spoke with a teasing smile, yet thoroughly accusing glance, almost a glare. Her voice though, would sound far more elegant than she ever could in Fiorian...

Arisa wouldn't understand her, or the man, but in that language he simply grumbled about how somebody was proving rather difficult to kill. She'd no doubt get the contect, as he did - The message was clear, and the man's eyes widened: She understood everything he said... At least, she could see his eyebrows raise. Seriously, who wears sunglasses at night?!

"Oh, merde... You can underrstand zise words?", he asked with a thick accent

She'd not, but there really was no point to it. As the guy realized he'd been found out, he instantly pulled out a magic scroll. He stood no more than a few meters away, yet for someone who used actual magic at Alisa or Arisa's level, this proved little more than child's play:

"A scroll? Now that's just precious~", scoffed Alisa, chuckling as she brought one hand over her mouth, she raised her hand at him, shooting a glare his way as she focused her mana, then released it through her palm, producing a huge, four meter wide magic circle. She glared, smirking confidently, and opening her mouth as a casting command, "Here, this is what real magic looks like...""

Used 200 Mana:

Name: Diamond Storm
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Crystal Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A (Crystal)
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: Alisa casts this spell by opening her mouth. When cast, she can shoot a cone shaped, whirling vortex of sharp crystal fragments that spreads out up to eight meters wide at peak range. The high impact can easily push people back one meter along the direction of the spin while they take damage. Sustaining the spell allows Alisa to cast it again by repeating the gesture, once per turn. If she has others crystals in this spells trajectory, they will be sucked and rolled along the vortex. It deals A-rank cutting damage.

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on Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:32 pm

Arisa listened to the man who was their client for the past of many missions. She wondered on what was his problem this time. 'I swear if it's to kill or harm an animal... I will skin someone.' thought the darker tone while her bright eyes gazed towards him. The man had a weird hair style, one that she will never forget. The guy, Fernando starts to then stalk. His body leaned forward as his elbows was against the table with his eyes looking at them, tiredly. ''Look... I need you two to find out if a certain person is try to kill me. Man...'' he started and stood up pointing to a few things. ''I was almost crushed by a freaking cabinet. It was terrible! Imagine! Me! Being crushed by a cabinet. My face would be ruined for life.'' he spoke dramatically with the back of his hand against his forehead.

He looked frustraited and it was most likely because of the drama that has been brought to his business. Was there really a man who wanted to try to kill him? Could there be some secret star-crossed lover thing going on or could there be something else going on? She crossed her arms against her chest as he then continued to speak. ''I need you guys to spy on a man named, Jaune Chameur. Someone most, if not all will know as my business nemesis. Do what you must, just come back alive to tell me what happened.'' he ended. Arisa tilted her head and then shrugged with the leave of her and her friend, Alisa. They went out of the building, going in the dark streets to spy and watch out for anything suspicious. She softly yawned as they waited for what-ever-his-face was, oh right, Jaune Chameur. As they slowly walked and walked against the walls of cemented building, they heard some words. Her head turned and saw a man of blonde short hair that had some spikes. Outside of the boutique, she sees a girl that has a dagger against her back. 'What in the world?' she looked at him and then at Alisa semi-confused. She listened in as he threatened the poor girl.

''Hey!'' she went out at the same time as her friend did. He looked with a glare of his sharp eyes towards the two. The girl seemed frightened and then as Alisa was going to attack, the man, Jaune, used a scroll that made him poof. With that, it made it seem like Alisa was attacking the air, seeing the man no more. The grl already ran off as they saw nothing anymore. The two girl's were alone now and so they went on back to the place. ''What a weird scroll...'' she commented to her friend. Her foot/leg lifted up one at a time, left foot, right, left foot right, after another went down. She made a smile like a child being playful. Her arms dangled against her side motioning by the movement she was making. Her long violet hair was flowing behind by the winds that had a medium current. Her head soon tilted to look at Alisa, downward as she was taller than her beautiful friend. ''Guess we should tell him, huh?'' she started once more and then tilted her head up to look at the sky that was turning darker. ''Wonder where he got a magic scroll like that....'' she finished as they were about to go inside. Arisa felt somewhat curious on what the guy was going to say, Fernando. Finally, her eyes were lit up by the building's ceiling light. They went in to explain, mostly letting Alisa speak and talk. Honestly, Arisa didn't really care for the dramatic scene of explaining on what happened between Jaune, the one who has been threatening Fernando's clients and Fernando himself -- him being technically their client, their as in Alisa and Arisa. Once more, finally, the two girls got their reward to go rest for the night once again.




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