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On the Run [Syliph]

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on Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:15 pm

Thankfully, both Kerii and Syliph made it out of the castle safely. That was the “hard part.” Though it was not very difficult for Kerii, she did notice that Syliph put in more effort than she did. Still, getting off the Syllas’ property would be a breeze. Bolting out of the door, she made her way towards the gate that led both in and out of the castle. It wad open, still accepting visitors for tours. Not caring what the guards thought, she ran past them. It was highly unlikely that they already heard about two individuals who were snooping around the castle. They seemed a bit puzzled as to why she was running. They looked back behind them to see if there was any threat to the castle, but couldn’t see or hear anything that warrented an investigstion. Even so, the pink haired elf booked it for the town. If the guards did end up trying to search for her and Syliph, which they most likely wouldn’t, it would make sense to go into a place where a lot of people were. Having been to Marigold already, she knew exactly where everything was. When she was out of sight of the castle, she slowed down her pace to let Syliph catch up a bit. It wasn’t even long though before they reached the hillside homes. Once there, Kerii finally stopped to catch her breath. “Well, that was something, wasn’t it.”


on Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:50 pm

The hillside houses were beautiful, if Syliph had not grown up in a secluded village hidden deep in the oberon forest, he would have liked living here, the view, the neighborly feel, the aesthetic were all really nice.

Turning his head around he checked to make sure the guards weren’t following. He wondered if they would come looking, he had heard that they would either chase after you or let you go, it all depended on the guard.

The duo stopped right outside of town, Kerii stated that sure was something. ”yeah, it was. But we should probably keep moving, depending on the guard they might decide to follow us, especially because we came down a hallway where a secret room was situated.” turning back in his heels he walked into the mass of houses. Winding around the streets he headed toward the south eastern part of town, where it looked like the houses were older and had less people so they could hide out for a little bit. Turning around he glanced at Kerii, he wondered why an elf was mingling with humans so freely, “ so, Kerii.” He emphasized her name. “Why would an elf like you be a wondering mage? Tell me about yourself.” Syliph didn’t know if he should tell her his fake backstory or his real one if she asked where he was from. She had seen him become emotional so he didn’t know. But for now he’d just wait for her answer.


on Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:37 pm

Syliph agreed with Kerii that what they did was quite the experience, but suggested that they kept on moving since the guards would most likely come after them. Kerii just shrugged. “I don’t think they’ll come. It wasn’t a major disturbance or anything.” In Kerii’s opinion, her “trying to sneak into the castle” was a bigger threat than two people wandering in the castle, and even on the request they didn’t seem to make a huge deal out of it. Regardless, Kerii and Syliph didn’t present themselves as threats... except for when Syliph kneed the guard in the chest and pushed off his shoulder. That was an act of hostility, but Kerii never did anything of the sort.

As the two of them moved through the hillside homes, Syliph began to ask Kerii about her life as a mage. He was particularly interested in why an elf like her would be wandering around. She didn’t understand what her race had to do with anything. It wasn’t uncommon for an elf to be seen among humans, but then again it wasn’t exactly the most common thing either. Humans were definitely the majority in Fiore.

“Well, I just really like to adventure and since I have magic, I figured that I might as well put it to good use while I do so,” she explained. She would have added in that she had no idea what her race had to do with anything, but she figured that it would just make things awkward between them. “And you?” Maybe if she was lucky, Syliph’s response would give her some more insight to his past.


on Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:27 pm

The part of Marigold they walked into was surprisingly pretty. The partially rundown houses had moss growing up the sides, Syliph was debating whether he should let kerii in on his past, there were many different ways she could react to it.

Kerii had simply said she liked to travel, and since she was a mage she thought it a good Idea to put her powers to use, "Are you part of a guild? to be honest I don't meet a lot of other mages." He told Kerii, finally rounding a corner the duo entered a street that dead ended into a small overgrown garden filled with moss. Leaning against a wall, he decided he would tell part of the truth, why he became a mage, "Well, when I was a kid there was a lot of discrimination where I lived, during a riot,
my parents were murdered, so I mostly travel around to stop discrimination."
The part about the riot was a partial lie, he wondered id Kerii would catch it, he had never had a full on conversation about his backstory other than with the people in the sieghart mountain village


on Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:04 pm

Evidently, Syliph hadn’t met a lot of mages as of yet. Thusly, he wondered if she was part of a guild or not. “Actually, I am,” the elf said. “In fact, I’m part of Lamia Scale,” If she had to guess, she would say that Syliph was guildless. If he hadn’t met many mages before, she would find it hard to believe that he was part of a guild. Plus, the way he acted, the way he attacked the guard (even if it wasn’t that bad) didn’t make it seem like he would be part of a light guild. It was entirely possible that he was part of a dark guild and was merely putting up a façade, but Kerii chose to believe the former.

When Kerii asked Syliph why he was a wandering mage, he responded saying that since there was a lot of discrimination where he lived, he traveled to end discrimination. Also, he mentioned that his parents were killed in a riot, which confirmed her suspicions. Although he didn’t say anything, she guessed that it was the kind of discrimination going on in his town, which made Kerii curious as to what kind of discrimination existed where he used to live. “Oh, I’m sorry... what kind of discrimination, if you don’t mind me asking.” Clearly it wasn’t racial discrimination, unless he happened to live in a town where he was the minority, which Kerii found to be highly unlikely.


on Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:14 pm

Kerii was a part of Lamia Scale, Syliph had debated joining a guild, but he didn't trust everyone he met, he had only just begun to trust Kerii, and telling her a partial part of his backstory was a big sign of trust for him, he might join a guild one day, but the guild would have to be okay with him following his chaotically good nature.

She was also interested in where he had grown up, and the discrimination he had encountered. He didn't want to overflow to much information at once, so he decided a little more information to Kerii would be acceptable, "The discrimination we faced was mainly in terms of our religion. The illumin weren't in favor of who we viewed as godly figures, so to prove that we were wrong, some radicals started a riot." Syliph looked into Kerii's eyes, if she was paying attention, this would be her chance to pull more our of Syliph, if she wasn't, this would probably be the most she gets for a little while, at least until he got more comfortable with knowing her. Syliph's life had been no walk in the park, and making friends with someone who didn't care where he was from or who he worshipped would be nice.


on Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:36 pm

Kerii crossed her arms across her chest as she listened to what Syliph had to say about the type of discrimination that ocured within his town. Much to her surprise, it was about religion. More specifically, the illumin didn't like the fact that Syliph's family worshiped different godly figures they did. Some radicals started a riot to prove that Syliph's family's (and others no doubt) gods were false. Since it seemed like nobody or, more specifically, no godly figure came to save the non-illumins, she supposed that the illumins thought that their riot was a success. "That's really..." Kerii was at a loss for words. She couldn't relate to what happened to him. She felt that the classic 'I'm sorry' wasn't enough and was next to meaningless. "I never knew the illumins to be like that," she ended up saying. "Well, I've never exactly had any first hand experience with that religion either, but I've never heard of them doing that." She wondered if riots such as those were supposed to be common knowledge. Kerii knew a lot of things, but not so much religion. Her roots came from places outside of Fiore. She of course knew that the illumin religion was the dominant one in Fiore, but she didn't grow up learning about it or its practices.

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on Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:07 pm

Kerii didn’t seem to truly understand what had happened, but that was okay. She also hadn’t picked up on his eyes, but he couldn’t be sure. Though the way she talked about illumina made him wonder if Kerii wasn’t an illumin.

Syliph removed the necklace from around his neck and showed it to Kerii. The simple silver disc had all twelve zodiac signs, each engraved in clockwise order around the clock, “this was my mother’s, she wore it always, when we could, she’d wear it on the outside of her shirt.” Syliph took a shaky breath as he said this. Though he had mostly gotten over the massacre, the memories still caused some serious emotional stress though. Looking at the moss calmed Syliph a little bit, it reminded him of the stones in Oberon Forest. He and his sister would play on them when they were younger.

Syliph took a deep breath, pushing the memories farther back. He should deal with them, but he wasn’t gonna do in front of someone. Resting his hands on a piece of moss he asked Kerii a question about her childhood, “so on a lighter note, what was your childhood like.”


on Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:24 pm

Kerii looked with curious eyes at the necklace hung around Syliph's neck. She couldn't help but smile when she saw the zodiac signs around the silver circle. While she didn't understand much about human religions, she understood the stars and cosmos a whole lot more. After all, she did have Celestial Sky magic - the very magic that drew some of its power from everything and anything in outer-space. The zodiacs were among the first things she learned about. According to Syliph, the necklace seemed to be a symbol of his religion though. His affiliation with the zodiacs were far different than hers.

On a lighter note, Syliph wanted to know what Kerii's childhood was like. "Well, for starters, I was raised a lot differently than most humans I guess," the elf began. "I was taught two different dialects of the elven languages in addition to this one from birth. I was also taught my magic at a very young age too. It actually has a lot to do with the stars and basically everything in space, including the zodiacs," she said gesturing to Syliph's necklace. She couldn't say that she recalled learning about any religion that revolved around the zodiacs, so she was naturally curious as to what Syliph's religion was. However, she didn't think that it would be best to bring that back up. So, she decided to ask him about his magic instead. "What kind of magic do you use?" This was another thing she was really eager to know about. For whatever reason, a cat was following Syliph. Perhaps it had to do with the type of magic he had. Kerii's mind swam with the possibilities. The most obvious one she could think of was some dark or mystical magic, or perhaps even one that involved animals.

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on Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:04 pm

Kerii has also had an alternative childhood, not as alternative as Syliph’s childhood, but still rather different. She went on about how she was bilingual, Syliph popped up at this, “really?” He asked. “I am too, my people.” Syliph faultered, he had let up a little more than he meant,” my parents taught me the Zodiac language along with its religion. It’s basic understanding of my religion.” Talking about the positives of his language put Syliph in a better mood. Kerii then asked what his magic was, “most people in my religion study a magic that represents one of the celestial bodies in the zodiac. My mother studied Virgo, and my father studied Pisces. But after the riot, i was left alone, but I found someone and they taught me zodiac: Capricorn magic. It’s power comes from ones knowledge, the more i know, the more spells I can cast.” He said. Then he thought what Kerii’s magic could be, “you said yours had to do with the stars too, what do you mean by that.” He asked. He wondered if his magic would have been different had his parents not been killed. Stretching out in the moss he waited for her response.


on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:52 am

Kerii grinned as Syliph said that he knew another language too. In her experience, not a lot of people knew other languages, much less her own. She figured that she would have to find another elf to see if they spoke the same languages she did though. Still, regardless of what languages they spoke, it was neat to find out that she and Syliph had another thing in common.

Syliph went on to explain that he was taught the zodiac language by his parents. It went hand in hand with his religion. Evidently, his magic, and his parents’, were based on the zodiacs. While his mother used one based on Virgo and his father on Pisces, Syliph used a magic that revolved around Capricorn. She was kind of disapponted though when Syliph said that his magic actually drew its power from knowledge and not from the celestial bodies itself like Kerii’s did, but she didn’t show it. Instead, she smiled and said, “That’s pretty cool. To cast my spells, I have to combine my mana with the energy from celestial bodies. At least, that’s what I was told.” Kerii fully believed that the explanation her parents gave her was accurate, but she had to admit that at first, the concept was a bit hard to wrap her head around. It just seemed out of the realm of possibility that she could draw power from something so distant, but it wasn’t until she attempted to do so that her spells became successful.


on Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:01 am

Syliph was really interested now, he and Kerii had more things in common than he had expected, he had a hard time trying not to smile. Kerii drew her magic from the celestial bodies themselves, unlike Syliph, where his magic was made to reflect the values of a specific celestial body. "Just because i'm interested, what element does your power reflect?Depending on which zodiac magic you're using,
it'll have the element that the zodiac is aligned to,
Its a little confusing."
Syliph said. He was really wanted to see what Kerii could do in terms of her spells, he might even ask her to cast one, she'd obviously be stronger than him but he wouldn't mind, the more you knew the stronger you were. Picking at the moss he looked around for the devil cat, he didn't know if their relationship would ever improve, he doubted it, but the future was unknown and he was open to any idea. Rolling a rock back and forth in his hand he waited patiently for any kind of response. He was glad he met Kerii, he wondered if he'd ever join a guild, he hoped he'd make good enough friends for that one day.


on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:52 am

Syliph still seemed to be interested in Kerii's magic. Granted, she hadn't told him exactly what her magic did yet, but he hadn't told her much more about his magic either. He simply said that his was based on Capricorn, one of the twelve zodiacs. When he asked about her magic's element, she responded simply with, "Wind." Syliph explained that each zodiac had a different element it was assigned to and said that it was sort of confusing. In Kerii's mind, it wasn't. It made perfect sense that different zodiacs would embody different elements. Sure, they may all be stars, but no two stars were alike, so each zodiac shouldn't be exactly like the other either. An elemental difference, Kerii imagined, would only be one of the many things that made each zodiac magic unique from another.

"What element is Capricorn aligned with?" Kerii asked, hoping to figure out what kind of magic Syliph possessed. Even when they were at the castle, neither of them needed to cast a spell, so she never got to see his magic and he never got to see hers... not that he would see much. Unless he or someone got hurt, he wouldn't be able to see the full capabilities of her magic.


on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:44 am

Kerii's magic was aligned to wind. All the zodiac elements were aligned to one of the four main elements (water,earth, air, fire). Responding to her question about Capricorn's elemental alignment he went a little in depth, "Capricorn,
like Virgo and Taurus, is aligned to the earth element.
Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio are aligned to water,
Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are aligned to fire and Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are aligned to wind.
Though its rumored that there's a thirteenth sign that died in a great war, no one knows what it is."
He said, "You said you're magic also used celestial bodies, what kind of celestial bodies do you use, if you don't mind me asking, its a rare occasion you meet someone with a astral themed magic." Syliph enjoyed magic conversations, it was one thing most wizards had in common, it was a great conversation starter, and for someone who wasn't the best at conversing, this was a great way to start up a conversation. Removing his necklace he slid his thumb across the twelve different symbols, lingering on his parent's symbols, but only momentarily, not enough for anyone to notice. He looked at Kerii, waiting for her answer.


on Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:03 pm

Interestingly enough, three zodiacs each were aligned to a specific element, each element being one of the four basic ones: Earth, wind, fire and water. She noticed that there weren't any aligned with either dark or light, which was strange, considering stars emitted light. Kerii was about to ask about those two elements when Syliph went ahead and asked her what kind of celestial bodies she could use with her magic, and said that it was rare to meet someone with an astral themed magic. She shrugged. The elf really didn't know the limitations of her magic. As far as she knew, she could draw power from anything in space. "I guess any celestial body. So far I've had spells that fuse mana with energy from moons, constellations, comets... I guess I just don't know the limits of my magic yet."

Kerii was about to continue on with the conversation when she saw a tall, hooded figure walk behind Syliph. It wasn't an uncommon occurrence. Plenty of people wore cloaks this day and age, especially travelers. This person, however, looked in Kerii's direction. He had sharp eyebrows and silvery hair. Kerii didn't even have to see his ears to know that he was an elf. He swiftly disappeared from sight. She turned her attention back to Syliph. "I'm sorry, I have to go," she quickly said. She couldn't give him an explanation -- not a good one at least. She needed to go after that elf.



on Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:08 pm

Both Kerii and Syliph seemed to be having a great time talking, she explained she didn’t know fully about her own magic, he was having a pretty great time listening to her explain her own magic to him, it was pretty interesting, they had an interesting conversation about the connection of astral bodies and their magic. But suddenly her eyes seemed to land on something behind him and she seemed to become more nervous, quickly ending the conversation she left Syliph sitting there a little awkwardly, she ran off into the distance leaving him to awkwardly sit their by himself.

Standing he walked up, the black cat materializing next to him, ”I knew this would happen, you really should pay attention. Something sinister is going on.” Syliph sighed, ”get out of here cat, I met her like and hour ago so I have no idea what her last is like, so leave me alone weirdo.” he said, waving his hand angrily. Sighing the cat materialized to it was a few feet back from Syliph, surprisingly giving him some space, something it hadn’t ever done before, without the cat seeing he cocked an eyebrow skightly confused.


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