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Polluted Waters [Quest: Alisa & Arisa]

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on Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:56 pm

She didn't like this, not at all. The time before they were interrupted of a good meal to harm an animal for some experimenting. Thinking of how the animal could be tied down, needled in the skin and it crying out for help, the poor little thing. She frowned at the thought of it and honestly just frowned upon what could come next. Softly and slowly she brushed her hair with her long soft fingers and sharp nails, humming softly as she looked forward into a mirror. Her eyes were beautiful gold that is unsoiled, her lips full and beautiful with the touch of pink and shining gleam. Her hair was fine silky violet with a lightness touch to it. Her face was flawless, lit up and beautiful like an angel itself, except truly here she was, an actual angel. She tried to smile so, but the fact that she had to do what she did to the poor creature was terrible. Her heart would pain even for one she didn't know at all and there were many of them.

''How do you feel... about animals being harmed as such? Treated like some... object..'' she questioned her dear friend. ''It'd be like someone coming for your companion to take, steal, whatever you want to call it to experiment on it or perhaps more?! I do not know...but... When it comes to experimenting... that I do know a lot of...'' she spoke and then lowered her gaze to look at the white painted desk with a mirror connected to it. She wasn't very sure on it anymore... Perhaps it is biased as she had no care for most humans, people in general unless they were her friends, family or lover. Her stomach growled as she was going to then twist her body a little to look towards her friend in curiosity.



on Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:37 pm


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The last mission hadn't been particularly difficult for Alisa; quite the opposite, hunting and slaying dangerous beasts was all but part of their job description as wandering mages. Sure, sometimes they had to hunt down dangerous people too, and in Alisa's case, hunting down a specific few dangerous people had pretty much been her life's goal long before she even became a mage. Not for Arisa though... She could tell by looking at her how hunting down animals no doubt counted as the worst part of this job, but then again she also understood somebody had to do these missions, and if they didn't do, others would come along and do the same. In the end, nothing would change, they'd simply miss out on the chance to earn some money. Her outfit looked no worse for wear after their little boar hunting, and a simple swatting of her hand over the sleeve wiped off whatever dust had clung to it. Neither of them had broken a sweat, and Alisa knew she still looked as gorgeous as ever, the pure white of her smooth skin and outfit contrasting only with the sheer, silky black hugging her strong but sensual legs...

Yet Ari kept trying to clean herself up even though she already looked pretty much perfect... She knew whatever filth she tried to cleanse was merely a product of her conflicted mind, out of shame at herself for what she'd just done.

"Lumen is like family to me. I would kill whoever tried, as I would whoever tried to do the same to you.", she stated almost coldly, her eyes projecting that hatred onto an unseen enemy, "As for this job specifically...", she sighed, crossing her arms under her sizeable bosom and shaking her head. She glanced down for a moment in pondering before looking back into Ari's eyes, doubting this was the answer Arisa wanted to hear, but too honest and proud to actually lie about her views, "I guess it's either experiment on a single animal and treat the disease, or let it spread and wipe out the whole population. I'm not kind enough to care for a single individual I don't even know over the fate of an entire city... Be they beasts or humans."

This almost frigid pragmatism wasn't really something Alisa bothered to hide, not from her friend of all people. While an emotional, empathetic artist and caretaker, she could just as easily turn rational and detached when the need arose. Of course, she couldn't help but feel her friend had a personal reserve toward scientific experiments...

"...What happened to you...?", Alisa asked vaguely, visibly worried for her friend and her past more than she would about any person or animal they'd yet met in baska...

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on Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:41 am

She listened to her friend as she got up to get dressed for the day. Her hips swayed with motion while her fingers continued to brush her own hair. She heard from her friend that if anyone hurt her companion that she was or perhaps could just kill them -- including Arisa herself. She didn't know how to feel about that, no one has ever told her that -- no one has ever told her that they'll kill anyone who harmed her or such. A brisk of a single tear felt like it was developing, but alas she shook her head and let the light burn it away into her skin. ''Thank you... Really...'' she spoke quietly, softly as she frowned. Her arms crossed against her large bosom and sat on the bed instead. The girl seemed to be curious about her story as she wanted to hear it. Arisa took a deep breather as she readied herself to tell it.

''Heh, you really want to know?'' she asked, winging her body towards the left while her hands quickly removed from being wrapped around herself against her chest to the edges of the bed that then held her self in place. If she said yes, she spoke of her small story, as far as she remembered. ''Well... my 'mother' was experimented on long ago... by a man that she later successfully killed. Anywho, she turned out rather insane in the end of her story and she instead, experimented on me. I assume that I'm an angel with all these... 'voices' in my head that keep speaking to me because I died in the last one she did.....before... well.. before my town sacrificed 'me' after they tortured, killed and sexually abused my siblings before they killed them. I can... I can still hear the screams... one of their heads detaching as they shoved a shovel in the middle of their face, pulled their head by the hair to finish it. I only saw because my blind fold was loose and got a peak... After that, I blacked out and I somehow ended up on a ship to Fiore alone.'' she explained.

''I know there is more to it... on why I was spared and it's not just because I am an angel... There was no possible way in telling. I didn't even know till months ago. I wish I remembered it all...everything.'' she finished and then pushed herself up. ''Well.. time to finish getting dressed.'' Arisa spoke with a sigh. She walked towards the dresser cabinet to get a black shirt with a moon and wolves on it with some weird design, blue jean pants and sneakers with white socks. She had to dress somewhat warm since it was getting colder out. Winter was coming anytime soon and she had to dress appropriately. She walked towards the window, opened the curtains and looked outside. ''Doesn't seem like winter is coming any time soon though...'' she spoke out loud to herself.




on Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:18 pm


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Wow... She expected it would be harder... But when she expressed a desire to learn more about Arisa and learn more about the girl's past, she expected the mysterious angel to offer more resistance to her attempts, no doubt even refusing to answer entirely. The sculptress simply nodded, the caring shimmer in her eyes saying 'I do' without her even needing to open her mouth. But as Alisa slipped on the new outfit she'd just purchased yesterday, she kept her eyes peeled on her tall, lovely friend the whole time, wondering just what in the world she had to put up with. Pulling up her stockings, she held them in place with a rather alluring black garter belt - matching her underwear - then picked up the skirt...

...And almost dropped the pure white cloth it when Arisa got into her story. Her mother experimented on, and going as far as repeating the painful treatment onto her own daughter... Her siblings raped and killed, until she too became a murdered to save them. No wonder the girl had issues. The woman's lip trembled in sorrow, a single tear trailing down the corner of her eye as she quickly closed the distance between the two and draped her arms around her friend, pulling the girl into a tight hug, pulling the girl's head onto her shoulder, "I'm sorry..."

Despite their yielding softness, the sheer size of both their bosom kept Alisa from drawing the girl as tight as she might have wanted...

"Considering your background, you turned out alright. A weaker woman might have grown into crazed serial killer after enduring what you did...", Alisa finally conceded as she pulled away, running one hand down that long violet hair and gently caressing the girl's cheek. She knew there was nothing she could say that might bring her comfort, but she hoped her presence alone might help, no matter how little... But in the end, the girl had shared the dark past she most likely never shared with others, so when Alisa backed off to finish putting on her skirt, she sighed and returned the favor, "I learned magic just so I could seek revenge against my mother's killers... I can't even imagine how many I would have slaughtered already... If I had half as much to avenge as you do."

The warmth in her eyes faded as she got into the details of her own story, she didn't even cry anymore, as when she thought of Black Sun her sight turned red, "The culprits were the dark guild Black Sun... That's about all I know. They were never caught, and they've yet to pay for their crimes. But they will, in time...", she clenched her fists so tight it felt her nails might dig into her flesh, gritting her teeth as her gaze turned frigid and hateful... But finally, she took a deep breath, clearly taking a great effort to relax and ensure at least Arisa got to see her smile, "It seems neither of us has much to gain from dwelling in the past..."

With this, she put on a tanktop, ensuring it fit comfortably around her bust, before putting on a tight, gold trimmed white jacket. Then and only then did she slip on her high heels and adorned her long hair with a little bow:

"Indeed... This jacket alone can get pretty warm once we start running around in it...", she answered, turning her head to look around, adjusting her stockings and garter belt. Exposing her thighs like this helped keep her fresh, but she also had to ensure they looked good at all times...

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on Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:00 pm

She really started to think about her past life and how it was, but the real question was how did she get on that ship? What happened while she 'blacked out'? There was more to this and honestly it sucked that she couldn't just find out by a book as that would make it easy. Sadly, life wasn't made to be easy. She remembered reading Kuriana's book, that bloody damn book that she read fully through her whole life. She read from page none to thousands - the end of the book itself. She couldn't believe there were lots of pages missing, covered in old blood and who's blood was it?! She continued to comb her beautiful silk violet hair as she sat down once more. Arisa was to believe that that was the end of the story, but then as she was thinking of that Alisa started to talk about her own small history.

It was quite the piece and she complimented on Arisa's sanity, but it wasn't true. There was so much more to her own sanity. She wasn't as sane as all will or could think. All the voices, so many things going on in her skull... so many... She couldn't think straight most of the time because of that. Perhaps the fact that whoever was god/goddess or whatever, they bounded her insanity with chains of mentality, but soon enough she listened to her friend's story with putting aside her own thoughts that came to mind. She heard that her family was killed by some group, some group with a dark name that sounded oddly familiar. When she heard of that name, she thought of shiny things and riches, but why? A cave, but what was in that cave, why a cave? So many questions... After that she told her about how she wanted revenge of some sort as they have yet to pay the price. Once again, it reminded her of those people from Sin.. How could they do that to all those children in that manor? Was it because of Kuriana in the end? Or perhaps whoever her father was or their fathers, etc.. ? As she was thinking this a dark aura slowly started to grasp the light as it signaled she was thinking darkly, thoughts that she shouldn't unlock or think of. Sadly, the thoughts were overwhelming to the point that she didn't hear Alisa.




on Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:19 pm


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Indeed this tale her friend had spun had Alisa wondering if those 'entities' posessing Arisa were not actually forces external to her, but fragments of her shattered psyche as a result of all she'd been through since birth. She knows events such as those can break a person, but even knowing that she didn't look at Ari as crazy. Damaged she may be, but she could still tell right from wrong, she still had some form of a moral compass. That was enough for Alisa though, and it gave her hope that she could help her friend tame whatever it was she had dwelling inside her, harness it as a strength instead of letting it impeded her as a weakness.

That said, Alisa saw something... When it came to Black Sun, her instincts sharpened like never before, and after spending so many years throwing that name at people, she knew better than to miss the looks on their faces when they said it. And in Arisa, she saw something... Something other than the look people gave when they had know idea what they were talking about. Subtle, but it was there, and suggested Arisa had heard the name before. She furrowed her brow ever so slighly, knowing her friend well enough to understand if she knew something truly releveant... But now realized there was a possibility she might have heard the name before and she couldn't remember when...

Either that or her instincts were just plain wrong and she was just imagining things... But why would she imagine such a thing considering her best friend?

"Ari... Ariii...", Alisa called out to her spaced out friend, resting her hands on her hips, trying to get her attention, only asking when the girl shined those shimmering jewels back upon her, "Shall we get going?"

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on Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:10 pm

She questioned it all, the very thing that she couldn't remember. The shiny things, the darkness behind it all and the fact that there were shadows among those things. Her heart was beating faster and the darkness was about to embrace the light from the bulbs that kept it lit inside the room. Enough being enough, Alisa got her attention by saying her 'name'. Her eyes cornered to look at her friend and shook her head. ''Urm, yes? ... Oh yea.'' she spoke, nodded her head and got up to finish getting ready. While doing so a knock against their door was heard. ''Got it.~'' she spoke in a harmonic tune and walked slowly to the door, opened it to see a boy with letters. ''Sorry Mrs/Miss, I have a letter for you two ladies. Enjoy.'' he spoke and left. She wondered what it could be. ''From the doctor again?'' she questioned out loud and opened it while turning towards her friend to look at her.

''Dear ladies, I have an important mission for you two to follow. It's important to meet me in the alley as soon as possible. It has to do with the last mission I assigned you both to. From Doctor.'' It was such a small letter and honestly it felt like more of a letter. Her eyes met her friends and then as soon as Alisa was ready, they left the hotel to go to the alley. ''What do you think he'll have us do this time?'' she wondered curiously. She remembered hearing the squeal of the animal, the hog or whatever they wish to call it. It made her sad, but life was life and it this saved other animal's life then it should be alright or so she assumed. Arisa walked aside her friend on the side walk, golden hues wandered in search for this specific alley way.



on Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:38 pm


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Before they could leave, somebody rang the bell to their room. The bellboy, apparently, with a letter for them. Arisa got to him first which in turn gave her the honor of recieving said letter, for the good it was worth. Alisa had yet to open it and she already smelled work. Sure, most of her guildmates knew of her presence in Baska, yet few of them were the type to go around sending letters. Alisa approached as her friend recieved the letter, peeking past her shoulder to read it as well, just as she put the finishing touches on the little ribbon she had on her hair. The doctor's handwriting huh, about as bad as the stereotypes suggested... Ari read it out loud and indeed it sounded just as serious as before. Alisa shrugged, but even then she still piched her two cents:

"It must have something to do with whatever disease he was investigating before... He summoned us via letter both that time and now, he doesn't seem like the guy who would have time for something like that unless it was truly important. Shall we go see for ourselves?"

Fortunately, the doctor gave pretty good directions... Yet even then it took a fair bit of trouble to find him, courtesy of the long shady raincoat and hat he covered himself with. Thankfully, his rotund figure made him fairly easily identifiable, and before long Alisa had a approached him:

"Ah, ladies! You can't imagine how glad I am to see you too again...! Thank you for coming on short notice, and I apologize for my urgent summons, but we simply have no time.", he spoke, his posture and mannerisms far shadier than a man of his position had any business acting, "I believe a gang lead by a criminal named Cold Collier is behind the plague outbreak in the wild boar population. I don't know how they're doing it, but It's a miracle they have yet to infect any humans."

Huh? What. Her eyes widened further as the guy explained, completely dumbfounded by the likelyhood of it all. The doctor went to more details about said gang, but for the sculptress, the very start of this story seemed hard to believe:

"Wait a second...", Alisa would raise a hand, asking him to hild up before cocking her head down and rubbing her forehead, at the same time as one arm went to her hip in a thoroughly baffled, exasperated look, "So you're telling me street thugs got their hands on biological weapons?", clearly, this was the kind of thing one had to say out loud to actually get around to believing it.

"That is exactly what I'm saying.", he'd reassert with a serious look in his eyes that hinted at genuine concern. He was telling the truth.

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on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:16 am

She listened to her friend as she walked beside her to where they were going. Her orbs of gold were wandering like some globe turning left and right, having a center and all. Her violet hair waved back like shading fans blazing purple and unfolding. Her heart was beating quite fast as she was hoping that the little fellow of an animal was alright. She didn't know what the doctor wanted and it made her really curious. Rather or not it was more harming animals or it could be animals, was in question. The wind touched her skin, caressing her cheek in a loving manner. Small chills were felt by the wind, 'It feels like winter it coming soon... The snow perhaps or rain.' thought of the blue-soft voice that sounded rather skin and slow. 'It does indeed...' she thought and smiled motherly. As hey walked she listened to Alisa; "It must have something to do with whatever disease he was investigating before... He summoned us via letter both that time and now, he doesn't seem like the guy who would have time for something like that unless it was truly important. Shall we go see for ourselves?" If it did have to do with whatever disease he was 'investigating', he was either going to either have them find more like that animal, find people or perhaps it was going to be finding ingredients.

There were many options to this and to her she just wanted to find out and get it all done and over with. They turned into a dark alley that most shady people use to pass on drugs, illegal shit or even to horrifying things to people in. Why did the doctor need such a place to talk to them? The guy started to speak as his eyes widened with excitement to this whole thing. 'What a weird human...' spoke the dark voice in her head. Her head tilted as she listened to him more. "I believe a gang lead by a criminal named Cold Collier is behind the plague outbreak in the wild boar population. I don't know how they're doing it, but It's a miracle they have yet to infect any humans." That's what he said to them both as she just sighed, crossed her arms against her big chest and looked at Alisa with the corner of her eyes. ''I guess let's find these people...'' she spoke to Alisa and then went off.

They walked towards the area and through the whole way, Arisa was quiet and just continued on her way. Her eyes became set on something and stopped walking. 'Another cave...' she thought and sighed. Her hip went towards the right as her hand rested on it. ''I guess we should get this done and over with...'' she finally spoke through the whole way. Arisa walked in rather Alisa followed or not to hide in a spot where she wouldn't be seen. Getting comfortable she waited for whoever. Time went back and saw no one, but as she was about to get up she saw two people pour some interesting vial of liquid into the water and left. Assuming they were gone, she went with her friend to tell him what went on. After telling him he just was silent and thanked them, giving their reward. With that Alisa and Arisa left to go back to their hotel.




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