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Snakes In The Garden [Snow]

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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:58 pm

Baska Town’s streets were crowded with merchants; a local festival was taking place inside the village and it had become a hotspot for travelers within the north. Seira Navillera decided to delay her departure due to said event and although the area was still below her standards, the vampire was slowly taking a liking to the diversity the place has had to offer. She’d run into a few familiar faces already — her human lover and a rather problematic elf for example — and in spite of the lack of opportunities, she no longer despised the nightly turmoils and questionable incidents happening within the dark alleys of Baska.

Seira was feeling social, now more so than ever, and she was in a jolly mood; in spite of the terrible food most restaurants served (the inn’s here were complete garbage, seriously) the woman had discovered a raw diamond among all the shitholes that considered themselves ‘bars’ — The Boar Hat Pub. She felt embarrassed saying its cheesy name out loud and while the food was still filthy, the alcoholic beverages certainly were not. Seira spent most of her free time inside said pub and more often than not it was merely so she could listen to the stories and gossip other wanderers were willing to share — in the end information was key, and she knew this quite well.

The sound of heels hitting the pavement echoed through the alleyway and suddenly became silent when she halted in front of the wooden doors of the pub. A strange smile crept onto the vampire’s lips and for the first time ever she made a little promise: tonight alcohol shall be the only thing she would be drinking. Seira pushed the door open and entered. It was cramped inside, but this was no unusual sight. Sometimes visitors arrived in groups and took a table, whereas others huddled together in corners and prepared to get drunk, and still others were already drunk asleep in the remaining corners.

Seira approached the bar counter, took off her coat and found herself a seat. Due to certain happenings with a very particular blonde human she had sworn off the slutty dresses and now wore a black pullover with a tight fitting skirt in the same colour instead. Of course the pullover still had a low neckline and the skirt was still short, but ‘he’ would simply have to deal with that. Seira crossed her legs and waved at the bartender, quietly gesturing him to bring her something to drink. When he arrived with a jug of beer, the vampire eagerly took a few gulps and began looking around.

Even when Seira wasn’t hunting she was still unintentionally looking for interesting targets; more often than not she searched for beauty, a mysterious aura or perhaps even strange items she had never seen before — someone she wanted to keep an eye on for the sake of her own entertainment. The vampire found that person across the room, on the edge of the bar counter. There, wrapped up in a dark green peacoat, sat a petite form hidden underneath layers of snow white hair. ”You have got to be kidding me,” muttering something under her breath before grabbing her beer and quickly heading over, Seira’s expression as well as her voice were stained in disbelief.


After the other woman refused to react, Seira slid onto the chair next to hers and forcefully turned her around; a quick look into the female’s face was enough to confirm her suspicions however, and a wide smile spread across the vampire’s lips. ”You bitch,” her voice still carried a tone that gave away how surprised she was and she placed her beer onto the table before giving ‘Ivana’ a gentle slap against her left thigh. ”A smoke signal, a telegram, a letter — I’ve been worried sick about you!” Seira broke into laughter and gave her friend a genuine smirk. ”You are dressed like a schoolgirl, so I almost didn’t recognized you. Where in the world have you been?”

Seira was happy; this was her favourite (and only) demon friend after all.

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#2Hikari Snow 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:32 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

The evening passed on as restless as ever, the stars were burning their cores and neon lights were buzzing at the hyper-sound of migraines and ladies in up-tight skirts were dancing across the palm of men as they threw their money at the roulette – to win or not, which excited them. People sought the glee and wonder of a night-time refuge to hopefully distance themselves from their lives when the sun calls them in. By this hour, people have fled to the safety of their own shelter, into the arms of their beloved ones while drunken men and female wandered the streets. But, one young woman with bright snow-white hair – translucent enough to change to silver under the moonlight – sauntered over the cobblestones of Baska’s roads, bringing her tablespoons of simple ease as she stared at the spaces between each one.

The female was dressed in a white cami crop top and a mini-skirt in the contrasting colour, tightly wrapped around her waist and bottom. A green peacoat hung over her shoulders and though it wasn’t an entirely cold evening – nor was it a warm one, she felt the need to conceal the exposed parts of her body. Snowflake originally had no intentions of entering a local pub albeit, a few hours prior, she had a sudden urge to consume alcohol – as infrequent as it may be. She planned to keep this night a secret from her lover as she believed that he was most likely to get upset for not informing him that she visited a pub without his presence. Finding her way towards the local pub, she pushed the doors open, only to hear a roar of laughter and a loud clank of glass mugs in a short distance.

The second she entered the room, her lips immediately dug a deep frown, clearly in disapproval of the crowds that filled the room but, it was her own choice to visit the bar, instead of drinking by herself in her own room. Her eyes flickered across the area, searching for a vacant spot and after identifying an empty seat by the edge of the bar counter, she meandered her way over the swirls and eddies of people.

”Cider, please,” said the female and the bartender would give her a quick nod in response.

With her elbows placed on the bar counter and her cheek supported by the palm of her hand, the Ice wizard flipped her unkempt strands of white hair over her shoulder. Involuntarily, she found herself glancing over the room and when she found nothing interesting that attracted her attention, she shifted her gaze forward, where the bartender placed her drink in front of her. It wasn’t until when she took a sip out of her drink, firm hands located onto her shoulders and spun her petite figure all the way around, almost causing the glass to slip from her hands. Her gaze met to those of an ivory haired female, who addressed her as a bitch.

Excuse me?

Followed by a slap on her thigh, the woman claimed to have been worried about her, even questioning her as to where she had been all this time. The features on her face showed nothing but confusion as she held the glass of cider in her hands, still trying to process what the hell was actually going on. Not only did the woman called her a bitch – which she learned to believe was supposed to be a friendly term – she was acting way too intimate for her taste. Perhaps they met somewhere else? Snowflake took a moment recalling her memories of ever encountering the girl seated in front of her, however, her memory wasn’t terrible enough to forget everyone whom she had met before, especially not someone who had the features similar to that of a beauty. ”My apologies, do I know you?,” asked the Pegasus mage with her eyebrow raised.

”Have we met before?”


on Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:16 pm

The crowd was noisy; voices and laughter echoed through the hall, a man sitting to her left was singing and another one — drunk and completely out of his mind — started an attempt at flirting. Seira rolled her eyes, ”Shut up, I’m trying to talk!” hissed at the male and with a quick, well aimed kick, she pushed him back into the masses that had gathered not too far from where they sat. The circumstances weren’t exactly beneficial, especially if you intended on speaking calmly with another person, but the vampire had gotten used to the clamour. ”This place has always been terrible,” Seira muttered and softly shook her head, causing wisps of lilac hair to bounce around her skull.

Ivana’s response delayed, her reaction was different from what she’d expected and confusion and shock adorned her pretty face — she seemed to have been caught off guard by Seira’s friendly approach, and that alone was not right. ”That’s not possible,” said the vampire while furrowing her brows.

Ivana and Seira had been part of a merchant group in late summer — the frost demon from Nanuq was her partner in crime for approximately two weeks; a lot had happened since then, but she would have never forgotten a face (especially not her face) in such a short amount of time. Ivana’s reaction seemed genuine however, which caused even more confusion on Seira’s end. "We worked together for nearly two weeks, just a few months ago,” she said and leaned her back against the edge of the table.

Seira remembered Ivana’s personality to be ruthless, chaotic and manipulative; the stereotypical demon: they had no good intentions, and they only ever played for one side: their own. Ivana was fun to have around and in spite of her selfish nature, she was a reliable and strong partner. Seira had enjoyed working with her and the two women bonded over a rather similar characteristic: the lack of humanity.

”It’s Seira,” the vampire explained and lifted the glass of beer to her mouth.  ”We worked together and bonded over,” she paused and took a look around before continuing, ”lets call it shared features,” no eyes were on them (the only good thing about drunkards, hardly ever did they pay attention to their surroundings) and for a split second, Seira revealed her vampire fangs and flashed her companion a toothy smile.

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#4Hikari Snow 

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:05 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

The white haired beauty studied the features of the other female – she seemed genuinely disappointed when Snowflake failed to recognize her. Unsure of what she should do, the demon awkwardly sipped her cup of cider that she had just ordered while she contemplated on who the girl was. Among her social group, there were hardly even five people of whom she knew of, due to her dull communication skills and most of them were from her own guild.

”We worked together for nearly two weeks, just a few months ago.”

Months prior, the Fiore-bound wizard was in Hargeon; hometown to their guild, and she was there for a long time, much longer than she wanted to be. Grimoire Heart members had attacked their guild during her stay, which led to so much chaos – having their guild master dead and even the destruction of the guild hall – and thus, she was required to remain in the town to assist with the renovation as well as the election of the new guild master. It was then, fragments of pictures flashed before her eyes and she would find herself walking down the memory lane; her transformation.

It was just after the war, when Nagi informed her that her machia body was no longer useful and that she had not much time left to live. Not only did it crush her dreams of reaching of her goal, she was forced to have her soul transfer into an unfamiliar body. Snowflake remembered seeing the girl’s dead body lying on a medical bed, her figure extremely cold and pale, as if it had been put frozen for days. Could this girl have met her before she was discovered dead? Somehow, things were starting to come together, as if the puzzle had been solved.

”I’m sorry, I think you’ve got the wrong person.” She averted her gaze away, her mind still sorting out the things that just occurred. ”I’m Snowflake.”

The Blue Pegasus mage had only visited the pub to enjoy the night drinking alone, and who would have thought that she would encounter a woman who shared history with the owner of her body. ”Seira…” she repeated, letting the name resound through her mind. Numerous questions rose to her head, all of them unanswered and if this young maiden, Seira, was indeed a friend of the deceased female then, they were bound to have a long night’s talk. Snowflake had desired to know so much the girl who had granted her a body, another reason for her to live and yet, neither Nagi nor the demon was willing to tell her anything about it.

The demon, on the other hand, was not in good terms with her and somehow, it seemed to hold an intense revulsion towards humans and other good species, including herself. A sigh escaped her lips as she absently tucked away a few loose strands of silver behind her ear. The youth wasn’t sure how she should begin her story and from the looks of it, it seemed that Seira was not aware that her friend had already passed away.

What followed next was something she had never expected in her life. Vampire fangs. Her lips parted slightly in shock at the sight and she was unable to contain her surprise for the first time. Not once had she ever seen a vampire in her life before, but what astonished her the most was how Seira knew they shared similar features. Snowflake had not told anyone about the demon residing within her, not even her lover due to several reasons, but she was aware that she couldn’t hide it for much longer. The only thing possible was that Ivana (whose name Snowflake does not know) must have informed her at one point or another.

”How…” – was the only thing that passed her lips as she took another sip from her cider, just so she could calm her nerves.

What else did she know about her?


on Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:06 am


It’s a beautiful name; unique, although it was likely not the one her parents had given to her. Her hair was the same as always, a beautiful glistening mane of translucent white cascading down the length of her body — her allure was exclusive, her charm quite particular and even though she knew so little of this stranger who sat to her left, Seira couldn’t help but wonder how many other qualities she shared with her former friend.

“It’s a pretty name,” said the vampiress. She’d gotten quieter now, seemingly calmed down and ignoring the noisy environment. Seira had absolutely no explanation for what she found before her very eyes; this was Ivana. The Frost Demon’s visual appeal was there without a doubt, but she behaved differently now. There was something soft about this girl (not just the way she dressed, but how she carried herself as well), she acted almost timid and very hesitant; Ivana had been strong and full of confidence — not to say that this girl wasn’t, but there had always been a certain amount of aggression in everything her friend used to do and her approach was much different from this.

“Is that your real name, or simply an alias you are using?”

Seira decided to be straight forward with her questions and while she was curious, she had no intentions of jumping the poor girl — especially now, that so many bombs had been dropped on her during such a short amount of time. “You have to forgive me if I came off as rude, I didn’t think it was possible for someone to look so much like another person,” the woman scoffed and shook her head, causing a few of the lilac strands framing her features to fall into her vision.

“The woman I’ve mistaken you for looked just like you and her name was Ivana,” Seira was uncertain as to how much of an explanation was needed here — the girl seemed to be caught off guard at the sight of her fangs, which made the entire situation a little more awkward, especially if she was mortal and thereby human. “She liked snow too actually,” Ivana’s magic was different from anything Seira had ever seen before; powerful & unforgiving. “In that regard we had no similarities, she wasn’t like me nor was I anything like her — frost demons happen to be quite rare,” a nervous chuckle escaped her lips and Seira drank a little bit more of her beer.

It’s not as though vampires were more common. She merely considered them ‘alike’ due to the fact that they were both creatures of the blackest night; a lovely thing to share when you lived in a world filled with humans.

#6Hikari Snow 

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:28 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

”Thank you,” The white haired sculptress stated, a soft smile growing on her lips in regards to the compliment of her name – it was something that she was proud of having. When the female questioned her whether her name was an alias, Snowflake contemplated for a brief moment and nodded, ”My real name is slightly different.” The demon had never informed anyone about her real name: Hikari Snow, nor did she ever intend to, since she never liked bringing it up to anyone else; not even her lover. The name carried a burden of her past that she would rather not reminisce about and thus, shunned all her history since the day she left that house. Perhaps she was a coward for running away from her nightmares, nonetheless, she was content with what she had at the moment.

Her life had made so much improvement ever since, apart from the little ups and downs in between – such as the transformation into a machia, which didn’t end up going well as she had originally expected, and now, a demon.

”That’s alright. I don’t blame you. In fact, you’re not wrong,” The female took a sharp intake of breath and the scent of alcohol and cigarettes would fill her nostrils. ”…I was replaced into her body, when my previous form failed.” She hesitated slightly, her pearly whites digging into the skin of her bottom lip: a sign of herself being nervous. Snowflake wasn’t sure why she was telling all these things to the girl seated beside her – not to mention, a stranger, whom she just met a few minutes ago. ”The last time I saw her, she was lying on a surgical bed, cold and motionless. I wasn’t informed of what happened to her.” The only reason she felt the need to bring it up was because she thought that Seira ought to know about the doom that had befallen upon her best friend.

From how she spoke, Ivana seemed to be a person who would be interesting to be around with and seeing how Seira mentioned bits of Ivana’s personality every now and then, she could tell that they were good friends. If she were still alive, perhaps they might even stumble their way to each other and become friends. According to her description, the two didn't seem to have many similarities: between Ivana and Snow, apart from their love for the winter season.

It was strange to see Snowflake talking about things that she would rather not discuss with anyone else to a stranger; partly because Seira would be the only person who would understand her as they shared similar traits. In fact, she felt her presence extremely comfortable, despite of the other beauty being a vampire – she thought they were hungry, non-existential creatures who had little emotions towards humans, as she read in books. ”It seems like you two got along really well.” Somehow, she was glad that she had stumbled upon Seira tonight – mayhap it was fate that wanted to bring them together. Not only did she met a pleasant girl, she finally had her questions answered, yet, one still remains.

”Did Ivana mention anything about the demon?”

It was something that she was desperate to ask, mainly because the demon within her refused to communicate with her and she needed some assistance to make it listen to her words. Even though she knew that most of her efforts would be wasted, she couldn’t just simply ignore the demon; it was inside her. Who knows when one day it might decide to possess her body and hurt the ones she loves?


on Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:29 am

The Vampiress’ gaze shifted from Snowflake’s eyes down to her mouth — she had crystalline blue orbs and full, pinkish lips. Seira felt strange now; the other woman’s presence was no longer familiar, although she found it difficult to explain whether or not meeting her was a happy or unfortunate coincidence. She didn’t care that much about Ivana (in the end, all they’d been was partners over a short amount of time)  but hearing about her fate still affected her — she was shocked. Seira shook her head in disappointment and a heavy sigh rolled over her tongue. “It’s strange,” she began and took a sip from her beer, “you would think we are strong enough to survive as sorceresses and immortals, but it’s never that easy, not even when you are like us.”

Snowflake’s story was quite unbelievable; she couldn’t think of a reason as to why the other woman would be lying to her, but it made so little sense that Seira had a hard time following her words. The Vampiress believed in many things now — all due to her very own transformation and in spite of what she thought was right or wrong, she no longer judged the creatures of this world, nor did she deny the existence of certain things without knowing better. Still, Snowflake’s explanation remained absurd.

“I don’t understand,” she admitted helplessly.

A weak smile had snuck onto Seira’s lips. She wasn’t drunk yet, but it seemed as though the alcohol was slowly beginning to impair her ability to think. “What exactly do you mean by that?” Seira hadn’t been around much — she’d never heard of Machia, Lycans and all the other races out there; she didn’t understand the things that were possible and it was therefore impossible for her to grasp how a person could have been placed into another person’s body — just like that. “Ivana is dead and you took over her body,” she made an attempt at following Snowflake’s words, “in that case you have never been human?” The woman was beginning to believe that there wasn’t enough alcohol in this entire bar that could help her through this conversation.

She was too jaded to question the moral aspect of this whole ordeal — instead, Seira quietly listened to what Snowflake had to say and decided to respond accordingly. ”It was a part of her she embraced and it was the source of her power, that is all I know unfortunately.” She drifted off for a moment and her hand climbed back to the glass of beer, when the vampire’s eyes suddenly widened in surprise and she gasped audibly. ”Wait — does that mean you have it too? The Demon?” She didn’t know how she would feel about that. It would make the situation a lot more interesting, but also a lot more complicated.

”Snowflake, forgive me my curiosity, but who exactly are you anyways? Are you a Sorceress? What brings you to Baska? I can tell you are not from here, you are way too uncomfortable in this bar to be a citizen of this town.”

#8Hikari Snow 

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:51 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

It was understandable that everything was confusing for the poor girl after Snowflake dropped the bomb of everything she knew – well, most of the facts, at least. She wouldn’t have expected to mention all these things to a girl she barely knew but, here they are, sipping on their drinks, reflecting their pasts, mostly for her. ”I never thought demons were immortals, but vampires – I’m assuming they do.” Other than the information she read from books during her younger days, she knew nothing about them and coincidentally, there was one right beside her.

When Seira questioned her, Snowflake didn’t know how she should begin her story. It was something that she preferred to keep it hidden, albeit, she didn’t see any reason why she should not fill in the little details for the beauty seated next to her. She was likeable and seemed to be one who was trustworthy enough to keep her secrets.

”I was human,” She began, hesitating briefly as she looked down at her empty hands, as if she was searching for the correct words. ”Until I decided to become a cyborg. Well, half human and half robot, you could say.” She took a deep breath once again and continued, ”Once my body failed to process, a doctor helped me with the transition into Ivana’s body. I don’t know how. I was just desperate – to be alive.” From her lips was an exasperated sigh, and a pang of regret washed over her figure. She was never informed that she would be replaced inside the demon host’s body; it wasn’t something she asked, nor expected but, she wasn’t one to complain much.

She survived, at the very least.

Snowflake recalled her memories of a battle with Noel Raion; a man she met back in Hargeon. Their meeting was quite a dreadful, yet, an interesting one and the fellow maiden enjoyed the experience. It was right after, that she began to receive haunting hallucinations and nightmares of the demon, to the point that she was unable to sleep. ”Yes, I am aware of the Demon. It is very…frightening.” The female circled her wrists, a habit of hers when she was beginning to feel nervous.

Source of power.

Perhaps it would be the same for her as well – as long as she was able to wrap her hands around the demon.

”Well, I am a sorceress. Despite being a Demon, you could say I still use magic. And to answer your question, I am a member of Blue Pegasus, currently the master of the guild to be exact.” She took another sip of her alcohol and what Seira mentioned next caused her to release a soft chuckle. ”Baska? I had no intention of coming here – it was mostly my aimless wanders that brought me to this wonderful place.” She wasn’t sure if she could describe the town as being wonderful albeit, the civilians and the town itself had been treating her very well so far. ”What about you? Why are you here?”

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on Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:57 am

“It’s worthless.”

Slowly, the stone cold façade crumbled away with every word passing her lips. There was fear, but also concern. “I don’t think it’s true, I hope it isn’t,” said the vampire in response to Snowflake’s assumptions; her voice was dry now, it had lost its colour. “Immortality, in every aspect, is worthless when everything around you still dies,” the never ending troubles of the undead—of course she had a strong opinion on this, she was in love with a human after all. Seira didn’t want something she couldn’t share with Finn, especially not an endless life; he was the only ray of sunshine she could truly enjoy and without him her world would be grey and meaningless.

Snowflake was quick to explain herself: the words came pouring out of her little mouth like a waterfall, but rather than insight they brought more confusion. Seira didn’t think the girl was a liar (far from it actually) but her story was hardly believable after the first listen, which brought a frown to the older woman’s face. She had no intentions of interrupting her and as Snowflake when on about how her life changed drastically, eventually leading her to where she was today, Seira waved at the bartender and ordered another drink once she’d finished her beer—a stronger one this time.

“Okay,” she began, pointing towards her with the same hand carrying the whiskey glass—a huge chunk of the amber liquid had disappeared into her throat moments before, never to be seen again. “So, you are a human turned into a cyborg—but still kinda human, because everything else would be too weird—turned into another person who just so happened to be possessed by a demon,” Seira needed a little break here, barking at the bartender to refill her glass, “who also happened to be a deceased friend of mine and you are also a sorceress of Blue Pegasus and the guild master of thereof,” arching both brows, the fair vampiress exhaled a deep breath.  


Snowflake’s story was interesting—every part of it caught her attention in the end—and Seira became quiet (in spite of asking for another refill) for a while, slowly going through every sentence she’d just heard, picking it apart to fit the pieces together and ask the questions which remained. She found Snowflake’s way of describing the demon most peculiar; speaking as if the entity was a separate one from her own, yet both possessed the same body. It merely confirmed what Seira had thought before: demons, like in the lore of the church, possessed human bodies, whereas vampires were independent beings, much like elves.

Perhaps there is a cure for her, perhaps she can be saved.

Snowflake’s apparent alliance with Blue Pegasus was a whole different story—she was highly curious about this (mostly due to her relationship with Finn) and after the recent events she’d been wondering who was in charge of them now; she looked nothing like a leader however and if she spoke the truth nonetheless, she must have been blessed with both wisdom and strength, otherwise she would have never been chosen for such a position. “I met one of your guild mates before,” she began with a smile, “he showed me his guild tattoo, do you mind showing me yours?” If she had it, Seira would believe her.

“I’m here because I was looking for work,” unlike most people, her own reasons for traveling were rather underwhelming. “I don’t belong anywhere, so I go wherever my feet take me that day and hope for the best, although I do believe I could have done better than this.” With a swift gesture of her right hand, Seira pointed around and at the rundown bar they found themselves in.

#10Hikari Snow 

on Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:10 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Regarding her remarks, Seira seemed to have very strong opinions about immortality – as if she didn’t wish to have those aspects. ”That is true,” she acknowledged her beliefs. What would be the point of living if everyone you loved had passed away? The thought immediately caused her to shift attention from the bizarre pub to her own imagination of her guildmates, and then her paramour – they were the only ones that mattered to her.

As Snowflake sipped on what was the last drop of her drink, she let the vampire process her words – obviously it was going to take some time. She quickly ushered the bartender to her side, only to order a much stronger drink this time: vodka. The demon was never an alcoholic, nor wished to be one – far from it, but seeing how infrequently she visited pubs, Snowflake figured that it might be worth the shot. ”Yes,” she agreed, nodding at Seira's repetition of her own words before pouring the drink into a small glass and gulped it down her throat with a single try. The vodka tasted horrible and bitter: one of the worst alcohol she had ever taken, yet, the features on her visage showed no distaste for the drink. In fact, she found herself instantly addicted to the drink despite its bitterness.

Silence reigned supreme between the two of them and to be honest, it was a rather comforting stillness instead of an awkward one. Both of them contemplated on whatever that came to their minds and for her; the demon and her own guild. Truth be told, Snowflake wasn’t sure why her guild mates had nominated her for the position of the new master – she was neither as strong as Finn or Alisa and she had little to no experience with combat, excluding the war that occurred against Grimoire Heart. It wasn’t an issue of confidence, however, the snow haired wizard was highly aware that she was lacking in her own abilities and when she was granted with the position, she doubted herself whether she could handle the burden by herself.

That was where she was wrong.

Snowflake had neglected the part where her friends would be with her through thick and thin, and she knew they would be there for her. Both Alisa and Finn believed she could grow as a member and as the master of the guild and thus, she wanted to live up to their expectations – she wanted to be stronger. When one takes a glance at her, most of the time none would have imagined such a girl holds the position of a guild master, but instead, she appeared to be a normal human being, just like everyone else, and that was what she wanted to be.

The Fiore-bound wizard poured herself another shot of vodka and a curious eyebrow raised upon Seira mentioning of meeting a fellow Blue Pegasus. ”Oh? Who was it?” But, before she could answer, Snowflake would do the following, in regards to Seira’s request: rolled up the sleeves of her coat and revealed the guild emblem engraved on her left hand, white in colour. Being a proud member of her own guild, she chose a rather daring location to have the mark tattooed on, just so that people would be reminded of Blue Pegasus when they see her.

Seira didn’t seem to enjoy the bar; she couldn’t blame her. It was old and ruined, with a plenty number of loud old men clinking their glasses of beer. If it wasn’t for the alcohol, Snowflake wouldn’t have entered the bar either. Albeit, she didn’t regret her choice of visiting this old-fashioned, unpolished pub – she encountered someone interesting and worth her attention, after all.


on Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:47 pm

Seira Navillera sat in silence for a while; she was musing quietly, with her legs crossed and her nails nervously tapping the wooden surface of the table—just how much should she give away in regards to her relationship with Finn? She’d never asked the human whether or not he wanted this to be public knowledge and of course Seira had never expected to run into one of his guild mates either. Eventually, the vampire decided to respect her lover’s privacy; if Finn wanted anyone to know, surely he’d tell them himself when the time came. Snowflake seemed like a trustworthy and genuine person however, and therefore Seira had no problems with revealing her connection to him.

“That’s quite the daring location,” she remarked and swiftly picked up Snowflake’s small hand. Her fingers traced the outlines of the white insignia—placed onto the back of her hand, for everyone to see—it was beautiful, the emblem of Blue Pegasus. She couldn’t help but find it funny how Finn was part of such a elegant group of people and just from the things she’d seen and heard about the Blue Pegasus guild he seemed completely out of place in more than one aspect.

“Finn Mertins,” said the vampiress; when she thought of her boyfriend, she found herself unable to hide the genuine smile now taking place on her lips. “Blonde hair, blue eyes, about this tall,” she lifted her hand up high to give Snowflake an approximate estimate as to what he looked like, “likes swords and dogs a lot. He and I are partners,” she coughed, quickly shaking her head. “I mean, we work together. Sometimes. We’re acquaintances, basically.” A nervous chuckle escaped her lips and she immediately reached for the alcohol. The only reason Seira wasn’t with her partner in these moments was his current absence; Finn & Jake had decided to take on a few jobs, leaving the vampire alone for a night or two. Since she was left with nothing else to do, she’d decided to go out and visit the bar—surely he wouldn’t like this, but he didn’t have to know.

#12Hikari Snow 

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The woman reached for the bottle of vodka, only to refill her empty cup and raised the glass to sip, feeling the keen burn on her tongue and throat – a burn that made her recoil like a little girl. Yet, now it was a feeling she longed for, by the time twilight approaches the town. Eyes idly glossed over the room; the smoke twisted in its artistic way, forming curls in the gloom, illuminated only by the age-speckled bar lights. Along the wall was every hue of amber liquid in their inverted bottles and behind the counter was the bartender, scrubbing the glass of the chiller cabinet whilst attending to the needs of the bar’s customers.

As night deepened, more people began to flood into the bar – much to her distaste. Snowflake never liked people, nor big crowds and loud, bizarre places were something she had an aversion to, yet, she was here sipping to her booze, among with at least 50 other people. A few drinks in and the snowy beauty was starting to feel tipsy. Her inner-self compelled her to stop drinking despite how she felt otherwise, and she knew her boyfriend would be worried if he had seen her in a drunken state.

Snowflake was surprised when the other female grabbed her hand and began tracing along the emblem tattooed on her hand, though, her resolution to stay calm and collected never fled her mind. Being not used to the sudden intimacy, a hint of crimson grew on her cheeks and it disappeared just as fast it came upon her face. These days, it has been much easier for the white haired maiden to express her emotions often compared to how she was before and somehow, she was starting to understand how humans and other similar creatures experience feelings. Confusion was accompanied with a blank state of her mind, happiness: a warm sensation within and sadness was the pain tugging at her chest, especially after she lost her only companion that she had.

Through different situations, Snowflake was confronted with many things that she did not know in life. The experiences she had and the time she spent together with Chelvaric, helped her develop as a person. It was then her train of thoughts derailed when a familiar name finally registered into her mind.

”Finn,” she began, recalling the last time that she met him, which was back in Hargeon. She found it rather funny, the way Seira described her guildmate – it was almost as if there was something hidden behind her words; something that she wouldn’t want Snowflake to know about. She wouldn’t mistake the man with anyone else: he was one of her closest friends after all. ”We’re good friends.” Snowflake hasn’t seen Finn for a while now, and neither has she met Alisa ever since their last encounter. Their whereabouts were unknown to her, although she was certain that they would be more than fine wherever they went.

The story between the two was something she was intrigued about. She had never bothered to question her friends about their love life or more so, she never had the opportunity to bring it into discussion and neither did they know that she was dating one of her own guildmates. ”So, how did you two meet?”


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Seira was stuttering; insecure, perhaps not as much as she used to be, the vampiress felt a certain lack of confidence overcome her when Finn’s name made its way into their conversation—how unfortunate. Seira was almost a little shy when it came to her boyfriend (she didn’t even knew this until now, but she felt flustered thinking about what it might be like if mutual friends knew) and she hadn’t thought this through at all; Snowflake’s very straight forward questions caught the poor girl off guard. Rather than responding immediately, the white haired reached out with her hands, searching for drinks on the table or anything else she could snack on for the sake of calming her nerves. She ended up snatching some peanuts from the plate of the person sitting next to her, before turning back to Snowflake.

“We met in Magnolia Town,” the vampiress began and without knowing, a genuine smile had found its way to her lips once more. “It’s been only a few months since then. I got lost on my way home through the woodlands before the city—stupid, I know—and he somehow found me and guided me home safely.” Seira kept going back to that fateful summer’s day a lot in her mind, wondering whether or not it’d been love at first sight. Most likely not, but whenever she thought of Finn, she couldn’t help but notice how easily her feelings for him had developed and how strong they’d become over such a short amount of time.

“We spent the rest of the day together in order for me to express my gratitude, but separated shortly after—I had things to do, and places to be.”

Seira decided that it was perhaps for the best if she left out the fact that they’d met several times over the past few months and now thought of each other as lovers — after all, if Finn and Snowflake were close he’d certainly tell her about this eventually — so rather than explaining any further, the girl gave her companion a helpless shrug. “It was also then, when he introduced himself to me as a member of the Blue Pegasus guild,” she continued and decided to order another drink from the bar: water. “Honestly, I was surprised to learn that someone like Finn, who doesn’t seem to be capable of using magic whatsoever, became part of a wizard’s guild like Blue Pegasus—but it seems as though none of you really mind, right?” This was something Seira was genuinely curious about and had been ever since she’d found out about it.  

“He explained his reasons to me, and I definitely do not doubt his potential or strength. It’s different for you though, isn’t it? You are a sorceress after all—is that why you joined a guild, Snowflake?”

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

”Interesting,” said the female and began reaching out for her glass to pour another cup of vodka until she reminded herself not to do so. Anymore drinks would have made her tipsier than she already was. Instead, she idly tapped her fingers onto the wooden structure in a rhythmic motion. Somehow, Seira seemed rather reluctant to inform her about how the two crossed their paths – she couldn’t blame her. After all, they had just met and they were no more than strangers who had a few mutual friends, but when the ivory sculptress spoke, Snowflake would simply nod as she listened to her words.

It was rare for her to be so curious about someone else, however, she would find herself wanting to know more about the relationship between Seira and Finn. Perhaps, there was something that the vampire might not want to tell her yet? Finn was more like a brother to her than a friend, and if he was dating someone, she figured that the man would at least inform her of his choice of girlfriend. Not wanting to press on any further to her curiosity, she did not let her doubts pass her lips and decided not to intrude the other woman’s privacy.

”I see.”

Snowflake had never been bothered about Finn’s presence in the guild – more like, the guild was blessed to have him there. ”No, not really. I don’t think it makes much of a difference.” It was a topic that never came to her mind until Seira brought it into discussion and thinking about it, Snowflake never gave her opinion regarding to it. Not being able to utilize magic didn’t mean anything to her, and she doubted Lance; their previous master, bothered too much about it either, otherwise Finn wouldn’t be recruited in the guild, would he? Despite not being able to use magic, the man, himself, was a great warrior of his own and to her, he was one of the strongest and the oldest veterans, alongside Alisa – the ones whom she genuinely admired.

Albeit, her reason for joining Blue Pegasus was different.

The snowy beauty was simply a lost wanderer in her younger days, frightened from her own nightmares and fled from her hometown, which she unfortunately does not remember. With only one purpose in mind; to seek revenge upon those whom brought this misfortune on her, she travelled. Through her journey, a labourer – she was, a merchant, anything she could do to get money to survive. Desperate, the town that she stumbled into shortly after was Hargeon, a very lively town, exactly how it was written in the books that she read long before. Guilds were famous back in the days, they always were – even now, the majority of the people could only aspire to become wizards in these guilds and so did she.

Blue Pegasus was the first place that she visited after reaching the town and Lance was willing to take her in without any doubts, even after explaining her sole purpose. As time passed, the guild came to be something much more important to her; it was her new home and the members were her family – the ones she holds dear to her heart. Ever since then, Snowflake had long discarded her planned revenge against her enemies and simply decided to explore more of Fiore, with another purpose to better herself.

”No,” a pause, hesitance causing her lips to seal before an old habit of hers unhinged them. ”I just happened to stumble upon the guild and Lance took me in. I was horrible at magic back then.”  


Part of it was a lie, the remaining was the truth but she never intended to tell anyone her story – not even her lover. She never enjoyed sharing anything about herself, albeit, she was known to be a very good listener. ”What about you? Do you wish to be in any particular guild?”


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“It doesn’t,” the vampire remarked briefly.

Seira found Snowflake’s short — yet informative — response almost comical; whereas it did bring clarity, the woman was mostly pleased to learn that other members of the wizard’s guild were appreciative of Finn’s presence and the environment her dearly beloved found himself in was a friendly one. Once she’d come to realize that much, Seira sighed in relief and smiled at the demoness. “I’m happy to hear that he’s welcome in Blue Pegasus,” she began and folded her hands together. For a moment the nightwalker forgot about Snowflake’s lack of knowledge in regards to her relationship with the human and the works she spoke were far too loving and caring to come from a neutral bystander. “It’s important to me that he has a place to return to, some place he can call home that consists of more than just himself and Jake,” Seira flashed the other girl a meek smile and shrugged.

When Snowflake brought Seira into the loop of the rather simple circumstances that eventually lead to her becoming a part of Blue Pegasus, the vampire appeared genuinely surprised. Finn’s story was almost similar; it was easy, he wasn’t anything or anyone special in particular and somehow Lance — the former guildmaster — had found a way to recruit them, where they’d eventually grow and prosper. Seira arched a brow and sat up in her chair, straightening her back while she turned towards Snowflake. “That’s strange,” the tone of her voice indicated curiosity, “this person seems to be quite accepting of all kinds of people, as it seems. Lance of Blue Pegasus,” she paused for a moment, allowing for that name to roll over her tongue. “He must be a very good person,” she eventually came to the conclusion that the former leader of the guild was as open minded as the other two members she’d met — which only made sense, the more she thought about it.

The question was almost a little awkward, causing Seira to chuckle lightly and shake her head as she responded. She’d never thought about guilds — never even considered them a possibility, to be honest — and even though she was more familiar with them now, after meeting members of guilds and speaking to them and such, the vampire still hadn’t thought about joining one on her own. “I’m a Sorceress, but in spite of that I have never thought about guilds too much,” she admitted to the other woman and began playing with the tips of her hair. “I haven’t really bonded with anyone up until recently, so I suppose that thought simply never occurred to me.” Granted, Seira had been alone her entire life up until the day Finn showed up. She’d nothing to offer except for problematic vampire behavior and the occasional emptied human blood bag in the trash can and even though Finn was her partner now, she’d never entertained the idea of joining a guild in order to be closer to him as well.

That being said, it wasn’t necessarily what Seira wanted either. Blue Pegasus was Finn’s guild — not hers. This was his personal space, something he treasured and something that was close to him and from Seira’s perspective she had little to no right to burst into that bubble of his. Of course she couldn’t know how wrong she was in that regard and that this was precisely what guilds were all about (keeping the people you care for close to you), but the vampire was clueless when it came to such things, so she didn’t dare to speak up.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

It was amusing to her – the way Seira talked about Finn; almost as if there was something between them and her words hinted in that direction, though she decided not to let her doubts pass her lips. ”Lance was a very good person,” she agreed, shifting her gaze away from the other female as she took a moment to register his passing into her mind. It was unbelievable and so unfortunate that such a kind-hearted soul would be taken away from the world at early times. Albeit, wars and battles were bound to happen in this century, especially during the period where mages and wizards desired for power and more.

Despite how little she knew Lance, their previous master was undoubtedly an incredible man with an amazing personality; affectionate, understanding – not to mention, fabulous – yet, impulsive at times, and perhaps, that might be one of the reasons why tragedy befell upon him at an early age. Lance was one that she looked up to with admiration, and it only made her regret that she couldn’t get to know him as much as she wanted to. After all, he was the only reason that she was here; prospered and filled with love, due to the new home that he had granted her. The least she could have done was to spend the last moments with him, which she unfortunately was able to.

It was when she promised herself to visit their previous master’s deathbed when she returned to Hargeon. Her train of thoughts derailed and the woman was brought out of her reverie by the bartender calling out for another customer for their drinks.

”Finn knew him better than any of us.”

Snowflake could spend the entire day talking about her own guild and her family, but it might possibly just be nonsense to Seira's ears since she had never been in a guild before, provided by her information that she obtained earlier. She probably wouldn’t understand how it felt like, which was why Snowflake suddenly felt the need to recruit her. Just like how Lance took people in not for his own’s sake but, for themselves, Snowflake decided to follow his steps to give people a place where they could finally belong.

”Why don’t you join us?”

Snowflake knew little about this woman, apart from the fact that shared similar traits and had a couple of mutual friends. Certainly, it was a question that came out of the blue, but it didn’t change her mind that she wanted the vampiress in her guild. Mayhap, it could be something about them having shared features – and, her gorgeous visage as well as the ability to get along with Snowflake was a plus. ”I want you to experience how it’s like to have friends that you care for, and those who would do the same for you.” To be honest, it was a rather weak proposal and she wasn’t sure if Seira would entirely be convinced with her statement.

”Besides, I think we click together. Is that how you say it?”

The frosty maiden laughed, unfamiliar with the short and lazy structures of wordings created by people nowadays.

It wasn’t often that Snowflake would feel comfortable talking to people, especially not one whom she had just met and somehow, Seira was much more tolerable than she had expected and she was also one to her liking.


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Seira laughed.

“You are so genuine,” the woman remarked, “all of you are. There’s some similarity between you and the human and I can’t help but wonder if it’s because of Blue Pegasus,” she rarely referred to Finn as human—more often than not it was merely a thought, something she kept in mind since she considered him her human; it simply came out when she was with Snowflake and once the demon suggested for the vampire to become a part of their guild as well, a bright smile spread across Seira’s face.

It’s nothing she would have agreed on without rethinking and reconsidering, even though the circumstances she found herself in were strangely unique. Nonetheless, Seira allowed herself a moment in silence to work through everything on her mind—there were a number of things, but none of them too concerning. She’d wondered if creatures of the night—such as herself—were even tolerated in light guilds; Snowflake’s existence was proof that this was indeed possible and Seira decided not to worry about it for even another moment.

Seira thought highly of herself—independence was important and especially now, that she’d promised herself to always be by Finn’s side she thought it was important to remember that—in spite of their bond—they were still their own people and they needed room to breathe. Seira didn’t want to take away from that by joining a group he’d been a part of prior to their relationship, but she also knew that this idea was as considerate as it was ridiculous; Finn was quite the social butterfly, he’d hinted at the idea of her joining Blue Pegasus before and would likely be thrilled to find out.

If not, she’d could always leave again.

Lastly, Snowflake—the current master of the guild—herself. Seira learned that both, the lady and the human had been recruited by the previous master and the vampire found the fact that she’d been invited by the current one rather pleasing. Snowflake saw a connection, as did Seira and she appreciated the bond that was slowly forming between the two women—perhaps there would be more like this? She’d never been part of a guild, she had little to no experience with these things but it was certainly never too late to stop learning, right?

Seira slowly nodded her head.

“Thank you,” she began, “you’re very kind. I would love to, I have been lonely for far too long,” a chuckle escaped her lips. “I hope that’s not a selfish thing to say,” nonetheless, it was the truth. And Seira didn’t want to be alone anymore.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Snowflake raised her eyebrow in surprise – she wasn’t expecting a compliment – although it seemed that Seira had already made a decision to her offer, considering the bright smile that grew on her lips when she raised the question. She knew that Seira would be more than welcome in their guild, albeit as much as she did not want to be biased, the ivory haired female came to be her favourite among those whom were recruited recently, within just a single meeting.

A while back, the demon had granted an invitation to a petite female; Esperia, into the guild and now having recruited another member somewhat made her feel accomplished as a guild master – as silly as it sounded.

A part of her was glad to have someone with shared features in the guild albeit, she would have preferred if the topic was never brought into discussion in front of the other guild members; she intended to keep it a secret after all. Despite being a member of a dark race, Snowflake wasn’t entirely sure if it would cause any problems – so far it didn’t – and thus, she assumed that it would be fine. Her closest friends; Alisa and Finn, wasn’t aware of the situation yet, nor did she wish to inform them as well, unless they demanded her, that is. They would be the only exception that Snowflake would offer to listen to her story, since they were the only ones who were with her from the very beginning of her journey.

”I have been lonely for far too long,”

The woman responded with an understanding nod; her gaze gentle and warm as she locked her eyes with Seira’s. Gently, she rested her hand on the vampiress’ shoulder as a form of comfort. ”You won’t be anymore – with us,” the woman smiled for one of the first few times and released a long sigh; not out of frustration but of content, and partly exhaustion mayhap.

Silver hues idly darted around the area and noticed that the crowd had lessened much into only just a few numbers. ”I should return home, it’s getting late. And, so do you,” the frosty maiden pushed herself off the stool and edged a hand into a pocket to retrieve a couple of jewels before she rolled it across the counter, which was more than enough to pay for both of their drinks. ”You can keep the change,” she remarked, throwing a glance at the bartender, who simply nodded with a smile in gratitude.

”I hope we meet again.”

The demon gave the other female a nice, long hug – hopefully she didn’t mind – and with a whisk of her coat, she would meander towards the door of the bar to exit and join the rest of the civilians who finally decided to return home to their beloved ones. Tonight, she was glad for a fateful encounter and the growing connection between the two was not something to be neglected.


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