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A Shrine to Name (命)

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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:10 am

Chisu Lau Manji


. . . She remained there, her head pressed against the mossy base of the large stone lantern. This shrine was lit, and many candles were ignited before she got there. Chi had placed a few of her own. Th shrine was large, and left by itself in a small clearing of trees. ivy and moss grew over the stone but still it stood tall and in a condition as if it was freshly carved. It was unreadable in places only for the foliage. To remove the plants would to risk damage to the shrine.

She didn't pray this time, for she understood why she had no real reason to. Her god was with her, and she meant literally not just metaphorically. What was a prayer when she could physically take her god in her hands. She was no deity, and here she learned her true name.

"Huashimamasumé." she repeated the scriptures that were carved into the stone.. She took a rock and begun to carve it in the language of others so they too would understand.

"Daughter-Of-The-Old-Tree. she smiled. It wasn't a name, it was a title given to her. She didn't know by who, but it was something to take in consideration.

"Do you remember your father?" she would ask, rising from her position to stare at the light.

"I've lived a hundred lives in this world. I have seen many families, and I cannot remember by own. Perhaps I was left in your village because I decided for you all to be my family, or perhaps you are all of my descendants." the nameless god would laugh, "Perhaps it's the souls I've taken that your magic draws power from."

And with those words, Chi turned away from the shrine and existed the clearing. She had much more to understand.

She would leave to the next city, and hopefully the shrine there would have more answers than this one.

She had to hope. It was all she had to understand her father's power.

[/exit to Nanuq (Foot)]

To pray at this shrine, please light the lantern, or place a lit candle around the stone lantern. After your post, please exit.

Please bow, however it is not required. On this shrine it is apparent to honor a single god who's name has been long weathered away.

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