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Raging Boll [Mission | Arisa | Alisa]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:00 pm


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"...Still, I'm surprised I've yet to hear an 'I told you so'.", Alisa commented with a playful, almost teasing tone, moving her fork in a circle before delivering that bit of juicy, succulent beef to her waiting tongue, humming at the wonderfully grilled flavor; thinking about how good it felt to eat a nice, hefty lunch in between rounds of work...

It appeared only the first girl the Seraph had recruited took no part in the sabotage operation her co-workers so eagerly signed up for...

Seeing her friend's glass more towards the empty side, she'd grab the bottle of the thick, fragrant red wine she'd just ordered, holding it above Ari's glass, "...Wine?", a simple enough question, the answer to which would determine whether or not Alisa poured more of that nectar for the Angel's drinking pleasure.

That said, what Alisa considered "hefty lunch", was little more than a snack for a big eater like her lovely, voluptuous friend. But then, earlier today she'd eaten what an average person would eat in a whole day, all in one sigle, mid morning snack. For that reason, Alisa eyed her and only her even in the middle of this modestly classy restaurant, with plenty of décor and other pretty boys or girls all but begging to be oggled. Guiding a mouthful of rice towards her parted lips, she gracefully raised one hand over them, as she ate, her other hand reaching for the glass of wine, stirring it, then having a sip:

"Though I must say, I've had enough of fashion for one day...", she'd finally comment, chuckling with a hint of unease at the thought of mediating yet another quarrel between models, "Perhaps the good doctor could use our help once more?"

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:34 am

Her hand simply swirled the last drop of the wine in her glass in a rather circular motion, swooshing it. The wine to her was rather  bitter  more than sweet, truly she wasn't a wine fan, but she tended to deal with the choice for her dear beloved friend. Her eyes of golden blaze were shinier than usual as it must be noon. Her eyes are always different depending on the time. Her glossed pink lips felt dry, yet her drink was supposedly making them not so moist, strange. Slowly she licked her lips with her hot tongue by the tip of it and then stabbed her food with her fork gently. Her eyes lowered to look at her food and smiled warmly. ''What point does that make? Silly 'I told you so's'. We learn from experience I suppose.'' she finished speaking before shoving a small piece of chicken within her mouth.

She chewed a couple of times and swallowed it. Some could say she ate meat like a wolf, but truly she can't help it. She would have to really mentally put out to be able to chew several times and blah blah blah, but she felt like it's a waste. If people ate as such, good for them, but if not then cool. Everyone was different, including her friend. It only took two chews to learn that the chicken was dry, over seasoned and left in the oven took long or they just didn't add water to the pan while cooking the thing. She used her obvious senses to listen to her friend speak about how she had enough fashion, making Arisa giggle a beautiful school girl. ''I suppose so. Typical dramatic models.'' she responded back calmly and sweetly like she always is. She tried to speak properly now as perhaps a way to get rid of her own accent.


#3Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:14 am


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Indeed we do. But in Alisa's case, was little more than a necessary risk she took when approaching someone new, always accepting that person could be anything from the world most wicked, to the kindest saint the world has ever known. Arisa had an edge though, and Alisa couldn't help but wonder if she remembered what it was like to not have that nifty aura sensing ability.

Unsurprisingly though, the beautiful angel looked as ravenous as ever, devouring the meat like a famished carnivore, as alwas contrasting with the more graceful Pegasus' slower pace, her spaced out bites inbetween sampling sips of wine. And why would she do it any differently? They had been working all morning, and now that they had time for a proper meal, they earned the time to enjoy said meal calm and patiently. It appeared both her and Arisa thought alike in this matter though, for neither of them judged the other - be it verbally or silently - they respected each other's differences enough to share a table and enjoy the other's company despite them.

Hell, Alisa even too her time filling a forkful with both rise and a freshly cut morcel of succulent meat before guiding it into her mouth, chewing patiently, swallowing, then wiping her mouth. Then and only then would she speak up to answer, giggling as she noted the difference between her words (or rather, the way she spoke them) and her usual speech pattern. She'd grown used to Ari's accent enough that she didn't mind it at all, quite the opposite, actually found it endearing:

"Oh, you don't need to hide your accent around me~", she'd point out, cutting another piece of meat, bathing in the freshly splilled juices, yet looking into the violet haired beauty's shimmering eyes the whole way, drifting off into a table further away for only a split second, "You've never told me much about your homeland either..."

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:32 am

Her eyes looked and gazed at her friend while eating her food politely. Sure she was eating like a wolf, but she didn't like being in a mess. When she ate things like ribs, she made sure she had some napkins to wipe her face. She wasn't a dirty slob. Her soft fingers looped over the base of her silverware with her middle finger as she ate a coupe of more bites of this horrid chicken. Slowly her body leaned over the table, whispering ''Remind me to never get this chicken here.'' she sat down and let go of her silverware to then pick up her wine glass. Her pointing finger wrapped around the base of it while her pinky was out, drinking. The flavor was still bitter and she knew it was never going to change, just like herself perhaps.

There was a part of her own being that she wished she could just change, but she wasn't going to say that, no, not out loud anyways. She decided to put down her drink and leans against the chair she was sitting on. A man or waiter appeared, ''How is everything?'' he asked. This brought up a real question in her own mind, 'How was everything?... To her..' she wondered in a different way. Her eyes cornered with a beautiful smile from her lips... ''Well.. your chicken is terrible and dry. Tell the cook he needs to add water while he cooks chicken next time and not to over-due the seasoning.'' she spoke and then looked at her, Alisa, calmly as the waiter shook his head. ''I will miss, thank you.'' he spoke, bowed his head and went off if Alisa didn't need anything. After that she remembered that Alisa brought up that she didn't talk about her homeland.... 'home.. Is that what Sin really is?... To me?' she wondered and looked at her. ''Well...'' she was starting as if it was going to be a story.



#5Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:11 pm


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"Really?", asked Alisa, with a surprised look on her face. Indeed, the beef in front of her told a different tale; it had been grilled medium rare and seasoned just right, sealing all the blood and juices inside, with a tenderness such she hardly even needed to chew at all. But whenever she chewed or sliced it though, all that delicious red just came flowing right out. Looking down hungrily at her plate even though she'd already eaten a good deal, she cut another morcel of meat and held the fork across the table with a smile, one hand under the food so the juice didn't drip down onto the pure white towel, "The beef is delicious though. Want a taste~?"

With a sweet tone and radiant expression, she made it quite clear she not only enjoyed the food, but being able to share it with Arisa most of all... As such, she had no complaints for the waiter once he arrived, simply flashing him her usual calm smile, gracefully requesting something else instead:

"Could you please bring us another bottle of wine too?", she requested, upon which the waiter grabbed the nearly empty bottle and distributed the remains between both women's glasses.

She didn't know why her instincts told her getting another bottle was a good idea... But this red wine wasn't particularly alcoholic, being no older than two years...

"Right away, miss.", he answered, bowing and retreating with the empty bottle in hand, and soon returning with another, uncorking it, and leaving it on the table.

Of course, once Arisa leaned over the table with a long face, a distant look in her eyes, she understood... And once more felt glad to be the kind of person who trusted her intuition. She rested one elbow on the table, stirring her wine in circles before drinking a gulp... It felt like it was gonna be a long story, but they fortunately had the drink to help her along...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 1:54 pm

She looked at her friend and then lowered her gaze towards the table. Her mind, memory and soul could still remember most of the town she lived in. It was as if it was months ago when she was a little girl. ''well... before the tragic happened -- as far as I know anyways... The trees were filled with pink and white flowers, the side walks were always so neat...tidy and organized with no cracks or flaws. When there were flaws in their walkways, they'd be fixed immediately. Women walked in fancy silk clothing if you were anything but poor and the poor -- well... there never were any. People helped each other out there and all children were allowed to play with each other. The grass was so green, you could never see a day where it wasn't fresh green. Truly, till one certain day that is.'' she started and began her story with a friend at the end. She was telling the story in a calm manner in which she held great pain. ''The town I lived in had hills, lots of hills as we lived on the slope of the mountain. We had beautiful creatures, nature and as to be believed... people. Most countries have their dark secret... Sin's secret? ... Well... I doubt you wanna hear more of my past.'' she finished and then took a drink of a different type of wine. This one tasted decent, better than the last, but it tasted more plain than sweet. She licked her lips as she grabbed a tooth pick, stabbed a piece of fruit with it and inserted the fruit in her mouth. Her teeth chewed, her tongue savored the sweet strawberry taste as the juice and liquid was devoured. She wondered if she was ever going to go back to The Country of Sin. There were a lot of things she needed to find out and truly she felt like the only way to find out was to travel back there, rather or not she would find anything was in question. Finally, she gazed at her friend's ruby eyes as her back leaned against the back of the chair, supporting her back of course.



#7Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:45 pm


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Alisa didn't know what the tragedy she mentioned actually went, but understood enough to rein in her curiosity and refrain from requesting such information. She'd find out in time no doubt, at the rate she and Arisa were growing closer, the time might soon arrive when they'd no longer hand any secrets to speak of, not towards each other. She should probably brush up on the recent history of Sin though, for the description coming from Ari's luscious lips all but painted a picture of idyllic heaven, to the point the dreamy sculptress couldn't help but gaze upwards, absently imagining it for a short while before glancing right back down into the angel's golden eyes:

"It must have been a wonderful place at that time...", she commented, almost feeling nostalgic over something she'd never seen, taking a long gulp of wine as if that would bring such a place to her. She used to feel that way about her life at home, where everything was cozy and shiny, with a warm and loving family...

She refilled the wine on Arisa's glass before the girl had to ask for it, or even completely finish the whole thing, keeping her eyes on hers the whole time. Though she couldn't see it, the intuitive Pegasus had no doubt debating this painful memory must be hard for her friend. That empathetic knowledge kept her from asking too many questions, simply listening transfixed, until the girl stopped at what must have been the most important part. She sighed:

"I do, but... I don't want to make you recall it.", she explained, shaking her head, her lips finally drawing once more into the faintest hints of a smile. She'd drink another large gulp of wine

"Excuse me, are your names Alisa and Arisa?", asked the waiter; an odd enough question Alisa glanced at her friend, shrugged, and then finally nodded, raising an eyebrow at the waiter and turning her torso to face him. Why would a waiter ask her for their names? Thankfully, she found no need to ask that question when the man prompty placed a closed envelope over the table, with their names written on it, "A man came by to deliver this, said he was sent by Dr. Gerard. He appeared quite troubled, so whatever's in there must be important.", with this, he bowed and excused himself, "Enjoy the rest of your meal."

Huh... That was wierd... Once more, Alisa shared that cumplicit, confused look with her friend, then looked down at the envelope. Just what was so important for the good Doctor to actually send them a letter?

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:36 pm

She enjoyed the strawberry that she had in her mouth. It was sweet, cold and fruit had its own mystery, such as a person she had in mind. A small part of her heart still felt pain and had no closure. She needed this closure so when was she going to get it? Yawning softly she looked at her dear friend as she complimented the Country of Sin, calling it beautiful. It was indeed beautiful, but beautiful things/people/everything was dangerous or could be. Her free hand was brought up and twirled her long bangs behind her ear lobe and then saw a boy or man appear with some letter. She listened to him speak about how it was supposedly important and then heard the comment Alisa brought forth. Slowly Arisa received the letter and opened it gently to not tare it up.

''Dear ladies, I have an important task for you two to do for me. It's not that very easy nor safe, but there is an award to receive for doing so. There is a new virus that is uknown, but those who are affected by it becomes enraged and will attack anything in sight. It's a mystery and I would obviously love to study this. Beware as it is dangerous to civilians... It doesn't affect them, human beings, but there are and have been some reports of nearby wildlife that seem to be and get affected making them well... violent and otherwise a danger to all those who can't even defend themselves, making it difficult to deal with otherwise. Go outside of Baska and straight towards through some paths and there you will see a lake that runs down the mountains. I have heard there are boars there specifically that are hard to deal with. I advice for you girls to be careful. Find them and sedate one of them at most/least. I would like to study them.

Sincerely, Doctor''

She pretty much read it out loud, loud enough for her friend to hear it. She leaned more back and yawned. ''I guess it's time to hunt. I hate killing animals, but I guess it's to research this virus. I wouldn't be able to handle the thought of people killing so many animals and vise versa... You know?'' she spoke to Alisa as her heart pained. She loved animals dearly and with that, she scooted out of her chair and got up to get ready.



#9Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:58 pm


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The sculptress kept her ears sharp as her friend read the letter out loud, furrowing her brow as the words turned to 'virus' and 'dangerous beasts'. She had at best a mediocre knowledge of biology beyond where to hit things to make them feel pain, but even she could understand the implications of a potentially dangerous virus. And also understood fully well how some diseases from animals can spread to humans, with little more than a stroke of bad luck. She all but sighed with a modest modicum of relief when she heard humans couldn't be infected by the disease though, yet that that only meant they couldn't be infected 'yet'. Diseases change over time, after all. With their meal coming to an end though, this letter came at just the right time to tell the girls where to head to next, and thus Alisa poured what remained of her wine in their glasses, drunk it, then uncrossed her legs. Ari was a kind soul though, openly professing her dislike of harming animals. She hoped that extended to humans as well:

"Well, don't feel too bad, animals kill each other all the time, people kill each other all the time. Death is simply a natural part of the circle of life, so long as you're not killing for sport. If you respect nature, you simply won't kill more than what you need to survive.", she smiled and spoke as calm and gently as she could, like someone who disliked causing any more pain than necessary when the time came to take a life... Except when that life belonged to someone she hated. Which wasn't the case now, so she simply reassured Arisa in the only way she knew, "Fortunately, we don't need to kill the boar, just knock it unconscious."

She'd get up and walk alongside her friend, making way through the ever busier streets, on and on until less and less people appeared, then more and more wilderness unfolded before their eyes. The evergreen canopies provided a shaded pathway to walk under, and also presented a wide selection of dens and crevices an overgrown boar could be using as a hiding place...

It didn't take long before the heard a deafening squeal, the vicious cry of a rabid boar. Alisa turned around to face it, eyes focused and senses sharp, raising her arms defensively. She stood her ground, positioning herself between the boar and her tall, statuesque friend. She knew the girl didn't want to hurt the animal, and for that reason, Alisa would do the dirty work for her. Fighting animals with magic was almost unsportsmanship, but she had a job to do. So when the creature stood at less than fifteen meters from them, she'd flick her wrist upwards, conjuring a crystalline cluster that knocked it out with yet another pain filled squeal... But it was still alive... However, the moment she knocked it out, more of its friends charged them from different angles.

Damn... She might actually need Arisa's help for this, or else she'd end up killing the beasts...

Spell used: Stalagmite


Name: Stalagmite
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Crystal Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A (Crystal)
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: By flicking her wrist, Alisa conjures a cluster of crystal spikes up to 4m wide and 4m tall, anywhere within 15 meters, which rise up from below (usually the ground) to strike targets within range. When Alisa herself is inside the targeted area, the spell will instead erupt from her body like a hedgehog, which could hold her in place if it reaches the ground. She has some control over the shape and hardness of the spikes, allowing the spell to deal either B-rank blunt or piercing damage, or instead a hybrid of both (C-rank blunt plus C-rank piercing). Spikes can be destroyed by A-rank damage or higher.


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:27 am

She continued to eat her strawberries while sitting with her friend, discussing now about this damn mission. Her eyes never left the sight of her friend's ruby orbs. She wondered on exactly what the procedure will be once they get the animal. Was he going to needle it to death or perhaps kill it anyways?! What as the point on even getting the animal without harming it if she could give it a quick death? She knew that her friend was going to now try not to kill it because of what she said. 'She doesn't seem like most people...' spoke one of them in her head as Arisa gazed at her. 'Usually people will do whatever the hell it pleases.' it spoke again. She agreed with the voice upon whoever was speaking.

A small smile was on her own pretty full lips that were glossed in light pink, like roses. Her skin was lit up like stars in the night complimenting the moons face. ''Alright, shall we go then?~'' she teased and smiled motherly of course. If agreed, she got up and started to walk out after paying for her own meal. Her hand was on her stomach, ''Damn I feel nicely full though...'' she spoke and chuckled for a bit. Her head cocked towards Alisa and gazed at her. She was quite pretty, but alas she had no interest in her unlike many men would, perhaps women as well. Her head turned to look straight as they entered the forest and went through a path. She listened to her friend and remembered what she spoke of. "Well, don't feel too bad, animals kill each other all the time, people kill each other all the time. Death is simply a natural part of the circle of life, so long as you're not killing for sport. If you respect nature, you simply won't kill more than what you need to survive." That was most of it, right? It was true though, animals do kill each other, but not out of sport. Animals respect each other more than humans did. Animals killed out of territorial reason, defensive or for food. Humans kill because they want to and just that simple reason which obviously isn't even a real reason. She looked at Alisa already take action as they heard the squealing of the beast. Her eyes looked at it with sorrow, but knew this was for the best. She wanted to see what Alisa was going to do at first, but seeing that she only tried to knock it out and fight their friends as well doing the same thing, she was going to finish it. 'Forgive me...' she thought as she coldly looked at the animals from her stance. Her hands clenched into fists as she dashed forward towards the beast Alisa tried to knock out and fist punched it into its skull, knocking it out senseless. Once they saw one of their own knocked out, they scattered. ''It is better to kill it quickly than give it to someone to experiment on, killing it slowly and torturing it....I honestly hate this mission...'' she frowned, picked it up in her long arms and walked with her friend back to the doctors. The beast was quite heavy and honestly so was her heart. This was terrible... everything about this was, but there was nothing she could do. After that they got their reward and left.




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