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Scary Nights [Liana]

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on Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:53 pm

While Liana may have noticed how late it was getting, the late teenager probably didn't care much seeing as she was currently, and still, extremely infatuated with that chest of the older woman. Even as both finally reached the desired destination, the young Sylvaine didn't seem to care much about the place where Alisa was living, a hotel clearly way more luxurious than the one she stays at alongside Esperia. If she wasn't so tipsy and wasn't so distracted by a certain pair of pillows, she would have been impressed.

The climbing would mostly be difficult for the female Vollan, seeing as Liana continued to cling up to her, arms wrapped around her waist and her head nuzzling up to the side of one of the teenager's favorite toy. Slowly, her eyes would open as her head was motioned away from Alisa's bust, blinking a couple of times due to dizziness before ultimately noticing the glass of water being motioned to her lips.


At that, her mouth would open and her lips would clamp down to the rim of the glass, one hand taking hold of the object and tilting it a little to take a few small gulps of water. "Ahhh..." She exhales afterwards, smiling softly up at Alisa for a moment whilst her head returns to press down against the same side of the woman's chest.

"Today was great, wasn't it, Alisa...? I loved it..."

She admits, already starting to grow somewhat exhausted, yet far from turning sober.
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#77Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:08 pm


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Yup, the drunk girl seemed completely lost to all but the sculptress' breasts like the good little closet pervert she was. It made it far easier for Alisa to guide her home as she didn't seem to resist whatever she did, while she yet had enough strength to move on her own two feet. On the other hand, her apparent inability to keep her eyes open troubled Alisa, who got a pretty good idea of how nasty an awakening she'd have if she fell asleep right now. Thus, she accepted the water rather quickly, and Alisa immediately poured a glass for herself:

"And again, say aaah~", she repeated, giggling playfully and feeding the drunken girl yet another glass of water. Like that she'd feed her another two, finally explaining why she had to drink so much water if the girl bothered to ask, "You should get some of that alcohol out of your system before you sleep."

One thing was clear though, Alisa had to keep the girl from going to sleep lest she wake up with the hangover of a


"Mmm, me too~...", she nodded, teasingly brushing some locks of short black hair behind Liana's ear. She'd been getting used to that insistent pressure on her bust since the last half hour or so, yet as the girl got her hands there, Alisa's cheeks reddened further. Along with a vivid reminder she might have to punish this little pervert sometime soon. Not now though. This time, she'd settle for teasing her a little while, playfully twirling the girl's hair around her finger as she cocked her head, "Though next time, you should probably not drink so much hmm?"

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:21 pm

"Yeaaah... I guess I went a bit too far..."

The first hiccup of the night would be heard for whatever reason, Liana giggling once that happened, apparently finding amusing such thing shooting out of her throat and resounding past her lips and across the room.

Her head is kept pressed against the older woman's bust, nuzzling a few times to the side as her arms return to wrap around the female Vollan's waist. The girl's eyes close, yet she doesn't appear to fall asleep, only humming in satisfaction at such warmth.

"I really like your boobs, Alisa... I wonder how they grew this big... I've never seen anything like it."

She admits, opening her eyes at that and now actually stepping forwards to halt in front of the woman, leaning against the nearest counter since they were most likely at the kitchen or at least where meals were made within Alisa's room. Her eyes are barely kept open, half-shut as they continue to glue down at her friend's bust.

Then, in a surprising motion, a hand of hers extends along with her index finger as the latter attempts to press right against the center of the female Vollan's clothed right breast. Even with such a move, Liana was still able to look extremely innocent, hinting at the fact she had no idea what she was doing was supposed to be already at an intimate degree.

"... So soft too..." The late teenager mumbles to herself at the end, eyes only widening a tad in fascination.
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#79Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:58 pm


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At the girl's shameless flow of questions the sculptress did little more than laugh with one hand over her mouth, that perpetually elegant poise which didn't really seem to fit two women in such booze addle state. She was about to speak up, point out how that was hardly the kind of questions she should be asking, yet she had no time to do so. Out of nowhere (though she might have seen it coming were a she a bit more... sober), Alisa's eyes widened and a soft gasp escaped her lips; feeling the not so closeted pervert's sudden poke of her bust. But yet at that point it seemed as if Liana's freebies had run out:

"You're really pushing your luck, huh~?", Alisa soon pointed out, narrowing her eyes and intercepting and seizing the girl's lascivous hand, guiding it off her breast.

Only at this point was Alisa conscious enough to note how the girl's cuteness allowed her to get away with things most people could only dream of... If by any chance they tried taking a step further from dreams to action, they'd have a good chance of their teeth being introduced to Alisa's foot... And then the floor...

Unlike what she did earlier with Esperia, she didn't really see a point in crossing her arms and drawing attention to her bust, as Liana's problem looked to be the exact opposite of that. Yet the innocence with which she spoke made Alisa ask herself one question, one she promptly repeated out loud, "You... Have no idea what you're doing... Have you?"

As Lia couldn't look away from her chest, Alisa simply leaned in, exploiting the space created by the shorter girl's backing off against the counter, their line of sight almost completely aligned, making it very hard for Liana to look anywhere but her piercing ruby gaze...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:08 pm

Liana most likely had no idea of what she was doing, if one was to speak the truth. The late teenager was not entirely conscious of herself, doing things that her normal self wouldn't do, yet couldn't blame them on alcohol. She could only blame herself for doing such things, for even taking a single droplet of the drink she was offered. The girl could have simply said 'no' when it was offered, yet she didn't.

It was her fault and no one else's.

Now she had made her friend annoyed, so much that the young Sylvaine had no more rights to actually have a look at the older woman's bust. Once Alisa's face was positioned right in front of hers, she couldn't even look the other in the eyes, turning her head to the side and rolling her eyes away almost like a little brat being scolded on.

"I... I'm sorry..."

At least she was conscious enough to apologize, to realize she had affected the other's feelings negatively. Liana was just way too nice in reality, so much that even while drunk, she is still able to be apologetic, while others normally wouldn't and would continue to do the same. Yet, a pout was still visible, showing that she was still unhappy and somewhat rebellious about the consequences of her actions.

"... I... I think I just like you a lot... Not like Esperia does towards me, I... I just like you near me... It feels nice and warm... Almost like you are family..."

She smiles softly for that moment, though still continues to look away from the other female, proving she was still a bit scared and doubtful of the whole situation.
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#81Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:27 pm


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The moment the sculptress chastised her, the girl turned her head away in shame, barely able to keep her eyes on Alisa's. Yet for the first time since the last couple of hours, she now finally found herself capable of looking elsewhere. This perverted fascination with breasts both sisters shared had a certain cuteness to it considering both their appearances, yet Alisa found it especially curious in Liana whose bust was nothing to scoff at either. If she hadn't spent all this time with her, she'd have pegged her for the type to spend half her time feeling up her own chest...

She looked positively adorable though... Albeit annoyed, Alisa was far from angry, and seeing that look on Lia's face eased it all up before long:

"You shouldn't go around feeling girls' breasts you know~? Only a girl's lover should touch her there.", scolded the sculptress stern but playfully, leaning in and kissing the drunken girl's forehead, petting her, and finally draping her arms around her. Showering her in affection and promptly explaining how she wasn't really mad at her, "My..."

The sculptress could do little but sigh at such an earnest confession from the drunken youth, knowing a girl as inexperienced as her had little to no chance of lying while under the influence. She'd run her fingers down Lia's short hair, allowing herself to cuddle the bundle of cuteness known as Liana so long as the girl behaved herself:

"You've only just met me though... How can you be so certain I really am the person you take me for?", she'd ask, not so much admonishing but questioning the girl's overly trustful nature, where she saw something that might one day get her in trouble.

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:14 pm

The moment she received such affection from the older woman, the young Sylvaine couldn't help but wrap her own arms once more around the other female's waist, an embrace formed by both. She was also close to rest her head directly against the center of Alisa's bust, though, she was able to move her head elsewhere at the last second, instead resting her forehead gently against the woman's left shoulder.

"I know..." She mumbled to the first statement, now finally realizing she did something quite inappropriate. "I just thought... Since you didn't mind me cuddling against them, I thought you wouldn't mind me touching them either..." The girl embarrassingly admits.

Indeed, her addiction to those two 'pillows' of hers was still active, and it most likely wasn't going to be away, at least as long as the late teenager was under the effects of alcohol.

The whole cuddling prompted her to close her eyes, returning the same soft smile as before and just humming silently in pleasure, clearly enjoying the warmth being offered by the older woman. If she could, Liana would love to spend her time like that for the rest of the night, or maybe even the rest of the following day.

Afterwards, the young Sylvaine would end up responding to the female Vollan's question, keeping the same smooth and silent tone of voice, muttering words.

"I just fail to believe you are a bad person... After all, you are from a good guild. And... If you wanted to do something bad to us, I think you would have already done it when we all fell underground. You're really strong, you'd be capable of doing something like it and without others noticing."

At the end, she leans her head away for a bit and looks back up at the woman, her smile only widening a tad more.

"If you were really bad, you wouldn't ask me that either, right?" She prompts, giggling amusingly.
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#83Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:17 pm


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Liana returned her affection very quickly, wrapping her arms around Alisa and returning her cuddles, claiming something only the extremely innocent or the extremely perverted could openly pledge to in a similar manner. And, she imaged, Lia was pretty much somewhere between those two options.

"Well, I can assure you those are two very different things~", explained Alisa, clearly understanding this pretty much came down to context; yet to a girl with limited sexual experience she might easily struggle telling the two apart...

Honestly, the whole idea of letting Liana remain sexually clueless didn't really sit right with Alisa, especially when she considered the girl might just end up fondling other random girls, with results as unpredictable as the personalities of those girls... With this newfound caring affection towards this girl, Alisa most certainly hoped she wouldn't struggle in any such manner...

As she spoke up and got her point across, Alisa simply smiled wider, petting that soft, silky hair of Liana's soothing her as she got those innocent, trusting views across... Indeed, Alisa wanted to admonish her, tell her how many foes might simply hide their real intentions long enough to earn her trust, and how this perspective of hers only made it easier for them... But she didn't... With a drunken Liana who'd most likely forget everything come next morning, Alisa held the girl's head on her shoulder.

"Who knows, I might do so just to trick you... Things really aren't that simple, you know~?", she'd say simply, nonetheless beaming straight at the girl, looking into her eyes the first moment they pulled away to make such a thing possible, "But I do admire your kindness~"

Alisa playfully tapped the girl's nose affectionately, only holding back long enough to do so before pulling Liana into another tight cuddle. Between her own drunkenness and Liana's, the sculptress completely forgot she likely ought be feeding the girl a bit more water, just so they could heal off the worst of their inebriation before going to sleep...

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"Shall we dance?"
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on Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:48 pm

"Thanks, Alisa... I admire your kindness as well, for taking care of me like this."

Liana responds to the older woman's compliment towards her personality, her way of being and living. After all, following all the affection given to her, following all the good given to her by the female Vollan during and after the party, then how could this late teenager ever see it as plain trickery? The young Sylvaine clearly isn't the kind of person to form such assumptions and she will never want to be such.

Once she was pulled into another tight cuddle, she would only proceed to return it, arms now wrapping more around the other female's waist, head nuzzling and finding a comfortable position up on Alisa's shoulder whilst she mumbled happily.

"I hope that we can develop a bond stronger than this, I hope that we can become great friends. Now that we are in the same guild too. I'd be happy to be part of your life just as I'd be happy for you to be part of mine. I don't know many people, after all. My parents never introduced me to much in the past, so you would be one of my first dear friends."

The girl states, giggling once softly. By the way she spoke and the way she acted, the effects of the alcohol were surely starting to slowly vanish. It appeared Alisa didn't have to worry much about feeding her more water or well, if she did, the process would turn much faster. Either way, at the same time, Liana seemed to be enjoying the moment they were currently sharing, a moment of pure affection.

It was only a matter of time now, as well as up to the female Vollan's final decision for whenever it should be viable for the young Sylvaine to ultimately head to sleep.
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#85Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:39 pm


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The sculptress giggled at the girl's praise, earning a rather humbled petting of her head. Unlike Liana's genuine kindness, Alisa wasn't nearly so nice to everyone; mostly towards those people she treated as close, or those who despite not being as close still caught her interest by merit of their beauty...

"You're welcome~ After all, I can't let a new member of Blue Pegasus going around fondling random girls now can I?", teased the tall woman, letting the girl pull her head away from her shoulder, just so she could catch a first rate view of the embarassed look to come.

Just a little while though, and Alisa soon pulled her back into that warm embrace.

After all, they were far more comfortable holding each other close like this, and Alisa's heart warmed at recieving all this affection from a girl so pure and innocent:

"This may be a rather soon, yet I already see you as a friend.", she'd confess, somewhat assisted by those lingering traces of alcohol yet sticking to her figure. She was in the end a whimsical woman, who could grow to like or dislike someone in the blink of an eye, "Innocence like yours is a rare beauty to be cherished and preserved... And I'll make sure nobody comes in to take advantage of it."

She gripped Lia's back a bit more firmly, protectively even, before going back to rubbing up and down tenderly. They'd bask in this mutually affectionate moment for a while longer, but going from the girl's voice and overall state, she figured the worst of the drunkenness had left her and they could now think about heading to sleep, evident when a yawn left Alisa's mouth:

"It appears I could use some sleep...", she'd say, loosening her grip and letting Lia have some breathing room, "How about you?"

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:49 pm

The young Sylvaine giggled back at the words of the older woman. Well, of course, those which hinted at teasing. The ones of further praise and compliment were received with the usual soft and smooth smile of Liana's, head indeed leaned away to look back at Alisa's crimson orbs before she'd fully return to the woman's arms.

"Again... Thanks a lot... And I apologize for all the trouble I may have caused you. I didn't mean to do it if so."

She states, arms still around the other's waist before the grip would have eventually been loosened by the tallest of the two. Those grayish hues of hers revert up at the female Vollan's, slightly tilting her head to the side and listening to her words.

"Sure! It's about time, isn't it? I'm sure it's already getting pretty late. Though..."

Liana rolled her eyes away for a moment, a light blush appearing to round her cheeks as certain thoughts ran through her brain. At some point, she'd end up sharing them, though yet not gathering enough courage to look at the other while doing such.

"... Do you think I could sleep alongside you, Alisa? I don't think I can walk back to Esperia alone and I wouldn't want to bother you by having even more trouble to guide me out."

A request was made, her arms actually removing themselves from around Alisa's waist as she took a single step behind to lean back against the counter like before. Her gaze still drifted away from the individual she was talking to. It was almost like there was another special purpose for such.

Or was it just fear and embarrassment, especially after the trouble Liana already caused the older woman?
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#87Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:18 pm


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"It was no trouble for me, although you should probably apologize to Esperia next time you see her...", Alisa admonished, her eyes drifting upwards as she brought a finger to her lip, pondering on the poor timing of the girl's inebriated advances.

Alas, that would be a story for a different day, for they had pretty much lived this day to the very last drop already. Lia too looked pretty exhausted, understandably more so than Alisa, yet even then something held her up despite the obvious desire for sleep. The sculptress tilted her head with a curious look, only for her beaming smile to come back in full with a little giggle:

"Of course, I wouldn't have you sleep on the couch or anything...", an answer making it quite clear this matched Alisa's intentions when she allowed Liana to come to her room instead. She wouldn't chase the girl out or exit again, nor would she force her to sleep anywhere uncomfortable. Fortunately for both of them, Alisa's bed matched the size of her suite, so neither of them would lack for space, and knowing that, she nodded towards her bedroom, "Come on now, I'll lend you pajamas if you need one."

As she walked, Alisa reached for her neck and undid the clasp on her dress and pulled it down, stripping down to a black set of panties, folding up the worn dress and laying it atop a chair. For all her scarcely understood perversion, Liana was still another girl, an innocent one at that. This meant Alisa had no qualms undressing with her in the room, devoid of neither a bashful demeanor nor a teasing intention, like it were the most natural thing in the world...

Not to say that she'd flaunt her topless figure either, thus after getting rid of her dress Alisa simply walked over to her dresser and grabbed a bra matching her panties, put it on, then also grabbed a clean pajamas - a shirt and a pair of shorts - for Liana to slip on.

"Here you go~ Change into that", she'd smile at the girl as he handed her the two garments, before heading over to the bathroom, splashing water on her face and brushing her teeth...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:51 pm

There was no better feeling in the world right now for Liana than to spend the night alongside someone she truly and heavily admires, especially when it comes to even sleeping together with such an individual. The young Sylvaine clearly couldn't let this opportunity pass. She may have second intentions, though she allows those to pass away as she didn't want to disrespect the female Vollan's privacy a second time. Next time was probably going to lead her being kicked out of the room and having to walk back home alone.

"Thanks, Alisa!"

Liana would lean forth to offer her a lasting and tight embrace before allowing Alisa to go. After this, the late teenager would only proceed to follow behind the older woman, observing as she began to actually strip down, topless, only covering her bottom with a black set of panties. "--A-Ah!" Instantly, her hands shoot up, covering her eyes from almost complete sight. There was an urge to create a gap in-between her fingers, yet she didn't now that she had already screamed in surprise.

"D-Don't just suddenly take off your clothes like that, Alisa! Mnhhh..." The young Sylvaine complained almost like she was truly bothered by such a move. Though, everyone knows, even the female Vollan, deep inside that the girl is only satisfied that such thing happened. Even more of the bare curves exposed to her was already enough. One could only imagine the bigger kind of reaction it would be if Alisa turned around to face Liana while still topless.

Either way, at the end of it all, once her friend would cover the rest with a bra, Liana would slowly move away her hands, carefully taking the shirt and the pair of shorts which would serve as her pajamas for the night. "Th-Thank you..." She mumbled whilst looking down, still somewhat frightened about Alisa's reaction if she were to ever give her the wrong gaze seeing that there was still a lot of body revelation coming from the older woman.

When the latter headed to the bathroom in order to clean herself up, Liana took such time she was given to strip as well, until only her underwear was revealed. Ultimately, the shirt and the shorts would be put on, the young Sylvaine now waiting for the other female while sitting down by the bed's edge, those grayish orbs of hers observing the bathroom's exit, expecting Alisa to walk out at any moment.

"Geez... I never noticed how in shape she was..." She grumbled to herself, actually lifting her shirt up for a few brief moments, more precisely looking down at her own stomach, which obviously didn't have abdominals as toned as her friend's. "... I need to start working out more..."
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#89Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:13 pm


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She'd never stoop so low as to tease the girl with nudity after only just scolding her for perverted advances such as randomly grabbing her bust. Yet the sheer suddenness of the girl's shriek prompted Alisa to turn around, raising a surprised eyebrow while slowly covering her breasts with a far looser bra than the tight, reasonably confining cups of her dress. She wasn't really trying to flaunt her body, yet the fact Liana tried so hard not to look visibly amused her:

"Oh my, Liana~ Getting so flustered about seeing another woman naked...", how could she not tease her...? Such a thing was impossible, plain a simple...

As she walked over to her, Alisa narrowed her eyes into that playful look, her very walk turned more sensual. Hips swaying left to right as she let her arms dangle freely, baring her full bosom jiggling softly under the loose grip of her bra; every motion on her part seemed fluid yet obviously pondered to draw as much attention as possible, even before she walked up to Liana and rested one arm on her shoulder:

"...Almost makes it look like you have ulterior motives~", she'd tease the innocent girl, looking into her eyes as her finger traced aimless shapes around Liana's shoulder. Regardless of the reaction, Alisa giggled and pulled the girl closer, almost like she was about to pull her head into her breasts... only to stop half way and kissing her forehead instead, "You know, what I said before applies to fondling other girls. Unless it's a man stripping, you don't really have to cover your eyes~"

Despite this delectable cuteness of hers, Alisa still held back and avoided taking advantage of her, feeling like she'd merely be exploiting Liana's drunk addled innocence otherwise. Thus, if Liana looked back at Alisa she'd find that caring smile once more, as that playful moment gave way to earnest advice towards a girl who yet had too much to learn. With a final rub of her shoulder, Alisa finally slipped into the bathroom, only to emerge a few moments later, having brushed her teeth and wiped off what little makeup she actually wore.

"Bathroom's free if you want.", she'd tell the girl, her smile turning giddy as she caught the girl eyeing her own midriff, giving a pretty good idea as to why that might be. As she headed back into the bedroom, she'd pull back those silken bedsheets, thick enough to ward off the nightly chill...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:02 am

With all of that teasing, how would you expect the young Sylvaine to be able to resist it without growing the urge to fondle the female Vollan up? Or to at least nuzzle her face once more against those now even more gigantic-looking breasts. It was almost impossible, yet, Liana was able to actually hold back, frozen in her spot whilst the older woman continued to tease her in such a seductive and flirty manner.

Once her head appeared to be pulled into the woman's bust, the late teenager's eyes close only for her to instead feel Alisa's lips press against her forehead once more. She blushed a bit harder this time, twitching once even and gulping once as she looked up at her friend in surprise.

"I... I won't cover my eyes then... Next time..."

She responded, almost like that was the best response to give. Almost like that was totally right to say. Or was it actually? She was a girl like Alisa, after all. Perhaps she truly doesn't need to feel all that embarrassed about seeing another woman naked. Then again, it may be her still slightly tipsy state acting.

When the female Vollan returns to the bedroom, she stands to allow her to pull back the bedsheets, eventually shaking her head at the offer for her to use the bathroom.

"I'm fine, I don't need to use it. But thank you."
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#91Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:42 am


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It was indeed a difficult balance to attain... Stare too hard and she'd look perverted, shield her eyes too much and she'd easily look perverted as well. Alisa knew this not to be something she could explain to an inexperienced girl like she no doubt could explain many other things. She'd have to feel them out herself and learn by doing, and not even in the perverted sense (though Alisa doubted Liana would mind that very much)

"So cute~", Alisa merely praised, taking in that mutual, soothing warmth from yet another tender embrace, consciously leaving out any sign of approval of disapproval of the girl's words.

She obviously enjoyed watching her flustered look, as much as she enjoyed feeling the tension ease away from Liana's shoulders when the older woman showered her in affection. The girl refused the offer to use the bathroom, at that moment Alisa understood she'd probably be running there in a few, courtesy of all that water she had to drink. No matter... For now, they could simply relax some of that earlier stress from running around through the haunted house, simply by slipping inside the bed. Alisa did so soon enough, claiming one of the pillows and leaving more than enough space for Liana to claim her own, patting the space next to her:

"Come on now, I won't bite~", She teased, ruby red eyes following the flustered girl's every motion as she laid on her side

She shifted her legs around, relishing that cool fabric against her smooth skin, stretching her arms out lazily and turning face up...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:10 pm

The blush was still there, though the girl still managed to bring up a smile once the female Vollan finally invited her to equally slip inside the bed. The space besides the older woman would be taken then, Liana carefully tucking her legs inside before the rest of her body does the same, only her head sticking out as she also lied on her side, resting her head on the pillow.

Those grayish orbs of hers would eventually glue on the other female's crimson own, that soft smile of hers plastered across her features, not too wide yet. There was obviously a desire to just lean closer to her friend and force herself into another cuddle of sorts, though, this time, she was careful, as to not let any perverted intentions take out the worst of her.

"You know, I... I always meant to ask you, especially after everything that happened tonight..." Once she starts her following speech, the blush rounding her cheeks only intensifies a bit more, her gaze now actually set down and away from the other's as Liana appeared nervous for a moment, pondering her words.

"... And, you know... You are an adult and everything, and you look like you have so much experience..."

Then, at that point, her attention reverts up at the older woman, the late teenager starting to perform fidgeting motions with her hands and fingers as her legs cross together, all below the covers of the bed.

"... I... I have always wondered how it is... To, you know..." Ultimately, in a mumble, she allows out the word that she was struggling so much to say. Doing it so silently as if she actually believed walls had ears or that someone was watching and listening to them. "... Do the stuff that adults do..." Though, in the end, she was unable to say the word proper for what she wanted to transmit.

It was up to Alisa to actually understand it.
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#93Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:02 pm


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The pliable mattress molded to Alisa's weight, melting all her exhaustion away in the blink of an eye and drawing yet another yawn out of her. The two of them shared a look, even under the dim light on the night stand, the martial artist could easily tell the innocent girl yet had something on her mind...

Yet it still surprised her the shy girl managed to speak up...

"What is it?", inquired the tall woman rather curiously, yet mostly resigning herself to silence. Her curiosity only swelled as the girl merely blushed like a schoolgirl and failed to put her thoughts to words, but as she got closer to her point Alisa would simply smile knowingly and let her finish, already having a pretty good idea of what she'd say.

Indeed, Alisa fully understood whoever took Liana as a lover wouldn't only have her long enough for her to realize she belonged with Esperia. She knew the girl would most likely take an interest in an older partner, perhaps even Alisa herself... But she definitely didn't expect the girl to come out and say it so early... Perhaps the alcohol could be blamed for that?

"Oho~? Please, go ahead and elaborate~ Tell me more about that 'stuff adults do'.", her smile became a smirk and Alisa simply reached over, petting the girl's head and scooting a bit closer. Her desire to shield the girl's innocence prevented her from ravishing the cuteness so readily offered, yet such a question from Lia's lips left Alisa thinking, pondering.

Was this something Liana genuinely wanted...? Probably... If the time came when she discovered she wanted more than what Alisa could give her, would she not regret it...? Her actions earlier suggested a rather obvious lust, yet up until this point, she'd showed no hint of actually acknowledging these desires.

Indeed, Alisa couldn't take advantage of her... But if she were simply showing Liana something she clearly thought about, would it still be wrong of her? The yet lingering alcoholism in her system made it far easier for the sculptress to abide by her natural selfishness and bring herself further forward, close enough the shorter girl could now wrap her arms around the dark haired woman if she so desired...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:20 pm

Liana's blush only intensified once the older woman began to put her under pressure, asking more in detail about what the young Sylvaine actually meant with her previous question. Of course, the fact that she called it by a different name and didn't directly state what it was about meant the late teenager was uncomfortable with revealing such, yet Alisa went and pressured the poor girl even more.

At that, she quickly looks away, further down, clearly embarrassed. "Mhhh...! It... It's just hard for me to explain..." She admits, but then again, it really wasn't. She had read about it to be asking this. It wasn't actually her parents who taught her, neither was it Esperia or any others. She took the risk to research about it all by herself.

In order to hide even more of her timidness, once the older woman scooted closer, Liana would slowly approach and move her arms around the other's waist, ultimately proceeding to rest her head on top of the female Vollan's chest, just above it, not directly against her bust, closing her eyes.

"... I... I read about it... You know... I want to learn more about..." A faint gulp is then heard, and after a sigh escapes her parted lips, she finally reveals it.

"... Sex..."

The word was more mumbled than the others, meaning it was still a struggle for her to say it. Either way, would Alisa continue to pressure her?
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#95Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:19 pm


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Truly, if Liana couldn't even overcome her bashfulness this much, then it might indeed have been too soon for what she asked. But more importantly, Alisa found that bashful blush precious. She giggled at the girl's adorable awkwardness, looking completely enraptured by the girl's cuteness. Not enough to take advantage of a girl's innocence, but enough to see Liana's request as something else entirely... Perhaps by giving her a taste of this sexuality she felt so curious about, Alisa could do so on her own terms and that way shield the girl's purity in her own way.

Or so that was her reasoning, but all that punch she drank earlier undoubtedly helped her reach it... It was enough though. She welcomed Liana into her arms and let her rest her head on the silky softness of her bosom, shifting to accomodate her. Of course, Alisa already know what the girl wanted, merely wanted to see that cutest moment when her budding desire overcame her shyness:

"My... You went ahead and said it even faster than I expected... How cute~", the sculptress all but praised, her eyes narrowing mischievously as she too draped her arms around the girl, "But, to think you'd go as far as propositioning someone you just met. Shameless girl~"

Liana might soon notice the somewhat inebriated Alisa hardly objected to her wishes, especially once she slowly dragged one hand up and down the girl's back, eventually settling on the exposed skin of her nape. Merely finding a cute potential partner sufficed to satisfy the physical side of Alisa's sexuality...

Romance, however, was a different story altogether, and mere physical attraction could never be enough. Hopefully the girl wouldn't expect any of the latter...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:21 pm

"Well... You pressured me into it..."

The girl mumbles while cherishing under the comfort of the older woman, arms taking more of the other female's torso as her head nuzzles further down to meet more of the flesh of Alisa's bust. She appeared to enjoy more of the warmth she was receiving and not actually just liking this closure due to her new addiction to the Vollan's breasts.

"Mmm... But you have been so sweet to me so far, Alisa, and we have already discussed this. Plus, who else could I ask? Esperia is probably just as unexperienced as I am."

Liana opens her eyes upon stating such, humming a bit more at more of the affection being given, that hand being dragged up and down her back and then settling on the back of her neck. "You are really the only one I know the most that seems to have experience." The young Sylvaine states, her head arching back a bit for her attention to be brought back up at the older woman.

"So... Would you teach me, Alisa? I'm almost eighteen, I thought it would be better if I already knew how to handle those kind of things."

She didn't expect it to be immediate, neither did she expect things to get physical. Though, if things don't get physical, then how is she ever going to learn how to do sex? Just by words would be like just reading a book. It certainly wouldn't be productive, especially for someone as innocent and pure as herself. Unfortunately, it was all up to Alisa to decide.

All the while, Liana continues to position herself more and more comfortably, pressing deeper and deeper against the female Vollan's bust with her head. Even starting to gently nuzzle against it, smiling with pure satisfaction.
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on Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:36 am


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The more she teased her, the more Liana buried her head into the older woman's ample cleavage, meeting little resistance in doing so under the welcoming head pats on Alisa's part. Unlike Esperia, Liana was sexually clueless despite a visibly similar perversion, yet had no idea her actions could easily be perceived as such...

Yes, that posed another problem in Alisa's mind, one of the reasons why she felt she might not really be exploiting the girl's innocence: If she was the type to ask these questions, very soon her cluelessness could lead her right into those who'd have no qualms exploiting it. This gave Alisa not so much a desire to punish her, but to teach her, just like she asked:

"Well, Esperia's perversion just hides her inexperience a bit better~", answered Alisa, twirling a short dark lock of Lia's hair around her finger, then returning to a slow caress around the girl's neck, "Very well sweetie~... If you want to learn about sex so badly..."

Alisa leaned into her, size and weight coming into play as she'd effortlessly straddle, gentle but firmly pinning down the cute new recruit under her voluptuous body. Her voice turned huskier with every word, and her wandering hands quickly found their way to the topmost button of the girl's top. Little by little, Alisa not only undressed the girl who'd wandered her way into her bed, but gradually unveiled some of that passion her elegance so often hid away.

She'd shift her figure further down until she hovered mere inches above Liana's face. She watched her expression for the briefest of moments, letting them admire the different shades of redness on each other's face.

"...I'll make you an adult~", she'd finally state, lowering herself even further and squishing her bust tightly against the smaller girl, and pressing her lips down on hers...


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Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:31 pm

The least action she expected ended up happening. Things were after all about to get physical. The moment she's pinned down against the bed with Alisa's body straddling her own, her eyes open and widen after a blink, arms slowly dropping, hands only now resting against each side of the older woman's waist. Those wandering hands of the female Vollan felt moving up, her own grayish orbs trailing them as they did such.

Liana didn't resist against the stripping, the buttons of her top slowly being removed, her friend undressing her. She's completely speechless, more so once both of their lips press against one another, the feeling of Alisa's enormous bust squishing against her sending a deep shiver across her entire body. At the end, she drops her arms back down against the bed, slowly closing her eyes and accepting the intimate affection offered, inexperienced when pucking out her lips to press against the older woman's own.

At that point, her eyes only shut close, the late teenager slowly rejoicing in the moment, curious to see how far it would go. It was all still a surprise to her, she didn't truly expect the female Vollan to teach her this way. But it was the only way for Liana to truly learn. And could she ask for more?

No way.

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