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Scary Nights [Liana]

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on Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:12 pm

"Of... Of course n-not!"

Liana responded quickly, not even a single second after Alisa had made such a question, about if the poor teenager was indeed a closet pervert to be so embarrassed. She still had her back turned to the other two as well as Agni, lifting up her glass to take another sip, finishing her drink at this point. After two full glasses of punch, the young Sylvaine must have been reaching her limit, visible by her rather wobbly stance even while standing on the same spot.

"I... I think... You are just very attractive..."

She admits, almost like in a mumble, though probably still heard by the female Vollan seeing as she was even closing the gap to pet her on the head. Her head drops a bit low, but it doesn't pull itself away from the offered affection. If anything, Liana actually appeared to enjoy it seeing as she was wearing a soft smile, seen by nobody since she had her back facing them. Even if she may have acted a bit tsundere, the girl was starting to like more hanging out with Alisa.

Either way, now was time for them to keep on walking, the older woman mentioning and gesturing at a haunted house of sorts, which Liana saw when she turned back around.

There was still a blush visible rounding her cheeks, though now it was more so affected by the fact she had drank a lot. The smile was gone, but at least she didn't appear filled in negative emotions. A drunk expression, let's say that. A nod is the only thing offered and she doesn't appear to move to lead, most likely allowing either Esperia or Alisa to do such.
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on Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:29 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

There was no doubt about it... it was those damned pillows! Her gaze shifted from the flustered reaction of Liana back to the tempting trickster that was Alisa, and then back down to her own bust, her cheeks puffing up in a pout of annoyance. Fortunately for her, the offer to go to the haunted house didn't bother her too much, in the end, the Eisenberg was a family that was raised to fight the occult, so a haunted house with tricks and jumpscares likely wouldn't have the same type of effect than what the actual deal could do... right?

No, she was much more focused on another thing that was haunting her. With her cheeks already flushing up from the heat of her drinks

Instead, she decided to do the thing she was the best at, a silly offensive! Walking over to Liana's unoccupied arm she tried to gently wrap her arms around them and almost like a trademark move from a certain type of manga attempted to press her bust against the girl's arm while whispering softly. "I'll keep you safe Lia, if you get scared you can cling to me~"

Still, she felt her 'attempt' to use the same type of tactic had a lot less effect than Alisa's did... The woes of an Esperia... Perhaps she could subtly inquire how Alisa's bust became so huge, surely there must have been a trick involved!

#53Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:48 pm


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Wow, so adorable! Liana responded about as cutely as Alisa imagined she might, enough for the sculptress to tremble ever so softly. Even tipsy as she was, she wouldn't huggle the living snot out of a girl she'd only just met; even if she so obviously wanted to, she restrained herself.

"My, kawaiiii~~", praised Alisa, and sensing an unsteady footing on the adorable girl's part, she hung close to her. Not so she could hug her at any given point, but rather as she still remember how she'd offered the girl a second drink she didn't really need to being with. And now she was like this, stumbling wherever, wobbling at every turn...

But then, her next words recieved a wholly different kind of reaction... Unlike Esperia's open perversion or Lia's concealed one, genuine, honest praise towards her beauty, she reached one hand for her chest and smile cool but warmly, in visible appreciation of her words:

"Thank you, sweetie... But...", she leaned in slightly her smile growing somewhat playful, even if her words were completely genuine, "You're rather cute yourself you know~?"

Yup, it seemed Alisa really had to thank Snowflake for inviting Esperia; if that weren't good enough by itself, her presence had also drawn in another adorable cutie named Liana. They'd only known each other for about an hour and Alisa already appreciated their presence. And she didn't know what Esperia envied more: Alisa's bosom, or the attention Liana suddenly decided to give her. That was alright though, even though she found them both cute, Alisa still believe these two girls belonged together, and thus did little more than leave her hand on Liana's shoulder, steadying the wobbly girl all drinking more herself.

"You should hold on to her, Esperia~", teased the inebriated sculptress, snickering, then throwing the perverted girl a little wink as she petted Lia's shoulder a bit more firmly, "Our lovely little Liana clearly had too much to drink."

Soon, they'd finally reach the haunted house. Assuming one could even call it a house, as they really couldn't. Whoever organized the party had simply stitched four old, abadoned carriages together, and made a little pathway. And all they had to do to enter was simply push aside the (hopefully) fake cobwebs barring what passed for a door. After surviving the skeleton carnival, Alisa did so without much trouble: And the first jump scare would greet them immediately, almost predictably, in the form of a skeleton dropping from the ceiling in front of them.

Even the normally sharp and attentive Alisa couldn't help but gasp and grip Lia's shoulder a bit tighter, even if she normally betrayed little to no emotion...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:25 am

Unfortunately for Esperia, not much of a reaction was given towards her best friend, more so because the young Sylvaine was just growing more and more tipsy, though also due to the fact the Eisenberg's chest obviously didn't even get close to the same level as Alisa's. Instead, Liana calmly turned her head over to the smaller female, smiling kindly, even while it appeared fake due to her drunken state.

"Thank you..."

She mumbled, eventually doing the same to the older woman as well who had also kept herself closer by taking hold of the late teenager's shoulder. Indeed, she needed some support or she might as well hit her head on the ground seeing that they were heading to something which was clearly going to scare the heck out of each of the women.

Liana would duck her head below or away from any of the fake cobwebs which she hoped Alisa and Esperia would be pushing aside. After all, during their walk to the supposed haunted house, the young Sylvaine moved her only free arm to wrap itself around the one the female Vollan was using to keep a hand on the girl's shoulder. She pulled her even closer. Even if her emotions weren't so active due to her being drunk, Liana was still able to feel a strong sense of fright.

And then it happens...

... "KYAAH!!"

Another yelp is released, this one perhaps louder as the skeleton dropped from the ceiling and stopped right in front of them. Instinctively, she'd release her arm from being around Alisa's own, stepping back and most likely bringing Esperia along with her, coiling both arms around her best friend's torso and tightly holding on to her.

The top of her head is pressed against the Eisenberg's nearest shoulder, eyes closed as she began to shake a little.

"Mnhh... I... I hate this already...!"
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on Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:46 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"I will~" Esperia stated to Alisa's suggestion with a smile.

Now that was unexpected! After brushing aside the cobwebs to allow the trio to pass into the haunted house Esperia watched in amusement as the first jump scare, a skeleton dangled down to them. However, before she had the chance to properly react a girlish scream came from her side, the way the frightened girl clung to her made Esperia's cheeks flush up lightly, but this time not a single perverted though emerged in her mind, no... instead the Eisenberg couldn't help but realize how GOD DAMNED ADORABLE her best friend was being right now. That frightened and fragile side to her was so endearing and precious that she gently lifted a hand to pet Liana's head. "Yosh~ Yosh~ It's just a dummy, here let me show you." Raising a hand Esperia channeled some of her mana through her hand, just enough for a small sphere of light to briefly illuminate the corridor, a choice the trio would soon regret two reasons:

First, Agni had pounced onto the skeleton and came back with a huge bone in his mouth, barking happily. "P-Please tell me that isn't a real skeleton..." But Agni simply barked joyously as he wandered deeper into the carriage.

With the dimly lit corridor the trio would have found the next jump scare to not come right away, instead, a little tap on their shoulder would have happened, and if either of the girls turned around....

a monstrous mask dangled right behind them, seemingly having emerged out of nowhere! Esperia was too busy fangirling over the scared Liana, but what about the other girls? It didn't help that Esperia's magic had cast an eerie glow around the room either...

#56Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:44 am


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She was defenitely cute, and after finding this somewhat concealed lewdness within Liana, Alisa couldn't help but think the two girls made a rather adorable couple, especially once the taller of the two eased up rather visibly in her best friend's grasp. With Esperia on one side and Alisa on the other, Lia would find no real difficulty with standing upright and walking normally, even as they walked inside the haunted house. The sculptress kept a firm grip on Liana's shoulder:

"That's alright...", she hushed, whispering soothingly in an attempt to allay the nervous, frightened girl's nerves, her smile widening endearing when Lia drawing her closer. Close enough to feel the taller woman's hit through the silky, flimsy fabric wapping her body, "I'm right next to you."

Of course, all that changed at the first jump scare. Alisa simply tensed but otherwise took it in stride, unlike the other two girls - Liana in particular - who once again uttered sounds so adorable to make her heart melt. Lumen seemed to feel right at home though, following peacefully beside them, her eerie light shining a faint but warm glow all around them.

"My you're too cute Liana~", once again, Alisa resisted the urge of giving the girl a tight hug... But only barely... Brushing down her hair, she took one step towards the girl and drew herself closer, resting both hands on the girl's shoulders, and unwittingly pushing her hefty bosom to her head. The round softness of those orbs pliably molded to the shape of her head, squishing softly as once more Alisa tried her best to comfort her, drunkenly missing just how close she got, "It's okay, we'll be with you the whole way, alright~?"

This meant she'd effectively be sandwiched between her best friend and the woman who just recruited her onto the guild, with unexpected consequences... But that little tender moment wouldn't last long, as Agni came forth with a bone in his hand, and even Lumen moved up closer to meet him half way and investigate.

"I wouldn't feel surprised if it was, after all...", Alisa started rather casually despite the subject she was discussing, but wouldn't get a chance to finish, turing around to meet a startling sight.

For someone like Alisa who dealt with far more frightening things than this, her reflexes developed a rather visible hint of survival instinct. She somewhat expected something to pop up in front of her, and perhaps had she been sober she might have expected something behind her too. But not now.

"Gah-!!", a loud gasp left her mouth, her knees bending and her arms raising in front of her head, in a rather distinctive martial arts stance. One arm stood further back while the other stretched out a bit forward, and a small magic circle on the hand closest to her hand. Recognizing how uncool she might have looked at that moment, she immediately undid the magic and relaxed her stance, moving one hand over her mouth and clearling her throat, a deeper red blushing her cheeks.

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:36 am

Liana only continued to grumble silently in protest, even with all the attention she was receiving and all the comfort being given to her. Her reaction, something the two others found adorable, obviously attracted them to try and console the poor late teenager. Her best friend would pet her on the head, though the female Vollan would move closer, only to press the girl's head against her indeed enormous bust, which prompted a deeper blush out of Liana's already pink cheeks.


She was caught off-guard by such a move. But, being as inebriated as she was, the girl's instincts took this chance to actually press even further against those two large mounds she's starting to truly grow fond of.

"Mmnhh..." She hummed into them, sniffing once as her eyes had even grown watery. Though, eventually, the hold would be broken as everyone paid attention to Agni holding a huge bone. Thankfully, it was her friend's pet, so it didn't scare her as much. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for what would happen next.

A tap on her shoulder was felt as Liana was still holding the arm of her friend, and a look over her shoulder was just enough to notice the second jumpscare which would have threatened them. "N-No, no, noooo...!!" She shouted out as she forcefully attempted to break out of Esperia's hold, sprinting forwards and in the opposite direction of the monstrous mask which had emerged.

Sadly, that was the worst thing she could do...

"I want to leaaa--!!"

... When an arm pulls her away from within the darkness, apparently into another of one of the old carriages. A door was heard shut close abruptly and loudly, and nothing else could be heard from the late teenager. What was that?
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on Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:49 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The sight of Alisa using her magic to deal with the next jumpscare briefly made Esperia look at the older girl, lips curving up slightly as she mused softly. "Oh mai~ Could it be that Lia isn't the only one who needs a comforting hug?"

However, her amusement and playful mood would soon be forcefully erased as the light tap on Liana's shoulder frightened the girl to such a degree that she released her hold on Esperia and fled into the opposite direction of the masks. "Lia wait!" The girl protested as she darted after her friend, but a sudden pull at her foot made her trip and slide flat onto her stomach. The darkness started to settle in again as the light faded away. "Lia!" The girl cried out into the darkness, seemingly having briefly forgotten about everything else when something or someone had caused her best friend to disappear.

Haunted houses didn't scare Esperia, but haunted memories on the other hand... Sitting upright the girl felt her eyes getting moist as she recalled a familiar sensation, that feeling of regret and sorrow as she had been separated from Liana five years ago, and perhaps amplified by her drunken state the girl started to childishly sob and soon wail. "Don't leave me Li-Li!" Not even an attempt to hide the secret nickname she had frequently thought of when talking to Liana the girl started to cry while Agni bumped his nose lightly against Alisa's leg, as if to nudge her onward.

It seemed their senpai had some comforting to do before they could continue their search for Liana! And if she approached Esperia she would find her looking up at the taller girl with a tearful look. "Ali, the haunted house kidnapped Li-Li! Let's burn it down to the ground! I want Lili back with us..."

#59Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:42 am


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Alisa could no longer go any more than one minute without a vivid reminder of Liana's cuteness, usually taking the form of adorable shrieks from her lips, lovely red on her cheeks or in this case innocent lewdness from her body: "Oh~?", a surprised sound left her lips in turn, quickly followed by a giggle as she pet the girl's head some more, not really concerned with her resting that weary head on the softness of her bosom. Alisa could tease her about it later, just like she shrugged off Esperia's teasing immediately after, "Hmph!", flipping her hair stylishly and leading into a witty reply...

Yet the latter never came..

Lia's reaction had her running off on the opposite direction, her voice growing distant and eventually vanishing altogether into a darkness, with nothing but a yelp to announce her absense. Adrenaline pumped through her blood as the startling moment of a friend's disappearance proved more frightening than any jump scares the haunted house could throw at them, Alisa running after the two with Lumen in tow:

"Lia! Espy!!", Alisa called out the two girls in turn as one disappeared after the other, the former vanishing altogether while the later was simply lost in the darkness. Feeling something nudge her leg, Alisa gazed down to see Esperia's loyal hound pushing her towards the saddened girl, while Lumen did the opposite, leading Alisa, guiding her with its candlelight, clicking her tongue and looking around for any traces of Lia... Only to find none, "Tch, it's one thing after another..."

For now though, Agni and Lumen had a point, she needed to reassure Esperia before carrying on with the search. Once more, a louder clack of her heels reverberated through the haunted carriages, endowing Alisa's skin with that smooth, crystalline sheen to heighten her sense of touch.

Used 400 Mana:

Name: Geomancy
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Crystal Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A (Crystal)
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: By tapping her heel, Alisa covers the topmost layer of her skin and clothes to a crystallized version, which lets her use its hypersensitivity to vibration as basic a sixth sense. To the user, it feels like a hybrid between hearing and touch. Faster moving opponents emit more vibrations, making them easier to sense, while opponents further away mean those vibrations get dimmer and harder to detect. This seismic sense naturally filters down excessively powerful vibrations (such as earthquakes), preventing Alisa from being "blinded" by the sensory overload.

This was the same spell she used when she and Lia needed to find the now crouching girl, noting how the situations had reversed. Seemed an unplesant tendency to disappear was another thing these two 'sisters' had in common:

"It's okay... I'm already on it. I promise you, we'll find her soon, okay?", crouching, kneeling on one knee, Alisa pulled the Esperia into a tight, reassuing embrace. This wound undoubtedly muffle her first words into the supple valley of her cleavage, shifting their plush roundness to accomodate the sobbing girl's head, the fabric of her dress drying away her tears easily enough, and even the artist's lavander fragrance to help soothe her somewhat.

With her crystallized form, Alisa's sensitivity to vibration could effortlessly feel the pace of Esperia's racing hearbeat, and she wouldn't let go of her at all until it slowed down somewhat...

Considering the gravity of the situation Alisa didn't really object to doing this, as she seriously doubted Esperia would use the opportunity to try anything perverted after all. She'd eventually loosen the almost smothering grasp, meeting those hopeless, wide colored eyes with a confident, reassuring gaze of her own, and a soft smile to set her at ease. Yet that softness soon faded into a stern look, one hand raising up and bopping Esperia upside the head, not enough to really hurt her, but enough to knock her back to her senses:

"Baka, Lia is still inside somewhere, do you want to kill her?", scolded Alisa before standing back up. She'd offer Esperia a hand to let her stand back up too, "Take a deep breath, stay calm, keep a clear head. That's how we can find her faster. Come on, she's this way..."

Her very footsteps reverberated through the haunted house easily enough, and if Esperia stayed close to Alisa even the jump scares would grow less effective as she'd see them coming in advance. But the spreading vibrations also allowed her to pinpoint Liana's presence, and that's where Alisa would lead Esperia.

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:44 am

Luckily for all of them, it wasn't the case of a stalker or a real person having supposedly kidnapped the young Sylvaine. Instead, it was something the hosts of the party had somehow programmed to happen whenever someone decided to take a visit to the haunted house. Though, as Alisa and Esperia got closer, they would realize it didn't only happen once.

Whoever was further ahead would be caught by another arm or at least confronted by one in case they were fast enough to react to such. Taking a closer clook, it appeared to obviously be just something coming out of a hole present on the door to the other carriage whilst the same opened for whoever got caught to be pulled inside. But why didn't Liana respond to the calling out of her best friend? Very strange, wasn't it?

Alisa would indeed be successful in pinpointing her presence and what would be sensed by the older woman herself would be something quite odd. Instead of staying in one spot, Liana's presence was moving. Further and further away from the two, through a path created with all of the old carriages, each of them stuck to each other like legos.

Was this Liana moving by herself or someone leading her?
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on Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:51 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The girl was about to protest, but when Alisa scolded her the girl simply nodded her head meekly in response, a sleeved arm wiping away her tears as she stood up again. Fortunately for Esperia Alisa had seemingly some reason to believe that Liana was still within the haunted house, somewhere within the area and that meant she simply had to go and save the girl! A nod of agreement came after the bop on her head, and grasping a hold of Alisa’s hand the girl followed her senior deeper into the building.

Where could Liana be, and what could have possibly kidnapped her, or even more made her trail further away from the duo? It was worrisome, and perhaps it was for that reason Esperia was acting with a certain sense of urgency, rushing along with Alisa while trying her best to remain calm, something that was quite difficult with how her best friend was in danger. Nonetheless, the two of them were clearly getting closer to Liana, and with Alisa by her side, it was just a matter of time before a reunion would be created! To think they had been separated and reunited three times in such a short period, it was almost ironic really...

#62Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:22 am


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That little knock upside the head was just about all Esperia needed to be brought back to her senses, and before long the four of them had embarked on yet another expedition, to rescue their missing companion. Just like before, Lumen led the way with her candlelight, and Agni would undoubtedly assist them with its keen nose, "She's getting further and further away from us...", Alisa noted, eyes narrowing and pace quickening as she moved through the haunted house ever quicker, all but ignoring the jump scares the moment she could feel them coming way in advance

Yet they wouldn't have had to walk any further than ten or so meters before they triggered a similar trap to the one Liana assembled. Out of nowhere, a skeletal arm sprung forth from the wall on Alisa's left side. If not for her Seismic sense, she might have been caught off guard, but with it, even the trap's lifeless nature didn't take away her reaction time.

Eyes narrowing as a faint gasp left her lips, the sculptress turned to face her trap, her body loose and her palms half opened, both alingned with her center and somewhat leveled with her neck. Turning around this way effectively offered her forwardmost wrist for the skeleton to grasp, yet as it made contact, Alisa's other hand would grab the skeletal arm's own wrist. This allowed her to use that grasp as leverage and pull her trapped left arm free, rolling her wrist and shooting it forward on sheer reflex:

"HAAA!!!", a Kiai loud enough to stun anyone near her, and possibly alert Liana to her presence if she were close enough, just as she counter struck with a forward vertial punch aimed ata potential culptrit's head.

Yet since her opponent was nothing but a rigged trap and lifeless arm, she found no head whatsoever, and instead punched through the plywood making u the carriage... It did disable the trap before it could separate her from Esperia, in turn leaving Alisa to feel around the wall, looking for the rotation that device that would have inevitably pulled Liana outside:

"Quick, look around this wall...", urged the sculptress, sparing a simple glance at Esperia as she nodded towards the same wall she was investigating, "There must be a revolving mechanism around here, a hidden door of some kind."

Mana used: 600 (-10%) = 540

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:50 am

For someone like Alisa, an experienced mage in her own right, fighting and disabling traps was cheese cake. The skeletal arm would be punched through by the oldest-looking female of the group as the four of them made their way further inside what was supposed to be a haunted house made of carriages.

Not far from the first trap, whoever discovered it first would find out there was indeed a mechanism of sorts right on the ground, under their feet. It was hardly visible and whoever stepped on that specific tile would be met with the wide opening of the same, a dark hole formed beneath them and most likely forcing one of them to fall, if not all of them, in case they were only a few inches away from each other.

All the while, the young Sylvaine's presence, sensed by Alisa, would only continue to be felt further and further into the distance. But, after falling to that arm trap, Liana most likely fell to the same trap which now threatened the other four. It was most likely the late teenager was underground.

If they all indeed fell down the hole, they would find out it wasn't really that far down, at least not enough for them to break any limbs. Instead, it was mostly dark, except for a few already weakened candles, all of them leading through a path which went straight forward and almost appeared like it was endless if they decided to walk across it.

Would they go back up or continue exploring?
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on Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:17 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It appeared Agni was quite eager to provide the support the group needed in tracking down Liana, sniffing the air as he started to lead the group along the path that led onto Liana’s trail. She didn’t seem to be too far, but the darkness and the traps made it quite a daunting challenge to find the girl. Of course, there was a certain reassurance for the young Eisenberg that she had someone experienced like Alisa accompanying her on the search for her missing childhood friend, so her tears had dried just as fast as her worries did, and in their place came resolve and determination to overcome this challenge that had ‘Lia-napped’ her childhood friend.

When Alisa had manhandled one of the obstacles and told her to seek out for a clue near one of the walls Esperia was quick to move, hands trailing along the wall while Agni continued sniffing the air, a sudden bark coming from the canine, as if he was trying to warn them about something, but the moment after he barked and started to rub his paws onto the ground he accidentally hit the tile that contained the trap mechanism, opening the large hole beneath the group! A long howl came from the poor Growlithe as he was pulled into the depths of the haunted house, likely alongside his master and her companion.


#65Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:10 pm


WORDS: 400 | TAG: @Liana, Esperia | CLOTHES

Between Alisa and Esperia, both feeling around in the darkness and trying to find their way across the disabled trap. Normally, the sculptress might have held back against damaging the venue... But after getting though the spookiest Halloween festival - the skeleton carnival - without any of the games having to abduct participants, she found the disappearance itself rather tasteless, and no longer cared who would have to come after her and rebuild before the next visitors. Hopefully, they'd abandon any and all notions of engineering their haunted house to abduct them too...

"Oh, did you find something...?", Alisa asked Esperia, carefully hiding how Liana seemed to be getting further and further away from their reach.

The contraption she did find seemed to be leading downwards, and when she heard that click, she assumed Esperia had found something... Only it wasn't Esperia, but her canine partner, his paws prodding at the ground and finally pushing down at the second layer of traps, a pressure plate hidden under a wooden plank. As he did, Alisa's eyes would widen as she felt her footing stipped out from under her:

"Tch... Hold on, Esperia!!", gritting her teeth, a split second, last minute reaction was Alisa could manage as she held on to the edge of the pitfall, grabbing on to the smaller girl's wrist. The musculature in her arms bulging, revealing her strength as one arm held on to what remained of her footing, and the other to Esperia. But the moment she tried pulling up, she found her precarious grip slipping away.

The tiny girl wasn't particularly heavy, but she couldn't really pull up with a grip like this. Only seeing that little flicker of light fall dawn made Alisa's focused gaze widen once more. Lumen was falling, and she couldn't grab on to her. Thankfully, she saw Lumen stopped falling quickly enough, and promptly sighed relievedly. It wasn't that big a drop... Guess these people weren't as irresponsible as they looked:

"Well, we should probably find a way out from down here.", she'd say, dropping Esperia, and then dropping down after her, wiping the dust off her dress soon after. With her sensory spell still active, Alisa combined it with Agni's nose to help find their way to the missing cutie.

Mana used: 800 (-10%) = 720

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.


on Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:58 pm

To everyone who could sense their target's presence, in this case it being Alisa and the two pets, the young Sylvaine only continued to move further and further away... Until she stopped. The late teenager didn't feel far either, a couple of steps through the path created by the weakened candles enough to find Liana. Strangely enough, if the female Vollan could also sense any others near the dark-haired girl, she would be unable to do so, as if she had purposely decided to move away from her two friends.

It was Halloween season, after all.

Finding their way through the underground place wasn't hard. After all, Liana appeared to do it herself without any kind of issues, seeing as there were no screams or anything of the sort heard. Unfortunately, she was already too far ahead for them to catch the sound of steps either. Everything grew more and more mysterious, to the point where it could even be identified as plain suspicious, as if something wasn't right.

But, the moment they reach half of the entire straightforward path, one look to the right would be enough to take sight of an open entrance of sorts, the walls around it all made of rock. And with Alisa's sensing, that was the spot where the young Sylvaine supposedly stopped at.

And it was, indeed.

Before the older woman could successfully spot and find her, a 'wild' Liana abruptly decides to come out from the corner of the entrance, already inside, leaping forth in the linear direction of Alisa and ultimately (as well as purposely) attempt to wrap her arms around the female's torso and shove the front of her face straight against the Vollan's chest.


A prank, it appeared to be.
It was Halloween season, after all.

In case the young Sylvaine was able to do all of that, she would proceed to press tighter, only to start nuzzling her entire face to both sides into the cleavage she appears to be growing more and more fond of. "Mmmffhh!" A tipsy Liana is easily capable of such, especially when she isn't the only one, which makes things even more interesting.
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on Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:07 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It should have been obvious that something odd was going on, in the end, there were too many factors that pointed toward this being a prank, but perhaps it was a mixture of concern and her somewhat tipsy state that made the Eisenberg feel rather worried about the safety of her friend, a concern that grew the more they searched for Liana.

Perhaps it was for that reason, that when the sudden playful exclamation the duo heard as Liana emerged from amidst the shadows, that it was reassuring to see Liana reappear, a reassurance that quickly turned to a pout of annoyance as Liana clearly went in a beeline for Alisa's cleavage!

She couldn't blame her, the power of those pillows was a force to be recognized with, but that didn't mean she didn't feel jealous! If only she had such pillows also, that might had made her teasing a lot more effective...

"Guess we found her, or rather she found your pillows." Esperia mumbled under her breath, her gaze adjusting to the darkness till Alisa's partner started to illuminate the area. Agni was at least glad this search was over with, barking a few times in excitement while Esperia let out a little yawn.

"I think I'm going to go back to my room... please take Lia home safely once she is done exploring your pillow fortress~"

It didn't take much effort to notice the slight hint of envy in the girl's tone, but nonetheless, she tried to smile it off while patting Agni's head lightly, trying to figure out a way back out of the haunted house they had entered!

#68Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:09 pm


WORDS: 500 | TAG: @Liana, Esperia | CLOTHES

Alisa picked up the pace the more she felt Liana moving away from her, and soon enough she'd reach a point when the new Pegasus recruit no longer appeared to be moving. But as she had now turned static, the sculptress' own sensory abilities, lost a good deal of their detail, now forced to rely on other vibrations bouncing off her form to get any idea of it's presence. She could tell somebody was in there, and knew there was a decent possibility of that person being Liana... As she didn't know, she stepped forwards predictably on edge, readily turning that way the moment she passed the corner.

And surely enough, she spotted Liana with both eyes and seismic sense: With her sensory spell, Alisa saw the girl coming at her. She even called her tackling charge correctly... What she didn't call was which place she aimed it for. Unlike what may have happened had she done this at any other time, Alisa responded with a simple, surprised gasp:

"Ah, Lia- Oh~...?", yet offered no resistance. In her mind, she still saw Liana is innocent, if perhaps not as pure as she'd initially guessed. She was obviously quite clueless, but at this particular moment, it looked like she had a pretty good idea of what she was doing. The sculptress returned the arms around the girl's shoulder, all but giggling at her tickling nuzzled into her cleavage. Yet the longer Liana did it, the more Alisa's relieved smile faded into that cool, impish smirk as she pet the girl's smooth hair; wriggling her torso slightly, "Arara... Are you perhaps taking advantage of the situation sweetie?"

If her smooth, melodic voice hadn't done the trick, Alisa would guide the girl's head up, gently drawing her steely gaze into her own. That same teasing, yet accusing look filled with mischief - the same look Esperia so often recieved - now locked itself firmly on the short haired new recruit. The same look she gave to perverts she found endearing, libidinous cuties who gave her bosom far too much attention. Especially after knocking down a few couple of drinks: 'I know what you want to do to them, what I'd do to you with them.'

"Do excuse her, Esperia~ It appears your friend gets just as perverted as you after a couple of drinks...", she'd reach out and pet Esperia, doing what she could to soothe away that jealous look.

Unlike what she may believe, Alisa yet thought these two belonged together, and whoever other lovers they might have wouldn't hold on to them for long... Just long enough for Liana and Esperia to surely wander into each other's arms in time. Alas, that was a story for a different day. Presently, they found themselves inside a spooky dark dungeron with nothing but Lumen's light to guide their way. Before anybody could return to their room, they had to get out of here...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Mon Dec 25, 2017 6:19 am

The young Sylvaine was most likely taking advantage of the whole situation, indeed, though she didn't respond to such a question. It could have also been the state she was in influencing her to perform those kind of actions. She simply didn't stop until the female Vollan would eventually guide her head up, that clearly drunk expression glued on Alisa's own as she offered such a smile. Even that whisper caused a bit of shivering from the late teenager.

Either way, the girl's arms would now stay wrapped around the older woman's waist, attempting to rest her cheek against the side of one of her breasts. Right now, she appeared glued to them, so hopefully Alisa didn't mind much leading the way while Liana would be clinging to her like that.

The path back to the surface wouldn't be hard to cross. They just had to work together. The only way appeared to be the hole now on top of them. It wasn't too far and if they could help each other climb it, then that would do it. If not, the female Vollan could always use her magic to create a structure of sorts like stairs made of crystal.


Liana purred happily as she was eventually led away.
210 words | @alisa/esperia | clothing


on Mon Dec 25, 2017 2:48 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg


It was fortunate that the way out was rather close-by, because the more she watched Liana's attention being entirely devoted to Alisa's bust, the more peeved the young Eisenberg was becoming, to the point that the initial attempt to pacify her jealousy by the light pet on her head that Alisa gave her, quickly got submerged by her annoyance as she felt like she had become a third weel on the bike so to speak.

A snap of her fingertips followed as the Eisenberg conjured several small platforms made of solid light, the Growlithe clearly noticing them and playfully bouncing from one side to the other as he reached the top of the hole. However, the obsidian haired trickster her motions were more rushed and less playful, clearly wanting to just get away from this place as quickly as possible.

At least she kept the light platforms solid for a while longer so that both Alisa and Liana could use them if desired, but after shooting the two a final pained and annoyed glance she left the top of the hole.

Right now she had enough of this night, and if not stopped she would quickly be seen leaving the haunted house behind, clearly all too eager to end this trip.

[Attempted Exit unless stopped]

#71Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:14 am


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Yes, Alisa hadn't seen the secret rendezvous between both these girls, and yes she was quite tipsy right now, if maybe not as much as Liana (she may have drunk more, but she could handle a lot more as well)... But it didn't take a genius to realize what Esperia might have said, or what she may be feeling as she scowled at the two of them.

"Mmm, get home safely, Esperia.", Alisa urged her, an aplogetic hint taking over her expression

Seeing this, had made Alisa's smile fade, even as she glanced down at Liana. That drunken flush on her cheeks made it all too clear, her closeted, repressed perverted side poking its head out as she proved unable to peel away from the sculptress' bosom. A clear reminder how this girl wouldn't be doing any of these things had she not knocked down all those drinks, partially at Alisa's own urging. As it stood, she had been responsible for Liana's state, and now it was up to her to get her back home.

"Come on, Liana... Let's get you home. You clearly need to sleep it off.", urged Alisa, petting the girl's dark hair, "What hotel are you staying at?"

She allowed her to rest her head on here bosom as she climbed up Esperia's leftover stairs, yet no matter how cute or how forward as she may be, whatever Alisa did now would be no more than taking advantage of her...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:55 pm

Unfortunately, the young Sylvaine was too much under the effects of alcohol to actually give a proper reaction towards Esperia's clear jealous behavior. Plus, those eyes of hers were shut as she was led forth and the late teenager was equally infatuated with Alisa's chest. Eventually, the group was now down to two, the same two who had initially met at the start of the Halloween party. Or at least when both were present in it. It hadn't been too long, if one could check back.

Liana didn't purr as much anymore, yet she lifted her head up in the pleasure of receiving affection everytime the older of the two petted her hair or did something similar. Those same arms were still wrapped around the Vollan's waist, her cheek resting against the same side of the same breast and a cheeky smirk plastered across her facial features whilst she blushed.

She just couldn't leave it alone.

"I'm staying with Esperia... But..." An idea then crossed her mind, as her eyes opened and her gaze shifted to glue instead up at the other woman's crimson orbs.

"... Can I stay in your room, Alisa?"

Perhaps a sudden question, rather obviously coming from the young Sylvaine's tipsiness. Then again, alcohol is never an excuse to doing or saying certain things.
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#73Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:12 pm


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They made their way out of the party easily enough, at which point Alisa noticed most guests had also dispersed, for it was indeed getting late. She didn't really know where to lead Liara though, now that Esperia had left, and by the looks of it she was in no hurry to tell her, merely nuzzling her head into her bust in that ticklish, perverted manner.

A pervert this adorable defenitely warranted some punishment, and it really wasn't like Alisa to say no when a cute girl asked to stay in her room. Yet this time, she had mixed feelings about it...

"Hmmm, is that a request to make of someone you just met, I wonder~?", Alisa teased, brushing a lock away from the girl's face as she looked up at her. She was far from opposed to the idea, after trusting the girl enough to let her into the guild. Which isn't to say she'd let her go without teasing her, "Very well, as a special favor, I'll take care of you until you sober up."

After all, the girl had suddenly turned forward after chugging all those drinks, at her behest, to the point only the utterly clueless could miss the obviously lustful intent behind this request. In the end, Alisa doubted even Liana herself actually actually understood for herself what she was asking. Sex meant little to Alisa, and far less so when she was drunk. Simply finding someone attractive was reason enough for her, yet she also understood not many people shared these views, especially not an inexperienced girl...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:43 am

Liana's smile only grew in size upon the success of her request. At least that's what she understood from the older woman's answer. Perhaps she meant staying with her in the party until she got sober, but would she really get sober that soon? The girl most likely had to get some sleep first, after all, it was getting late too, and even if the young Sylvaine already appeared tired from being tipsy, it was not only because of the latter, but also due to lack of sleep at this point.

"Thank you, Alisa!"

She voiced her gratitude with a cheerful shout, arms now wrapping even tighter around Alisa's waist, her cheek brushing even further against the side of the adult's single breast. The girl didn't appear to plan on moving away from her at this point, to stop clinging to her. It appears the female Vollan will have to deal with her until they get to the room or wherever Alisa decided to pass her nights in Baska.

"Sooo... Are we going now or whaaaat?" Liana asked, visibly growing impatient. Apparently, the thought of sleeping with Alisa sounded exciting to the late teenager. It doesn't mean she's having sex thoughts or anything similar, mainly the imagination of clinging to the older woman on the bed and sleeping with such warmth amused her.
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#75Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Dec 27, 2017 7:40 pm


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Liana, adorably giddy as she looked right now, looked positively impossible to sadden right now, not that Alisa would try to do so in any way. Quite the contrary, this girl might soon become the first person the sculptress had ever taken as a student, nobody less cute than her would have a ghost of a chance of achieving the same feat. With an amused giggle, she simply lead the girl throught the deserted streets, petting her as she uttered those cheerful words of thanks.

"Oh sweetie...", she teased once more, petting the girl as her idle finger raised and pointed to the stylish building by their side, a rather luxurious hotel for a woman who obviously wasn't shy about spending her money and living lavishly, "We're already here~"

She'd giggle at this part, noting how even for her the chilly journey home had taken all too little, the time pretty much flew by after one knocked down such a fair amount of drinks. And if Alisa herself noticed this, Liana undoubtedly noticed it far more readily. They'd climb up a fair amount of stories, and from there only a few more steps before Alisa finally guided the drunken girl into her room. And the first thing she did was not step into the bedroom, but approach the sink and fill up a glass of water, motioning Liana's head away from her bust and towards the water offered:

"Now, open wide~", urged the sculptress, knowing the girl should probably stay awake a bit longer and drink water lest she wake up with a massive hangover come next morning...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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