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Scary Nights [Liana]

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#26Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:29 am


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Alisa too was finally starting to feel all of that punch, her head growing somewhat woozy. She paid close attention to the young girl's words, noting how she was obviously not the jealous type. Whoever did eventually earn her romantic attention - and got her to be open about it - might likely find themselves a loyal, loving partner. Of course, the tall woman still believed what her instincts kept clamoring, but wondered if perhaps Esperia as she was right now might not really get her feelings across. Which in turn placed the ball on her side of the field:

"You're a good girl Liana.", she praised, looking up almost longingly at the starlit sky, just as dark, goomy cloud, wandered in the way f the moon, "And you should defenitely hold on to her. I have a feeling she might need your help very soon."

Of course, when Alisa said this, she didn't really mean the girl's disappearance - which she didn't even a deem a problem as they could easily find her again - but nor could she have guessed what would happen soon. Sure, she knew Esperia liked her friend, and was pretty sure about Liana liking her back and just not really knowing about it. But after hearing the latter speak, she figured they'd do better to simply spend time with each other, catch up, compensate for lost time... When she urged Liana to be the one finding her, she had no idea what the smaller girl would do with that privacy.

But now she knew where the girl was, and Lumen was keeping an eye on her. She wasn't too far from the party itself, meaning she could easily go off to go get more punch, her step calm but sufficiently hurried, enough that she could get another cup of that sweet nectar before going off to meet the two girls, hopefully before they wandered out of the train car...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:13 pm

The moment she did take notice of her friend crying, Liana completely ignored anything and everything around her, keeping her lowered stance and finally making her way in front of the Eisenberg. Even while she spoke, even while she shared all of those words to the young Sylvaine, the latter still spread apart her arms and ultimately wrapped them around a seated and sobbing Esperia.

With one of her hands, she uses it to press against the back of the head of the other female, pushing it gently onto one of her shoulders, all the while soothingly caressing her long hair. The free one would do the same, though on her back. She would have done the usual and push her friend's head instead against her bust, though, this was more serious. Liana was taking this kind of situation more seriously, seeing as her precious companion was lost in doubt and suffering.

The late teenager allowed Esperia to say everything she wanted to say first. And then, once she was finished, her lips are guided over to her nearest ear. At that moment, whispers ensue, more so mumbles, soft ones, in an almost desperate attempt to console the other.

"I love you too, Esperia... But does love need to be romantically committing to one another? I still don't understand that kind of love so well, and I don't think you do either. We are still young, there's a long road for us."

She explains at first, allowing a faint sigh to escape her parted lips before she closed her eyes and added.

"What I'm trying to say is... Do we need to be together in that manner to be happy? To help each other? To count on each other? To do everything and anything the world allows us to do?" The young Sylvaine questions, seconds afterwards a light smile of sorts coming up across her features as she leans her head to the side and attempts to plant a soft smooch against the other female's cheek.

"You are my best friend. As I was telling Alisa, I would even give my life away for your safety. I know I may have been a bit harsh before, but... Don't take my fits from you doing all those pervert things seriously. I would never allow our friendship to weaken even a little bit just because of something that's part of you. And if you want me to admit, I don't mind. At all. We are both girls. If anything, I guess you are just trying to compliment me, while at the same time it lets me know more about you. It is also adorable."

The last words would be said with a bit more of a playful tone. And in case she was able to console her friend, even if just somewhat, Liana would lean away, keeping her arms now around Esperia's shoulders and using one of her hands to gently push up her chin, in an attempt to gaze her eyes.

"Don't think about it, alright? Let's not let this ruin what we have, let's not let this ruin our promised reunion, our promised adventures." She states, using that previous hand to wipe away any remaining tears or any still forcing themselves out. With the same kind smile visible across her features, she leans in and plants another kiss, now this time right on the center of the Eisenberg's forehead.

"Cheer up now and let's enjoy the rest of the night. Okay?"
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on Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:54 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The words she desired to hear, and the words she would never hear because they would be for someone else someday were out of reach, and despite Liana’s best efforts to respond gently the painful feelings that boiled up within her chest were too much, simply too intense for someone like her to endure. The warm words whispered to her ear, the tender embrace… while they were meant to heal her heartache they only drove the pain deeper, the awareness that she never had a chance, and it was at that time she finally could comprehend the emotion behind it: jealousy.

She didn’t want someone else to become the most precious person in Liana’s life, and in a selfish way she wanted to keep that warmest of affection to herself. But it was to no avail. At this point it was even growing so painful that somewhere in the depths of her heart she wishes she had never felt those emotions, that she would have never… had their reunion? The thought horrified her, to think her heart wished they had never met or that her heart had never developed such feelings. Even the gentle kiss on her cheek and forehead and the request to cheer up, to let things return the way they were hurt so much.

How much she longed to just smile, to bottle up those emotions and act like everything was okay, but at this point that was impossible. Her emotions had gone out of control, and now she was dealing with the ugly consequences of it all. “This is unfair...” the girl whispered feebly, her eyes finally adjusting entirely to the darkness while she shook her head lightly.

But then it felt like something changed. A sudden motion followed as Liana tried to plant a kiss on Esperia’, forehead, but instead the girl had swiftly and nimbly raised her body to try to counter the motion by pressing her lips lightly against Liana’s own. It was one that lacked passion, but it would have conveyed her emotions clearly as she finally leaned backwards and explained her actions.

“You’re right… we don’t need such feelings in our current bond, even if I do desire them. But you’re correct, perhaps I don’t truly know yet what such type of love means, what means there is only one choice for me.”

She slowly rose onto her feet, a hand wiping her tears away while Agni’s eyes widened slightly. It was odd, but the feeling he got from Esperia had changed, as if she had become an entirely different person from who she was moments ago.

“I’ll figure out what it means on our journey, and then I’ll work really really hard to become such a splendid person that even you will feel your heart skipping a beat!”

That confident grin upon her lips seemed to be a trademark expression of Esperia and after raising a fingertip to her lips she hummed softly. “Consider me claiming your first kiss as the price for the tears you made me shed tonight.”

A little teasing wink followed as she stretched her arms lightly and hummed softly. “Let us go back to Alisa, shall we?”

Yet little did either of them know what a difficult and curious road her decision would lead to.

#29Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:03 am


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Lumen all but cheered when the two dark haired girls made peace. Then again, cheering for a tiny little candle creature wouldn't even draw that much attention, a simple humming whisper leaving its overjoyed mouth. However, since they currently relied on the little Litwick to light the way, they'd notice how it's light suddenly got a good bit brighter, warmer even.

Meanwhile, Alisa would have little in the way of knowing what transpired inside, how even the previously gloomy Esperia would now feel a lot warmer as well, radiant even. At first glance anyway... In the end, she had nothing to understand while unable to see it, let alone peer beyond appearances and try to gaze at the truth. Absent a clear knowledge of why Esperia secluded herself in the first place, all she could do was hazard guesses here and there, pondering curiously as she refilled her glass of punch, then pulled out two more. One of the girls would clearly need it, and the other - despite having drunk enough already - might need another under these special circumstances.

"Now, I wonder if they got out already...?", she thought out loud, tilting her head slightly, not really rubbing her cheek as her hands were preoccupied with holding not one or two but three glasses. Well, if she got there and they still hadn't gotten out, she might just leave their drinks there and head off to look around elsewhere, wondering if she might not be intruding in a blossoming couple's privacy...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:06 pm

A first kiss.

People make them such emotional moments, even though they are so easy to happen. Even one can steal a kiss just by having the guts to do it. One may either get one at the desired time or get one against their will, out of surprise. The latter may normally result in the pure anger of the person having their lips taken, but in Liana's case, that didn't happen.

The young Sylvaine's eyes only widen and she has no choice, but to accept the fact her best friend's sensory organ had pressed up against her own without her even wanting or thinking about it.

Her arms remove themselves from around the Eisenberg's shoulders, the late teenager pulling out once the surprising kiss was broken. At first, she appeared speechless, only listening to the words of Esperia and allowing the other female to explain her actions. The moment she was done with that, Liana stared down. One would immediately expect the girl to snap out, though, instead...

... Light giggles were produced. And they almost sounded happy. Because she found it amusing.

Once her head lifts back up, there's a bright smile visible across her features. She didn't even seem to care much about the kiss, more so about the fact Esperia could finally be happy. Could finally go back to her usual joyous and perverted state.


It's the only word she chimes before stepping forward and taking one of her friend's hands in her own, gripping it tightly and playfully pulling her along as they eventually made their way back to where Alisa was, leaving the wagon and everything, allowing Lumen to illuminate the way for them.

Upon reaching the desired destination, Esperia's hand is still held by Liana's own, those dark grayish orbs of hers glimmering with obvious happiness, fixating on the busty woman.

"We're back! What's our next destination?"
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on Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:01 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The taking of her hand led to a little smile to emerge upon the Eisenberg's lips, her fingers gently wrapping around the palm of Liana's hands as she walked at her side. For now, this was enough... To be able to walk at her side and continue as things had been before. She was sure she still had time, time to grow into an admirable person who could even make Liana's heart skip a beat and get her flustered in a way that was different from the sort she caused till now. Surely she wouldn't be swooped away by someone else so soon, right?

Agni barked excitedly as the duo left the wagon and reunited with Alisa, her gaze drifting upwards to the woman's face. Perhaps if she had an opportunity she could ask Alisa about it sometime? Get some advice from her and such?

"I'm sorry to have worried you~" a soft apologetic response was made to Alisa while her gaze drifted over Alisa's body, noticing something that was a bit familiar to her.

"Umm Alisa..." She paused for a moment, trying to think of the best way to word her next choice of words. It was after a bit she continued, tilting her head slightly to the side in confusion. "Are you part of a guild?"

Her thoughts going back to a recent meeting with a certain lady, it seemed Esperia was getting a grasp of what Snowflake meant back then...

#32Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:08 pm


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Alisa turned her heard around, wondering if the girls wouldn't by any chance have left already and find themselves looking for her in turn. True, she could simply reactivate her sensory spell again, but nevermind the stenuous drain doing such placed on her mana reserves, on some leve she'd rather not grow dependent on a sixth sense she might not always have avaliable, which in turn might just as easily dull the sense she did have and didn't cost her any extra for using... Thus, she kept her eyes and ears sharp, and eventually smiled when she saw and she wouldn't have to wait long anyway.

"Oh, here's our missing person. I trust you didn't struggle finding her?", she asked the moment Lumen made it outside first, owing to his role as their guiding light, and Alisa strutted off to meet her partner, and her two new friends halfway.

She felt tired of carrying both those extra drinks, so she'd soon give Liana and Esperia their glasses, then finally take a good long sip of hers. A flavor as fruity as she remembered it from last time, but she still noticed something different about it. The strong reinforced wine was still there, as was that lingering aftertaste of energy drinks, yet this time she also noticed a strong hint of blackberries. Hmm, it appeared they had refilled the punch and somewhat changed it in the process, a surprise that visibly delighted Alisa judging from the approving hum coming from her lips:

"Hmm, anywhere you want really~ I bet we still have a lot left to see in this party.", she commented, brushing her hair gentle and gracefully, then waving her hand dismissively at Esperia's words, not really worried about having to wander around the party on her own, "That's quite alright, I'm just glad everything's alright with you."

And after another good sip of punch, her cheeks were finally taking on a crimson hue not from embarassment, but the several glasses of punch she was drinking. Yet she still had full control over her faculties, feeling just a bit more than slightly tipsy. Enough to giggle at Esperia's question:

"Liana didn't tell you, huh? We were just talking about that~", she grabbed the right side of her tight, silky dress, and tugged on it gently, just enough for the peeking insignia of Blue Pegasus to turn almost completely visible through the sheer fabric baring a good bit of her midriff, "I take it you recognize this symbol~?"

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"Shall we dance?"
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on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:16 pm

The young Sylvaine continued taking the same gentle hold of her friend's hand, using her free and idle one to accept the cup of punch offered by Alisa and would proceed to down the first light sip not too long afterwards. This whole situation had actually relieved her tipsy state a little, making it more of a sober one. Though, she knew that in time, she would return and walk through the same drunken path.

Not like she minded a lot anyway.

"No struggle at all." Liana responds to the older woman's question once reunited with her. For now, the late teenager observed and listened to the conversation happening between Esperia and Alisa, having no reason to intrude in it. Though, she did look down over at the Vollan's midriff, smiling delightfully at the sight of such a design.

"So that's the symbol of your guild, miss Alisa? It's beautiful."

She praises, holding Esperia's hand tighter and returning to gaze over to her, expecting her to respond back to their new friend, meanwhile taking another brief sip. Liana didn't appear as curious about guilds, though that wasn't much of a surprise, seeing since these last five years, the late teenager had been alone, exploring all by herself.

Now that she has reunited with her best friend, it's a completely different story.
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on Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:19 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

So her assumption had been correct, Alisa had indeed been a member of the Blue Pegasus! She thought she had recognized the symbol, so when she heard Alisa ask if she recognized it the girl nodded her head lightly. "Mhmm I do~"

She couldn't help but think back on one of her first encounters within Baska, the meeting with Snowflake and the words that were spoken that day. Blue Pegasus was a home for Snowflake, and its members were all a family to one another... what in the girl's own words meant it would include her."

A hand trailed to the edge of her dress, lifting it slightly upwards due to the awareness the three of them were the only ones around as she showed the matching symbol on the upper part of her left leg, explaining in a softer tone. "I met your Guild Master when I first arrived in Baska."

She smiled briefly while she raised the glass to her lips, sipping it lightly while lowering her dress back to its normal state while she continued. "She told me a lot about Blue Pegasus and what it meant to her... and I accepted her invitation to become a part of her 'family'."

She returned her hand to Liana's side, trying to squeeze her hand once more as she continued her explanation with the same soft tone from before. "While thanks to Liana I am no longer alone, it doesn't change the fact there is only so much the two of us can do by ourselves, and if I want to reach my ambitions I need to become stronger, experienced and knowledged about this world."

#35Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:47 am


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"It is, isn't it~?", Alisa nodded in agreement, handing Liana her punch, throwing her a cumplicit wink, as if saying she'd ' selectively forgotten' how the nature loving youth previously said she wouldn't have another one. That was alright though, after their little scare with Esperia, she could defenitely use it.

The same Esperia who now caught her attention easily enough, so much Alisa crossed her arms, pushing up the full roundness of her bust as she kept her eyes locked on the girl's:

"Oho~? So Snow recruited you...", observed Alisa, leading her glass to her glossy lips and taking a sip, "Good to see our new Guild Master settling right into her job."

This also confirmed what she suspected, that Snow had indeed come to Baska, and in this case Chelvaric was likely with her also, and they'd probably aim to complete A-rank mission. That said, she watched and listened with visible interest in the girl with odd colored eyes, always curious about hearing how other people viewed the ideals of Blue Pegasus, nodding at every turn, and finally sharing her own views:

"Once you strive for perfection, work towards it every day despite knowing you can never reach it, then you're already a member of Blue Pegasus - in spirit if nothing else.", she spoke these words often enough, typically when someone asked her about her guild's ideals. She flipped her hair elegantly, resting that hand on her hip, "Such is the real meaning of beauty, well, in my eyes at least. Though many of our guildmates feel the same way. We look out for each other, bring each other back whenever we stray from our chosen paths... And most of all, we constantly nurture each other's skills."

Clearly, if a lone, aloof woman like Alisa could speak so highly of a gathering of people, it must be quite the special place... But then she turned around and started walking, exploring their surroundings. Taking another long sip of punch too, after all, they had to enjoy the party while it lasted, right? Now that both had gotten a good long look at her emblem, the woman readjusted her dress, centering it until it felt comfortable once more, then running her hands down her sinuous form, smoothing out the kinks:

"You ought to consider joining us as well, Liana~", invited Alisa, her gaze scooting a few inches to the side, settling on the taller and earthier of the two handhoolding friends, "If it's magic you wish, I can help you learn it... Plus...", she glanced aside, catching a glimpse of Esperia and giggling gracefully, "Fufufu~ I'm sure someone there will need a friend to look out for her~"

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:09 am

It appeared not even Esperia had told her best friend she had joined a guild, seeing as even the late teenager herself was caught off guard by such a reveal. Those dark grayish orbs of hers trail down over to the Eisenberg's legs, more precisely fixating them on the same guild symbol etched onto her skin.

"Woah! So you also joined miss Alisa's guild? Why didn't you tell me?!"

The last question wasn't obviously out of irritation or annoyance, it was more so because Liana was truly shocked. For the leader of a guild to be present within Baska, that must mean more of the Blue Pegasus have to be roaming around. And now her best friend was one of them.

Unlike probably the both of them, the young Sylvaine didn't research much about guilds, therefore she was completely unaware of how they worked and how many there were. Though, thankfully, Alisa was there to explain, at least about the guild of the current subject. While she did so, Liana took the chance to once more bring the rim of the cup to her lips and down another light and brief sip.

"Almost like a family, huh? That's amazing!" Liana chimed, glancing over back at her best friend and offering her a more joyous, happy smile. "Then I see why Esperia would join something like that." At the end, a single light giggle escapes her parted lips.

Her attention is then briefly caught by Alisa once more, the young Sylvaine still tightly holding the hand of her companion whilst they proceeded to explore more of the party. A suggestion, plus an invite, made by the older-looking woman of the trio. Not only had she already offered to help her with magic, but now she also seemed to enjoy the thought of having Liana in the same guild with her and Esperia.

Upon the last joke being made, she giggled along with the female Vollan, looking up while pondering, before ultimately giving an answer.

"I really do admire the concept of Blue Pegasus and the fact that I feel like I would learn a lot if I joined in. Not only that, but also meeting new people and making friends... It's really fascinating." She states, once more fixating her gaze on Esperia, smiling warmly. "And as long as I can stay as close as possible to her, then I'm happy."

And then, finally, the desired answer, attention reverted to Alisa as she kept the same kind and genuine smile.

"So... If there's a spot open, then for sure! I'd love to join!"
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on Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:22 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Esperia's cheeks puffed up in a pout of feinted annoyance at Alisa's remark about Esperia needing someone to keep an eye on her. "Puuh~ That's making it sound like I need a babysitter!" the girl protested, yet obviously would have enjoyed it quite a lot if Liana had agreed with the idea of joining the Blue Pegasus, she'd be surely one of the reasons why the guild would have made things a lot more exciting for her, knowing her best friend was around.

"I didn't get the opportunity to tell you yet~" The girl protested at Liana's comment at not having told her about the guild yet, but it was the words that followed that made Esperia's cheeks flush up in a healthy blush of happiness and embarrassment, perhaps her feelings slightly amplified by today's events and the healthy dosage of beverages she had consumed so far. "Lia..." A few nods came from the girl in response to Liana's words as she replied with a bright smile. "Mhmm! You could say that we're the Zwei Wing of the Pegasus! Alone we might be able to produce a gust, but together we can fly!"

The girl exclaimed excitedly, after a moment turning toward Alisa with a smirk while declaring playfully. "A clever choice of words if I do say so myself, right Alisa?"

Judging from the cheerful reaction of the girl it was clear that she was excited about the idea of being in the same guild as Liana! In the end, why wouldn't she be happy with the idea her best friend wanted to join the same guild in order to remain close to her?

#38Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:30 am


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Alisa chuckled once again, as always truly amused by watching the two girls talk. The way they held hands so tenderly was nothing short of precious and to her that would forever hint a deeper, mutual feelings between the two... But the most recent events suggested neither of them yet had the maturity or experience to accept it. True, Esperia looked experienced and Liana looked mature, but that might not be enough for both of them. The cupid inside Alisa's head kept fluttering around, tossing ideas back and forth, yet the more she thought about the more she believed both of them should find what they were missing first, with other people, before they could have a truly fulfilling connection:

"It's the kind of place you can come home to, even if you're a lone wanderer like myself.", she pointed out, nodding approvingly

Liana seemed interested, Alisa could spot that from a mile away. She kept her eyes on her, visibly interested in hearing what she thought about the guild, maybe soon she too would form her own ideals of beauty and those would in turn differ from Alisa's or those of her closest friends. She defenitely looked forward to hearing them and seeing what they might turn into in a few months, and from there in a few years.

"I know I learned a lot myself.", nodded the sculptress once more, a reaction she seemed to be giving out a lot before taking a good long gulp and giggling at Esperia, "Already thinking about teams huh~? Clever indeed, but, you'll still need a third member."

Her smile widened visibly when Liana accepted her offer. She'd already professed a desire to learn magic, and now made a decision that would undoubtedly lead to achieving just that, most likely sooner than she thought. Once she learned it, however, it would be up to her to decide what she did with it.

"Good decision~ Don't worry, we always have room for driven people seeking self imptovement.", she praised, touching her own guild mark and producing a crystalline stamp from her magic, "With such motivation, I know you'll do great here. I'll help you out with whatever you need, okay~?", Sashaying over to Liana, Alisa held out the stamp, asking one final, truly important question, "So, in which spot and what color do you want your mark to be?"

A question of style, truly, but for Alisa, such choice would undoubtedly tell her more about the cute girl next door standing before her as their latest member.

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:49 am

To join a guild. Normally, it would be a hard decision for most people, but for Liana, the answer was right there. It was standing right besides her, in the form of Esperia. The young Sylvaine promised to her best friend she would never let her go again and that she would follow her wherever she desired to go. As simple as that, the main reason was there.

Once the Eisenberg shared her own idea of a name for what appeared to be a guild team, a few giggles escaped her lips. This ones appeared to just be slightly louder than the others, but then again, who could blame a tipsy Liana for unconsciously making a bit more of noise? Well, technically, it's her fault for wanting to drink more.

"Those are clever and beautiful words, Esperia. Don't expect any less from you."

After the girl praised the choice of name and the reason she used for such, her attention is caught by Alisa who appeared to have made a stamp made of crystal, on it the symbol of the guild. There was no mistake. Everything was finally going to be made official.

A nod is offered in the older woman's direction, no words. And then, once the last question is given, the late teenager ponders for a moment before ultimately deciding the spot. She brings her hands down to the bottom of her buttoned shirt and then lifts it up, just enough for her left hip to be visible and easily reachable.

"Here. I think it's a nice spot. And I'd like it to be green, my favorite color and the color of nature."

She responds, eventually looking down at Alisa's work, watching as she's about to be marked with the Blue Pegasus' symbol.
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on Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:22 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A third member was needed for a team? A curious little hum escaped the girl's lips as she wondered about the idea of who she could find as a third person for their team. She could most certainly ask around within the guild at some point, but deep inside she already had a thought, or rather an idea about who she might ask. Then again, that idea would take a bit to be carried out, so for the time being she would just focus on the here and now. Watching Liana lift her shirt upwards had stirred a surprising reaction from the Eisenberg, her cheeks flushing up lightly while a hand reached for her eyes to cover it, as if she had been caught off-guard by the action.

Part of her wished she had asked Snowflake the protocol of recruiting and a stamp so she could have given Liana it rather than leaving things to Alisa. Perhaps the reason why despite her embarrassed reaction and the blush on her cheeks she was pouting just a little behind the hand that covered her eyes. Albeit, knowing that Liana had picked a spot similar to where she herself had her guild symbol left a rather warm feeling of joy in her chest.

"Uwaah~ next time warn me before there are any shirt of skirt lifting, my heart isn't prepared for such temptations..."

#41Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:03 am


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These two would be together forever. Maybe not as lovers, not the whole time at least, but they'd defenitely be together. The bond they shared was quickly turning into one of the most precious things Alisa had seen in a long time, which in turn suggested the girls themselves may soon become one of her closest friends too. Then again, this tall sculptress who now wore the guise of a demon frequently looked to her guildmates as an extended family, which in turn made them potentially closer to her than anyone outside it.

Indeed, considering the closeness between Liana and Esperia, actually stamping the girl was a mere formality. With the sisterly connection she shared with the latter, the former was effectively a member of their little family already. But, not before Esperia objected to the shamelessness of lifting a girl's skirt, an oddly amusing reaction considering the girl's sticky fingers. However could she not hope to earn a giggle:

"...And neither of us had the previlege of seeing Snow lift yours...", Alisa pointed out with a teasing tone, winking playfully at her new guildmate as she walked up to Liana, "How unfair is that~?"

Alisa rested her delicate, alabaster smooth palm on the girl's equally smooth skin. By holding her thumb stretched out 90º, she found the best possible frame with an artist's care, channeling mana through her stamp wielding hand to recolor the crystal until it matched the new member's wishes.

"Alright, stay still~", a reassuring whisper to help ease the new recruit, looking sweetly into her eyes before pressing the cold, crystalline stamp to her fair, unblemished skin, pulling away after a few seconds to reveal the green Pegasus stamp, just as Liana had wished for, "There, how does that look?"

This time, she directed the question at both girls, backing away so Esperia could look too...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:29 pm

It felt good. It felt delightful. It felt pleasant.

The young Sylvaine almost felt like she was just starting a new life, or better yet... A better one. After so many years of staying with her parents and barely having the capacity to meet new people, to engage with them, to communicate with them, to make friends, to create new bonds, other than those she had with nature. Now, by joining a guild, Liana will be able to do all of that and possibly even more.

Could she be any happier?

The moment the symbol of Blue Pegasus was stamped on the desired spot, she was a bit surprised after realizing it didn't feel bad at all. It was cold, though it didn't hurt. The sweet look given by Alisa while she did her own work was also quite reassuring, the young Sylvaine finding herself smiling kindly at such generosity, satisfied about all of it.

She'd keep lifting up her shirt, her dark grayish orbs glimmering even with their blackish tone and during the night, gaze fixated in an calmly excited manner at the new 'tattoo' she had.

"It looks really cute, Alisa. Thank you."

Liana praises, lifting her head a tad to glance back up at the older woman, as well as at Esperia.

"I promise I'll hold it with pride."
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on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:42 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Esperia's cheeks flushed up lightly in a flustered reaction upon Alisa's teasing remark, making her protest in a soft tone. "T-That was done without any pervy intentions! I'd have you know that Snowflake has a really calming and innocent atmosphere to her, being perverted around her is quite awkward, and... my sixth sense tells me it would be quite dangerous also."

She turned her gaze away whispering softly. "Like being perverted around you would get me tied up and teased into oblivion, being perverted around her would likely get me my sixth feet underground."

Yet her focus finally turned toward Liana, leading her to smile briefly at her and nod in agreement. "It's a pretty color... I mean... it looks good on you."

The girl coughed softly to recover from the awkwardness as she finished her goblet of punch and turned to look at Alisa. "You're fortunate that you got to stamp Lia! it's quite a privilege you know!"

She grinned at the girl while looking back and forth between Alisa and Liana and after a moment of pondering scratched the back of her head awkwardly. "Why am I feeling like I unaware of the fact, said something perverted again..."

Poor Esperia... At least Agni seemed amused, barking repeatedly at the little back and forth between everyone!

Esperia, however, was pouting playfully, wondering how in the world things had escalated to a situation like this, not that she was complaining! Far from it even, her best friend had joined the same guild as she did, and they even met someone interesting through this party... dangerous but interesting for sure!

#44Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:22 pm


WORDS: 400 | TAG: @Liana, Esperia | CLOTHES

The girl looked pretty happy - eager even - throughout the whole stamping procedure, if one could even call it such. That was good. Alisa might have second thoughts about doing so otherwise; Blue Pegasus might be a welcoming light guild, but its ideals still required some measure of commitment from its members. The kind a free spirited woman like Alisa would never impose on anybody who lacked the will to see them through... Not Liana though. Both her and Esperia had in earned the respect of herself and Snowflake in turn, and neither of those could be called an easy feat.

"I'm sure you will~", reassured the sculptress, winking and petting the girl's shoulder, welcoming her not as an acquaintance she'd just met, but as a family member, "Welcome to Blue Pegasus."

Of course, they couldn't get away with it without Esperia trying to tease them... Liana had the right idea though, that obscene lewdness looked cute on her, enough so Alisa couldn't resist teasing her whenever she got the chance. Plus, the girl got flustered way too easily considering the way she acted:

"Indeed, she'd kill you.", Alisa nodded in confirmation, that smile on her face not fading for a single moment... Which only made her answer more intimidating, leaving the girl to wonder whether or not the sculptress was aware of this fact. Of course, that was nowhere near as amusing as what she said next, which earned a rather playful, yet genuinely amused laughter from the older woman, who simply raised an eyebrow at the girl, "Oho~? That's quite the vivid imagination you have there~", Alisa crossed her arms, squeezing in her bust slightly.

Now what would embarass Esperia first? Being caught looking at Alisa's breasts, or simply having her lascivous mindset pointed out? What she probably didn't know, was the only difference between herself and Snowflake was how Alisa would spare perverts like Esperia only if they were as cute as she was, and the punishment she described might not be too far off from the truth. But since she had no way of knowing this, Alisa could just tease her all she wanted:

"...Are you just seeing whether or not I'd indulge your shibari fetish~?", she'd cock her head and tease, moving one hand to her cheek and unwittingly putting a bit more pressure on her bosom from the right side.

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:58 pm

Following such a generous invitation came the welcoming into the Blue Pegasus guild, one which the young Sylvaine was truly delighted about. Once her shoulder was petted and the reassurance was made, the late teenager nodded in Alisa's direction, just in time for that wink to be done. It caused a faint blush to round her cheeks, though it was more so because Liana was starting to realize how beautiful the older woman was as a person. A blush of admiration.

Afterwards, it appeared her best and new friend had gone once more into an argument about perversion, plus also about Snowflake, the leader of the guild, allowing Liana to learn more about such an important figure. Her shirt would be lifted for a little while longer so she could get a last look at the stamped symbol before fixing up the piece of clothing and covering her skin.

'Shibari' wasn't a familiar word to the likes of the young Sylvaine, though, she realized Alisa's intentions. They were all there clearly to teasingly pressure Esperia's own perverted habits, especially towards a good bosom, which elicited a few light giggles out of her parted and widened lips, shaped in a pleasant and joyous smile.

She said nothing at all towards it this time, committing to the observation of a scene she found rather amusing.
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on Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:12 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Poor Esperia, despite her best efforts to drop into her more innocent mode it seemed Alisa was adamant about making it a much more difficult endeavor than normally. The squeeze of her bust, amplifying the allure of Alisa's cleavage was only intensified with the teasing remark, causing the poor Eisenberg to scurry toward Liana, hiding behind the girl's back while she whimpered softly.

"I don't want to be tied up..." Indeed, the Eisenberg valued her freedom quite strongly, yet she was not out for the count just yet, trying to lift her head over Liana's shoulder and point with a hand toward Alisa in an accusing manner.

"Besides isn't that YOUR fetish? tying up poor girls and teasing them till they are a squirming mess. That's like one hell of a scary sort of sadism..." The girl mumbled the last bit as she shook her head softly and replied in return. "Your bust is too dangerous! High-risk high reward, but the difficulty level is almost making it a trap! Nonono~ This Espy is going to stay safe snuggling Lia instead!"

The girl protested out loud while Agni barked in agreement, seemingly wanting to be included in whatever snuggles were about to be had.

Still, she had to admit that even if she was the victim of all this teasing, Esperia did have a surprising amount of fun with their conversation, to the point she was smiling and laughing genuinely once more amidst their aticts.

#47Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:29 am


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"Hohoho~", a hearty, wholly amused laughter left the voluptuous woman's lips as she raised one hand over it, the other going to her hip, "Yes, by all means, fantasize away~", she responded, flipping her hair stylishly behind her, before devoting her full attention towards Esperia, just for a little bit, "But you should know..."

Yes, the way she simply ran and hid behind her friend with a bashful look on her face was simply precious, prompting Alisa to lock those cool, crystalline red eyes on hers as her lips drew into a self assured, almost domineering smirk filled with mischief. Her walk a sensual, hip swaying sashay accompanied clacking heels, Alisa closed the distance between herself and Esperia, slowly but steadily. Finally, she lowered herself, ensuring the little pervert wouldn't miss a bit as she licked her lower lip, then finally nibbled it. A soft cue, yet packed with seduction nonetheless as her face hung mere inches away from the two girls, close enough for her soothing, lavander scented perfume to tickle their nostrils:

"...Assuming I did want you tied up...", her voice lowered a few pitches into a breathy, almost husky tone as her gaze narrowed, "You'd be begging me for it loooong before I ever did anything~", she'd finish this statement with a little wink to drive it home.

That said, she hadn't really forgotten the girl she'd just recuited (and stamped by her own hand) not really wanting her to feel left out even when her eyes seemed completely focused on Esperia. Thus, as she stood between herself and the little lewdling, she'd express this consideration by sliding one hand on Liana's shoulder - opposite the one she was peering over - rubbing, kneading it affectionately in acknowledgement of her presence.

Yes Alisa had grown rather fond of Liana's pure hearted innocence, just as she'd grown used to turning her best friend's perverted antics on herself. Yet this appreciation for the nature lover's purity meant she had no qualms leaning over in front of her; at an angle such that gave her a direct line of sight into the dark, plunging depths of the woman's cleavage, not the slightest bit concealed by the sheer fabric binding ornating them. Liana wasn't the perverted type like her friend, so why would she care? No way she'd be staring there like a her best friend might.

Neither of them should miss the hint of red on Alisa's cheeks though, attesting to the amount she'd already drunk and undoubtedly potentiating such unabashed displays of sex appeal. Despite still having full control over her mental and physical faculties, her inhibitons had quite obviously lowered enough that she didn't think twice about using it as such...

As her words sunk into both her new friends, Alisa rose back upright, tucking a dark lock behind her ear as her smile returned to its normal, cool and approachable look: "Now then~ Shall we go back to looking around?"

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:59 am

The kind of conversation they were having was just growing more and more intense, so much that her best friend even fled from the female Vollan only to stand behind her, thinking the young Sylvaine would even be able to protect anyone that has perverted antics. Therefore, she only continued to smile as Alisa continuously teased the Eisenberg, even taking one or two sips from her punch which had been lonely for some time already.

Though, what came next was something the late teenager didn't truly expect. While she thought the older woman only targeted her best friend, it appeared she would end up being one of her targets as well, seeing as she was even standing in-between the two other females.


She'd voice out, a bit skeptical during the entire situation, rolling her eyes away a tad the moment Alisa moved closer and closer, so much that she placed a hand on her shoulder and began to caress it like she was up to something. At that point, the blush which was rounding her cheeks was not only from her tipsy state, though also from pure embarrassment.

And then, something better would happen. As she thought the view in front of her wasn't so bashful at all, her eyes return to stare forth and instead of her looking into the female Vollan's eyes...

... She'd be looking straight through her cleavage.


Liana screamed softly, so soft it almost didn't sound like a scream and more like something else much cuter. Of course, she didn't look at the older woman's cleavage like her best friend would, with perverted thoughts, though it was indeed something which made her blush even harder, which could mean she also had some sort of affection towards that part of the female Vollan's figure.

Once that scream came out, the young Sylvaine desperately attempted to careen to the side, away from both her friends and guildmates, facing them with her back and almost stumbling on a rock which decided to stay in the way, hands swaying around rapidly to not let the cup of punch fall to the ground and break. Thankfully, nothing tragic like that happened, instead it made Liana look rather silly.


She grumbled to herself, staring down and appearing to not respond immediately to Alisa's following question. Esperia would probably have to be the one doing that.
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on Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:39 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Although the invitation to fantasize away was quite tempting, Esperia was uncertain how much of it would be fiction, and how much would be reality, in the end she had a good assumption that she had hit the right spot with her comment about Alisa's fetish. "I can assure you there wouldn't be any begging to get tied up! snuggling into pillows is a fair way to show just how much I like someone! Tying me up prevents that."

The tipsy girl protested, but what happened afterward was rather unexpected. Liana made a reaction, a rather strong one when Alisa's cleavage came into view, and for a moment the Eisenberg stared into the scene as the poor girl tried to escape. What in the world was it that made Liana react so strongly? Her gaze drifted away from Liana and settled onto Alisa's cleavage, but for the first time in history the girl's gaze was not a lewd one, rather it looked like she was genuinely appraising something when suddenly the girl lowered her arms beneath her own smaller bust, trying to mimic Alisa's earlier pose but to no avail, it simply lacked... umphf she guessed?

Perhaps that was the reason Esperia pouted in annoyance, believing it was the lack of a larger bust that made her unable to stir a reaction like that out of Liana.

"Lead the way pillow demon..." she whispered softly

#50Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:43 pm


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Esperia's reaction had been somewhat expected. Though the girl was quite the perverted tease herself, it came with unsurprising weakness to someone with the confident to take all she had to throw at others, and send it right back. Alisa chuckled confidently at her bashful, almost flustered reaction, inwardly commenting to herself about her lack of imagination, and how it betrayed a fair bit of inexperience as well... Of course, Esperia's reaction may have been expected, but Liana was a different matter altogether.

Unlike she might have thought, she hadn't been a target as Alisa believed her too innocent to fall for the more sexual side of her charms. So much she barely acknowledged her interjection while teasing her way to Esperia. In her mind, that might have been a half hearted objection to Alisa's overtly playful treatment of her best friend, and nothing else... But then she yelped. A yelp so cute Alisa couldn't help but giggle in response, taken aback by its sheer cuteness, by an unyielding desire to hug whoever had made it.

In a flash those shimmering, drunk addled ruby eyes had shifted towards her, just in time to catch her skipping away with a deep crimson flush all across her cheeks, another giggle leaving Alisa's lips, hand going in front of her mouth::

"Oya~? Are you by any chance a closet pervert, Liana?", she teased with a mock look of wide eyed shock, slipping that idle, drink bearing hand behind her waist, her lips drawing into a smirk as she glanced at Esperia, who seemed to be pushing up her chest with a frustrated look in what appeared to be a sudden bout of breast envy, "...I guess that explains why the two of you get along so well~"

In her mind, both these girls needed their own experienced lover to guide them along on the right path. She knew whoever claimed them for such

a role wouldn't have them for long as a result, as they'd inevitably wander back into each other's arms one day.

"Fufufu~ And it appears you shouldn't drink anymore~", snickered the confident sculptress, teasing the adorable, not so innocent girl, finally taking a good long drink of her half finished glass of punch. Regardless of the teasing, she'd walk up to the girl and pet her cutely, looking between her and Esperia, hooking a finger at the pair, "Come on little lewdlings, let's look at that haunted house~"

Despite the affectionate look, the tipsy Alisa now looked at Liana with that same impish glint in her eyes, knowing she had almost as much desire to tease her as she did Esperia. It felt different though... While one was openly lascivious, the other did a pretty good job at hiding those desires... Up until now...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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