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Scary Nights [Liana]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:32 pm


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Thank whatever Gods may be for magical dry cleaners. After her little adventure at the skeleton carnival, Alisa had no way of knowing if she'd ever be able to don this dress ever again, at least, not without looking like she'd just fled from a massacre scene. Sure, many serial killer in the past would have killed for as good a remover of blood stains as the one Alisa recently hired, but then again, such people didn't really need a big reason to slaughter anyway... If looks could kill though... Then this Pegasus would defenitely be no better than the worst of them.

She tried though - spent most of her time trying to be precise - working out, staying in shape, and constantly presenting herself at her most beautiful. In her mind, that's what it really meant to be Blue Pegasus; always striving to better yourself, and accept no less than the best you could be at any given moment. To seek perfection, yet understanding one could never truly reach it. Such was the true meaning of beauty, well, to Alisa anyway, but in the end she came pretty close to her guild's general idea...

And this choice of dress illustrated it: Between the frills around her full bust, the gaps around her smooth shoulders , and the sheer spots baring her sinuous hips and toned midriff, the sculptress presented the very picture of confidence, flaunting her figure with a faint smile on her plush, glossy lips. Even she couldn't resist her own charms, her smile widening whenver she passed by a mirror or wherever should gaze at her reflection...

Her destination? After all, why would an elegant woman walk around the streets at night, under the radiant gleam of the full moon, wearing a sinister but sexy dress that left little to imagination?

Why, a Halloween party, of course! After so long of wandering Fiore and dealing with a myriad of spirits, the spooky season had finally reached its climax, and she just so happened to find herself in Baska.

"Now then, let's see what surprises await me~", she thought out loud, turning to her Litwick partner as it hovered around her, flipping her long lustruous hair before stepping into the party; cleverly located close to the train station, where the lights were dim and the scenery looked derelict.

Everything looked the part, and Alisa was no different: Not only had she worn the same dress with which she'd gone spirit hunting this past month, she also applied a temporary magical transformation... It didn't exactly turn her into a demon, with the scary aura and all that jazz, but it made her a pretty close second: Blackening her sclerae, growing a set of horns on her head and a tail below, she'd could just as easily fool unsuspecting partygoers...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:13 am

A Halloween party.

Liana had indeed noticed it the day before, multiple posters placed across walls of a dark party of sorts happening at the town's railways. Though, she questioned herself about the location. As to why it would be hosted there and not in more populated areas within Baska, areas where most people could be at that time of the night. It didn't bother her much, of course, since the girl could go, being the curious explorer she is. Only time she ever had been part of such celebrations was when she was just a child, with just her parents.

And just like during that day, the young Sylvaine made sure to grab and prepare candies and all sorts of sweets, put them in a small yellow bag and walk out of the room she had rented for that night, beginning to quietly make her way towards the aforementioned destination.

Probably unlike the rest of the others, the late teenager wasn't wearing anything special for the occasion. A blue shirt and a red buttoned jacket to protect her from the cold, as well as a skirt, legs protected by black, warm thigh-highs, ending up with equally dark loafers, the girl almost resembling an academy student.

Whilst sporting all of that and the usual hairpins keeping part of her hair up above her ears, she spots the first person to approach, a voluptuous woman, one actually wearing a proper outfit, even if quite revealing. Either way, those steps of hers wouldn't make her take too long before Liana nears such an individual, pausing right behind her and looking up with a kind smile visible across her features, holding up an open yellow bag. If anyone dared to peek inside, they would notice a pile of sweets such as lollipops, jelly beans, candy sticks, chocolate bars, taffies and the list goes on.

Eventually, she'd speak in a pleasant tone.

"Hello, miss. Would you like any sweets?"
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#3Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:10 am


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First things first, help herself to a serving of punch. As expected of a Halloween party, said beverage looked thick and syrupy, colored suspiciously like blood. That said, Alisa not only lacked squeamishness, but had also endured every repulsive game the skeleton carnival had thrown at her. And unlike the sweet, alcholic flavor of the punch - hinting at energy drinks mixed with reinforced wine - plenty of those games involved actual blood... She took a few experimental sips, letting the liquid flow around her tongue, sampling both flavor and texture, until an approving hum left her lips. Wonderfully mixed.

And she had plenty of sights to entertain her eyes, some more beautiful than others: Soon she'd rested her weight on one leg in a stylish, laid back stance stance, pushing her hip to the side while her idle arm crossed under her bosom, resting that palm on the crook of her elbow.

"Still quite a few people without a disguise It appears...", observed the statuesque Pegasus, pondering on whether that meant they lacked Halloween Spirit. Lumen looked on at the partygoers with just as much interest as the human, and soon Alisa wondered whether the candle creature - who she'd met on last year's Halloween - would feel the same way.

But the youthful voice that eventually caught her attention belonged to a someone who, despite the absence of a costume, showed no shortage of said spirit That cool, aloof faint smile of Alisa's widened into a welcoming one at the sight of the pretty girl. And the first words leaving her lips?

"Ara, cute~", praised the artist, one hand reaching up to her chest, head tilting ever so slightly in a way that made her flowing dark hair drape down her bare shoulder in tresses. Her free hand left her underbust and moved up to her face, tucking a stray raven lock behind her ear, "How could I refuse such a kind offer?"

Answering the question with a question, Alisa grabbed a couple of candies, unrapping a lollipop and plopping it in her mouth, while her curious eyes - red like the wine based punch in her hand - inspected the short haired girl's form, silently glancing down her feet, then back up to meet her gray irises. Shorter and slimmer than herself, with a earnest, youthful charm to her. Looked like someone who might even feel at home in Blue Pegasus...

Truthfully, she had no way of knowing just how old the girl truly was, but she looked quite young, defenitely younger than herself - In no small part thanks to the charm point that were those little hairpins. Then again, Alisa had yet to turn twenty herself, yet her elegant demeanor and mature sensuality did a pretty good job at concealing that...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:25 am

The woman did look slightly older  in the young Sylvaine's eyes for many reasons. If Liana had to give her an age, she would most likely put her at the range of mid-twenties. Apart from that heavily mature frame of the individual she had just met, the fact there was a floating candle accompanying her as well as her demonic-looking form didn't truly bother her much. She had seen way too many things similar back when she was just a child and while she explored a great part of North Fiore. Only recently has she started her adventures, if one may name them like that, in the West and so far, it has been a pleasure. The girl couldn't ask for more.

That smile she was holding would stretch out the moment the sweets were accepted, Liana observing as the adult took a single lollipop and placed it in-between her lips. Of course, being who she was, the praise would be received with a hint of a pink blush rounding her cheeks and a few embarrassedly light giggles escaping her parted lips. While holding that same small yellow bag of hers against her belly, she'd respond with a perhaps awkward trail of her dark grayish orbs over the other female's figure.

"You do look wonderful as well, miss." She states genuinely, offering a curt nod, such followed with an introduction of her own self. "I'm Liana, by the way. May I know your name?" Obviously, she had to take the chance to meet what appeared to be, at least in the young Sylvaine's eyes, such an interesting persona. Hopefully even make a friend out of her.

The up-and-down look that was given wouldn't be missed either, her eyes slowly rolling to the side, not in annoyance or because she was bothered, but simply to pretend she hadn't noticed as well as from some shyness. Even if not so noticeable due to the garments she was wearing, Liana did sport quite the considerable bust. Though, obviously nothing as large as the one the other female possessed, if not even close.
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#5Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:49 am


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She had a more modest choice of wardrobe compared to a statuesque someone like the crystal sculptress, yet Alisa still got a pretty good idea of her appearance regardless. And more importantly, she learned a fair bit about the girl for her choice of wardrobe, yet no doubt not as much as she would in the moments to come. That said, the moment she stopped looking over the girl's appearance and choice of wardrobe, Alisa then turned to her body language, and immediately noted how shy she appeared from a single compliment... But who knew how she'd respond to praise from someone close to her? That said, she did look pretty cute. That bashful demeanor suited her appearance like a glove, enough for Alisa to chuckle, raising one hand over her mouth before replacing the lolipop with the glass of punch for a few seconds. She found the two actually went pretty well together, the alcoholic flavoro of the punch contrasting with the pure, unadultered sweetness. The girl looked especially happy when the sculptress accepted her sweet treats, suggesting her to be a kind soul at heart, not just when handing out candy on Halloween...

"Why thank you very much.", she responded, wriggling the lollipop slightly before guiding it back into her mouth, taking the compliment in stride even if her warming, softening expression suggested she too was just as receptive towards them. Indeed she was, boasting the kind of vanity only a model and arist obcessed with beauty possibly could, "I'm Alisa, and this is Lumen.", she responded, nodding towards the candle closer to the ground as it bowed its head a little in greeting, then finally winked at her new acquaintance in a genuine sexy demon fashion, uttering her name out loud, as if memorizing its very sound, "Pleasure to meet you, Liana~"

Liana looked pretty awkward though, averting her gaze in a way that might have annoyed the straightforward sculptress had she not already established the girl to be shy... She found it evasive for someone to avert her gaze , but also understood reserved people might do so around strangers. She had, however, taken an interest in the girl, enough to wonder what she'd be like once inside her comfort zone:

"Hmmm, are you old enough to drink?", inquired Alisa, raising an eyebrow and grabbing a new glass; making her offer quite clear despite not openly mentioning it. She wasn't the really the type to randomly ask girls their age, and thus worded the question vaguely enough that the girl could choose how she answered. She'd also never get someone drunk if she felt they didn't want to, so she'd simply avoid giving her anything alcoholic if she spotted any discomfort towards the idea. More importantly, she didn't pay particular attention to whether she was telling the truth or not; so if she wasn't and decided to lie, Alisa wouldn't even bat an eyelash and pour her a glass of punch anyways...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:23 am

The question about if she was old enough to drink. It was something that she still didn't quite understand. Not only because it's the first time they ask her about such a thing, though also due to not knowing exactly the kind of rules that apply in Baska when it comes to those kind of permissions. Liana noticed Alisa mentioned alcohol, therefore it could be forbidden below sixteen or eighteen of age, or at least that's what her mind processed.

There was truly only one answer she could give and it was the one most desired by the older woman.

But, of course, before all of that, the young Sylvaine still had to properly respond to the following introductions, nodding politely towards both the female and her floating companion.

"It is a pleasure to meet you both as well. Miss Alisa, Lumen."

That wink elicited a bit of a nervous smile from Liana, not exactly expecting that to be done to her. Gladly, at the same time, she was starting to grow a bit more comfortable and a bit more used to how Alisa acted, more so when she responded to the 'age' question with slightly more confidence.

"I'm not sure how it goes here in Baska... But I'm seventeen. I wouldn't mind drinking though."

Liana would be a good girl and wait for the other woman's confirmation, not wanting to cause her any trouble by actually taking the glass of punch and drinking it with others perhaps eavesdropping on their conversation and realizing someone may have been breaking a rule. She continued to hold that same yellow bag of hers near her belly, holding a straight and fine stance, those almost darkish hues of hers still fixated on the other's black and crimson own.
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on Sat Nov 04, 2017 1:51 pm

Halloween and parties, it was actually a combination that felt quite peculiar to her, and maybe one of the reasons she had been so wary when she noticed Liana had planned to visit one of those events. recalling her own rather eventful time during the season, and the rather dangerous night that had happened afterward Esperia was obviously concerned about the safety of her friend, and what better way than to surprise her with a tagalong guest?

Even Agni had dressed for the occasion, the Growlithe having been wearing a long white sheet that covered his entire body and a pair of small holes in it for his eyes and snout.

Even she herself had dressed up in a fancy attire a dress that was not entirely in the Halloween nature, but it was better than nothing, right?

She has been trailing Liana to the party, till the girl had started a conversation with a pretty stranger and her companion, a mysterious creature...

However, before she even realized it Agni had approached the duo, slow steady steps as it recognized Liana and tried to raise its paws against her leg, a classic plea for some sweets! "awooooh" the ghostly Growlithe went!

"Hmm, a tipsy Liana might be an entertaining sight to behold, but if you get drunk I'm dragging you back to our room before you do something you'll regret~"

A soft voice came from behind Liana, causing Esperia to raise a hand toward her and the stranger before making a playful curtsy. "Don't mind me~ Just making sure my lovely companion doesn't get herself in an unpleasant mess~ The responsibilities of the eldest in the party~"

A little wink was made at Liana before she turned toward the costumed lady and continued. "The name is Esperia~ And the doggie humping Lia's leg is Agni."

#8Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:30 pm


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Her eyes stood fixed on Liana, not missing a slight hint of confusion on her face. She could imagine quite a lot of reasons why she'd be confused about this, the most obvious being an actual lack of knowledge. Not that it much really, Alisa started drinking long before she even turned sixteen, which she believed to be the lowest drinking age she'd ever came across, and thus the only one she cared enough to remember. Not enough to enforce though, on others and especially not on herself... Though she didn't drink nearly as much as she once did, that change happened solely thanks to her own decision of how to live her life, and nobody else's.

She held both empty glass and cup of punch, all but frozen mid action as she awaited the slightest bit of information,

"I don't know either, honestly. But if it's enough for some places, then it should be more than enough for you~", a playful chuckle left her ears as she turned her head back to the bowl of punch and filled up a cup, before walking over to the girl with a smile on her face, "Here you go."

Or, at least, that was the plan. At that moment however, a high pitched howl pierced through the dark of night, sharply drawing not only her head but that of everyone else in the party, some even shivering visibly. Not Alisa though... That said, anybody who might have had their doubts about the location of the party would have seened them dispelled at that very moment, as this lone, abandoned place at these late hours of the night could easily turn frightening upon the arrival of the unexpected. But not only did the howl sound cute instead of scary, but the short, heterocromiac girl accompanying the dog with a sheet look just as cute as the one Alisa had just met. So much it didn't even surprise her that they knew each other:

"Oh, a friend of yours, I see~? Don't worry, I wouldn't get her so drunk she couldn't walk back home.", giggled Alisa once again, as the equally amused Litwick walked over to the hidden dog, looking curiosly at someone, as if recognizing it as one of its kind in a way. The new arrival looked rather classy and well mannered - introducing herself as Esperia - contrasting with the equally polite, but more down to Earth Liana, "Lovely to meet you as well, Esperia~ I'm Alisa, and that little candle over there is Lumen.", she return the cool, friendly smile introducing herself with that throaty, charming voice as she took the girl's soft, glove clad hand.

This time, she had twice the reason to look into the girl's eyes; Aside from her usual interest in peering into a person's soul, this girl's odd colored irises - one ruby and one amber - provided a rare, thoroughly exotic beauty:

"Would you like some punch for yourself as well?", inquired the Pegasus, tilting her head slighly and crossing her arms under her chest, an idle action that gentle squeezed her full breasts together

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:14 am

Could one say Liana was now caught between a rock and a hard place? But instead, those two weren't really unsatisfying, more so that she didn't expect the latter to show up in such a manner. The young Sylvaine was one who didn't exactly like crowds or too many people surrounding her, or looking in her direction. If she was to ever speak to even ten people, the girl would most likely stutter all the way until the end of her speech.

Luckily, it didn't make her as nervous, seeing as the two individuals talking to her weren't exactly strangers.

As the late teenager was about to accept the cup of punch, a sudden and unexpected howl was heard whilst she felt something humping at her leg. A look over her shoulder was enough to notice an approaching Esperia and further down would be Agni, seemingly begging for something which she failed to realize at first. Ultimately, her attention is brought back up to the Eisenberg, smiling a tad nervously due to the words that followed from the other's lips.

"Yes, hello, Esperia... I thought you were in a deep slumber."

Liana stated, revealing the reason as to why she didn't bring her friend along. "Also, I don't think sweets are healthy for Agni, if that's what he's asking." She adds, not wanting to give something that may be dangerous for the pet's well-being.

Eventually, a step to the side is taken, so they could actually be facing each other and Esperia wouldn't have to introduce herself while she was standing in the way. This way, they'd be forming a triangle. If the cup was still being offered, then the young Sylvaine would finally be able to take it, slowly leading its rim to her lips and taking the first light sip. It's actually a first time for her, though, she didn't exactly want to say it as to appear more mature. What did it taste like?

After taking her time to observe the two other females conversing amongst each other, she'd return her attention to Esperia, biting her lower lip in a bit of a scowl this time.

"And hey, you're not that much older than me. Matter of fact, I'm the tallest and clearly the more older-looking. Hmpf."

Did she really look older though? Only one person could tell.
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on Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:46 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Pouting her cheeks softly as Liana explained her decision to attend this party by herself under the assumption that she had been asleep left a little pang of sadness in her. She thought she had warned the girl enough about the dangers of this season, so the least she had hoped for was that Liana would have waked her up!

Still, fortunately, the stranger, who introduced herself as Alisa had sidetracked her from those thoughts as Esperia playfully patted her own chest and remarked in response. "Indeed! Getting Lia drunk is my job~" A mischievous giggle escaped her lips when suddenly...

squeeze squeeze... the idle gesture of the more mature lady caused a sight to show itself that briefly made the Eisenberg gulp lightly, her gaze fixated somewhere in particular before the poor obsidian-haired lass shook her head violently.

Not this time! Even an impressive bust like Alisa's wouldn't tempt her! Besides after having lived with Liana for a while she had grown quite tolerant to the existence of impressive 'pillows' as she jokingly referred to them. Yet she had to wonder just how soft and snuggly they could--- NONONONO! change your thoughts Esperia!

Almost as if she was a monk who had reached the pinnacle of zen the girl calmed down enough to smile at Alisa while addressing her with a cheerful response. "The pleasure is all mine Alisa~"

She hummed happily yet standing quite close to Aiisa who had been gazing into her eyes had led Esperia to feel a bit curious. What would Alisa see beyond the sparkle of liveliness and slight mischief? If she could peer into her soul... would she see the grief and anger that lurked deep beneath that light? like the deep shadows of a pure lake?

"You heard her Agni~ We visit a butcher later." The canine beast whined softly but soon turned his focus onto the magical beast that approached him, sniffing it lightly to memorize its scent.

However, hearing Liana's comment about being the taller and more mature-looking of the duo did seem to spark something from Esperia who raised a hand to her cheek and hummed softly after Liana had taken the punch and drink from it, something she herself had done also.

"I don't know about that~ In the end maturity isn't all located---"

A swift sidestep behind Liana happened as both her hands reached for the girl's bust, attempting to give them a playful squeeze over their clothing while remarking mischievously. "DOWN THERE!" The playful teasing would have lasted for a few moments unless disrupted, but she soon addressed Alisa with a smile. "Surely you agree with me, right Alisa? Else you'd have so much maturity you might be reaching seniority already..."

Wow, did she just subtly say Alisa had a huge pair of breasts?

"But anyways~ I'm glad you went to a party rather than a little misadventure~ you know that this season is a dangerous one."

#11Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:53 am


WORDS: 600 | TAG: @Liana | CLOTHES

Liana looked visibly at ease with their presence, contrasting with the shy, adorably flustered look she had when Alisa praised her earlier. If any doubt yet lingered in the artists' mind as to these girls and their relationship, it would vanished at that moment. The contrast between them, however, only grew more visible as time went on, with Esperia being as bold and outrageous where Liana was timid but gentle.

Thus while the tall sculptress smiled warmly and gave the good girl her drink, "Here you go~", that same smile would soon turn into a playful, ever more confident smirk filled with a hint of mirth.

Her eyes stuck to Esperia's, not glancing away for even a second. The She'll look back eventually, and when she did she'd find the Pegasus leering knowing and accusingly at her, speaking back without even opening her mouth.

'I know where you're looking at', would be the one and only message for her to gleam, especially once Alisa shifted her arms, straining her bosom under the sheer, silky fabric over above with a slight jiggle.

She had mixed feelings towards perverts, depending on her mood and whims. She might find them amusing or annoying, and she'd defenitely react with violence if peeped on in the bath... Likely homicidal violence. When the perverts were this cute however, she'd much rather tease them, carefully watching their reactions until she spotted that one moment.

The moment they realize they've bitten off more than they can chew...

Of cousse, she also sensed something else behind that cheerful deviance, but knew from experience how looking at a beautiful present, towards a bright future, to be the only ways of dealing with a dark past. And in that sense she much prefered the girl's current demeanor - no matter how obscene - to a hopeless, empty, and nihilistic outlook...

So much that even her fondling behavior towards her friend amused Alisa, though she couldn't really let that go unanswered: Alisa released the hold on her bosom and took a small, poised step towards the two girls... Yet approaching Esperia's eye level somewhat meant she had to lean forward, enough that she'd easily spot the moment her gaze inevitably drifted back down. And no way it wouldn't, not when the sheer fabric of her dress left so little to the imagination - which would only make chastising her far more entertaining:

"My, my, flattering a total stranger's figure, are you? And then groping your friend's breasts in public. How shameless.", Alisa shifted one hand ot her hip, the cup covering her mouth as she giggled classily, took a little sip, then teased the hopeless pervert some more, an impish mockery of shock and surprise plastered on her face, "It appears the seemingly mature and well mannered young lady is actually quite the lecher. Who would have thought~?"

She'd share a friendly but challenging look with the harassed Liana though, all but daring, empowering her to bite back against her lascivious friend not unlike how she herself was doing.

That said, either of the two girls might notice how the artist in a demon disguise didn't even blush at any of these of these words or sights, betraying that unshakable self assured belief in her sex appeal. Oozing sensuality like this explained why she wound up claiming a title like 'femme fatale' out of all the gorgeous mages of Blue Pegasus, many of them as good looking as herself if not more so...

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.


on Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:27 pm

Liana shouldn't have truly been caught off-guard or at least surprised when it happened. But she did. Well, it was mainly because it was the first time someone has ever done such a thing to her, though the fact the young Sylvaine already knew her friend could be somewhat of a pervert should be enough of a reason for her to expect the Eisenberg to do something like that.

It happened right after another light sip of punch was taken. Luckily, she had already gulped it down. Though, right as the girl was moving the cup away from her lips, the older female took the chance to step behind her and press both her widely open hands right against that indeed sizeable bust of hers, hidden underneath that white buttoned shirt she sported.


Her arms instinctively raise up and to Esperia's luck, none of the liquid present in her cup would spill out. A blush instantly rounds her cheeks, a strong red one at that, as her head lowers for those dark grayish orbs of hers to rapidly lock on the working hands of her friend. "S-Stooop!" Naturally, she would push herself away from such a grasp. Though, there was also the high chance of the whole drink spilling out. Not only that, but due to her complete embarrassment, it was almost like Liana was frozen in place.

Gladly, and hopefully with not many eyes having witnessed the shameful situation her friend had placed her into, the Eisenberg would break the hold which allowed the young Sylvaine to 'flee' in the form of a couple steps taken forwards and away from both the former and Alisa.

Her back would be facing both of them for that while, at least until Esperia stopped talking. The trembling of her body was easily noticeable, clearly from growing annoyance whilst the late teenager turned around and glared in her smaller friend's way, biting her lower lip and groaning softly.


After taking notice of the friendly and challenging look the female Vollan gave her, her head lifts and her expression mixed with both embarrassment and irritation is now way more easily visible, the words about to be shouted out by Liana probably even heard by the other party attendants.

"Next time, I swear I'll tie you up to the bed so you'll stop following me around at night! Idiot!"

Afterwards, a longer, angry sip is downed as she stared away into the distance, wearing a heavy frown.
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on Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:00 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The leering gaze Alisa gave her caused Esperia's body to jolt upright, her cheeks turning a slight tint of red as she easily read the message her expression had held, and yet at the same time, the obsidian-haired girl's smile didn't waver, at least not yet.

Yet she had not entirely expected the consequences of her actions, Alisa's words stirring an even greater blush onto the girl's cheeks while she shook her head lightly. "I'm not a lecherous lady! I'm an umm... just someone who appreciates soft pillows to snuggle into." She whispered the last bit bashfully, causing a few chuckles from among the other attendants at the party, some of them quite understanding what there was to appreciate about such matters.

However, Liana's angry response made her drop her shoulders lightly, similar to a scolded puppy while Agni barked at her in response, almost as if he was agreeing with the idea Liana would propose.

"I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean to upset you Lia..."

She lowered her head a little as the last remark was said, for some reason imagining a rather questionable scene to unfold while Liana had her tied up to the bed... that would have been quite bad indeed! but at the same time...

"Does that mean you would be staying with me the whole night then?"

a little whisper followed at the last bit, revealing that despite her age Esperia did have a certain childishness to her!

A few rushed footsteps, tiny in distance were made till she stopped right before Liana and looked up at her, the fidgeting and nervousness in her expression clearly betraying she was not feeling comfortable with Liana's grumpy and upset mood.

"You're umm... not mad at me, right? I-I mean if you want to get revenge I'd understand. Although I don't have as much to squeeze compared to you..." Her gaze lowered at her chest as she pouted briefly while Agni barked playfully in response, raising a paw to Liana as if to tell her she could squeeze it instead if she wanted to. that would make a fair trade, right?!

#14Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:53 am


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The gentle frills highlighted Alisa's natural perk and full roundness, and the patches of see through, stocking-like fabric delivered a coup de grace - ensuring someone like Esperia could never look away so long as Alisa didn't want her to - while her cool but piercing ruby gaze deterred it. Which would be prove strongest? Shame or lust? She didn't specifically thrive on this sense of control, but she'd by lying if she said she didn't enjoy using it against perverts. Once she got caught the first time, she tensed, then blushed almost bashfully, not daring to look down again so long as the Pegasus had her eyes firmly locked on hers...

"Hmmmm~", she hummed melodically, her smirk widening into a playful smile before she finally raised back upright, flipped her head behind her, and took a lick of her lollipop, "Is that so~?", before placing it back in her mouth, leaving only the white stick visible past the pillowy red of her lips.

Despite that blatant, almost comical obscenity, Esperia too had a certain cuteness to her, just like her best friend. Even her choice of word for breasts felt almost adorable, especially when compared with the 'melons' or 'bazongas' that came out of some dumbasses' mouth... And made Alisa want to kick them in the jaw if they were dumb enough to use them next to a woman. After stewing in embarassment and frustration, and with retaliation spurred by the tall woman, Liana finally snapped and walked off, threatening to tie Esperia to the bed next time. Raising an eyebrow and scratching her temple, she was just about to mention how the little pervert might actually like the punishment, but the heterochromiac promptly beat her to it, albeit with a whisper so low Alisa could barely hear it.

Thus she simple regaled her eyes with the adorable sight, crouching down and feeding her equally interested Litwick a piece of candy, then running a hands down her dress, smoothing it out as she stood back up:

"Fufufu~ You two really really are interesting.", Alisa chuckled once more, then drunk a bit more punch, her face lit up with visible delight at the pervy girl's antics and the gentle girl's annoyance, not missing yet another opportunity to throw in a playful tease, "Though you really should be nicer to your girlfriend, Esperia~"

That decided it. Alisa had a feeling these two would feel right at home in Blue Pegasus, for they were both beautiful with the potential to grow even more so. And no, not grow how the lewd might expect, but considering their young age, that possibility defenitely existed too... Looking at them, the crystal carver saw them both as diamonds in the rough, but unlike the gemstones she herself worked on, they'd have to do the sculpting themselves.

What they sought to become as they bettered themselves, was nobody's choice but their own.

As she eyed the two with visible interest, rubbing her chin, raising her brow, Alisa wondered how to go about this. No matter how cute they looked, she wouldn't really invite people to her guild without getting to know them first. Which established the first order of business: Refilling her punch.

Second order of business, wait to see if Liana would forgive her perverted friend, otherwise she'd obviously need a different plan. After these two things, she'd speak up again:

"In any case, shall we go look around the party?", she'd suggest, walking back up to the two and resting the idle on Liana's shoulder, her lips drawing into an amused smirk, "Stay here any longer and people might think we're hogging all the punch~"

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:25 am

It wasn't obviously going to be easy to cure the now annoyed state of mind that had been forced upon someone like Liana. One thing is doing it in private, with no one able to see, which would still irritate the young Sylvaine some. But another thing was doing it around other people, especially in front of someone the two girls had just met, which is already surpassing the limits and by a far extent.

Either way, it was not much of a tragedy. Additionally, Esperia was indeed her friend, perhaps even best friend, and one that she had just recently reunited with after so many years. A final, long sip is taken, most likely enough to finish up the first cup of punch. Those dark grayish orbs of hers roll away once the Eisenberg appeared to seek forgiveness in the form of allowing Liana to do the exact same to her.

A faint sigh escapes her lips, and then a light shake of her head is made before she responded, now almost forcefully setting her sights on her friend's own.

"No, I'm not mad at you... And I don't need to get revenge. It's whatever. Just don't do that again..."

Followed by it came a whisper of her own, her eyes rolling away momentarily once more.

"... At least not in front of so many people..."

Eventually, her attention is reverted up at Alisa, a light pout still visible, specifically aimed at the older woman herself after she had teased about both being a couple. "H-Hey! We are not that! Just friends..." She states in a bit of an embarrassing tone.

Ultimately, she'd nod at what the female Vollan would suggest next, staring down all the while, appearing to be still getting over what had just happened.

Luckily she was already blushing from the previous shameful happening or the others would most likely notice Liana was already growing somewhat tipsy.

It promised to be a long night.
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on Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:55 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

the response that came from Liana initially made Esperia drop her shoulders in dejection, believing her friend had indeed been quite upset about the event that had unfolded just now. However, the soft whisper that followed afterward had an entirely opposite effect, her cheeks flushing up to a scarlet hue as she awkwardly turned her gaze away. So it would have been fine if nobody else was around? The little Growlithe raised a paw at the flustered girl as if he wanted to give her a high-five but Esperia decided to simply pet the beast's head.

However, when Alisa remarked about her having to be nicer to her girlfriend another jolt ran across Esperia's body, feeling her heart skip a beat at the words that were used before the girl bashfully nodded her head in response. "Mhmm, we're best friends!" Yet the swift rejection of the statement by Liana did sting a little, yet for the time being she ignored the feeling in preference for following Alisa's suggestion to accompany her to the party.

Still, there was a certain awkwardness that the girl felt after her actions, her gaze drifting away from the duo and lingering at Agni who was happily trailing after Alisa and her magical companion.

We're just friends... It was a true statement, even if she considered Liana her best friend, it was just that... then why in the world did that denial just now sting so strongly? The question haunted her a little, perhaps because the answer to her was yet to be found. Still, every now and then she shot a glimpse at Liana, as if she thought she could discover the meaning of that question by looking at her, but to no avail... no answer came, only a light beat of her heart, and yet this time she was prepared to be careful about looking at Alisa, in the end, that Pillowmancer was a dangerous foe to face!

"What is it that I want..." a soft mumble escaped her lips while she tried to recall the answer to that rather simplistic question, but perhaps the punch had been clouding her thoughts from the solution, instead leaving only a pouting Esperia to trail behind the duo.

#17Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:51 pm


WORDS: 400 | TAG: @Liana | CLOTHES

Alisa wondered if there was something she could do to help these two, at least, more than what joining Blue Pegasus could help them, just as it helped her. And it had helped Alisa a great deal, taking an angry, hateful and vengeful teenager and turning her into a cool and stunning, open minded beauty. She too drunk a good bit more of her glass of punch, wondering if she'd need to help the two make peace. But it appeared not. Liana forgave her friend somewhat easily, without needing to get payback, and even mumbling something that made the previously saddened Esperia tense in what felt more like bashful joy than anything else. A perky mood that didn't really last long following the short haired girl's rather adorable, flustered refusal.

A sight that only made the Pegasus giggle as she realized:  "You sure look like it~", she'd concur, winking at the pair. Yup, they'd be alright, with or without her help.

Liana far more easily than Esperia though, who simply frowned and followed around behind them with a sullemn look on her face. She didn't look too happy at what just happened, though Alisa had a nudging feeling she cared more about Liana's response to Alisa's previous teasing than her own pervy antics. More importantly, she appeared to be deep in though, and knew better than interrupt someone doing so, not when she herself did it often enough.

"So what brings you two to Baska?"
, inquired Alisa, gazing curiously at Liana. Owing to her endurance, it would take her a bit longer than the slightly shorter girl to get truly tipsy, but she'd get there, in time. Inbetween looking at the girl standing next to her, she'd shoot a cursory glance at the shorter one behind them, wondering if she and her companion were still following, and then move one finger up to her glossy lip, gazing upwards into the starlit sky, "Were you also drawn in by that A-rank mission, I wonder?"

Meanwhile, she lead them through the poorly lit train station. The party venue itself had been decorated with faint, ghostly jack o lanterns to light the way, but as they left the main abadoned railroad tracks, the lights grew dimmer. They could still somewhat tell whether or not they weren't heading somewhere they shouldn't, but as the way grew darker, Lumen would move on ahead and screech, lighting the way before them.

Lumen Spell used: Ferryman's little light

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:17 pm

There was no need to press on the same subject. The young Sylvaine didn't exactly look back at Esperia to notice the deep in thought expressions she was making, only the fact she had gone silent that made Liana realize that perhaps her words weren't the best and it may have somewhat harmed the other girl's feelings. Perhaps whatever else the night had in store for them could soothe any negative emotions.

She indeed walked by Alisa's side, still holding that same empty cup in one of her hands while staring forth and around a couple of times, studying more of the party and its assets. Of course, there was still that lingering thought of what had just happened before, nagging at her at every five seconds which passed by, therefore, for that while, the only one that would talk the most would be the oldest-looking of the group.

"I... I'm just kind of an explorer. I travel around Fiore, mostly exploring natural places like forests and everything. Discovering new plants, new species."

While normally Liana would be curious about what 'A-rank' mission Alisa could be talking about, she didn't question, only adding the rest of her reasoning afterwards.

"Then I found Esperia. It's a long story, but we both hail from North Fiore. We met five years ago, though we were unable to spend much time together due to circumstances, so from that day, I promised I would find her again and that we could go on adventures together. So we reunited here, in Baska, a few days ago. It's been a long time since I've seen her."

The girl briefly looks over her shoulder at her friend most likely still trailing behind both. But it didn't last too long, as her attention is eventually reverted forth, the moment Lumen had lit up the way for them. A hand extends out to Alisa, the one holding her cup, looking up at the woman as she visually requested more punch. Liana really wasn't holding back, hm?
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on Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:38 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Despite the fact she had been trailing behind the two of them not a single word was spoken by the young Eisenberg, instead her mind being occupied by the thoughts that haunted her. However, it was also at that time she started to slowly recall something: she didn’t like parties that much. Even during the festivities in the Elestia tribe Esperia had always kept to herself, so why in the world had she thought that she could do it differently this time? A whisper followed, making the Growlithe nod his head in response as he continued to trail after the duo, but by the time Alisa and Liana turned to look behind them the girl had already disappeared.

Instead, she had wandered along the dimly lit path, not entirely sure of her destination. Why had she been traveling? At one point she would have said it was in order to find answers and get revenge, but then something happened that made her decide a different course of action. She wanted to just explore the world at Liana’s side, to be able to enjoy that warmth that surrounded the girl, the one that kept the dark thoughts and feelings at bay.

Another sip of the punch followed as she found herself wandering deeper into the darkness, a soft sigh escaping her lips as she realized the answer behind the thoughts that occupied her mind: When did Liana become so important to her? And why exactly did she held such an importance to the young Eisenberg?

The teasing remark spoken by Alisa made Esperia’s cheeks flush up lightly as she shook her head violently. No, that couldn’t be the answer, in the end surely Liana wouldn’t see her as that. Another sip followed as she found the goblet of punch drowned, and gazing at her surroundings the girl realized one peculiar problem: she thought she had been going back toward the town, but instead got horribly lost in the darkness!

Meanwhile, Agni was still trailing the duo, keeping the one request in mind that Esperia had asked of him. Yet he couldn’t help but let out a little bark to try to draw the duo’s attention.

#20Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:03 pm


WORDS: 500 | TAG: @Liana, Esperia | CLOTHES

"Sounds like quite an adventurous life. Imagine you must know a fair bit of magic to fearlessly brave these lands alone...", she inquired without really questioning, gazing up into the sky once again. She wondered how Finn was doing, as he was one of the few people he knew who favored such a life without having ever taken up any kind of magic. She wound up folding her arms behind her back, and looked back at the slightly shorter girl.

She kept her eyes and eers peeled, pushing aside the (hopefully) fake cobwebs to clear a path inbetween the idle train carts. Alisa thought she'd been paying close attention to Esperia, but ultimately Liana had captured her attention easily enough, regaling the delighted Pegasus with tales of her history as an explorer, travelling around and seeing the land. She raised an eyebrow at the piece of information that soon followed, when the girl explained she too come from Northern Fiore, as did Esperia:

"Oho, you're also Northerners huh~?", she pointed out and questioned all in one, lips widening at the delectable knowledge of meeting someone used to the same weather conditions as she was. Indeed, no matter how hard the chilly winds blowed tonight, Alisa never seemed to flinch at all, hinting at someone who'd grown up used to the cold. Like herself, she had yet to see any discomfort in any of the other two girls either, "Even for loners, it's often far more fun to adventure with a single other person...", she'd eventually point out, before letting out a giggle as she shared some of her punch with Liana, pouring it from her cup into the girl's empty one, "Don't drink too much you hear?"

In vino veritas...

Everyone knows how alcohol makes one truthful, even to themselves... Inexperienced drinkers might miss this little fact, but Alisa had been drinking long enough to expect it. And as she talked about her friend, Alisa in turn also felt her tongue loosenight further, so much as to lay that caring but piercing ruby gaze into Liara's eyes, taking another sip of wine, then asking the question that kept lingering around her mind:

"...You like her, do you not?", inquired Alisa with a self assured tone, that straight forward frankness the girls might have already realized she had. It was more of a weakness than a strength all things considered, and it too the girl actually trying to bluff someone to be able to withhold information to her advantage...

And even then she could very early slip up and wind up saying more than she should. Not this time though, Alisa was genuinely curious about

what Liana might answer, and she was pretty much already convinced of the real answer. The only question in her mind was whether Liara might be

able to acknowledge this with Esperia out of earshot. Whether she might acknowledge it to herself... This could perhaps be the one help Alisa

could give these two.

But perhaps not the only one. In the silence that followed Liara answering or ignoring her question, she'd finally hear Esperia's friend barking, and look back... Only to gasp when she noticed Esperia was no where to be found, head turning left, then right, then shifting her torso around. She was nowhere to be found!!

"Where did she go?", she'd ask the dog under the sheet, knowing its sense of smell might be the key to finding the missing girl

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:13 pm

Liana was indeed one of those lucky people who were able to explore Fiore so far without even the need to know magic. It's not like she explored a lot, only a few parts of North Fiore and only recently has the girl decided to travel over to the East. It has not even been two years since she was allowed to start an adventure on her own, therefore the young Sylvaine isn't yet in much danger.

A shake of  her head is given up at Alisa once that comment was made.

"I don't really know any magic, neither have I tried to learn. It's something I plan to do, but I haven't really found the right person to guide me into it."

She admits, now finally able to bring up a soft smile once she was able to flee from those nagging thoughts of what had happened just minutes ago. To the rest of the older woman's words, the late teenager nods her head until she took notice of Alisa pouring some of her punch on her cup. It surprised her a little, but she didn't comment anything on it, only carefully guiding the rim to her lips and downing another light sip. If she was going to be drinking this whole second round, then surely would one easily be able to see the way she walked growing more and more wobbly-looking.

"I-I won't. Just this one..."

The girl responds, her voice already slurry and getting softer.

And then came the question which caught her even more off guard. Her eyes widen for that second, the subject of the conversation returning to Esperia. Due to that, she didn't even dare to look behind, little knowing her friend had decided to drive herself away from the group. With the cup in hand and whilst walking by Alisa's side, she stared down, producing a gentle sigh before finally responding.

"I like her... As a great friend, as my best friend even... As an eternal companion. The first day I met her, I almost instantly wanted to make her a partner to cherish life with, to enjoy every moment with, to go on adventures with, to explore the world with and to learn along the way. But..."

She pauses for a moment to take another light sip, adding afterwards. "... It's complicated... I think she, herself, has already grown feelings for me, but... Those 'feelings' are still something I don't understand. The only witness I have of them was of my parents and not even them dared to teach me about intimate passion like that. Right now, the only thing I love the most in this world is nature."

At the end, she concludes, now in a more sure tone.

"I like Esperia. As the best person and friend I've ever met."

Romance was something still very unknown to someone like Liana. No one has ever taught her about it. If she could ever say she 'loves' someone or something, it is the green she grew up in. The forests. The forests are a second home to her.

Eventually, along with Alisa, she would finally be able to catch hearing of Agni's barking. After the former had turned around, she did the same, equally noticing Esperia had truly vanished. A concerned expression instantly overtook her features as she rapidly looked around and then crouched over in front of her friend's canine pet.

"Agni, where did she go...?!"

At night was the worst of times for the Eisenberg to disappear. After everything she was told by her, to not wander out alone during such a time of the day, the worry which mixed in with the rest of Liana's emotions was clearly at its highest grade.
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on Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:21 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

What does it mean to love someone? It was a question that plagued Esperia’s thoughts as she found herself drifting in the darkness. Just as Liana had expressed her unfamiliarity with those feelings to Alisa, so did Esperia lack experience with them, and perhaps it was exactly that what terrified her so. Fear of the unknown, she was afraid of discovering what those feelings meant, but she was just as afraid of losing the current bond she held with Liana, one that was so precious to her. Then there was also the indescribable frightening feeling of waiting. In the end, she wasn’t the only person in the world… what if someone else appeared and swept Liana off her feet? The thought horrified her, to the point she found her arms wrapping lightly around herself and tears gathering in her eyes.

She was never fond of the night, partly due to her upbringing and the sacred duty of her household, but even more so because tonight it made her realize how lonely she felt, even among such wonderful company. Meanwhile as the two young ladies realized Esperia’s absence Agni barked in response, as if he was saying ‘geez! Took you long enough!’ but soon when the worried Liana crouched down before him the canine barked once more and nodded his head in acknowledgment: it seemed his duty had changed from protecting Liana to finding Esperia!

A sniff in the air followed as he seemingly caught her trail, darting off the path and toward what appeared to be a part of the railways were an unused train wagon was left on an unused rail. A peek inside would have confirmed a small figure was seated in one of the wagons, a soft sobbing noise coming from her while at the same time Agni prodded the back of Liana’s leg with her nose as if to nudge her onwards.

#23Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:23 am


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"Hmmm, I could help you with that, if you're interested...", Alisa pointed out, smirking in reassuring confidence as she nodded and crossed her one arm under her chest, hefting her generous bust just as she proceeded to give her slightly shorter acquaintance the refill she requested.

She giggled playfully at the girl's answer. 'Just one more' she said... Spoken like a true drunkard. Then again, northerners like them tend to drink a lot; one might assume that to be a simple stereotype, but after spending some time there one would soon find how it proved often proved to be true. It wasn't even surprising, not when alcohol had this way of warming one's blood, helping turn even the harshest of cold weather a little more bearable. But then the conversation took a turn for the serious.

The experienced sculptress paid close attention to her clearly inexperienced companion, smile widening warmly as she noted how her words sounded like those spoken by a maiden in love... That said, the words she spoke next suggested not a girl in denial of her own feelings, but simply someone who likely didn't know better:

"Would you be okay with someone else seducing her though? With her having only eyes for someone who isn't you?", Alisa would question right back, careful and quizzically watching the reaction on Liana's face as she did, "I sincerely doubt any beautiful girl would struggle doing so, and Esperia is quite pretty herself. That possibility is quite real, and I don't see the current situation lasting for much longer."

Of course, Alisa wasn't the type to chase, and though she found both of these girls pretty cute, she had no intention of pursuing either of them for her mind was preoccupied with another. Yet once Liana inevitably looked at her, the thought would undoubtedly cross her mind. If the tall sculptress did tried seducing the girl, how long it take her? Probably not very long... She had the opposite goal at this time: Help these two along not towards a relationship - which was entirely up to them - but rather a healthy understanding of the other's feelings.

However, despite her inexperience, Liara did have a pretty good idea of her close friend's feelings, in a way many her situation might never achieve:

"You're not quite as dense as I thought you might be, that's good... On the other hand, she's the type who would rather fondle your breasts than talk about her feelings...", Alisa took a sip from her punch, with a look on her face that looked almost contemplative. But the words that followed were anything but, a tone completely devoid of doubt, "You don't need to know about passion, but merely be open to love. Everything else should just come naturally, no need to force it or anything~ But in the end, you're the only one who can put a leash on that little pervert~"

Another giggle left her lips at this last part, butbetween this point and letting the disguised dog lead them to his partner, no more than a few minutes would have passed. It appeared Esperia hadn't gone far, and merely sought refuge inside an abandoned carriage. But you can't be too careful. Alisa narrowed her eyes, a focused look on her face as she raised one hand in Liana's path, preventing her from rushing in blindly:


Suddenly tapping her heel produced a rather distinctive sound, and as she did so, channeled her mana through her skin. By turning it crystalline, her already impressive sense of touch reached a whole new level, capable of sensing vibrations all around her. Vibrations such as those created by her own heel, which travelled all around them, scanned the whole carriage, then returned to her. Alisa closed her eyes, further heightening her sensitivity and allowing her to grasp whether or not Esperia was truly inside.

Used 100 Mana:

Name: Geomancy
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Crystal Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A (Crystal)
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: By tapping her heel, Alisa covers the topmost layer of her skin and clothes to a crystallized version, which lets her use its hypersensitivity to vibration as basic a sixth sense. To the user, it feels like a hybrid between hearing and touch. Faster moving opponents emit more vibrations, making them easier to sense, while opponents further away mean those vibrations get dimmer and harder to detect. This seismic sense naturally filters down excessively powerful vibrations (such as earthquakes), preventing Alisa from being "blinded" by the sensory overload.

"She's defenitely in there...", spoke Alisa, opening her eyes, visibly sure of what she was saying had she been able to confirm it. Between the clack of her heel and the faint but noticeable coat of crystal shimmering over her skin, anybody could tell she had activated a spell. With this, her look softened once more as she looked at Liana and nodded resolutely, "You should be the one to find her, alone. Take Lumen with you, she'll shine a light on the darkness."

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:58 pm

The offer to learn about magic from someone as seemingly experienced as Alisa was quite tempting. Liana didn't truly respond to the older woman with words, though a single nod she did deliver, hopefully enough to be understood as a positive response towards the willingness demonstrated by Alisa to help the young Sylvaine in a scene that might as well be very useful to the late teenager in the near future.

Upon her cup being refilled with more punch, more light sips are taken. It's obvious that, at this point, the effects have grown stronger, where Liana's eyes slowly grow more tired and her walking isn't as steady and linear as it was before. She didn't yet look like a complete drunktard, though she was getting closer. Yet, she was in a state where she could still properly understand and respond to whatever the Vollan said or questioned.

"I'd probably make sure whoever was seducing her, was not seducing her only with lust, but also with love. I... I don't think I'd mind much if she found someone herself that wouldn't be me. I can't force her to anything and I would at most be happy that she found the right person for her. As long as she would also be happy about it, then I would be happy for her as well."

Liana stated with whatever little knowledge she had about the subject. Of course, just as she expected and while taking the last sips from that cup of punch, Alisa would come with more questions. More words, seemingly trying to get into the young Sylvaine's still innocent thoughts.

"I guess... I guess it's just as you say. I'll be open to love, but so far I only consider Esperia my best friend. Someone I'd like to be with, go on adventures with and cherish all of those moments with. I already said this before, didn't I? That's all I want. I want nothing else." After those words, a single light giggle escaped her parted lips, probably more proof that she was truly growing more and more tipsy. Though, at the same time, it also came from a thought that had suddenly flashed in her mind.

"She's my little adorable and precious pervy friend. And I'd be even willing to give away my life for her."

A couple more minutes forward and the two ended up being guided by Agni to where Esperia had gone to. Either that, or taken. There were many possibilities. Of course, Liana wasn't going to hesitate stepping forward, moving in the direction of that single abandoned wagon, though Alisa did stop her in time. "What are y--..." And then she noticed, she witnessed, she observed, the first demonstration of magic made by the older woman. Saying she was somewhat fascinated wouldn't be far from the truth. Though, it wasn't a long one.

At the end of it and fairly enough, Alisa had suggested for Liana herself to find the Eisenberg. Alone. Or well, with the help of Lumen. And with only a nod offered in the female Vollan's direction, she proceeds to walk towards the desired destination. Towards the entrance of the wagon.

A peek was done to the inside and not long after that, the young Sylvaine could already catch hearing of the sobbing. Almost immediately, her steps eventually brought her inside, pushing away anything blocking her path.


With Lumen to light things up, those dark grayish orbs of hers eventually fixate on a seated Esperia, keeping her distance but lowering down enough to be at par with her friend's height whilst in that stance. A tilt of her head is made, the girl trying to find the other's own eyes, before speaking once more.

"... Are you crying?"
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on Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:33 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was a familiar voice, yet she didn’t respond to it right away. Her gaze remained lowered, her small arms wrapped around her frame as she sobbed. If she had time she might had been able to put up a mask, to force a smile and say everything was alright, but what would that do? It wouldn’t take away those feelings that threatened to tear her apart, the only way to deal with those emotions was to confront them, and that meant… confronting Liana. Her gaze lifted upwards a little, the dimly lit wagon revealing her face, how tears coated her cheeks, running down like small streams as she tried her best to control the little sobs, but to no avail.


When was it that she started to think this way? When was it that she started to feel like this? A feeble nod came from the girl as she finally started speaking, her voice shaking among little hiccups of her sobs. “Why...”

A single word was uttered as the tears continued to flow, and while the Growlithe remained at a little distance from the duo he remained watchful as ever while Esperia continued. “Why did it all change?” What changed? At first, it might had sounded like a confusing statement for the girl to make, but soon it would become clear what she was referring to. “You used to be my sunflower...” A sob followed as the past tense of the line the girl was so fond of using must have felt a bit odd, but then it continued.

“But now you feel more like the sun… you’re so warm, and yet at the same time you burn and remain out of reach.” sobbing softly as she looked down at her hands, feeling them shaking lightly on her lap. “And it scares me, that no matter how much I try, you’ll remain just a few steps too far, or someone else...” she couldn’t finish the sentence, the thought alone already horrified her too much.

“All those years I waited for us to meet again, for you to take my hand and keep me at your side forever.” But when was it that she wanted her role at Liana’s side to change into something even more? She finally lifted her gaze to settle onto Liana’s own. “I didn’t just want to travel alongside you… I...” she paused for a moment, struggling to express the words a certain child had wanted to say that day. “Ever since you saved me that day I loved and admired you so immensely!”

Her body trembled lightly, a mixture of feelings overwhelming her. “I thought… just being at your side would be enough, enough to vanquish that emptiness that night left, but now my heart is being selfish in the most terrifying way I ever felt.”

A short pause followed, her gaze settling deeply onto Liana’s own eyes as she finally expressed the feelings that had been buried so deeply in her chest. “I love you Lia… much more than anything or anyone else in this world, and wanted to explore those feelings together…”

But to know that those feelings were formed out of an unrequited love was too tragic for the girl, and perhaps that had led to her disappearance. “I...” she didn’t want to experience it, the feeling of being rejected, but what would hurt the most? The rejection and the consequences behind it, or the silent suffering as she hid those emotions till it was too late? Only time would tell what the end result of tonight’s events would lead to.

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