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Remember me? [Odin & Nas]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

on Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:42 am

The woman in the woods was followed by a white fluffly walking cloud, that's the only way how people could see Nastasya coming, no one would be so stupid to walk into Aldenwald if they had nothing better to do. Most people wouldn't show up but she wasn't afraid, she was hungry. The lycans left her alone as well as the ghost and she grinned looking for the random human that would be here to get her food. She was so hungry, she had noticed in her sane hours that she was focused to much on eating blood and that made her find too much people to drink blood from and most of all she was always drinknig too much and kill them in an accident. You could more or less say she was addicted, which was very interesting; considering the first time she bit someone she had been crying all night.

There weren't many people here for obvious reason but she had already found a prey and was walking softly behind him, making no noise, Victoire remained further in the back until Nas would have grabbed the victim and hold her hand in front of the person's mouth and sink her teeth in his neck. It was a really satisfied feeling to be drinking blood, people would simply not understand. When she was done, she would simply let go off the body and stare at it at the ground, this was the first time she really looked at the person but shrugged, she licked her lips clean of blood; oh well it was too late anyway to safe him.


on Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:23 am

The forests of the Aldenwald, the roaming, and feeding, ground for the lycans and vampires of Dahlia, and also the site of many of their numerous feuds over the millennia they had existed, or however long it had been. Any normal person would think twice before entering, of fear that they get mauled by a lycan, fed on by a vampire, or turned by either one of them. However, there was one unique thing about the Grimoire Heart mage that now wandered through these forests. For a lycan to devour their prey, they needed skin to feast upon. For a vampire to sate their blood lust, they needed flowing blood. But this Lich, this skeleton being of darkness called Odin, he was lacking in both of those departments, having been reduced to mere bone, and yet having evolved beyond what normal humans could achieve.

And yet, he was still fascinated by these primal urges, causing him to follow the smell -as all his senses still worked as previous- of blood as it lingered in the air. Someone, a vampire more likely than a lycan, had just fed. There was no stench of death, yet Odin could almost taste the blood himself, a metallic taste that no one could draw from him. Arriving at the source would cause the Lich to raise and eyebrow, or at least feel the puzzled emotion as he was incapable of raising what he didn't have. He walked up to the vampire before him, stopping perhaps seven meters away from her. She was facing away from him, but her clothing, hair, and height gave away who it was, even though it had been months since her last appearance. A deep, hollow voice escaped the Lich's mouth and he spoke, reverberating throughout the entire forest, having finally found the only friend he had ever known.


#3Nastasya Crowe 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:36 am

She stepped over the body and turned to look at Victoire who looked and sniffed at the person she had just killed, "Don't touch that, it's disgusting." she said softly to her pet and she looked at it herself before she heard someone say her name behind her. At first she looked surprised but before she would turn her heel, she narrowed her eyes and prepared herself. She didn't recognize the voice. She turned around and didn't expect something like what she saw and she looked again quite surprised. "Who are you and why do you know my name?" She said, lying wouldn't help if this person knew her real name instead of Lilja.

Victoire looked around Nastasya as well but didn't seen to recognize the person as well. "And you are? Because I'm a hundred percent sure I would remember you." She said trying to make a teasing sound but she was still very aware that this person knew her real name and she absolutely didn't like that. She tried very hard to pretend like she didn't care, leaning a bit backwards into the nothing, she had to make sure that she would get out of this situation without too much trouble. Afterall there was a body lying behind her and maybe this person had noticed her fangs and the bitemark. Which would mean things for obvious reasons. Who knew, how to kill bones?


on Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:50 am

While of course Odin had recognised the fact that Nastasya wouldn't be able to recognise him, it was still a strange feeling to look into the eyes of someone you had once been close friends with, only for them to have no idea who you were, as she asked who Odin was, and how it was that he knew her name. That was an interesting proposition, as Odin knew multiple names of Nastasya, all the names she had used over the time he had known her. Lilja, Nastasya, Nats to some, and of course her monikers, given by Icarus when she joined Grimoire Heart. Originally she had been Shadow, much for the same reason that Odin had been Lucifer, that being the power of her magic. But she changed, gaining newfound magical powers and now being a vampire, that being confirmed by her blood soaked fangs, and the drained body lying behind her.

It was strange, too, that Victoire didn't recognise Odin, as the animal may have been able to recognise the scent of the dark mage. Perhaps Odin no longer gave off any scent, not from his body anyway. Being without flesh, without blood, it left little to be detected with the use of one's nose, another interesting application of Odin's new body. Putting that to the side for the moment, Nastasya did deserve an answer of sorts, although it was always fun to play a little first, as the hollow voice once more echoed throughout the otherwise deserted forest.

"Me? Nothing special, just your run of the mill vampire hunter, pleasure to make your acquaintance."

#5Nastasya Crowe 

on Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:07 pm

Nastasya leaned on her right leg and tilted her head to the right as well. She still had to be prepared but something was going very strange and she was too tired to fight, not considering food but just, ugh who liked fighting nowadays. The thing was that this.. creature, was that the best word? Well it did interest her and she glanced sideways at Victoire again who now stood next to her as her companion was interested as well.

She asked who he was and she got some answer that she didn't believe but she couldn't help but smile because actually it was funny.

"Well isn't that interesting. I didn't know we had a date? Can't also remember you, must be a very good first date.. I forgot to catch your name darling, can you say it again?"

With another look at Victoire she told her companion without words that she needed to be prepared for anything, even if this guy was a Vampire Hunter it couldn't be so difficult with her name, afterall.. they figured out with her house and kicked her out.

"I hope you wouldn't mind but I'm awfully busy as you see." she pointed at the body, "I think I would have to cancel this date or appointment or whatever you want to call it. But you can bring this one home, be a hero and all, would people accept that?"

The last was more a reference to what this person looked like but she took a few steps backwards to get away from the so called hunter. She still wasn't sure if it was true but who would risk their skin.


on Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:16 pm

It had been a long time since Odin had last spoken to Nastasya, last heard her sarcastic tone of voice, and damn it felt refreshing to hear it once more, even if she was directing it all towards him at this moment. Honestly, her comments caused the Lich to chuckle slightly, a low, hollow laugh that even he wasn't completely accustomed to. It sounded a lot more evil than was ever intended, but gaining a new voice was the least of Odin's new abilities, as he was literally a skeleton now, that being without flesh or blood, only bone.

Odin was content to let her speak, his unmoved skull betraying no emotion: a feat that was much easier without the worry of twitches or anything of the sort. If Odin showed emotion, he had to physically move his skull, something that wouldn't happen involuntarily. He waited until she spoke about him being a hero, if he instead brought the body back instead of attacking her. Honestly, Odin decided at that point to stop with his facade, and allow Nastasya to know who he was, who he once was at least.

"A hero? Not my style honestly. I'm just a humble bartender after all, and occasionally your guild mate, although it's been a while."

#7Nastasya Crowe 

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:38 am

Nastasya heard the.. chuckle if you could call it that and she raised an eyebrow. She had no idea what was so funny, this was her normal way of talking after all and she certainly had not expected this.. well vampire hunter to laugh about it. Victoire her ears lowered as she pushed them back and Nasty only nodded. Before she turned her red eyes back towards the skeleton. Which was a very weird way to think about someone.

She gave him the option to bring back this body and leave her alone, that's when he replied to her, saying he was a humble bartender and she frowned, opening her mouth to comment immediately, he had just said! See she couldn't trust.. oh.. She tilted her head a little to the left but changed it to tilt to the right and in the mean time looking very confused, "Odin?"

Well things certainly had changed the last couple of months, half a year or whatever long time it had been, "Is it weird to say you look good? Healthy?" she said again with this sarcastic tone but she was smiling friendly, "It is nice to see you again after I disappeared off the radar, isn't it?" Victoire eased as well since it seemed that Nas was calming down, "Don't mind my curiousity, I mean you probably wondered what happened to me but boy what happened to you?" She didn't call him a boy, it was more this surprised thing to say because he didn't even look human anymore, and here she had complained months ago about turning into a vampire.


on Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:47 am

The surprise and curiosity were both evident on Nastasya's face, and of course they were. Her former partner in crime and guild mate had just appeared out of nowhere, with his skin gone and a hollow skeleton being all that remained of his body. It was natural to be confused about the entire situation, but Nastasya seemed to not even be able to believe it, questioning if Odin was who he said he was. The Lich simply gave an amused nod to confirm that he was indeed who she was beginning to know he was.

It was then that Nastasya spoke about Odin's transformation, saying that he looked healthy, potentially the least accurate adjective she could've used, but yet still fitting for the dark mage. Odin had given up his body, but he had gained great power from it, and he was capable of doing so many things he had previously been unable to achieve, such as his undeniable mastery over darkness magic. Her tone was still one of sarcasm, but her smile was friendlier, as she said that it was nice to see him again after all the time she'd been away.

Nastasya then, obviously, asked the question. The one anyone and everyone would ask once they knew Odin was Odin. What the hell caused this change. Honestly, the details were between Odin and Lucifer, and not something anyone needed to know about, but the short story was what he would give her.

"I paid the necessary price for great strength, and it's Grimm now, Lucifer is dead, and Odin is no more."

#9Nastasya Crowe 

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:20 pm

She wondered how long it was that she had seen Odin, or well Grimm. She should have to print that in her mind as names were never her specialty and after this episode; it was even worse. But she would try and it would perhaps work because she considered him as a friend or she used to, she didn't know exactly what she thought about it now. It wasn't because she had not seen him in a long time or because he changed into a walking skeleton, it was her own doing. Was she human enough still to consider friends? It was sure easier that he had no flowing blood to distract her from conversations and the like.

She couldn't help but to ask what happened, it was probably the first question that everyone would ask him, but than again the change was obvious, he should better get used to it. For the first time she wondered how the others were, Yumi, Caius.. Erebus. Her friendly and open expressioned changed for a second into something angry, her eyes glowing, but she quickly restored her face, not smiling, just looking neutral as a porcelain doll. The first time she tried this night, it wasn't necessary but she had to think about something else. "A price indeed but it sounds interesting considering the strength." as if she was to judge him, it was obviously his own choice and she hoped for some reason, that he understood she would definitely not judge him. "I shall try to remember. In case we meet again." Would that be possible? For some reason that were unknown to her and for the first time in awhile, she wouldn't mind contact with another person as she had been alone for so long.


on Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:32 am

Nastasya may have felt too far gone to have some a human thing as friends, unbeknownst to Odin, but then what did that make him? The question had flowed through the dark mage's mind for many hours after his transformation, and it still plagued him even now, even after he had grown more accustomed to the change, and to his new form. He was no longer human, that much was obvious, but some might say it was too obvious. Nastasya was a vampire, but other than the need to feed and lust for blood, there was no way to distinguish her from any other normal human. There were many like that, non-humans who still looked the part, and then there was Odin. There was no hiding what he had become, and who he now was, and it was something that the world would soon know to fear. He was going to become the boogieman: a scary story parents told their naughty children. He was what he was, but he wouldn't be able to hide it as easily as his guild mate, who commented on the price becoming a Lich had cost, but also noting the power it had provided. Overall, Odin felt it a worthy trade.

"Unless you plan to disappear again, I believe we will be seeing much of one another. Some of us met up in Hargeon after what happened: myself, Yuni and another. The guild is failing Nastasya, and it is time we gained the power worthy of the strongest force in Fiore. That is why this change occurred. To serve the guild, and my own purpose, I needed power, no matter the cost. We must all be willing to make sacrifices to gain strength. After all, this is only the first step."

#11Nastasya Crowe 

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:00 am

She wasn't sure, not entirely about what she would be able to do and what to take, that's why she had made an attempt to remember the name Grimm. She was sure she would mostly see him as Odin, which was weird because he absolutely didn't look the part of her old friend. She turned her eyes from Victoire to Odin. Meeting him more often? "That sure sounds interesting. I wonder if Icarus will accept me like this." But that was a half attempt to joke it away that she was gone for so long. She didn't want to tell, he didn't need to know.

She eyed him even more Yumi, Caius and who more, she simply looked away. She was absolutely willing to sacrifice for gerater strength, but she would want to keep sane. That wasn't much too ask right? "I wouldn't mind to return or so to call it since I never left. I just had a few things to take care off, unfortunately it took longer than I thought." It wasn't only that, it was trying to find answers to her own sanity, thank god she still had not killed off Victoire but who knows how long that would take, she couldn't simply go and attack her fellow guildmembers. Besides that it was rude it would also mean she would die.

"Are there any plans now? I don't think there is much I can do apart from again training myself, which doesn't sound like a bad plan."


on Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:11 am

"As long as you stay strong and don't fall behind too much, you'll be fine."

Perhaps it was because of how much he'd changed, perhaps it was because of the things he had seen, but Odin had become much more serious since turning from human to undead. He still understood humour, and could still take and give a joke, but something had changed within him, his personality had changed slightly. Also the mention of Icarus always, for reasons unknown, changed the mood for Odin. The man was shrouded in mystery, and known only as the enforcer of the guild master's will, a man who was even more of an enigma than his soldier.

Nastasya said she had her reasons for being away for as long as she had been, giving indication that she didn't want to get into it if she could avoid the topic. Respecting her wishes, Odin focussed on the other aspect of what she said: asking what the guild was currently doing, something both Odin and Yumi had discussed in detail during their stays in Hargeon. The guild was becoming weaker, the failed attack on Blue Pegasus proved this. Sure, it had succeeded in some ways, but Odin had failed in his fight, and so he had needed to improve in every way he could, which had started with him giving up his soul, and relinquishing his old power for something new.

"Currently, training yourself is the only thing to be done. The older members: myself, Yuni, Black and probably you, are the only ones in charge of recruitment at this time, as Yuni wished to gain the strongest members that we could. Gain power for yourself and the guild, as I intend to myself."

#13Nastasya Crowe 

on Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:10 am

Ha, funny he said that. She believed that she wasn't get much stronger lately and that she was stuck in this loop of insane and sane and mostly that she had to clean up after her insane adventure. She wanted to sigh but decided against that and only nodded, "Well that was already on my agenda, so isn't that a good thing." She was still playing the sarcasm card, hiding perfectly behind it. She just didn't want to explain to anyone what was going, she didn't need any fight about her pity paty state and people complain that it was shit what she was doing. That was up to her, it was her life but she was sure that she needed to hurry up and get to the point that she was better than she used to be and that her sane part was stronger than the insane one. Fighting your fear was a difficult step in the process though.

She raised an eyebrow as Odin spoke about the recruitment of others, "Just curiousity but how does one recruit people if you can't tell people were are part of the Guild.." she almost slipped out the name but decided against it, you never knew who would eavesdrop on you even in this forest in Dahlia. "Besides that I think I should first work on getting better myself." she let it hang in the air as if she meant to get stronger but that wasn't the only thing.


on Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:18 am

Nastasya did enjoy masking her true agenda behind sarcasm, as Odin knew, but her plans to become stronger were all that he cared about. They, all the the guild, would have to improve. If Nastasya had her own reasons for wanting to become stronger, than that would simply drive her more than becoming strong because she was told too. Becoming stronger because you felt you had no other choice could make someone a force to be reckoned with. Odin knew that more than most, having used the same driving force to shed his mortal skin and become the Lich he now was. He had become stronger for a reason, not simply because it suited the guild's agenda. He had become a being of death, and he was ready to exact his revenge upon all those who had defeated him in life. But first, he needed more power. He had gained a glimpse of what he could become, but his journey was far from complete.

Her question caused a hollow laugh to once again leave Odin's skeletal mouth, as she was the second person to ask it, the first having been the Pandora girl that Odin had met during the last guild meeting. "Yuni answered that question rather well. Use your intuition, recruit them to the mindset of the guild, before introducing our true nature. Seek out people from other guilds, there are bound to be some who think like we do. That was the response."

She had the same opinion as Odin in that regard as well, although Odin had decided not to focus on recruitment because he had never viewed himself as one of the higher ranked guild members. If someone approached him who though like they did, he would recruit them, but he would not seek anyone out, rather choosing to focus on his own strength before adding to the guild's with another.

"I feel the same way. There is an old saying about quality over quantity. The guild needs both, but I imagine quality will always be the superior choice."

#15Nastasya Crowe 

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:06 am

It would be wonderful if she would be able to become stronger, mind you that wasn't only the strength in her arms and the power of her magic, her mind needed a good thing too. She had always been afraid of insanity, I don't understand why, a voice in her mind said, it was her own but it was mostly the one that loved being a vampire and killing innocent people for blood. Something Nasty didn't mind it was basically only focusing on that, which was what she minded. Being in Dahlia might be good, it gave her options to work with, especially if she tried the first job, it wouldn't be bad to do some more and earn some more jewels, respect and well possibily sanity.

Nas simply looked away from Odin and raised her eyebrow, use your intuition it made her almost laugh but she didn't as she respected Carnage a lot. "Well isn't that going to be fun. If I ever bump into someone, I will give them my number." Which was something she would probably never do, she had been close to telling two people now and they had betrayed her so she wasn't that well with intuition, "Have you ever done that before? Recruit someone I mean?" but her question was answered before that or well basically because Odin agreed with her wanting to work on himself first, "It would be nice to have such motivation, can't say I have. I really do want to become well cliche better but.." she hated how she talked like some cliche drama girl whose rich income had stopped, it did her manor was taken, "There just seems to be a lot going on." Her priority should be with the guild. She had left Phantom Lord, had been recruited based on someone's intuition and she should repay that by becoming a better fighter and use her magic for the better.


on Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:34 am

His guild mate looked away from him for a moment, before speaking to Odin, remarking that she would pass on her number to anyone that seemed interesting enough to join their ranks, which caused the Lich to smile, despite his face not showing it, as he mouth was stuck in a permanently smiling state. One of the 'perks' of being a completely skeletal figure, lacking in any muscle or flesh, just another one of those things he was getting used to. He had been granted newfound and awesome power, one that no one had wielded for a very long time, but man did it entail a lot of changes to the dark mage's life.

The question was then asked as to whether or not Odin had ever recruited someone to the guild, to which his answer was an easy one. He had never found anyone willing to join their ranks, nor had anyone seemed keen, but that didn't mean he didn't have sway over some people. "No, I have never recruited a new member to the guild, but there is a possibility of something further down the line. There was one I met in Hargeon, one with the drive to become stronger no matter the cost, and one with a goal to end the life of someone known to them. All in all, she fit the bill, but I am waiting for her to improve before I do anything more. After all, there is no rush, I own their soul after all, one of those fun contracts Lucifer once spoke of to me. I own this mage, all I have to do is provide her with the head of her sister."

If he was speaking to anyone else, Odin would not have so openly divulged such interesting information, and instead probably refuse to even mention his ownership of Lacie's soul. But Nastasya was someone he could trust, someone he knew he could trust. But still, he didn't give the name of the girl to his guild mate, that was something between Odin and the girl. Nastasya got more information than anyone else would, even if it was still not everything.

While Odin spoke, he noticed that Nastasya didn't seem to be the same person as she had once been many months ago. She seemed less sure of herself, as if something terrible had happened during her time away. Odin didn't know what it was, and he wouldn't ask, but Nastasya was lacking in motivation. She wished to become stronger, but had no reason for wishing it. Now that, that was something Odin could help with.

"Let's train together then? You want some motivation? How about a desire to not be killed, it kept me going when I was literally at death's door. You'd be surprised what it could do."

#17Nastasya Crowe 

on Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:18 am

Nas didn't know why, but she felt uncomfortable. Maybe it was in the past, maybe it was because she had been gone for so long and well Grimoire heart used to mean things to her. Now she wasn't so sure, it wasn't that she wanted to leave the guild because she absolutely didn't want to. But it also felt like she didn't belong, no wait that wasn't the right word. The thing was, she was probably afraid of Icarus being angry and she didn't want that. She actually vallued her live surprisingly. She didn't want to think too much about it, as usual she hid her fear, her idiocy and everything else behind the line of sarcasm but she was curious to what Odin had done in the last couple of months and thus she asked, mainly first if he had recruited anyone. Which gave her more information about what he has been doing and what options there were.

She nodded, this might even sound better and no harm was done to the guild, which she liked better. She couldn't say anymore that she prefered quality over quantity, her guild was by no means allowed to die down because people disappeared but she had been one of those people and it was her own turn to make herself a better person and with that much stronger. "You own her soul?" It was funny how he had avoided to say her soul but he said her sister, so it was a woman after all. "You just showed your good looks and it worked?" it was funny teasing him but she was really surprised that it could be done, of course she had never had that power nor spoken to a demon in her mind or shared a body, she had spoken to Lucifer from time to time but not all to often. She could count the encounters on one hand.

They spoke more, about the guild basically and she admitted that she needed to find motivation to go on. As she wanted to be stronger, surely she did but how? She had avoided looking at him when she brought that up but she heard him speak about training together and she looked at him with surprise, "You want to train with me?" Or well his motivation sure sounded like a reasonable one, "I could make a funny joke that I'm undead as well but I can still die completely and I rather do not do that, so that sounds like a good motivation to actually do something."


on Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:12 am

Naturally, Nastasya was curious as to Odin's possession of the soul of another, however she, as always, hid it behind some sarcastic remarks about Odin simply using his good looks and silver tongue to get what he wanted from the girl. It was certainly a possibility, as Lucifer had often spoke, of that being the case. The demon prince of pride, being who he was, went to great lengths to appear as regal as he thought he was to the world. He was an attractive man, with a soothing, mellifluous voice to go with it, and long, golden hair. There was no denying that he was proud of how he looked, and no denying that he had every reason to be, so it wasn't entirely outwith the realms of possibility that those same looks and voice were capable of making someone give up something they normally wouldn't, like their very soul. But, that is not how it had went. "Unfortunately it wasn't so simple. I took her soul, but it took a price from me, and set me on a path I am unable to escape from. She sold her soul to the devil, and as such was granted a favour from the devil. I need to deliver on that promise." Naturally, Odin wasn't going to disclose exactly what he had to do. The assassination contract taken out on Alice of the Rune Knights was his and his alone, nothing Nastasya needed to get involved in.

"I don't see why not. The best way to improve ourselves simultaneously is to fight each other and use everything to do so. Besides, I need to get used to this body, and there's only one way I'll be able to do it without fighting a stranger." There was other reasons than just fighting a guild mate. Odin had as brand new body, and a magic that he hadn't fully trained yet. But Nastasya, while equipped with a powerful arsenal of spells, had been out of the game for a very long time now. She was out of practice, and Odin had limited options. They were both far from their peak performance, and so something a simple as a spar could help them increase that power to its height.

#19Nastasya Crowe 

on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:51 am

Actually she wasn't all that sarcastic, considering his looks now it might be difficult but every girl had a weakness and most of those silly dramatic ones were nice and caring boys or young men or whatsoever, not for Nas of course but they weren't talking about her. Besides, it was also basic curiousity. She listened and nodded, well everyone had their own opinion about what was easy, "Well it might not be easy because there is repayment but chopping off someone's head, sounds like fun. No sarcastic intention." she said with a small grin, for she was very aware of what she was doing all the time.

As they continued to talk, the conversation turned to her lack of motivation, the invitation to train together and now Odin no, she should start to get used to the word Grimm mentioned that he basically needed a sparring partner. "Interesting." it was a long time ago that she used her magic but it would be fun. "I'm glad I made my way to Dahlia." But it felt a bit weird so, it felt like she was trying to be someone that she wasn't. Perhaps it was what normal people would feel about meeting old friends and she wasn't normal.

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on Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:16 am

"Assassination is part of what we do, and owning a girl's soul is not a claim many people can make, human or otherwise."

It was true, Odin was indeed in a unique situation, and more than simply because of his new form. There were many things he had experienced that no one else had, things that no one else could even begin to comprehend. Owning the soul of a young woman; being a demon's vessel; literally dying, these were only a few of the experiences that had made the dark mage who he was now. They had shaped him, and continued to do so.

She seemed glad that she had made her way to Dahlia, as it helped her both encounter an old friend once more from a time long past, as well as help her sate the blood lust that was the main detriment to her own powers. Odin had no such need to feed on blood, or anything for that matter, he simply had to protect his soul and make sure no one found out where it was hidden. Currently it was still in his own possession, but it would be dangerous to keep it that way. He had plans for after Dahlia, he knew where to go and what to do.

"Well, what say you, Nastasya Crowe? Will you join me once more to ravage Fiore?"

#21Nastasya Crowe 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:37 am

"Which makes the job all the more interesting. I don't think I would want to own a soul, rather own the person and use it is as personal bloodbank but I would never refuse of course."

She frowned and looked at Victoire for another time and her companion still seemed to be very sure if she liked this situation but she would adapt soon enough. In her sane moment, which was obviously now, the evidence was still around, she couldn't even understand how much she liked seeing Odin agian, she only understood that it was nice to talk to someone again, she talked to Victoire but her companion was never able to reply.

Because of this she said she was glad that she had come to Dahlia, of course they all had their ups and downs and she had mostly been getting lectures from the other Grimoire Heart mages about what to do. Okay not all the time but that's how it felt, she wondered if it was part of the reason why she left on a journey without telling anyone but since it had been an insane moment, some that happened more often, she wasn't entirely sure. Maybe hanging out with someone else, maybe that would bring back more sanity.

She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard her name and her red eyes focused on her friend, a smile spread across her pale face and soon her sharp vampire teeths were visible, "Oh hell yes." It felt good to be back in a state of doing something that she like doing instead of being all alone or alone in that case with Victoire. Perhaps slowly there was a new goal at the horizon. "Just say if I'm too curious but how does that work, where is Lucifer?" Because he mentioned improving himself, did everything change when you became a lich?


on Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:24 am

Nastasya's response made more sense for her. She had little need for the soul of a person, unlike Odin. The Lich had use for the soul of another, as holding someone's soul gave you power over them that no other bargain could provide. But the red eyed vampire in front of him, due to her race, had more use to the blood flowing through the veins of a human than possession of their soul. Having a thrall, as that was what Odin knew their name to be, had definite, long-term uses for a vampire, as it provided an endless stream of blood. Odin, now being a skeleton, had no use for blood, organs, anything of the sort, which made him smile as he remembered something he had said many months ago. When Nastasya had first told Odin of her new race, he had threatened her with death if she ever tried to feed on him without asking him in advance. Now, that was completely unnecessary, as there was nothing to be done about it.

A toothy, mischievous smile formed on Nastasya's face at the idea of ravaging Fiore once more, before asking the inevitable question of what had happened to his former magic, and where the demon prince now was. There was a brief silence before Odin responded, thinking of the best way to phrase it. "Lucifer is gone, his power is no longer mine to control. That is all there is to it."

#23Nastasya Crowe 

on Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:39 am

She wasn't entirely sure if it was something that was bothering him, losing Lucifer and she obviously didn't want to poke him with a stick to find out, she rather be friends than fight about some tiny little thing that wasn't even anything to her. She had liked Lucifer in a way, she had seen him perhaps three times and so on, but it was Odin that she hang out most with, "The church here by the way, reminds me of the one in Oak. The amazing catacombs." she said to change the conversation, she was still human there, she remembered something about red all stars, she couldn't imagine wearing that anymore. Being a vampire really changed her.

"Just to be sure because we are working together again and you mentioned training, what magic do you use? I know my blood magic is a bit rusted since I barely use it. It would be nice to have a new perspective of things for that matter." She turned her eyes onto something she couldn't even see yet, but she thought she heard something. No knight would get in here and only stupid humans like the dead one on the ground would try, but of course you had other vampires, lycans or such creatures that might room the forest around. This creature if it indeed was one, should regret bumping into two mages of Grimoire Heart.


on Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:39 pm

After answering her question about the whereabouts of Lucifer, Nastasya decided to change the subject to something more pleasant: a memory that they both had and held. She mentioned the church in Dahlia, one of the ruling powers in the town, but the building itself, where mass was held, was very similar to the Oakland church, a place that the two guild mates had once frequented for various quests. A deep chuckle left Odin's form as he responded to the memory. "That was an interesting couple of evenings indeed. Our first times in the Swineherd Pub, before I even owned the place. Maybe we should check out the catacombs in this church? See if they house the same curiosities."

Things then changed for the more serious as Odin was asked what his new magic was, now that he was without Lucifer's abilities. As a smile, and mild show of his newfound and awesome power, Odin allowed his shadow to increase to a much bigger size, enveloping both Nastasya, and even the dead body behind her, with another wide grin on the skeleton's face. "I have control over darkness now, and it has helped me become much stronger than I once was. My powers have evolved, just as I have."

#25Nastasya Crowe 

on Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:43 pm

She was glad to see the reaction of her friend as she mentioned their adventure in Oak in the catacombs of the church, which brought more memories back, "Oh I remember the pub, it has been a while since I have been in Oak. I think it would be fun to see if this church has any catacombs." Not everything was fun about that conversation, wasn't it her that had said something wrong that triggered the Rune Knights? After that it had been more fun, avoiding them while sitting in a pub and watching, pretending just to be some tourists that had no idea what was going on and look at them now. She would give a toothy grin again and turned to Victoire, "This time you can come along instead of me finding you afterwards when you were just a pup." What a long time ago that was, and Victoire nodded, full grown as a Ninetails now.

Before they would enter such catacombs, where the last time they had bumped into something.. gross... what was it again.. slime? She wasn't sure but she was also curious to find out what Odin would be able to use as magic and she noticed after she asked the growing shadow, which reminded her of her own shadow magic that she had been able to use, it definitely looked like some same sort of darkness magic, "It is always nice to be able to use something that fits you, I wish I had that ability as well. Shadows fitted me far more than the blood I can use now, but I do not complain, blood gives me a lot of options."

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