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Relieving some stress. [Alice/Kon]

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#1Konstantin Sokolov 

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:29 am

Things between the couple had been stressful, to say the least, definitely not favourable for someone in Alice's condition, Kon had decided the best way to resolve the matter would be to spend some time together in a quiet little hideaway in Worth Woodsea not large enough to be called a town but not small even to be called a village but somewhere in between, the locals there called it Ishtar what it meant he didn't know but there was strong importance placed upon the name when it was mentioned either by himself or their own people. The hideaway was encircled by a pool of water stemming from a fast flowing waterfall which acted in a manner to conceal to the only entrance to the area save from the sky directly in the middle of the hideaway. Giant mountain terrain acted as a natural barrier all around the sanctuary with the peaks being coated in a fine dusting of grass, while down below the base of the mountains were concealed in the steam of were constantly bashing at the sharp rocks that slowly broke from the natural walls. The ground on the hideout both dry and in the water was that of hardened smoothed clay and was cold to the touch on the outer edges of the hideout in the less walked areas the ground was more lust with plantlife having grass and even trees. The was two reasons for him taking her here today both to reconcile with her and to attempt to train her further. He had been there once before albeit not in the best of circumstances and certainly hoped that sort of outcome would not occur this time. He wasn't overly familiar with the area around Ishtar but he did manage to snag himself a strange weapon seeming stuck into the rocks in between the entryway that separated the Worth Woodsea and Ishtar. Throwing a bandage wrapped sword onto his back, Kon led the way through the entryway both dark and gloomy before going through the waterfall raising his left hand to block the water and leaving his right hand behind to allow Alice to grab onto it if she felt the need. Eventually, they would encounter Ishtar and while still standing in the stream of the area he pondered to her. "So what do you think?"


WEAPON: Samehada

Name: Samehada
Slot: Weapon
Type: Large Sword
Class: Rare
Element: None
Damage: Base Strength +35
Durability: 2x S-rank

  • Length: 2 Meter
  • Handling: 2 Hand (1 Hand at 50 Strength)
  • Description: Though mostly wrapped in bandages, Samehada's construction is atypical in that its actual blade is comprised from a series of downward-facing scales running along the entirety of its length until its hilt, at the base of which is a small skull. Samehada grows larger in proportion to the amount of mana it absorbs, causing its scales to become so long that they ultimately resemble shark fins and its mouth, located at the tip of the blade, to become even more pronounced. Keeping Samehada wrapped in bandages apparently helps to inhibit this growth to a certain extent. As the blade is made up of scales, it inflicts injuries through shredding or shaving what it comes into contact with, rather than just cutting the object in question. This flaying effect is similar to a shark's skin, hence the sword's name.


  • None


  • Samehada's Hunger: Samehada shares a symbiotic relationship with its wielder. Although it continually consumes the mana of its owner, its largest meals come from fights, wherein it absorbs the mana of the opposition instead. Such an ability allows Samehada to literally slice through an opponent's spell. When physically hurting another person (not touching), the amount of damage done with Samehada equal to what it would be if it were a spell is reduced from the opponent but halved. It does not go to the user, but to Samehada itself.
  • Samehada's Greed: Samehada reduces 100 mana per turn from whoever holds its hilt, but this amount gets reduced based on how much it has drained from another person via physical damage mana drain. This means that is someone does A-rank damage to another user, Samehada will eat up 100 mana (cause half of A-rank damage is B-rank damage, which is 100 mana if it were a spell) and not eat anything from whoever hold its hilt for the following turn.
  • Samehada's Lust: Samehada can eat up a spell, but the user must hit the spell with Samehada and it costs equal mana to what the spell cost. This latter ability can only be used once per 3 posts.

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:01 am

If she needed anymore proof that she had not seen anything from Worth Woodsea when she came here to check upon the Carnival, today would be such a day. Only a day ago had she bought a new armour in the treehouse shops and she was wearing it for now, protecting her own feelings with it as well, only the helmet was strapped to her bag because she didn't feel like she needed it at the moment. The same as the spear that was strapped to it's own cord and slung from her shoulder to her right hip.

She had no idea where they were going but as soon as Konstantin offered his hand, she convinced herself not to wait too long to take it. Things had been awkward and stressful and just as much as he seemed to work on it to bring things back to the positive side of their relationship, so was she. She took his hand softly and followed him, albeit a bit surprised and perhaps scared for the waterfall but it was just an after effect of being a neko, which she wasn't anymore: long story short.

They stopped soon after the waterfall and she stared at the place, for it was by far at this point the most beautiful place in Worth Woodsea, "It looks so peaceful." Hecate ran past her as she said that and Jupiter followed her to make sure that she stayed close enough. He turned one look around as if to check Alice was fine and she waved it away for now again, Jupiter still did not let go, "What is this place?", she asked looking at Konstantin.

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#3Konstantin Sokolov 

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:22 am

Wanting to illustrate the area as best as he could but while leaving a mysterious air to the area he mere revealed the name and the briefest of descriptions. "This is Ishtar, a hideout from a dead society who sought nothing but peace, they tried to erect a protective barrier to shield them from magic but ended up falling due to sheer raw force." Wanting to show how long it had been since anyone had been there he moved his free hand downward before passing it from side to side. "There in front of you can see the ruins of a dead society that chose to stick to their traditions inside of move with the times." While he didn't want to make this into an educational trip he had a feeling it would end up being one.... "Admittedly I took you here for a few reasons, perhaps most importantly I want to continue rebuilding our relationship but also improve upon your fighting abilities as to be perfectly honest with you I shouldn't have won that fight back there, fortunately, the two of us now both have weapons, so how about a good old clash?, something you should be able to have a fairer chance against even considering your current condition."


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#4Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:35 am

This place was beautiful, the waterfall and everything she looked around again before asking the question what this place was to Konstantin. It explained why it felt so peaceful even though it was a dead society, she wondered what happened to them but Kon quickly explained a bit off it and she simply nodded and looked around some more, the peaceful feeling made her a bit more relaxed as she looked at Hecate that was taunting Jupiter or ushering him to relax as well as she ran around him all the time, to get him to follow her, he wasn't easily fooled. She looked at Kon again when he spoke to her and she looked where he was pointing and noticed the ruines, it was quite a shame to see that a society looking for peace couldn't survive.

She looked at the ground a bit saddend when she heard him say to rebuild their relationship. It wasn't going very smoothly for them lately, she knew that as well and she looked at him from the corner of her eyes before looking at Hecate and Jupiter again, Hecate now rolling around and Jupiter glancing at her, he wasn't even paying attention to his friend anymore and Alice simply let go of Kon his hand and hunched down, Jupiter walked immediately to him and she patted him and held on to him, she wasn't sure what she would say but she couldn't help but laugh a bit about him saying her current condition, as if she was very ill. "I don't mind to improve, I have the feeling that I ahve to start from scratch again now I lost the ability of requip, which is very strange, because it was still me that was wielding a weapon not some sort of magic. It is like baby steps, that you have to learn again." she burried the lower part of her face in the fur of Jupiter but her golden eyes looked at Kon, "But let's try." With one last pat to Jupiter she stood up, grabbing her helmet and the spear to adjust it and walk steps away from Konstantin to get a 3 meters space between them. Jupiter followed her immediately but she shook her head, "No, you can only sit and watch." Which was a first, considering the time they have been together.

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#5Konstantin Sokolov 

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:20 am

It appeared that Alice was more than keen to fight the Holy Knight with her swiftly releasing their shared grasp and revealed to him that she wanted to refine her skills as a fighter a commendable goal for another to have. Interestingly she had purchased some armour and even a weapon, a spear no less something which she seemed to be particularly fond of if he remembered correctly she had purchased the matching armour and weapon set only recently when they went to the treehouse shop and helped out the chef ghost, bob. To demonstrate her eagerness to fight him she promptly donned her new helm and chose to wield her spear with the pommel to the ground paying no attention to Kon merely choosing to converse with her companion even for the briefest of moments. Kon meanwhile though unaccustomed the sword swiftly removed it from his back and grasped it with both hands pointed firmly up in the air slightly behind him to begin a single before calling out to her. "Are you ready? because I certainly am."

This was something Alice was going to have to learn and figure out how to deal with people who are attacking you while you aren't prepared for the attack. While it was true that she was wielding a spear something known for being good as a defensive weapon both were roughly the same in length which left him in favourable odds as it rendered the advantage of length a moot point. As Alice had her spear to her side with her previously taking the time to put on her helm, it wouldn't take him long to rush up to her though in saying that they weren't equal in terms of speed knowing that even with her pregnancy she could easily outrun him laughable really. There were a few things to take into consideration with the fight he wanted to first lay down some guidelines. "But before we begin a few rules: No magic, this is just a weapon spar I don't mind you using armour as long as you don't mind me using this weird thing, Knock-out means we're done we don't need any more violence for a while, no outside influences including your companions or my summons okay?"

Assuming Alice agreed to his terms and was now ready, he stood there thinking ready to attack at any moment should Alice choose to throw the initial attack, he would attempt to counter Alice's blow mostly a jab from her spear with the now unbandaged coarse shark-scale sword that he wielded in his two hands by just casting it to his left side damaging her weapon in the process. Had Alice chosen to remain more defensive it would be trickier as could try to jab him away preventing him from landing a blow on her directly, but that would be to his advantage to a certain degree with there only being a 3 meter gap between them mean that her spear would only be able to reach less than halfway from her before becoming incredibly difficult to manage with a majority of the weight stemming from the large spearhead.

Striking Alice would be a delicate process still wanting to test his abilities out as a fighter, however, he would try his best because of this he lowered his left and right arms slightly as to have his left elbow in front of his chest while having his right elbow touching his ribs, his arms were bent positioning his sword as to be with the midday sun and the right of his person. Wanting to waste no more time he would first aim for the spear thus removing the weapon from play before doing directly for Alice's protected helm. The most vulnerable spot of the spear would be shaft itself which would be fairly easy to strike by feinting a strike at Alice directly provoking a jab before continuing the swing onto the blade, but because of the type of fight this would be he would choose to directly target the blades of the spear with it being harder to protect is, of course, would require her to have lowered her spear into a sensible position for him to be able to strike the spear. Should she choose to protect the spear by shielding it from his site thereby revealing her back he would just simply give two swings at her helm dazing her at a minimum to both annoy and knock some sense out of here.


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#6Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:56 pm

She didn't want Jupiter to interfere so she looked at him once more before making sure her helmet sat alright and she looked at Kon, "Yes I am." She held the spear with her left hand around the 70 centimeter mark and the right hand at the 160 centimeter mark. She would look at him, knowing that in a real fight one not planned as this sort of was that she wouldn't have time but she expected him, and maybe she was wrong in that and she looked at her legs, broken only a few days ago, she didn't want to think about it. But listened to his rules by surprise, she didn't look up yet, she would soon do, "Sound like good rules." which was finally the straw for Jupiter to walk more towards the back and just sit and watch. She was surprised he would even listen.

She would use her speed, it wasn't smart, but she never made up plans and that made it why she got the nickname Red Whirlwind. She pretended to use her spear to jab, going for his neck which exactly brought the reaction that she expected but she ducked, having her left foot forward and her right back, she simply went through , making a sideward motion to avoid getting hit with her upper body and while leaning to the right, his left, she would hold her left hand still and close to her stomach, after she pulled the spear back and swinging her right arm around to hit the back of the spear against his torso around ribcage height.

If he however made a movement that would harm her even if she dugged down, she would make sure to get out of his reach or exactly the reach of the sword, because she would run towards him she would be able to simply pass him closerly, too close for the sword to hit her with a two meters length. Which meant that with her speed, she would end up five meters behind him again before she would stop and turn around and in case she had hit him she would move back to make sure to restore the three meters.


Equiped: Dragoon armour, Dragoon helmet, Dragoon Spear.
[*]Strength: 50 + Lieutenant Aura (25) + Spear (24) + Full set (20) Total Str: 119
End: 40
Speed: 38

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#7Konstantin Sokolov 

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:28 pm

While I do make several mentions of potentially striking you directly I do make an option of actions pertaining to hit or deflecting the spear itself which all you attempt to do to seeming to prevent it was duck stating it was to avoid you being struck by my Samehada all the while leaving your weapon open to being struck by it as you don't specifically state as to where the spear has moved to in terms of positioning with the blade of the spear being formerly used to feint a jab. Notably, as I mentioned I had initially made my first strike to be a feint, not preventing me from following up with the strike onto the spear directly.

Dragoon Spear receives A rank bludgeoning damage as a result of being struck by the Samehada.

The fight ended seemingly as fast as it ended with the slightest misstep seeming to bring an end to it. Alice had misplayed her hand with the spear having chosen to dug in defensively albeit poorly in a fashion that would not help her as her position inadvertently left her spear open to being struck by his sword. While he was thought to be the weaker of the duo in terms of physical strength but lately it didn't seem to be the case practically now considering her spear merely shattered into pieces from just a single blow. It was surprising, to say the least considering she had only purchased the weapon yesterday while the weapon he wielded was merely picked up from the ground. Wanting to emphasise his confusion in the briefness of the conflict, he drew back from the clash while pulling his sword towards him ready to defend himself. "That was uhh unexpected, it seems that the blacksmith who sold you that set ripped you off, damn and you only just bought the set, I wonder how well the armour can even endure damage." At a loss as to what they should do now, he continued while still holding his sword upwards. "So what now?, you are without a weapon do you wish to continue even without one?"


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#8Adelaide Sokolov 

on Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:56 am

Alice stared with big eyes at the spear in her hands, "Well this one is shitty compared to what I used to use." Which definitely made her grumpy but she tried to hide it, it wasn't Kon his fault after all, "Eh.." she looked around her but as they had decided it was a weapon fight, it would not be a use to use her hands and that was definitely no match for a sword like that. She frowned, she had no requip to take another weapon, a lance or another sword or anything like that. She frowned wondering what she should do, "I don't think it would work well to fight against that weapon with just my fist. I rather keep them and not shatter them like this thing. If you do not mind, I would like to go back to that treeshop later, if we stay around in the area." She didn't want to leave Ishtar. She heard a noise of leaves and looked around her, Jupiter stood very close behind her as to make sure no funny things were done and she looked with an apologizing look at Kon, "Ah, sorry." she tried to nudge him away but the feline kept where he was, even with help of Hecate it didn't work.

She wanted to say anything, it was getting a bit frustrating that Jupiter kept being angry at Kon but she didn't know what to say, "I really need a better weapon, but since I lost the last ones I don't dare to go back to the right blacksmith." Which was a bit of her coward way of handeling things but that apparently was still very difficult to overcome.

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#9Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:34 am

Alice without a weapon could do nought save submit and admit defeat, her chief complaint was that of her weapon agreeing to Kon to a certain extent that it was poorly made and that they would have to go see the tree shop. The fight now over between the two Kon would bandage up the sword with its original wrapping despite its protests eventually quelling its revolt towards him. With the sword subdued at least, for now, he slung it onto his back where it would remain thrashing about. Wanting to reconnect and relieve any potential tensions created from the conflict he strode over to Alice ignoring the objections of her companions. "I hope I didn't hurt you when i broke the weapon from out of your hand, please let me heal you if you need it."

It was true he was more than willing to heal his beloved fiancee with even the most serious of injuries every day becoming minor for him to repair, he just feared the day when he would not be around to help her in her time of need. There was still so much to consider with their relationship at the moment though all he was feeling was a sheer sense of protectiveness and a want to ensure that she was free from harm with even his manor proving vulnerable to he would have to consider other places to take the two of them as Alice continued her pregnancy.

Just as he was about to speak once more even opening his mouth to start, two spirits, one male the other female came into sight from the bushes just behind Alice. The male was significantly taller with him being colossal in size towering over even Kon while the female was far more normal in size. They seemed just as surprised about Alice and Kon's presences just as much as he theirs with Alice still unaware of their presence. "We have visitors," he commented while pointing behind Alice to gain her attention. "We mean you no harm, we are friends of the spirits what brings you here ghosts?" He asked the duo calmly. The response was far crueller than he had expected with the male merely giving a dumb snicker implying a below average intelligence and the female bluntly telling him. "We live here, you dolt."

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:07 pm

She didn't want to admit it out loud but apart from just a shitty spear, she had not been very well at fighting. She used to be.. smarter? Better working against someone, yet never good enough. How would she ever protect a child if she couldn't even protect herself and a baby, "For some reason I also had the feeling that I used to be better in fighting but not anymore, which sounds strange I know." she muttered, not entirely sure if Kon would have heard her. She tried to nudge Jupiter away and even Hecate tried to help her but he still seemed to be so angry, which was every time again a reminder for her what happened in a fight and the fight before that, even though Jupiter wasn't her companion with her fight against Grimoire Heart. "Stop it Jupiter." she said, trying to keep her voice steady, she would blame the hormones and the pregnancy if she would cry, but god she would hate it. She looked up at Konstantin, asking if she was wounded and she shook her head and opened her handpalms to show until she noticed the little red marks and small blood drops in her hand, of course, the spear had splintered, "Oh. I am." But she held up her hands, no matter how surprised she was, for Kon to heal it. She would mutter a thank you because of that.

It felt awkward again standing so close, last time, a ghost interupted them and she felt like every time she took a step closer to Konstantin, there would be taken two steps backwards by the world and she could only see him drift more away from her. But how would she tell that, because if it wasn't true or if he didn't feel that way, than she might ruin it. She looked up to say anything, noticing he wanted to say something as well but didn't look at her and she took the time to look at him. She didn't notice, the visitors, nor Hecate and Jupiter looking at them, preparing for anything they could do to the ghost to protect Alice. That's when he spoke about the visiters and she turned her face around and her body to look at the ghosts and listen to Kon speak and tilting her head, she didn't feel like doing another job. They reminded her of the siblings in Orchidia with their voodoo magic, and she took a step back, making sure that she would stand next to Kon, she looked at him, again she would be quiet, just as she had done there.

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#11Konstantin Sokolov 

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:07 am

Interactions between himself and Alice were halted for the time being with the arrival of the two spirits, he himself was concerned as his encounters with other astral beings have demonstrated that they will often harbour great power. Wanting to put on a brave facade for his fiancee, he casually removed a box of cigarettes and a thin, long bone lighter from the interior sleeve of his jacket. While looking at the spirits he flicked open the box revealing it to be half empty before responding to the insult. "I guess it would be foolish of me to offer you one after all it's not like you've got any lungs to breathe with."

His remark was met with hostility from the larger ghost stomping towards him before halting front of him creating a cold gust of wind. "Say dat again." The ghost spat out at Kon who ignored the threat by plucking out a cigarette, resting it on his lips and lighting it all while his hands were inside the massless ghost. Breathing in and then releasing a plume of smoke captured within the ghost briefly before escaping from above, the Holy Knight once again spoke this time to the other ghost ignoring the one in front of him. "Hey, Do you mind calling off your dog?"

His remark truly created an uproar now with angered spirit bellowing in front of him strangely causing the ground to shake despite the ghosts ethereal body. Confused about what had created the tremor he looked to the side to get a better view of the female ghost. "Uhh what was that?" An eerie smile drew her face. "That is Moui, the protector of this area." It was only moments later that from the very same bushes that the ghosts originated from that a gigantic beast similar to that of a spider though with the face of a wolf appeared.


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#12Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:35 am

As it had happened in Orchidia, Kon talked to the spirits and she didn't say anything, but she looked at him in surprised when he took the pack of cigarettes. She had never seen him smoke before, she wanted to say or ask something about it but closed her mouth again because now was not the time and place to say anything about it. She didn't know what had gotten into him as he taunted the spirits, considering what had happened in Orchida, she wouldn't even dare, even though her sarcastic way of talking was an option as well, she still remained silent and took two steps back to stand further behind Kon. She didn't feel like going into a discussion with spirits.

Jupiter stood next to Kon at this point, being the curious, annoying little twat that the creature was and Hecate stood next to Alice on her other side, she had her little head tilted as if she was interested but Alice had no idea what was going on in her mind. Kon addressed the other ghost and she couldn't help but hiss his name between her teeth, "Careful." he had just broken her weapon but no need to be cocky right now. She felt a shudder going through the earth and stared at her feet, all she could think was: oh oh. She heard something and looked at Jupiter, his fur standing upright and he growled. She looked with Hecate around him and Kon and noticed the creaper, "I don't like that sight." she whispered. Hecate shook her head as well.

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#13Konstantin Sokolov 

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:14 am

"Oh...." Was all the man said as he scanned the beast in an attempt to see any weak spots, once more he drew his weapon from his back just after spitting out and stomping on his cigarette. Holding his sword and casting his spells would be a difficult task, to say the least with him not having the strength to do so, instead he omitted to simply place the weapon gently on his right shoulder whilst wielding it with his right hand while using his left hand to cast a variety of spells, creating his angels surrounding beast all the while buffing everyone around him with a flick of the rest. Having cast all the spells needed for a fight almost any foe he pulled back his sword in front of him with a grab of his left hand. "Let's do this thing." His lust for conflict was evidently ever growing something which he didn't mind showing to Alice considering their ongoing relationship. In an attempt to keep up with his summons he bolted towards the beast, prepared to slice and dice at the legs of it. His priorities were not towards his fiancee however not even communicating nor looking at her for the duration of the fight.

Items: Illumin's Call ring
Spells used: Cassiel, Seraphiel,
Mana cost break-down: Summons cast: Cassiel, Seraph base cost: 250 Modified: 175

#14Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:00 pm

Alice shook her head slightly, crossed her arms in front of her chest and rolled her eyes. She actually didn't mind much but she also wasn't entirely sure what she thought about the whole idea. Everything seemed to go downhill and when there finally was a moment to talk! She would have thrown her hands up in the air but instead she did nothing, she casted her sensory spell just to make sure there weren't any more creatures around her but around the first five meters she didn't feel anything. Hecate was still looking around her and Jupiter stood a little to Kon his left side to actually fight for the dominant position of who was going to protect Alice. Not that the feline knew what Kon thought, but it was his way.

He quickly gave up to not stand in the way of the two summons and Kon who was using the sword and instead he trotted back to Alice to protect her over there and keep an eye on the ghosts, "I do understand the idea of a protector of the area, but we are meaning no harm to it's place." she said to the female ghost, which was very weird to say if one of them was fighting off a beast. She doubt it was friendly though, as the ghosts were neither as well.

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#15Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:17 pm

His sudden show of force and increase in numbers were enough for the beast to flee from their sight screeching away in its own cowardice revealing the vulnerability of the realm itself to outside attacks. Lowering the tip of his blade into the ground, he looked towards the ghosts in disappointment, feeling he had lost the chance for another fight. "Was that really the best you could offer to fight the two of us really?" The largest of the ghosts could do naught but shield the other from his vocal assault. Seeing there was nothing more he could achieve with either the spirits or Alice in Ishtar, he crouched down and began to bandage up the sword once more for the final time so that the duo could leave the area. Wanting announce his want to leave the area, he waved towards Alice before commenting on the current situation in a calm, careful stance. "I think we're done here both in Ishtar and in Worth Woodsea seems only appropriate for us to return to Orchidia town and supply for further travels." Raising up from his position to stand proud and true he swung his sword onto his back before speaking to Alice once more. "Don't you agree?" He wanted to return to Orchidia town for two parts, yes to get new supplies but also to ensure that his manor hadn't been destroyed which would put both of them out of a place to stay. His concern of the manor being damaged in some way stemmed from the overall tendency for property destruction seen universally throughout Earthland and in particular Fiore.


#16Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:10 am

It didn't matter what she said, the creature was a coward and she simply didn't look at it anymore and let Jupiter return to her and she smiled to the feline. She looked up again when Kon spoke to the ghosts again and she simply shook her head and looked at what was happening and listened to the words spoken to her. She simply shrugged, it didn't really matter to her. It was probably not that long of a travel and that was fine, she was more energized than before anyway. "I'm fine with that." she said when he suggested to go to Orchidia. Maybe there would be a letter for her, she had no idea if a letter could reach her in Worth Woodsea.

She would look at the shattered spear, perhaps she should first go to the blacksmith that sold it to her and so she suggested to make a pitstop there before completely returning to the manor. Jupiter and Hecate walked towards the waterfall which had been the enterance to Ishtar. She wasn't entirely sure what happened here, but she was sure that it had not brought her closer to Kon because that moment had been destroyed by the ghosts. And apart from that she had realized that she still had not grown in the ability to use weapons.


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