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A Shrine In Memory (無名)

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She lay flowers at the lit shrine. To her, it was some of the things left to her by her father. It was part of her culture that she never knew about until now. She bowed her head, placing her forehead against the cold stone of the rock lantern.

There was much to say, but she would absorb the silence. She would soak it in. There was things she would soon come to understand.

"Have I wronged you?" she spoke, to her father, her parent. To her, each shrine was an extension of his grave stone.

"Foolish girl." A voice called out, something eerie, and omniscient. Was it a god? Her mind? No, there was no gods. There was only-

"You doubt me." it spoke again. It knew her thoughts, but how? "You will soon learn that I control your life. I am who allows the Manji to live. I am your guardian. If you defy me, I will be your executioner.

Young Sekiya, seek the guild called Fairy Tail. You will find a girl who shares the same northern blood that taints your veins. She will aid you. "
And then it would cease. A voice that sounded like a dozen people speaking at once. What was it? Was it a demon?

No. It knew her. For now, she would obey.

For now.

She would rise from her rest and she would find a new world within the eyes of this so called god.

To pray at this shrine, please light the lantern, or place a lit candle around the stone lantern. After your post, please exit.

Please bow, however it is not required. On this shrine it is apparent to honor a single god who's name has been long weathered away.


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Faith, it is a peculiar something, and yet one can't deny that no matter the civilization, religion has always been an essential aspect of humanity's way of living. Perhaps it was for that reason the young Eisenberg found herself traveling away from the usual roads and pathways she tended to travel along the town of Baska.

She might not have been a local, but after having stayed in the town for a few weeks Esperia had rather quickly adapted to the layout of the town, and soon found herself wandering around the city to discover new adventures or sights to behold.

Still, sometimes adventures come when you least expect them, and in her case, it all begun when she found an elderly man traveling along one of the roads of Baska holding a peculiar device, one she recognized as a lighter for ritualistic lanterns.

"Where are you going, sir?" Her soft voice quickly drew the man's attention, causing him to smile at her while he gestured with a hand further upwards. "A bit further ahead is a shrine, I often come to visit it."

A shrine... The word caused her to pause for a moment as her mind recalled a distant memory of how her father taught her how important shrines were for people, and her sister explained the respect they deserved. Perhaps it was for that reason that she gently extended a hand toward the elderly man. "Do you wish for me to carry that?"

The man nodded his head gently in gratitude while the girl started to make her way along the path the old man had been traveling along, making sure not to travel too fast while she asked in a polite tone. "What deity does the shrine belong to sir?"

But the man's response caught her off-guard "The Great Nameless One they call him." Wait, the Great Nameless One? So basically... Didn't he know who he was praying to? If not for her upbringing she would likely have facepalmed at that moment, but instead, she inquired with a hint of interest.

"What does The Great Nameless One represent?" The question made the man laugh heartily as he explained in a gentle tone. "We don't know, albeit I often hear those who once did wrong came here after finding redemption, so we came to call him the 'God of Second Chances'."

Peculiar... most peculiar. But in a way it was admirable, and as they reached the weathered shrine the young lady found a pair of flowers laying before the base of the lantern, making her help the old man lit the lantern when to his surprise she knelt down and clasped her hands together in a feverous prayer.

"Y-You..." The man smiled kindly at her consideration, kneeling down beside her as he started to clasp his own hands together in a similar gesture.

For Esperia the concept of praying to an unknown deity was odd, but in a way, she felt compelled to say a prayer and show her respect. Perhaps a little part of her desired to see if this god was truly a deity of second chances. If he was, then perhaps her family could...

No, her family had perished. She knew all too well that she was the last Eisenberg in existence, and to bring her late family back would be a taboo, they wouldn't even be human anymore!

Yet at the same time those thoughts drifted through her mind it seemed something, or someone answered her, for the girl felt her consciousness briefly tugged away, finding herself standing in a flower field.


The voice was one familiar to her, but when she was about to turn around the voice warned her softly. "Don't turn around~" There was no mistaking that voice... it was her elder sister!

"Sis I---" She paused when she suddenly felt a light pressure against her back, that familiar sensation of her sister's back leaning against her own as her sister continued. "You have been hurt all this time, haven't you?"

The words stung, their honesty making her nod her head feebly in response. "I miss you... our parents, everyone is gone..." The soft sorrowful tone that escaped her lips was unlike any had heard from her since the night her family had died.

"We miss you also my dear, but you need to understand... We do not desire for you to pursue this quest for vengeance, it will only cause a cycle of hatred."

But... It was the Lycan pack that hunted her family! the ones who robbed her of everything! What else did she have to live for--- "Don't you have a precious companion and new bonds that you're forging? Live a proud and happy life, one that when we meet again on the other side will make us smile for eternity."

Wait, how did they even know all those--- "We're always with you Esperia..." Arms gently wrapped around her chest, a hand resting on where her heart was located. "As long as you keep us there in your heart, we'll always be with you."

The words caused tears to fall down her cheeks as the girl turned around, but instead of finding her sister a flurry of flower petals blown across her face, obstructing her visage while in the distance she witnessed three silhouettes looking at her. "You never were good at listening, were you Esperia?" A hearty laugh followed as Esperia suddenly found herself back on her knees before the shrine, a hand raised to her eyes as she felt the tears dripping down her cheeks.

"Are you alright miss?" the elderly man asked her, but she merely shook her head and smiled, whispering softly. "So this is the 'second chance' I was given... Thank you..."

A little bow of her head followed as she rose back onto her feet, a wave of her hand following toward the elderly man as she made her way back toward the town.

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Elk leaned down in front of the shrine, he really didn’t know what to pray to, he had felt sepreated from Fiore ever since he discovered his grandmother was not if this world. Lighting a candle he placed it in front of the shrine, along with countless other candles, ”may your world may never be lost to the grips of darkness.” he said. Elk stood and left, he had left Hargeon not to long ago, he was gonna spend some time here in Baska and do quests he’d never been much of a quester, he’d had no one to do them with and his magic had no offensive nature to it, it was purely ment as a supporter to others, and he was fine with that. Elphesia was all about helping others, they sent out wizards from their home world to save a failing planet. Elk swore that from now on he would always loom for a way back home, that way he could reunite with his family, it’s be hard, he couldn’t get close to people now, he’d have to make sure to keep people at half an arms distance. Stepping up he left


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Fiammetta Barone

Fia had never been a very religious person. Resultant from a relatively secular upbringing and the fact she hated asking other people for help - Gods included. And yet, in spite of her atheistic inclination, there she was, strolling through Baska's quiet night toward the shrine of a Nameless God to deliver a heartfelt prayer.

It'd been Esperia's suggestion. Truthfully, Fia was skeptical. She'd been skeptical the moment Esperia broached the idea. Praying to a God seemed foolish enough to her, but one with no name? That was plain madness.

Yet there she was, candle in hand like Esperia had instructed, in search of the one aspect of the Nameless God that enticed Fiammetta. Redemption.

Apparently, this God promised second chances, according to that raven-haired trickster. The moment she'd mentioned it, Fia's interest was piqued. She was, after all, seriously desperate for a second chance, albeit, not for her. No, it was for someone she cared about even more.

It was for her father.

She approached the stone lantern that Esperia had described to her, holding up her candle. Pressing her fingers against the wick, she raised their temperature drastically. Soon enough, red-hot fingers had lit the candle, which she promptly placed near the base of the lantern.

All the preparations had been handled, but Fia still hesitated to begin her prayer. Partially because she was afraid she'd do it wrong. Partially because she was afraid someone would see her screw it up.

She took a breath, reminding herself that she'd nothing to lose in this desperate act. Of course, she was doubtful there was much to gain either.

With shaky resolve, Fia knelt down before the lantern clasping her hands together and pressing them against her head.

"Hey uh, God?" She said softly, barely even a whisper. "I'm here to... Well, guess you know that already. I ain't really sure how to do this, so I'm just gonna speak, aight?"

She took another breath, her bottom lip quivering slightly. "I hear you do second chances. And I know a guy who could really use one. He's... My father. Baldo Barone. Right now, he's locked up for tryna' steal from some bigwigs..."

The delinquent girl gulped down any emotional release before continuing. "And I know he did a lot of other really shitty things... Hell, I dunno even know all of what he did. All I know is... People got hurt. A lot of them. But shit, he's still... A good guy, y'know?"

Her efforts were in vain, a solitary tear streaked down her cheek. "Good people can still do shitty things, right? Sometimes they even do 'em for good reasons. My Dad, he always thought of us first, I know he did! So it ain't fair, that someone else gets to decide to lock him up, away from us! Why does it matter what he did back then!? Ain't it more important what he means to people now!"

Fia steadied herself again, shaky breaths as she tried to reign in her sorrow, her rage. "I dunno if you grant these prayers... But I'm beggin' ya... Just give Dad a second chance. He won't do another bad thing for us ever again, I won't let him risk leaving us again! So please, please... Just give him that chance... And give me the chance... To see him again... Please... Please...

The hazel-eyed girl continued to sob, until the time she spent just blurred. She begged and pleaded, making a pathetic show of herself until she finally managed to pick herself, giving one last bow before the lantern.

She felt disgusted with herself, for wallowing in her self-pity for so long... And yet, at the same time, there was this... Catharsis. She hadn't talked to many people about how father's incarceration. So even if her conversation was one-sided... There was a certain relief to speaking about it.

That being said, it wasn't something she'd want to try again. Someone might see her next time. So, without wasting any time, she was off, leaving behind the candle she'd brought. But not before muttering a final 3 words toward the lantern...

"Love ya, Dad..."

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Default on Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:55 am

Today Ariel had come out to pray to a shrine. She had never done anything like this before, but she figured she'd give it a try, seeing as she had heard many things about the shrine, and she had wanted to see what it was all about. She had brought the standard offering and a match to light the lantern to awaken the spirits. She had been going off of pure instinct on this one, and even that wasn't saying much. She lit the lantern and placed the offering down, then let her knees gently fall on the satin pillow that lie on the ground, and she had lowered her head and closed her eyes, making her wishes and thank you's known to the god who inherits the shrine. This was a very interesting experience, and she had been able to feel all of the worries and doubts off of her shoulders, and she had felt a lot more relaxed. She got up and bowed to the shrine, then starting to head home. It was odd, but it had seemed to work miracles. Maybe gods and ghosts really did exist, and it wasn't just made up stories that people told themselves to try to explain odd things that happen.



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