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Farmville (Mei)

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#1Christian Zane 

on Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:16 pm

Christian had been enjoying the farm here in Baska. Well, the biggest one of the many farms that were in the town, anyways. He always thought this one was the best though, and not just because of the size of the place. They had really good carrots here, and given the rise of popularity in the cooking scene, Christian just couldn't pass up getting to buy some carrots. Putting some in his shopping basket, Christian continued to look around at what they had, until something caught his eye. There were a lot of seeds here, ones that could benefit his own gardening skills. Walking over to the table with the seeds, he took a look at what they had, his eyes lighting up. There were a lot, and they were all of many varieties, even for what would most likely be winter crops. Spinach, Garlics, Peas... there was a huge variety, and Christian had a lot to choose from. That being said, he only had so much money... he thought so deep on what he was going to buy, that he ended up just standing there for a bit and ended up almost going into his own little world, deep in thought as he stood there, most likely in everyone's way who may have wanted to take a look at the seeds. Not that there were many that were doing that, though... most farmers here were too prideful to buy from their competition.


on Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:08 pm

The main reason Mei was here was because she missed her miniature farm back in Orchidia. Well, it wasn’t actually hers. It was her mom’s, but she helped out a lot in growing the vegetables and helped deliver them to their customers. That was how their family made money aside from her taking jobs here and there, and her dad’s work too. To be honest, though, the little garden made them more money than her dad’s job sometimes, so even if he retired, they would still have a source of income.

Mei and Mia walked around with a little basket, looking at the different vegetables that were all being sold by the local farmers. She wanted to make a meal for Mia and herself since their inn room had a tiny kitchen in it. What she came to notice was that they were also selling seeds! Mei immediately felt like buying some to bring back home, but she realised she wasn’t going to be returning to Orchidia anytime soon and it wasn’t really necessary. However, she stood there for a while, thinking about what kind of vegetables her home garden was lacking. Unlike how she imagined, there were a lot of people there. Picking up a small bag of seeds, she showed it to Mia.

“Look. I don’t think we have these at home,”
she said, although of course Mia wouldn’t know since she had never been to Mei’s home in Orchidia.

#3Christian Zane 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:27 am

Zane had noticed that a girl with a strange creature had also made her way to the table of seeds, as it seemed like the girl knew what she was doing. Eavesdropping a little bit, Christian wondered where her home was, exactly. He put down his own bag of seeds, noticing that the girl had picked up one of the small bags instead of the medium sized ones, which were actually the better deal if you considered the number of seeds to jewels ratio in the bag. He thought about how to go about this. He really didn't feel like talking, but lately he had been forcing himself. Not to mention, it was kinda harder to express what he was trying to say without words. So, he sucked it up, preparing for a second to prep himself to speak. Here goes nothing...

He would turn to face the girl. She was pretty, he supposed. Who was he kidding? She was very pretty, he shouldn't fool himself. But that was enough admiring. Christian pointed to the medium sized bag of seeds, speaking to the girl. "You save around 2,000 jewels if you get the medium." He softly said, as he stopped pointing his hand to the bag. He noticed that perhaps the girl wouldn't be able to carry the medium.. well, if that was the case, maybe he'd carry it for her. He had nothing else better to do today anyways...


on Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:44 pm

A tiny little brow shot up on Mia’s forehead, and said exactly what Mei thought she would hear in response to what she said. “Do I look like I know what you have at home?” She was a sassy little thing. Mei chuckled and flipped the bag to see the price of it, and what was written on the paper stuck to it. Mia folded her arms and leaned in to see as well. Her question was rhetorical so Mei didn’t answer it.

Right then, she heard a male voice from beside her. She looked up to see that he was actually talking to her. Looking back at the bag in her hand and then at the medium sized ones, she stuck out her lower lip in thought. “Yeah but there’s no way I can carry that back to my place,” she laughed. To be honest, she was surprised that anyone was talking to her at this place. Everyone else was pretty much minding their own business. “Unless you’re going to do that for me,” she joked. Mia unfolded her arms and stared at both of them. She liked to be part of the conversation too most of the time, but right now she didn’t know what to say. She had never really seen Mei talk like that to a stranger.

#5Christian Zane 

on Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:32 pm

As Christian had predicted, the woman claimed that she was not strong enough to carry the bag. Well, luckily for her, Christian was planning to help her out with the bags from the very start. Christian smiled to the woman, as he spoke to her in his soft voice. "I can do that for you." he said, as he would pick up one of the bags from the counter. He carried it well, after all, he was of a good strength. It wasn't too heavy either, but he could see a girl having trouble with carrying it, so he could understand why the woman was reluctant to carry the bag around. Now that Christian thought about it, he was probably going to get nothing out of this entire thing and just end up with a "thanks, bye" once he got to the girl's house, and while he expected more of course, he wouldn't be all that mad if it happened. He was just bored today, and he figured that it would be a lot better to help out a girl who probably needed these seeds a lot more than he did in the first place. So, Christian held the bag in his arms, speaking once again to the girl as he looked to the counter. "Anything else you need?"


on Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:32 pm

When the stranger offered to help her carry the bags, Mei couldn’t help but stare at him in confusion. Mei was too innocent to understand how the minds of men worked, but Mia was there to remind her about that. However, she didn’t interfere this time. With a nervous giggle, Mei said, “That’s so nice of you. Alright then. I think I’ll buy this for mom and probably get a courier to deliver it to her.” She fished her purse for some money and hurriedly handed it to the seller. The man then asked if she needed anything else. “Actually, yes,” she said, looking at Mia. She did promise her that she would make a meal for her. Maybe as a thank you to the stranger, she could make more for him as well. “Can you wait a bit here? I’ll be right back.” And with that Mei hurried to get the ingredients she needed, silently praying to God that she could trust him not to steal her bag of seeds since she had already paid for it.

Returning back to where he would be waiting for her with two bags of vegetables as well as meat and fish. She actually bought enough to cook for like three days. This was a habit she got from her mom. A bad one, her dad said. “Alright, follow me. I live at an inn that’s pretty close,” she said. She had thought of hiring a stagecoach or something but she wasn’t a rich kid so she didn’t want to spend a lot of money unnecessarily. After about five minutes of walking, Mei in front because she knew the way, they would arrive at the inn she was staying at. Honestly, it was very strange for her to bring a male into her inn room, but since Mia was there to make it less awkward, she decided it was fine. Plus he didn’t look like someone who wanted to do bad things to her, even though she was too innocent to realise even if he was. “You can put it down here,” she said, pointing under the kitchen table.

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