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Hidden Figures [Private | Mei]

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on Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:05 am


The way that the light shined itself upon the gazebo made the structure appear as if it were some sort of holy structure revered by the local religious groups of Baska. It was a recently constructed masterpiece, as the plaque marked the year as only seven years prior to the current year; nonetheless, its appearance was otherworldly and holy in a divine sense. For one reason or the other, Urion felt the need to take off his bucket hat to revere the object for the eldritch worth that it blatantly possessed. His umbrella's handle came to rest on his handle as he held it with his right hand and the bucket hat on his left hand. His overall attire was nothing special, wearing a dark coat, which sported a white diamond pattern along its bottom half, with a dark green shirt and pants underneath. He wore plain sandals that day, not wanting to soi the ground and grass with his feet.

Urion walked up to the gazebo, hat still off and umbrella still at his side, with the umbrella shield itself blocking off a view of the back of his head and upper back. He placed the hat back on and looked about the gazebo to wonder on about the future of his existence. The thoughts of his anger issue and the tendency for violence were far into the back of Urion's head, but the thoughts of his past kept coming back in random patterns: the smell of burning flesh becoming ash and the shrill screams of children and men and women being drowned out in flames, the memory imprints of choking the life out of an elderly man who had nothing to live for after being made to kill his wife of fifty years with his frail, bare hands. Urion appeared calm in the face as he gazed on about the view of the park surrounding the gazebo; it was in the residential area, and the residents themselves were more or less content with strangers roaming about and sightseeing. He sighed, placing his hat back on and pondered more to piece together a fragmented past that was his and his only.


on Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:39 am

It was a warm afternoon, compared to the other afternoons that week. Mei and Mia spent the morning exploring the town, letting their feet take them wherever. Apparently this place was more crowded even compared to the port town. Being the first time setting foot here, Mei stared at everything with awe - the west was truly mesmerising with its own charm. The way people dressed here, the landscapes and even how the residents were constructed differed greatly from the other parts of Fiore. She didnít regret having decided to travel an entirely new place.

ďYouíre liking it here, arenít you?Ē said Mei with a chuckle while tearing the plastic off her ice lolly. After walking around town for quite a while, she was starting to feel a bit tired. They ended up in the residential area of Baska, which was a cool place. If she had a camera, she would have taken some pictures of the houses. Mia nodded in response to her question. She was too busy turning her head from left to right, studying the surroundings. She was an observant little fluffball, pointing out things that even Mei didnít notice at first glance. The Lamian petted Mia on her head and walked towards a little pavilion in the center of the area. She decided they would take a rest there until she finished her ice lolly.

Apparently the gazebo was already occupied by a man. His outfit stood out to Mei, making her wonder if he was from this part of Fiore, or a visitor like herself. She stepped onto the wooden flooring, muted thuds sounding from her footfalls. Mia sat on her left shoulder, grabbing onto her shirt so that she didnít fall as Mei moved. Sucking on the tip of the ice lolly, Mei seated herself on the bench opposite to the stranger.

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