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Finding Models [Quest:Alisa&Arisa]

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on Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:12 pm

Arisa was resting on the soft bed and the fluffy pillows of heaven. This was a great hotel room with all the service and treatment she was getting. Last night was interesting as her arm twisted for her hand to feel where her tattoo was located. She remembered revealing the tattoo to her friend and somewhat remembered all the questions that were asked. Quite interesting that night was. Motioning to the left was her friend, Alisa sleeping soundly and peacefully. Rather she was dreaming well or not, was out of the question -- she wasn't a dream reading or anything. Arisa laid there silently and then thought that maybe she could so something for her friend. Slowly she got up and got dressed in some blue jean pants that complimented her fit bubble butt and kept her white tank top on, but wore a bra under it instead of without.

Slowly she went towards the kitchen area of the hotel to grab some things, bought some ice cream, milk, chocolate chips, cookie dough and a few cups. 'That should do it.'. At first she scooped up six to double the amount in a blender, poured some milk, added the other ingredients and started the blender up. Her eyes watched them mix as it first made some grinding noise, some burning perhaps so she moved the blender a little.


#2Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:48 pm


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She had a wonderful night, next to a tall, ravishing angel with violet hair. And no, not the kind of night one might think about when she put it like that... Instead, she had an impromptu slumber party with a girl who was rapidly turning into one of her best friends. She may very well be one already, and Alisa scarcely realized it. They had drunken, eaten, shared secrets, and finally became a lot closer than they'd been before. As if they finally had proper reasons to explain that unusual attachment they felt to one another. Alisa didn't trust people easily, and from what she'd seen neither did Arisa. Both were aloof, distant women, but whatever brought them together had overcome those barriers in a way she couldn't quit place.

And right now here she laid, sprawled like a cat among the silky soft bedsheets, her hair dishevelled, ample curves all but threatening to spill out of the loose pajamas. And all with a blissful smile on her face. She was having a pretty lovely dream: Angels and fluffy wings, how nuzzling against them made her feel like she could melt away her worries... with such a peaceful dream and full knowledge she had nothing critical to do this morning, she allowed herself to sleep in, a rare occurence for her.

But then something tickled her nose though, repeatedly, teasingly, insistently...

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on Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:48 pm

While that was happening, she walked to the bread, toaster and started up some toast. Next while waiting for both of those she started up some eggs on a pan and some bacon. She multi-tasked wonderfully while waiting for one and the other. First she went back to the blender, poured the milkshake in the cups for two, grabbed the toast, some mini-cups of butter, peanut butter and some jam (she didn't know which Alisa would choose). After such actions she walked to the pan to put the eggs and bacon on a plate. Her hand grabbed the serving plate to put all of that stuff on it and went back towards the room they were sleeping in. Yawning softly she had to excuse herself, not using her hands to cover her mouth before yawning.

Slowly she used her feet to open the door for herself and walked in, using her feet once more to monkey-toe the handle -- as she could close the door quietly. She didn't want to wake Alisa up. Of course she let down the server platter of fine silver onto the table all prepared, hot and ready -- besides the milkshake of course. ''Maybe I should take a shower while waiting for her to get up.'' she spoke in a super whispering quiet tone. For that she went to grab her suit case, lifted the heavy freaking thing up so the roller didn't wake Alisa up and closed the door behind her after turning on the lights in the bathroom.


#4Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:49 pm


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It smelled really good. She rolled around once more, turning on her side and lying on her side, licking her lips as that pleasant smell made her stomach growl. Hunger and the promise to relieve it gently pulled her from that blissful slumber, yawning as her eyes fluttered open.

Even half asleep with a full on 'just got out of bed look' her elegance shone through in the form of a hand raising over her mouth, yawning as her eyes fluttered open. And the first thing she saw? Not a beautiful angel, but something worthy of one: Breakfast in bed huh? How delightful~! She all but grinned at the sight of the platter, filled with a wide selection of food, from cookies to eggs and bacon, toast, ice cream, and even a milkshake:

"Thank you, Ari-chaaan~!!", she'd speak up sleepilu, just loud enough that Arisa would hear her, both expressing her appreciation and announcing how she'd woken up. She sat up, shifting the pillow behind her and resting her back against it, and pulling the tray over her lap, and cutting a slice of bacon and eggs. Breakfast of champions.

The yummyness all but exploded in her tongue at the first bite, shooting her eyes wide with sheer surprise. To think Arisa had these skills hidden up her sleeve! She defenitely didn't hint to them last night! It made perfect sense though, not many people could eat as much as she did, so naturally she'd have learned to cook, right? Did this mean Xandra was likely a good cook too? Probably... She made a mental note to ask her about it later, but for now she simply took her time, leisurly trying a bit of everything, then gradually cleaning the plate.

She favored a balanced, healthy, but reinforced breakfast, of mainly milk, bread and fruit, giving her all the vitality she needed for intense physical exerise but also keeping an appealing physique. But she'd end up eating far more than she normally did, patting her tummy through the cotten fabric, sighing contently once she was done.

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on Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:37 pm

Yawning softly she started to undress and turned on the water for it to get ready. A small sleepy smile appeared on her lips as she felt like she didn't even have to lock doors from behind her. She has this problem that when she lives or is alone, she has to lock every door behind her -- with the fear of someone barging in or peeping on her. She doesn't know why, but it's a thing. Her soft hands grasped the door and walked right in after the undressing part. Right after that she grabbed the bottle of fresh vanilla and papaya shampoo, washing her hair slowly. The water that fell down against her body was refreshing. The smell of the shampoo was amazing. Her heart felt relaxing and so did the water. While taking a shower she heard Alisa thank her for the food in which she cooked and made for her dear friend. Her mind tried to remember everything last night. It was crazy. Next she grabbed the berry mint body wash and washed herself twice while she rinsed it off at the same time with warm water. She knew not to use hot water because otherwise, it dried your skin. Softly she hummed while continuing one with the shower.



#6Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:00 pm


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"Ah, that hit the spot~", she'd say, picking up the tray as she shifted her legs off the bed, then carried the whole thing back to the kitching, yawning once more along the way. She could hear the water falling in the shower, leaving no doubt as to where Arisa was. She had a good idea though, and ordinarily Alisa might have done the same.

But since her questing partner and soon to be best friend had beaten her to it, she had to catch up. In the end, she actually enjoyed showering at night better than first thing the morning, especially when her usual morning routine involved high intensity workouts. Sure sometimes she showered both before and after, but deep down, she was a whimsical woman who had trouble sticking to routines. Not that she didn't want to, but she'd easily obey a spur of the moment instinct over simple force of habit...

Thus she approached her suitcase, stripping off both pieces of her pajamas and tossing them over the bed, then bending over and sifting through her clothes. She a wider range of options for underwear than she did actual clothing, and she didn't even plan on showing those around! Clearly she'd need to go shopping if she wanted to stay in Baska for long. For now she simply slipped on a black set of lacy underwear, and followed Arisa into the bathroom. She couldn't really see the girl's form on account of all the steam, but she didn't really try to either way, doing nothing but catching a whiff of her rather pleasant smelling shampoo:

"Good morning Arisa~", her tone was cool but with surprising cheer - at least more than she normally showed - before splashing water on her face and chest, finally and truly waking up. After that, she simply brushed her teeth at a calm pace as her friend finished her shower, twiddling her hair while admiring her own reflection...

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on Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:11 pm

She turned to grab her tooth brush and tooth paste that had its dose of AIMK baking soda or some sort. It is supposed to make your teeth super white. Super white indeed... She wanted to stay flawless, but then again as an angel she could continue on her eating habit and never gain weight. The other problem was that she couldn't really lose weight either. Sure! Her body may form in proportions, but they change and go elsewhere. For now she had a perfect body; groping chest, plump fit butt, curvacious waist and wide hips - as well as diamond thick thighs. Her heart pounded as she heard Alisa come in, but too a deep calming breather to relax more. ''Morn'en.' she spoke while brushing her teeth, not proper Fiorian. After some moments, she spit out the toothpaste, rinsed her mouth and grabbed a towel. Next she quietly got out of the shower and opened the door to let out the steam from the shower. ''Did you enjoy your breakfast?'' she wondered curiously. She hoped she did as she then went to eat some food herself. Her hips swayed, plopped on the cushioned chair by the t.v and grabbed a plate. Her finger wrapped around a knife, scooped up some peanut butter and watched it melt on the bread. ''Mmmm peanut butter...'' she spoke softly with a gooft smile. The creamy peanut butter, the smell - it was quite delightful. The bacon and eggs that were scrambled were just as good with pepper and a mince of salt. Arisa enjoyed eating for once as her nerves slowly calmed down after a month? She didn't really count....



#8Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:36 pm


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She was actually surprised that Arisa relied on all those beauty products... She might not have been surprised had she seen this a few days ago, but ever since knowing she was an angel... The human couldn't quite place it, but she always though angels didn't really need to do anything special to look pretty. It was almost unfair, but then, she just knew plenty of girls might say that about her and she wasn't even more than just human. So much for stereotypes, right?

Between her own vanity and her admiration for Ari's beauty, Alisa's gaze drifted between herself and her friend, smiling when she returned the greeting, but nonetheless raising an eyebrow at the amusing distortion of it.

That said, Alisa found it especially odd that the girl would brush her teeth for eating, wondering if that wouldn't make her food taste bad or anything. Especially after she professed her love for peanut butter; "I did~", answered the sculptress, her smile widening as she threw an appreciating wink at her friend, petting the bare skin on the girl's arm, "Nice touch with the eggs and bacon too, just what I needed for a hard working day like this."

As she had already eaten, she left the violet haired angel to her meal while she once more walked over to her own luggage and sifted through the few options she had avaliable, once more gathering the outfit she'd used yesterday. Owing to the strong winds she'd likely experience today, however, she picked thicker, less transparent black stockings, resting each of her feet over the chair in turn as she pulled the soft fabric over her long, elegant legs, then sipped on the sheer white blouse around her buxom torso. Both articles of clothing sit rather tight around her figure, highlighting Alisa's deceptively strong hourglass form, the fullness of her shapely thighs, the roundness of her heart shaped behind, the flatness of her toned middle. All in all a developed sporty sexyness that took years to achieve, and even more to maintain, and plenty of reasons for her to feel proud of her figure, once more looking at herself in the mirror before she pulled up her pleated white skirt and vest, leaving the coat for later when it was time to leave...

"Alright, I'm ready.", she'd announce, looking at Arisa and wondering how she was doing, adjusting her headband, ribbon, and finally the underside of her bust, ensuring everything was in place, "How about you?"

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on Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:24 pm

Legs crossed, plate settled as she forked her food to then gently place into her mouth. Her eyes of golden gazed straight as she let the wet violet hair drip the water onto the carpet floor. A small smile escaped her lips as she then soon saw her dear friend. Chin lifted, head turned, she saw her friend exit the bathroom making the feel become shifted. The food became all, a little and then to nothing as the acid in her stomach did not stall. Her red ruby eyes were gazing towards her -- so shiny and so pure. It made her wonder if maybe their friendship, relation would be her hearts lone cure. It could be false or true, but she won't know so for now it will be the fuse.

She finally was done with her food so she put it down on a dark wooden desk and stood up. Arisa knew she had to get dressed, but first she drank her milkshake from her own cup. Wiping her lips from the milkshake's foam, she then went to her suitcase to get some clothes. Colors, seasons and occasions -- those made it dependent on what to wear. There could even be an outfit for silly invasions. Soon enough Alisa asked if she was ready and with a nod she got dressed without the thoughts of crazy. Blue regular jeans, black jacket over her white bra and socks of white under some black hiking boots. What she wore, she didn't give a hoot. Not today, not tomorrow nor yesterday, unless it turned out into some date. This was a mission day though and that's when she tied her shoes to get ready to go.



#10Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:31 pm


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Good to see Arisa's appetite had returned, somewhat. Alisa always found herself throughly amazed - dumbfounded even - at any time she witnessed her tall, gorgeous friend's disproportionate hunger. Sure, she was a big girl, taller and more voluptuous that Alisa whose physique was nothing to scoff at in her own regard. But even proportionate to her size, she ate a lot. The way she worried about her though, resembled a kind of feeling she only held towards those closest to her, towards family... And only upon seeing Arisa in a bad place did the sculptress realized how deep and mysteriously they ran...

She did enjoy watching her get dressed as much as the opposite though, and she couldn't help a little snicker at seeing her go with the risque 'Jacket over bra' option: "How confident, Ari-chan~", Alisa teased, her smile a witty, playful mix of cool and familiarity, the kind she only shared for her closest friends. Alisa understood though, when you put so much work into your figure, why should you care about showing it off?

"Well, shall we go then?", she'd finally invite, nodding towards the door and grabbing her jacket, draping it over her shoulders. Along the way she slipped on her white heels, once more completing that pure white with blue outlines she so clearly loved, "We're working for that fashion designer again. I wonder if we'll meet any good looking models this time..."

Alisa rubbed her cheek with an intrigued look; around Arisa, she didn't really feel like hiding her wishes and preoccupations, not like she did with most people. After the girl had seen her naked, she almost felt they had very few secrets towards each other anymore...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:39 pm

Her fingers ruffled the zip tie as she over-topped the zip-up part over the thin piece it needs to connect to. Her jacket was black and was loose, stopped zipping it right under the bra wire part of the lower piece. Yawning softly without closing her mouth she finished getting ready. ''Ya ya.~ I'm ready Alisa.'' she spoke softly with a sleepy smile. Her head tilted towards the direction of her friend. She then remembered that she didn't brush her own hair yet. With no care in the world, she brushed her hair with her soft finger tips that had sharp nails. Arisa updated her nails daily rather they need stripped off, clipped a certain way or more protectant.

Slowly she exited out of the hotel with nods towards Alisa, understanding what she was saying. They had to do stuff for that fashion guy again. She remembered being told on what to do by the guy yesterday. She remembered that he wanted some good looking women to fashion some stuff or something like that. Her eyes of gold gazed by the corner towards Alisa, hearing her. ''Good looking?'' she blinked and looked around. It was hard since the way she was, nothing was really good looking to her so maybe she'll rely on Alisa just this once? ''Hey... Alisa? I have a hard time being attracted to...uh... people, 'strangers' to be exact.'' she tried to explain, twiddling her fingers and looking away. ''Can you perhaps find them?'' she questioned. Arisa will try her hardest in finding these good looking people, however it may be... but she doubt she could ever be attracted to anyone that she doesn't 'love'. It was the way she was, the way she will always be... No matter what, right?



#12Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:08 am


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Ari, just like herself, didn't need too long doing her hair. A few simple strokes of her hands got it as gorgeous as it should look. Unlike most people assumed, neither of them needed much work on their hair to make it look as gorgeous as it did. The meeting with the client followed pretty much the same sequence as it did last time. As they stepped inside, they came face to face with quite a good few of the designer's flamboyant quirks, until he confirmed what they already knew, and sent them off to do what they were best that... Though not before asking them to join whoever models they found:

"That's quite simple actually, you don't have to be attracted to them at all.", she started, as if the words about to leave her mouth were as common as common knowledge could be. She all but raised a finger, "It's all about appreciating beauty, so just start by finding people who look like you.", to some these words might seem vain - narcissistic even - but to Alisa they made perfect sense. She loved the way she looked, and had plenty of pride in it. If you were proud of the way you looked, the naturally people who looked like you ought be beautiful as well? Nonetheless, she said these words with the same nonchalant, laid back smile she always had, "You're stunning enough, so if you just go from there, there's no way you can be wrong. Once you're at that point, you can just pick whomever strikes your fancy. Say, like that girl~"

With that, Alisa nodded towards a rather pretty looking girl walking only a few meters ahead of them. A tall, elegant blonde, boasting a stunning hourglass figure, yet far slimmer than Alisa, let alone her taller friend. Unlike her initial recommendation, this girl looked nothing like either of them, but she did look undoubtedly gorgeous. To Alisa though, her appearance reminded her of someone she rather liked, someone she couldn't wait to see again, no matter what the future held in store for them. A faint glimmer in her eyes hinted at how she wasn't really thinking about a complete stranger. No more than three seconds had passed between the time Alisa spotted the girl and made her move; for all her reserved nature she understood how when it came to approaching strangers, trusting her instincts was the way to gO:

"Hi there~", Alisa greeted the woman, as cool and stylishly as she could, introducing herself and her partner first things first, "I'm Alisa, and this is Arisa. Say, would you be intrested in a job opportunity? I just know you're the right person to help us with this~"

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on Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:57 am

Strikes your fancy

That was always going to be remembered. Not the meaning, just the words as it had a funny ring to it. Her eyes looked at her friend's dark ruby eyes and nodded. ''Alright...'' she started to say. It was too late as she saw her go after some woman with blonde hair, spite herself not really liking the color. If she was to pick blonde for her own hair color, it was to hide from her Country, not for attractiveness. Her eyes looked at her in question, lips curving in a straight expression as if she wasn't impressed . ''I'll go look for my own. Good luck.'' Arisa spoke softly, smiling and waving up and down motion. She swiftly turned around and went out to go look for her own 'models'.

Yawning softly, the tall woman walked around to see if she could see any woman who could 'strike her fancy'. As of yet, no one has. There were women who were too thin and could see the outline of their bones and so on, she couldn't feel any 'fancy striking' towards anyone. She stopped walking, put her right hand on her hip and winged it towards the right. Her head turned, eyes wandered as she gazed around. All were not striking her as attractive. Her hand went up to her chin in a stereotypical thinking position. 'Mmm... What would I find attractive?' she thought. She automatically thought about the one and only dude she ever felt anything for.

Her eyes then caught a short haired woman with black hair, her eyes were like sapphires, body fit, medium chest sized and a great asset. Her hands touched her own butt and then looked at hers. 'Yep... she's the one. Go get her.' spoke the dark voice, imagining her rolling her eyes. She walked up slowly to her and bowed her head. ''Excuse me. Would you like to fashion model for a great clothes-line? You'll get paid and people will recognize your beauty like I have.'' she spoke so motherly, wondrous and soft. Her accent was out-of-this-world, but as the woman spoke -- so was she. ''I would love to.'' she spoke, smiling as sweet as herself. This felt perfect and her heart was beating quickly. Arisa looked at the girl's olive flawless skin in which she then followed her, walking towards Alisa. She went to Alisa and once she found her, she introduced to her 'friend' that she found. Soon and closely enough, they went to take the models to the guy that seemed rather different and got paid. Finally, after getting paid she left with her friend to do other things.




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