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Moving On From The Past [Sequoia|Phoebe]

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on Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:42 am

This was it, the place where she and Alex always hang with each other and have cakes every evening. It has been almost a year, and Sequoia still doesnt have any clue what happened back then, it was still a blur. In front of her is a velvet cake, its red color shows the symbolism of love, and it was the cake she and Alex always had. Sequoia felt sad, but she cant cry, she cried too much over the year that it left her heart empty. Sequoia picked a cute metal spoon and took a small piece of the red velvet cake and eat it, Its tenderness and sweetness calmed Sequoia, and she started to think like a mature person, "I have to stop thinking about him, I have to find something else to do, maybe travelling or working somewhere is a good thing to do, rather than sulking everyday." .

Sequoia heard a lot of people being a mage or an adventurer and do quests for a living, Sequoia starts to think about it. She didn't knew that she have any sort of magic abilities yet, so she put aside the thought of being a mage away. Sequoia put the metal spoon down and starts to lean on her left hand, staring out the window beside her, there was lot of people and the weather is clear, a perfect day to have a picnic.

#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:02 pm

Phoebe wondered what she should do today. It was perfect weather afterall and she definitely wanted to do something active, but her morning run didn't go that smoothlyand she was bothered by a couple of things that made her grumpy. But that was not shown because she didn't want people to ask her questions as she did not like to talk about herself. She had come from afar but still a few things would bother her most of the time. With the help from Bella she felt a lot more secure about herself and she was able to show that in her daily life and not bump into many doors anymore because she was so clumsy. Clumsy was definitely not beautiful.

She looked left and right while walking on the street, there weren't many people at this hour, most were either working or had already reached their destination, yet Phoebe was still here. With a deep sigh, she finally looked at the store where she stood in front of. Alright, the cake stop. She came here often and she opened the door and smiled to the girl behind the register, she knew her vaguely after coming here so often. She brushed the long black hair over her shoulder and out of her face and entered the shop. It wasn't very busy so she simply sat down at a table next to a lonely girl with beautiful green hair. Phoebe looked at her sometimes casually, she did not want to disturb the person next to her but her hair colour was very strange and with that very beautiful as well. Man Phoebe thought the word beautiful far too often and she started to annoy herself with it, it brought her back to how she once started, the time she had left Orchidia.


on Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:35 pm

Sequoia stop spacing out after a beautiful looking woman sat at a table beside her. After finishing her velvet cake, she starts to enjoy her strawberry milkshake, the pink straw was used by Sequoia to drink the milkshake, as the milkshake passes through her tongue, she could taste the sweetness of it and when it passes through her throat, she felt calm, so calm that she start noticing the woman sitting beside her table kept looking at her, Sequoia felt curious, curious about what was so special about her that someone want to spend their time looking at her.

Sequoia grabbed her milkshake and rose from her seat, she walked towards the table beside her and sat face to face with the woman who kept looking at her. Sequoia was calm, and she dont want to be rude, "My name is Sequoia, what's yours?" Sequoia asked the woman while her golden eyes glinted due to the sunlight that came through the shop's window.

It isn't hard for Sequoia to make new friends, she could feel something about this woman, she could tell that the woman in front of her is kind of 'special'. Sequoia's heart was racing, it has been quite awhile since she talked to someone since the day she lost Alex.

#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:16 pm

Finally Phoebe shook her head as she had sunken away in daydreaming about her friends and one person particular and she forgot that she was actually looking at someone. She turned her lavender eyes towards the menu card that was standing on the table and wondered what kind of cake she wanted to have this time and she stared at her middle for a second, almost falling back in the selfconscious person she was before before simply deciding to order a tea and a pumpkin pie. For the season. She had a short chat with the girl that came to her table to order, where Phoebe politely asked how Olly was doing and the shop and where she ordered and the girl walked away. Which made Phoebe realized that she for the first time in a long while, had forgotten someone's name.

That's when someone else stood next to her table and she turned to look at the girl that had just sat next to her, who boldly sat down and introduced herself. An amused smile appeared on Phoebe her lips, "My name is Phoebe, nice to meet you." she said, being slightly annoyed that she had no cup of tea to wrap her arms around so she simply leaned on her right hand and looked at Sequoia, which was a very interesting name and actually she found that it had a nice ring to it and that it fitted the girl even though she only met her now for the first time. Phoebe wanted to ask if there was something she could help Sequoia with but she stopped herself and simply looked at the girl with interest, and the unasked question on her lips.


on Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:42 pm

The woman in front of Sequoia introduced herself as Phoebe, "You have a beautiful name. What do you do for a living?" Sequoia asked out of the blue to open a new topic for them to talk about. The reason why Sequoia have the bold to meet with Phoebe is because Phoebe looked at her, and that was the same thing Alex did, whatever thing that brings her closer to Alex, or things which makes her think about Alex, she will definitely approach it no matter the consequences.

The thought of Alex made her lose control of her own emotions, and she cant let her emotions control her when she is facing someone she just met a few seconds ago, Sequoia drank her milkshake through a straw, calming her emotions as if a heap of snow puts out the fire in her heart. After sipping her milkshakes a few times, Sequoia place her milkshake down and brushed her hair past her right ear, just because she is feeling a little bit uncomfortable there. Then Sequoia would hold both of her hands together under the table because one of her hand felt so cold due to the milkshake she just hold.

#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:02 am

This girl, Sequoia, didn't seem to be shy at all and that amused Phoebe. Especially considering how she had been herself only a few weeks ago. She looked at the green haired girl with an amused smile before turning her face to the waitress that brought her tea and the pumpkin pie, she thanked her before turning her lavender eyes back at Sequoia, "I'm a mage. I tend to do some jobs for people from time to time. My father owns an antique shop in Orchidia and sometimes I work there." Which was quite a long time ago but if she would go back to Orchidia, she was sure she would work again from time to time. She wrapped her hand around the hot cup of tea, not even bothered by it in the slightest, which she never was when it came to warm things. Easy to be a fire mage.

"Are you from Magnolia or are you a traveller?" Phoebe asked a question as well, her curiousity awakened by the boldness of Sequoia herself. This might be a very amusing day. Phoebe loved meeting new people and talked to them, that reminded her of the stranger in the park about two months ago and she wondered for a second how he was doing and if he finally got the help of someone that could do more than just asking him yes and no questions. She should focus on the conversation at hand and brushed a black hair lock away from her face and took a sip of the hot tea before placing the cup back down on the table.


on Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:53 am

A waitress served Phoebe a cup a tea and a pumpkin pie. Looking at the pumpkin pie made Sequoia remembered that it is autumn and the weather might get colder. Sequoia, only wearing a blouse and a short pants to the shop didn't realise the frostiness of the environment, maybe because there was a heater being turned on in the cake shop. Phoebe answered her question and said that she is a mage, and that's what Sequoia heard and she thought that she heard Phoebe saying something about her father shop but Sequoia didnt catch that as she was very excited to meet a mage.

Sequoia's expression changed, she looks brighter and way more curious. "Is it fun being a mage? Is magic that fun, i thought that it is a dangerous job.". Phoebe also asked Sequoia where do she live in or if she is a traveller. "Oh no, I am not a traveller, I live somewhere around here and I work as an embroider, Im not a mage, so I won't get any benefit by travelling, even tho it does sound fun.". Sequoia honestly answered Phoebe except for the last part about she not being a mage, Sequoia know that she don't have any spells or potions she can work with, but deep inside, she felt like she just lied saying that she isnt a mage, and she dont know why.

#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:51 pm

Phoebe didn't know what Sequoia was thinking about, she simply picked up the fork and took a bite of her pumpkin pie, she herself wasn't also dressed for the weather, but considering she was a fire mage: she never felt cold anyway. She was dressed in a casual red dress and high knee boots with a little heel, in a black colour. To prevent people from staring, she was wearing a leather black jacket. She was asked what she did for a living, she simply answered the only thing that was possible to answer. "Oh I believe being a mage is fun. You meet a lot of people that could help you with magic and jobs that recuire the use of magic. Besides that it doesn't have to be dangerous, it of course depends on how you use your magic and I bet also to some level what your magic is." She asked if Sequoia was from around here and she was, "I have to tell you that it is a beautiful city Magnolia, but still even if you are not a mage, there are lots of reasons to go on and travel Fiore. Cliche, but to find yourself, find answers, and the like. You don't have to be stuck to once place and it is a lot of fun." She said and she took another sip of tea, not entirely sure what she should ask Sequioa more, she wondered why Sequioa talked to her, she had looked at her a few times, but what did people expect when they had such bright green hair colour. "So you have never been outside Magnolia?"


on Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:58 pm

"I was born here, and I've never leave this place not even once." Sequoia answered genuinely. She wasn't actually happy about that, she like to see other people of different races and variety of cultures. "Maybe I should go on travelling to move on from Alex." Sequoia told herself, she place one of her hand under her chin and the other on the glass of her milkshake. The tip of the straw passes through her lips and she starts sucking the milkshake out of the straw.

"Say Phoebe, would you like to accompany me in my first travel?" Sequoia boldly asked Phoebe. Sequoia was just afraid if there are predators, or robbers out there when she go out alone travelling since she have no self defence at all, she doesnt use a sword or a bow, neither is she good at combating. Sequoia turned her head to the window and she could see something beyond the hill, dark clouds, which means that it will rain sooner or later. Sequoia thought that today was a good day, but it isnt, Sequoia could already see a strip of lightning in the dark clouds.

#10Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:49 am

Phoebe tilted her head a bit to the right to look better at Sequioa as she asked the girl if she had never been outside Magnolia and apparently she had not been, "I'm from Orchidia and I dreamed about travelling since... since forever." Phoebe said, not entirely honest because she started travelling to find her mother and to proof her power of being a fire starter, which was not something she was proud off anymore and she didn't want to talk about it. In Orchidia a water spirit had given her a vision of her mother with her half siblings and she wasn't entirely sure if it was now or many years ago, she of course still wanted to find her mother but it was not something of great importance anymore.

She took a sip off her tea and a bite of her pie when Sequioa asked if she wanted to accompany her in her fist travel. Strange question for someone you only met about ten minutes ago, "That sounds lovely, I only don't plan to leave Magnolia yet. So I don't know when you had in mind." if Sequioa would mean in a couple of weeks, that would give the both of them the time to get to know each other better and see if it was a good plan, she just didn't want to leave without King but she shouldn't be so childish. She didn't even know what King thought. She followed Sequioa her look to the window and noticed the rainclouds as well, ugh bummer. No evening run as well, she should definitely find something to do tonight, something active, maybe a club, to go dancing? "Do you have any places that you would want to see?"


on Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:52 am

Phoebe asked Sequoia what place would she want to see, well honestly, Sequoia had never heard stories about the outside world except for mages and the clashes between them. Then the jester from Sequoia's past came to her mind, and the body of Alex, the bloody body she saw in her past came to her mind too. Her face started to look slummer than before as the thought of Alex came to her mind. "Could you umm, show me the world of being a mage or something cuz I think it is pretty interesting." Sequoia lied a little there, all she wanted is a distraction, a distraction from Alex, Sequoia know that she cant forget him completely, but at least, she have to try.

"I dont care when we should start, I guess, I just need a company for the time being..." Sequoia confessed, she started to blush showing that she is a little bit ashamed of what she just said, thinking back, she had never talk to anybody for the past year. Sequoia tilted the glass in front of her to her mouth, when the straw touches her lips, she started to suck it, expecting a sweet milkshake to calm her down, but alas, she finished it and all that is left is nothing.

#12Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri Nov 03, 2017 4:11 am

Phoebe looked at Sequoia closer, there was something bothering the green haired girl but Phoebe didn't want to pry, they were basically strangers and if she wanted to tell Phoebe, she would come up with the topic herself. Phoebe was sure of that and besides she wasn't entirely sure what she would say in that case because she barely knew Sequoia, but there came a question. "Oh the world of a mage?" She made a hmm sound after that and thought about it, "Well I'm a fire mage." She held up her hand and focused on her magical energy to form a little flame in her handpalm as if she was holding a candle, without the candle being visible. "I know someone with storm magic, wind magic and so on. So it all depends what you mean show you the world of a mage." she said with a little laugh.

When she asked about when Sequoia wanted to travel the girl answered that it did not matter to her as it was at some point, "Oh well that's no problem. We could hang out here and once I'm ready to travel I could let you know. What do you like to do?" Phoebe asked to get to know the girl a bit better, she didn't know why but she felt a bit of sorry for her as she just said she wanted to have company. That's exactly what Phoebe wanted after she had left Orchidia, which was why she felt homesick so often. Maybe it was good to say that; "I think I know how you feel, I would like company most of the time as well." She didn't mention that she would be homesick because she didn't know exactly why Sequoia would want company.


on Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:30 am

Phoebe told Sequoia that she is a fire type mage and started a fire in her palms with just a blink. Sequoia was amazed by what Phoebe just did, she wish that she could do the same thing, for Sequoia, it was beautiful. Then Phoebe would start to talk about other people who have different type of magic like storm and wind. Sequoia grew more curious, she start to ask herself what type of element would she have if she know the arts of magic. The past seemed like it has gone by from a single topic, magic. Sequoia doesnt know why but she just love to talk about it.

Phoebe would then ask what Sequoia wanted to do, Sequoia looked out the window again and sure enough, it has started to rain, which means she have less options to choose here. "It looks like we cant have any fun due to the rain, maybe you could teach me how to use magic." Sequoia suggested, the idea came to her mind immediately, 'Why didnt I thought about it before.' She said to herself. Sequoia looked at Phoebe hoping for a yes as an answer. Sequoia seemed a little bit more cheerful than before.

#14Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:39 am

While talking Phoebe closed her hand at some point and the little flame disappeared, she would be able to use it again soon if Sequoia wanted to see it again but she was afraid what she could do with fire if she didn't pay much attention to it. She wasn't that much afraid anymore that she would do it accidentally with her magic, but now, well it was a wooden table! Suddenly Sequoia her demanour seemed to have changed, simply by seeing the little flame in Phoebe her hand. Well wasn't that interesting. So Phoebe decided to ask her what she wanted to do, considering they might travel together at some point. She would like to get to know this girl a bit better.

So she followed Sequoia her eyes and noticed the rain as well. She didn't like rain that was for sure. But the green haired girl turned back to her and asked her to teach her magic. It was more for King to do that but he obviously wasn't here, "Oh, well I'm not sure if I'm good at that but it doesn't hurt to try." she only wondered where to start and tried to remember the lessons her mother taught her. She looked around the cake shop but it was fairly quiet here so that was alright, "Would you try here or want to move to another place?" She asked just to be sure, even with the rain, "After all you need to be able to focus." she said which sounded very extreme, she was still wondering about one thing, how do you start a magic, if you didn't have one?


on Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:09 am

As Phoebe agrees to teach Sequoia magic, Sequoia was excited beyond thought, and she had never been this happy since the past year. Phoebe asked Sequoia whether they should do it here or some other place, Sequoia closed her eyes and thought about it for awhile, Phoebe also said that she need to have a high level of concentration, a place came to Sequoia's mind when she heard the word 'concentration'. Her backyard was the perfect place to concentrate, one of Sequoia's hobby is gardening, she planted some beautiful flowers and made some bird house so that birds would come there. There is also a big balcony that could fit two families together and a room for dining tables and chairs, but practically now the balcony is empty except for two stool and a table for tea party.

"I have a backyard garden, we could practice in the balcony, unless you want to get wet." Sequoia said jokingly, giggled for a moment and then looked back at Phoebe, waiting for her to answer. "We can have tea too, if you're up to it." When looked properly, Phoebe looked like the same age as Sequoia is, but Sequoia put it for later and give the stage to Phoebe to speak next.

#16Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:17 pm

Phoebe wondered what Sequoia would think about as she closed her eyes, or if she was already focussing on her concentration. She simply ate bites from her pie before Sequoia came up with an answer, she quickly finished munching on her pumpkin pie and nodded to Sequoia her suggestion, "That sounds like a good idea." especially compared to people coming towards the cake store, "Is it far to your house?" she asked because it was of course still raining, she quickly took the last sip of her tea. "Tea would be very pleasant." the rain would be less but she would know how to fix herself thanks to her fire magic, it would be a little annoying of course and besides that she was wondering what would be the best approach. She didn't have any ideas apart from how she had her mother's teaching, and she didn't want to say her mother was a very good teacher. Especially not since she left Phoebe soon after that. But now she had only become better and different and she absolutely didn't want to be like her mother at all.

"Have you ever had a feeling that you were more hmm how to say it, feeling closer to some sort of element or well anything else?" How else to think, she had again an idea as she stood up and looked if she was ready to go into the horrible downpour, to reach the house of Sequoia. Wasn't it very strange to go to a house of a stranger? Phoebe didn't think so at this moment because she had been able to see the difference between a few minutes ago, where the girl looked so sad and now she was a bit happier.


on Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:59 am

Phoebe asked Sequoia if her house is far from the bakery, and it isn't that far, a couple blocks and they will reach there. "Oh, it isn't that far from here, it will take at least 2 minutes to reach there by walking." Sequoia answered, then Sequoia thought of how they could walk in the rain, Sequoia remembered something, she have her small umbrella that she always carry along inside her handbag, "Hold on..." she said to Phoebe as she wanted to check if the umbrella is there or not, her long hands reached her handbag and she unbuttoned it, she started rummaging the handbag as there was a lot of stuff she carried, from cosmetics to first aids, she had everything ready. The umbrella was the biggest so it was easy to notice it, the umbrella is the size of a book, it is small but maybe it would fit both Phoebe and Sequoia as both of them have slim body. "Thank goodness I brought this umbrella." Sequoia said while showing Phoebe her small umbrella while smiling at her, she find it amusing as she had never used it before. Phoebe also asked Sequoia what element does she find closer to, and to be honest, Sequoia hadn't felt any connections with any elements. "Well, I dont know, and I guess I dont have any elements related to me either." Sequoia answered honestly.

#18Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:53 pm

2 minutes wasn't far indeed. She could just dry herself off later with her fire magic, using steam and the like. She simply nodded and raised her eyebrow when Sequoia said hold on and she watched the green haired young woman as what she was doing. After rummaging through her handbag, she pulled out an umbrella and she smiled, "That would work and if it doesn't. It is alright, it's only two minutes." She would not think she would be drenched, ha she made a mistake in that. Basically it was a downpour, but she would see if the umbrella worked for the two of them if they walked very close together. She paid for her tea and pie and stood up, adjusting her jacket and taking her purse.

She also asked Sequoia before they left if she felt any connection to an element or the like and that was denied, Phoebe had always felt a connection with fire, lately she didn't but that didn't change for she as a magic user and she wondered how to approach it further but maybe focusing on magical energy would bring forward a lot more potential than that she could know now. So she followed Sequoia to her house and tried to keep up to remain underneath the umbrella but when they arrived at her house, she quickly opened up her hands to let the heat of her body and dry herself off in that way. She had made sure during the walk that Sequoia was always underneath the umbrella and not pushed away by Phoebe, for she could dry her off like this.


on Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:08 am

Sequoia and Phoebe walked in the rain underneath the umbrella that is meant for one people, Sequoia hold it properly so that neither she or Phoebe could get wet by the heavy rain. While walking Sequoia realised something, why would Phoebe act so nice to her? Did she want something from her? or is it just because of sheer luck? Nevertheless, Sequoia kept walking while holing the umbrella steady. As they reach Sequoia's home, it was not large, a two storey bungalow, with flowers growing around it, Sequoia kept her plants nice in bed, she likes to garden, it felt so calm for her.

Sequoia then led Phoebe to the open area in front of the front door, which there is a roof to cover them from the rain. Sequoia put the umbrella down and rummaged her pocket to find her keys. After finding her keys, Sequoia unlocked the door by turning the key inside the keyhole of the wooden door. Sequoia opened the wooden door and it was dark, nothing can be seen. Sequoia searched for the light switch on the wall by feeling it with her hand, after fining she switch it on, lights started to light up and her dining room could be seen, it was quite big, around 10 metres wide, complete with television sofas, coffee table, and a kitchen table. then at the side, the kittchen could be seen, it was quite dark for now as the kitchen's light wasnt turned on yet.

Sequoia took her jacket off and hang it on a hanger behind the door, she invited Phoebe in and told her to open her jacket ( if she have one ) and hang it on the hanger. Sequoia would then drop her purse on the kitchen table on turned the kitchen lights on, she took a kettle and started filling it with pipe water as Sequoia know that the water linked to her house is from the underground mountain's water, so it is safe to be drink. The water was so cold, Sequoia sneezed a little. She would then place the kettle on a stove and turned the fire on, she then waited for it to boil while sitting at the kitchen table.

#20Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:43 am

It was actually surprising how dry Phoebe arrived at Sequoia her house but she couldn't help just automatically dry herself off with a little bit of use of mana. She took off her jacket, which she only wore for show to make sure no one would freak out about a girl walking around in only a dress when it was already quite cold for the time of the year. She looked around the place after she remained at the same spot, seeing what Sequoia was doing.

Her eyes looked around the place before she walked a few steps towards the living room and look around, it has been a while since Phoebe had been in a normal house. Her own was made up of a store and a kitchen with upstairs the bedrooms for herself, her father and sister. Apart from that she had stayed in an Inn since her arrival in Magnolia and that wasn't everything either. She turned to look where Sequoia was and headed to sit with her at the kitchen table, "Can I ask you why you are so interested in Magic?" She was curious but it was also to see if she was trying to teach someone with the right course to become a mage, she wasn't sure if everyone would be able. Mary was never a talent with magic, not like Phoebe but she could use it.

Phoebe however wasn't that fan of fire magic anymore, it kept reminding her of her mother and she didn't want that for obvious reasons.


on Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:41 pm

Phoebe asked Sequoia why she was so interested in magic, Sequoia didnt know what to say. She was sitting uncomfrtably on the kitchen chair as she know she would sit there for just a few minutes to wait for the water to boil. Sequoia positioned herself, she didnt know what to do. The memories of herpast came back to her like it was happening just yesterday. She could see it, the body of her loved Alex, and the burn mark on the floor. Obviously, Sequoia was interested in magic because of the tragic night of Alex's death because she knew that it was dark magic that killed Alex.

Sequoia tried to tell Phoebe, she looked at Phoebe with worry in her eyes, she isnt sure to tell someone she just met about her tragic past, plus it might be creepy as they are just underneath where the incident happened. As Sequoia opened her mouth to speak, the water in the kettle boils, the noise of the evaporating water shocked Sequoia that she std up so quickly that she knocked a chair off and it hit her toe, "Ouch," the word came out of her mouth, she was panicking, but in the rush she successfully turned the fire off and her breathing are fast, Sequoia drop herself to the floor and leaned her head against the cabinet that happens to be there, she was tired, tired of thinking about her past.

#22Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:56 am

Phoebe leaned on her right hand, covering most of her mouth and look with her lilac eyes towards Sequoia because she wasn't answering. It was a normal question but she had no idea what kind of thoughts would be able to come because of that and Sequoia looked uncomfortable. But she needed to know if it was for the good intention, imagine she was teaching or trying to teach someone something bad and she was getting a bit nervous but didn't show anything. Her face remained like stone, not showing any emotions or ideas at all. She would wait for either Sequoia to bring up something else or to answer or perhaps something else where she wasn't thinking about right now.

That's when their eyes met and there was a pleading in the other girl her eyes and she had no idea if that was an issue and if she should say something at all, but before she could say anything she heard the kettle boil and Sequoia getting up and her say ouch, "Oh are you okay?" she had wanted to say something about that before but she had but she had no idea if she should ask Sequoia again. But that's when she dropped herself and Phoebe got up and quickly hunched down, "Are you okay? Did I ask something wrong?"

#23Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:20 pm

She didn't know what she would do with Sequoia, there clearly was something that she didn't want to discuss with Phoebe and the fire mage could understand perfectly well; after all they just met about an hour ago. She wouldn't spill her whole history either. But she wasn't sure if Sequoia was in a state of trying to practice magic. Perhaps she had some trauma, some accident thanks to magic, which was the reason why she wouldn't be connected to one element or wouldn't know much.

Phoebe frowned and made sure that the young woman was okay before she suggested it might be better if she left. She left the address of the inn where she was staying as well as her first name in case Sequioa needed her help again or had decided she still wanted to practice magic. Even though it was still raining very hard, Phoebe took her coat from the hanger and let herself out of the house. She looked up at the sky and simply chanelled her magic and stepped away from the porch and headed back towards the inn where she was staying, maybe she should do something to sharpen her own magical ability but at the moment she would see what to do as soon as she reached the inn. completely soak, it might be smart to first take a shower to warm up.


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