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Golden Scissor [Arisa:Alisa:Quest]

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on Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:53 am


In the last mission she saw Alisa, didn't eat once again and her stomach. Grrr~ 'Shut up stomach.' she thought softly and sighed softly as well. Her arms wrapped against her own being, arms under her chest as they bulged over her arms due to how big they were. Her large wide hips swayed while her violet hair swayed left and right. She was wearing blue jeans with a tare in the front of each thigh, only a few inches long and less than an inch wide. Her shoes were flip flops, ignoring the cold breeze while her shirt was a white frizz shirt with a few ruffles in the chest area making a U-shape to reveal some chest. Her pants were held together with a black belt and a flower of white buckle. Her hair was put up in a pony tail and it felt amazing. Her chest bounced a little due to their gravity and her assets were well pronounced in those jeans. Some guys had no trouble looking at her as her bright wide sun eyes looked forward. ''Maybe I'll find Alisa somewhere.'' she spoke to herself with a sweet smile from her glossed pink full lips. Slowly she licked her lips after stopping. Her weight went towards her right leg, hand rested on her hips as she turned her head left and right with her eyes wandering in the same direction. 'Wonder where she can be....' she thought.


#2Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:54 am


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The first job was easy enough, and then made all the easier by how early the took it, long before the marketing got truly bustling with activity. No matter how hard their client tried teaching them exactly what kind of fabric he wanted and what they had to do to get it, his words fell on deaf ears, and one look at Alisa should suffice to explain why: This girl was not only a model herself, but also made it a point to cover herself only with the finest clothes, often tailor made to suit her smooth, creamy skin and sinuous, womanly form. If that weren't enough her sense of touch was far more sensitive than most people. All of that put together meant such a task became little more than child's play, a pleasant sightseeing tour filled with lightheated chatter with her lovely companion.

Companion who it appeared was clearly getting hungry, judging by the ever louder growls coming from her direction. Alisa's chuckled betrayed her amusement as she raised one hand over. For this reason and this reason only, Alisa disappeared right after they cashed in their earnings from the flamboyant employer, and went over to that bakery where they'd met to by food. Croissants, and a wide assortment of breads with various fillings, to fill their stomach in a nice, mid morning meal, before going to work on the second one

Her pleated skirt fluttered left and right with every graceful, sensual shift of her hips, occasionally whipping back in tune with her hair under a particularly strong gust of wind. At those points Alisa would reflexively lead one hand over her skirt for modesty's sake, preventing it from flipping up.

A soft, almost playful smile drew on her supple, pink tinted lips: She caught sight of Arisa once again, and promptly approached the girl, raising one hand and offering one of the plastic bags filled with bread, "I come bearing gifts~", she'd announce herself with a classy yet playful tone, rasing one hand up to her head and adjusting the youthful white headband.

She gazed into the luminescent amber of the girl's eyes, all but waiting to see the moment they turned to joy as she always did when food was involved. Indeed, Alisa had no shortage of sights to admire about the girl before her, from the sensual curves of her body to the charming lines of her face, and the way the sun beamed off her skin not unlike her own white clad body...

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"Shall we dance?"
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on Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:55 am


There she stood waiting for Alisa, to see if she was going to arrive to do this mission with her. There seemed to be a lot of things to do here compared to last time. It somewhat surprised her that there were even missions here to do. Last time she was here she had to twiddle her thumbs, find random people to hang out with and so forth to entertain her till the time of her tournament was ready. There was honestly one guy - other than that certain one, that caught her interest in a friendship manner. The guy she fought in second round, Rowan. He seemed quite nice and she wished she got to hang out with him before she won against him. He was all playful with his fighting style and kind of flirtatious, but Arisa on the other hand was serious.

While she continued to wait she heard her dear friend speak from not that far. Her eyes were caught by a back filled with food. Her nose sniffled the scent of fresh bread, but nonetheless Arisa didn't feel like eating. She faked on a pure sweet smile and took the bag. ''Thanks Alisa.~ Perhaps I'll eat it later. I don't feel truly like eating.'' she spoke in her sweet, innocent and soft tone. Her smile was motherly-sweet as she then put the bag underneath her right arm as they walked (or so she assumed they were going to walk).



#4Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:09 pm


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Yup, she looked radiant recieving the food, enough to earn a little chuckle from the Pegasus... Which made what said next all the stranger. Alisa cocked her head, quirking an eyebrow quizzically as the girl instead said she'd eat it later. Even though she looked hungry enough to make all those adorable growling noises? Well, it was the all the same to Alisa who simply shrugged, as she didn't really mind eating after they were the mission... Well, eating all of it. Unlike Arisa, the sculptress didn't really feel like working on an empty stomach so she wound up picking up

"That's quite unusual for you... Is something the matter?", she'd comment nonetheless, picking one paper wrapped bread with chocolate filling and taking a small, almost dainty bite, tucking a long strand of raven hair back and away from her face; a graceful gesture that nonetheless had a very clear purpose, and keeping her from biting into her own hair. The strong, sweet flavor of chocolate flooded her tastebuds right a the first bite, widening her smile and thoroughly pleasing her refined palate, "Mmmm, delicious~"

Their next client would be the same as their last one, Mr Milano the flamboyant fashion designer. He told them about needing their help again in about an hour or so, which gave them time to go look around Baska some more. Yet to Alisa this posed another problem... As the main streets grew crowded, she'd gradually start leading Arisa away from the those and into smaller, less frequented ones, which also meant they'd be taking the long way to the client once again...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:38 pm

Arisa looked at Alisa, hoping that she didn't notice too much on how much she wasn't eating. Her stomach was obviously giving it away if she did notice it. Sadly, Alisa wasn't really naive and the stomach noise was going to give it away. 'Come on... shush.' she thought as her head pounded with pain for a second. 'Owe...' she thought with the motion of her free arm/hand rubbing her right side of her head. It wasn't the temple area, it was more of the upper right forehead part. She wasn't sure on what it was called, she just knew it was hurting.

Her sunny eyes gazed at hers and assuming she was going to say something, she started to walk. ''No.. nothing... Let's go to the next mission. It's for the same guy though.'' she started. With the sound of silence she didn't speak, her eyes looked towards their destination and their feet went within the building. Fernando, the client, looked at them with a happy face. ''Ohhh my darlings! I have a quest of wonders for you two.'' he started and leaned against his white table of fashion designing. ''I need what is rumored to be called 'Golden Scissors'. It can cut and design the best of the best! Someone, a merchant nearby has it. Please go find it and fetch it.'' he spoke, clapped and smiled cheerfully. ''You shall be paid handsomely for it.'' he reminded. Arisa nodded and went out the door with Alisa to find and get those scissors of gold.



#6Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:01 pm


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Yeap, she was still hungry. If not for that noise, Alisa might have been fooled into thinking Arisa had eaten something in the time it took the Pegasus to go buy food for her. But she hadn't at all, at at this rate, the sculptress was starting to get worried. Of course, she wouldn't really force feed her tall friend or anything of the sort, but she would keep an eye on her. Alisa cared for her, perhaps more than she would for just about anyone else she'd only know as long as they did each other. No two relationships she had with other people were the same, but very few people could earn this amount of trust from the lone Pegasus in as little time as the violet haired beauty.

"Yes, I recall him mentioning something.", nodded Alisa, glancing into the distance towards the client's general direction. They were still quite a bit far away, and thus she had plenty of time to finish her food in peace, the running one hand over her mouth and wiping off whatever crumbs remained.

One with one girl confined to silence and the other with her mouth full, the trip turned out mostly quiet. And when they arrived, the client spoke for all three of them put together. Apparently, he had gotten himself the finest fabrics, and now he wanted the finest scissors to cut them with. An item such as that would likely have a lot of interested buyers. But one look down at her own figure, then looking to the side at Arisa's, the raven haired woman understood how this would be easier than taking candy from a baby, especially when most of the buyers were men. She loosened the knot around her neck slightly, just enough to let her cleavage spill out a bit more, her smile widening with a self assured, if somewhat impish hint, ready to charm her way through the ten or so buyers...

"Shall we get to work?", she'd ask, grabbing Arisa's hand and tugging her towards the market stall. This crowd was big enough to get on her nerves, but by looking at her gorgeous partner, and staying close to her, she could keep in check.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:18 pm

Her hand was grasped, hair flailed back as the wind hit her face with a pull/tug from her friend, Alisa. She looked around with her golden eyes to see all the people around her. The tall beautiful woman couldn't help but gaze at all of these people. A small smile appeared from her full glossed lips, thinking on how warm this setting was. The people seemed nice enough, unlike compared to Oak or the one's in Dahlia. She didn't stay long in Dahlia and hoped that Hyoen was okay. Her stomach finally stopped growling as it ate itself once again. Her stomach fat was being eaten and stored in that pattern per day. Her lose arm was dangling while the other was still being pulled by her pretty friend of red eyes and black fine hair. Next they stopped by some shops and wandered with their eyes. She wondered how far the scissors would be.

There was some shops not open yet, but were setting it up. Slowly she walked towards a man that was a tall man of six foot, bald, had a rope-like band around his head and regular black clothes and white sash around it. He was packing things onto tables and her eyes caught what was needed. Quickly she walked up and got in front. ''Excuse me, Sir?'' she asked fragile, innocent with her bright golden eyes that were turning wolf-brown. Her violet-pink hair were covering one of her eyes as her full lips departed to speak. ''I've been looking really hard for those. Is it possible that I buy them?'' she wondered. Her facial expression turned desperate as the other people around her that wanted the same thing tried to get them as well. One offered a lot of gold, another wanted a trade. What could Arisa offer? ''I'll give you this book worth Centuries of history of different countries and some gold.'' she offered, leaning over a bit with her right hand flat on the table, exposing a little of her chest due to the design of her shirt. The man looked nervous, back up at her eyes and blushed. ''Uh...uh...sure! Here you go.'' he spoke, took what was offered and continued on his work. The people that wanted it as well, left. ''Alisa! I got it.'' she spoke softly with a smile, jogging towards her. Soon they left together to hand it in, got their reward and left with the mission being a success.




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on Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:35 pm


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Finding the right stand was easy enough, perhaps too easy. After all, they relied on following the biggest gathering and were eventually lead to it... To have to rely on such a method, and worse, actually have to dive into that steadily forming crowd, all but aggravated Alisa, who found herself randomly pushing people away with a well placed elbow more often than not, punishing anybody who tried to dogpile her. Discipling the unruly crowd made her incredibly efficient at carving a path to the vendor, and a single, annoyed glare easily intimidated everyone brave enough to complain about her methods. Soon, they had reached the salesman together, and all that remained was helping Arisa seal the deal:

"Please~...? I don't have anything else to offer, but...", she all but mimicked her partner's gesture, placing herself in a way that the two statuesque women effectly deprived the vendor of all sight of the other customers, the latter of any possible access to the vendor himself. If that weren't enough, she too leaned in ever so slightly, just enough for the best possible view of her cleavage, "...It would make my friend really happy~"

Though still bound by the sheer fabric of her blouse, Alisa still had plenty for one to look at, and obviously knew how to use her looks to the fullest, even going as far as looking up into the vendor's eyes, expressing her desire for the valuable item in an almost pleading manner. She got in a couple of minutes, and they could finally

"Good... Now let's get out of here. Somewhere less crowded preferrably...", answered Alisa, fanning herself and walking alongside Arisa, back to the grateful client...


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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