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Fantastic Fabrics [Mission | Alisa | Arisa]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:16 am


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Here she was, at last, Baska... Would she be able to take that A-rank quest? Alisa didn't really remember the last time she'd laid eyes on one, if ever. And she was far from old, hell, she wasn't even twenty...! Hmm, with that in mind, she should also plan out what she wanted to do for her birthday. As she got up from bed, her thoughts wandered towards who she might spend that special day with, as she slowly covered her naked body with each of the myriad pieces making up her new favorite work outfit. Long, silky stockings covering her shapely legs, and a sheer white blouse under a stylish, classy but sexy white vest. Well, maybe the sheer amount of cleavage she flaunted might struggle to properly live up to that elegance, but then again, most of it came from Alisa's own demeanor... After that, she put on a frillied skirt and draped a coat over her shoulders, and then finally slipped on a headband and heels. All pure white with blue trim and golden outlines, fully completing an attire fitting of the woman known as the White Empress of Blue Pegasus.

She waved goodbye to her partner despite being fully aware Lumen was still asleep, and headed downstairs to grab herself some breakfast; something simple, somethink like a croissant, a mug of coffee, and a glass of orange juice. Break of champions. She immediately noticed how the bread was rather delicious, and couldn't help but wonder whether this was just something characteristic to Baska... The moment she stepped outside, a warm but gentle sunlight caressed her pale skin, easily soothed by a refreshing breeze brushing against her cheeks. Indeed she sniffed the air with a smile, noticing how the wind carried an unusual, but delightfully pleasant scent of freshly baked bread and withering autumn leaves. There must be a bakery nearby huh?

Guess she should stop by after this mission, or when her stomach started calling for lunch... First, she actually had to find said mission...

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- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:14 am

Arisa slowly entered the town of Baska after all that walking from Dahlia. She tried to keep on a smile while going through the path of the unknown in which she had no idea why she was even here. Her heart was just telling her to keep on going and rest here for the time being. Her head turned as her eyes wandered to look around. ''Seems to be the same since the last time I was here...'' she spoke softly, wondered about some people she met here too. There was a guy she went on a date with here, name was Ray. The dude took her to a festival, held her and and kissed her cheek. After that, he ran off and never has she seen him again. After some time after that she met Maarschalk, someone who made a huge impact in her life. It was all good and a little bit of bad that it happened, but sure enough she was going to keep going. Softly she took a deep breather, carrying her bag over her shoulder and standing tall while doing so. Maybe there was some missions to do here, some work to get more money and perhaps stronger too! She wanted to look at the positives for now as all that has been happening was downers, edgy news and things such as the rain.

Her heart felt pain still after a month or close to it since that day...


Her stomach was making noises as she walked on by the good smelling food. Her heart pounded fast yet it tried its hardest to keep on going. 'You're hungry... Feed.' spoke a voice in her head. She looked around to see different breads, cheese, sandwiches and more around this valley of a town. Shaking her head she rejected the food thought and kept on going. Slowly going through the valley town she looked around still, just out of curiosity of course. 320

#3Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:19 am


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Alisa had picked up the request last night before checking into the hotel, so she had a somewhat decent idea of where she was supposed to go... That was, assuming she knew her way around. She'd never been in Baska recently, at least, not recently enough to actually remember anything, but she did know all the crowded Flea Market business didn't really do it for her. The mere thought of heading in there at the busiest hours made her roll her eyes internally, all the more reason why she should finish this job quickly. Her employer was a fashion designer, so she had a pretty good idea of what he might have her do.

So she simply headed towards where she believed the shop might be, relying on her best guesses instead of going around asking for directions. Thus, it should come as no surprise that she wound up taking one of the longer paths, it defenitely came as no surprise to her, but she was perfectly comfortable with that as it allowed her to look at sights she had never seen before, through mostly deserted streets. The few people she did see looked just as familiar as the streets, but as that smell of freshly baked bread grew stronger and stronger, she eventually arrived at its source - a rather lovely looking bakery - and next to it finally found a familiar face,

"Oh, Arisa...!", greeted the sculptress, flashing her best, coolest smile as she waved and walked up to her, "How have you been?", she asked, cocking her head curiously with a hint of worry, the memory of her disapparing friend still fresh in her mind...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:20 am

She felt lost, even in a town she has been before. Last time she was here she had all the time needed to know where everything was, but she didn't really care about any of that right as now. Her eyes of sun was glowing and wandering with curiousity. Her nose was smelling the good food, her stomach was growling and her heart was pounding with thirst for food and drinking. Her mind on the other hand didn't know what the hell it should think. The sun was burning against her skin, but her pure cream-colored skin was shining, never turning red as if the light of her soul was blocking it. A free type of sun screen one could say. Soon enough, she walked slowly passed a bakery to hear a voice that sounded familiar. 'Already?' she thought as she shifted to turn towards directly at where the voice was coming from. Her ears didn't betray as the dark haired woman of red eyes stood before her, Alisa. It wasn't that long ago that she disappeared into darkness, a black hole. A small smile appeared on her full glossed lips, tilt of her head to the right and waved simply. ''Greetings, Alisa. I guess you can say, I'm fine. How are you?'' she spoke changing the subject that she was going to say, but kept it casual. ''I'm on my way to do some mission I suppose.'' she lastly said before shutting up. It felt super awkward.



#5Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:22 am


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She looked as lovely as ever. That was good... This meant whatever had happened to her that day hadn't been anything too bad. Alisa sighed, her expression softening somewhat as she nodded and answerd, "Glad to hear it. I'm doing alright myself... You know, hunting spirits, talking to skeletons. Usual halloween business right?", she chuckled playfully, winking at the girl, enjoying how the mood had lightened somewhat... Well, at least she tried to lighten it the best she could.

It appeared Arisa too had come here to do a mission, just like her, and thus, Alisa rested one hand on her hip, putting her weight on one leg as she brushed some raven hair behind her ear, "As am I.", she'd not again, her smile widening as she tilted her head slightly, "So how about it...?", though she didn't immediately suggest it, anybody might guess what exactly she was about to propose, "You join me for my mission, and In return I'll join you for yours~"

Though she didn't outright say it, she still had plenty to ask Arisa, and doubted she could do so in the mere twenty or so minutes it would take her to clear a mission of this level. But since she was planning to do missions all day, might as well try to get the violet haired amazon to join her.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:27 am

She stood there straight right in front of Alisa, filled with curiousity. Her eyes tried to look through Alisa's red ruby eyes that shined like gemstones. Honestly, her eyes reminded her of that gemstone that a statue monkey held that always called for people to touch, but in that room, you weren't allowed to touch anything. She remembered that small story, but never did she hear it again after that once. She listened to Alisa talk throughly and was glad that she was doing alright as well. Her mind somewhat forgot Halloween already, with the games and the edgy thinking and so forth. Her arms slowly crossed against her upper stomach and under her big chest. Her eyes were innocent and golden like some pure sun rested in her eyes. ''Yea, the games and such in Woodsea.'' she played a small smile with her soft soothing voice.

After the small talk, Alisa spoke about how she was doing some mission and inviting her to go along. ''Sure, sounds nice. Explain yours while we go there - if you know where it is.'' she spoke and giggled sweetly, one hand escaping from her wrapping under her chest to cover her lips with the tips of her fingers. Her eyes continued to look at Alisa, waiting now to go to wherever they had to go for her mission. Perhaps this will make getting stronger, faster and quite more less boring?



#7Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:29 am


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She all but mimicked the other girl's body language, folding her arms under her well rounded bosom, straining under the confines of her tight but flimsy see through blouse, heaving with every breath she took. She glanced down for a moment, furrowing her brow as she remembered how nasty some of them had been...

"Some of them were quite troublesome hmm...?", she asked somewhat rethorically, without a doubt Ari might agree.

Sure, she wasn't the squeamish type, and yeah, she could defenintely go as far as plunging her head in a pool of blood Yet dealing with the consequences of those actions on her clothes was a whole other matter; it was nothing short of a hassle. She dealt with it though, courtesy of a rather (literally) magical dry cleaner, so much she didn't spare more than one or so seconds before looking right up into Arisa's radiant amber. Indeed, why should she think abou spooky skeletons with such a dazzling beauty in front of her?

"Huh, It should be somewhere around here now that you mention it...", she removed her arms from under her breasts, loosening them with a slight jiggle as when hand went to her temple and the other to her hip, twiddling with the edge of her skirt before pointing at a nearby tailor's, "Oh, here it is!"

She's step inside, smiling at Arisa as she hooked a finger at her, motioning the girl after her. The moment the jingling bell annouced their entrance, they were greeted rather flamboyantly by a stylish looking fashion designer:

"Well, hello there girls~!", he greeted waving a hand and urging them in, "Hmm, you must be here to help me with those fabrics. Aright, pay close attention, I need something like this.", he grabbed a roll of silk all but handing it to the two girls inviting them to touch it, and remember how it felt like, "Feel that? Anything less than this quality is uselss."

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:31 am

Arisa looked at the woman who was her friend or so she assumed. Never was it spoken of out of her lips that they were friends. Arisa hoped they were friend though at the least. Her head turned as they walked, while she listened to her and went to the place they had to go. Soon enough they went to the client to find out that he was a really girly male: voice was whiny, his colors were so bright and even his hair was really interesting. She didn't want to really speak what she thought at that moment so she kept her mouth closed. He started to explain what he wanted, the fashion, the feel and etc. Her head simply nodded, looked at Alisa and then agreed. ''We understand.~'' she spoke flauntingly with a soothing voice. Her hand flipped her violet hair while her golden eyes shot at the client. He saw her with sparkles with such wondrous passion. Suddenly, Arisa took a swift turn and left with her friend to go to some market filled with fine fabrics. It didn't take as long as she thought it was going to as soon enough, she found many. ''Here they are!'' she spoke happily to Alisa. They grabbed all they could, paid for them and left. Soon enough she went in the clients location, handed them in and received her reward without much talk.


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