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Yasuki's Sheet

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on Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:35 pm






Name: Yasuki Rinmizukimi

Age: 18

Gender: Single

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Class: Battlemage

Rank: C-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Tattoo: Tailbone - Purple

Face: Asuna - Sword Art Online



Height: 6'2"

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Light Blue

Eyes: Sky Blue

Overall: Yasuki has long, straight and shiny blue hair along with a typical-split bang cut fringe at the front that parts to either side of her face. Her skin is rather flawless with a fair skin tone, but appears snow white in the light. Her eyes remind people mostly of the sky. Her lips are rather more formed than most people, not full yet not small. With the figure it is most womanly and curvaceous with her medium sized chest and plump asset.

Yasuki wears something casual. Often times she'll carry a jacket around with a hood so she can put it on quickly as to cover up her pointed elf-like ears. Other times she would wear a school-like type of uniform. It reminds her of when she wasn't alone and all the friendly child faces that surrounded her. Other than that, she doesn't really like revealing anymore than her school outfit.  A jacket, pants and boots, she'd wear as she travels around to complete her goals, motivations and all. Rarely would you find her in a crowd with something revealing such as a bikini, unless it was with someone she trusted.


Personality: Yasuki is a down to earth type of woman who likes to be alone. She doesn’t mind being on adventures alone, because that’s what she’s used to since she was a young girl. As a young girl, it was common that you would find Yasuki out and about by herself exploring the town and her surroundings. Most of all you could find her climbing up into the tops of trees just sitting there and observing her surroundings, observing the people that would walk past. Though she didn’t really communicate with people her own age much, she enjoyed talking with and interacting with children of all ages. She was seen to be as a mentor to the children of the town due to her love and passion of being around children. She was one of the more loyal and trustworthy type of person that you could talk to her about anything and she would be there to listen and to try to understand what you were going through.

Though as a young girl, Yasuki enjoyed looking after and teaching the younger girls about the ins and the outs of the town and their surroundings. To Yasuki it gave her a sense of responsibility. She liked the initial feeling that it gave her of seeing the looks on the others faces that she looked after. Doing this gave her a feeling of being loved and appreciated.

When other people look at her, some could call her deranged. She loves birds to where she pretends to be one – even when she was young (5 years old). When her town looks at her and see her alone all the time (other than with children), they find it weird and judge her. It became rather severe to where the town played a trick on her, inflicting Yasuki mentally.


  • Children: Yasuki is a child at heart herself, so anytime that she can interact with and talk with children puts her in her happy place. She will do whatever it takes to be able to help and save any child that comes in her path in the need of help of any kind.
  • Animals: She loves animals to where she even takes them into her own home. Her personal favorite type of animal are the birds.
  • Nature: As it involves animals as well, she loves the trees due to pretending to be a bird. Yasuki does in fact love plants just because they’re beautiful though. When she does see certain plants, it makes her react like she did when she was a child.


  • Fire: Due to the fact that fire has a potential to destroy everything that she loves, Yasuki has a strong disposition against it
  • Negativity: Mentally she tries to calm herself down and with that she seeks positivity and therefore when around negative people, it defeats the purpose of trying to be positive.
  • Darkness: Since her town played a trick on her, she fears and dislikes being boxed into darkness or even be touched by it (magic wise).


  • Protector: Due to her love for children, she is always looking for a way of helping children and being a mentor to those that seek her help. For that reason, her motivation is to become strong enough to protect any of those who cannot protect themselves.
  • Feeling Loved: Though she has a child-like personality, Yasuki still strives to find someone near her own age that she can relate to. Someone that can be there for her when she needs them. Someone to care for and they care for her.


  • Being a Disappointment: She wants to find happiness in everything and in everyone, so when something comes up that makes her wonder if she is truly doing her part and being the best she can be to help the children, animals, and whoever else that she comes across – it worries her that she isn’t doing enough. That they are disappointed in what she is doing and how she is doing something.
  • Being Looked Down on: Though she is used to people judging her and playing tricks on her, because of how many times that it happened in her town. She doesn’t want to be remembered of those bad memories and will try to do whatever it takes to get away from those and be happy again.




Magic Name: Wind Magic

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Description: As a young child she had the ability to manipulate the element of wind. With her hands and lips, she is able to control the element to create movements and even wind-like objects to help her fight. The magics weakness is lightening. This magic is used of offensive, supplementary and self speed-buff.



History: The most that Yasuki remembers from her childhood are; her siblings, her actual Country and how when she was at a young age she was taken in by a nice family of three after she was left on the streets of a random town when her parents had left it without her for some unknown reason. The family that decided to take her in as their own was a young family with one of their own close to her age. Growing up was a mystery for Yasuki however, because as she got older she could tell that she was different from who she saw as her parents and sibling.  This made her wonder as to why her parents left her and what ever happened to them. Though she is forever thankful of the family that decided to take her in as one of their own and for that she wants to do whatever she can to ensure that she repays them in any way that she can. To help her with this, you could find her out and about in the town looking after and teaching the children all about the ins and outs of the town and their surroundings.

When she wasn’t teaching the children in her town, she was up in the tops of trees taking an over watch of the town and observing everyone. When she was doing this, she was ensuring that everyone was safe and taking in a protector mindset, getting ready to jump down at any moment to help anyone that wouldn’t be able to defend themselves if anything had happened.

She had done this up until she was 14 years old when one night she was kidnapped and taken by several masked people who thought it was funny to play a joke on her. This joke was that they would tie her up and attach feathers to her, since she was constantly being found in the tops of trees as if she was a bird, and then they took her to an unknown location and left her. Still to this day she has not seen her town, or the nice family that took her in, again.

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Relationship: Single

Team: None



Weapon: None

Head: None

Body: None

Ring: None

Companion: Nami - Vaporeon


D-Rank Spells:

C-Rank Spells:

B-Rank Spells:

A-Rank Spells:

S-Rank Spells:



Topics Completed: (WIP)

Topics Ongoing:



D-Rank Quests Completed

C-Rank Quests Completed

B-Rank Quests Completed

A-Rank Quests Completed

S-Rank Quests Completed


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