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Restless Souls: Black Widow [Alisa]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:54 pm


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Of course, even though Alisa had come here to clear an A-rank level mission, she understood that special, spooky time of the year had yet to pass. Until it did, she'd still have ghosts to deal with her and there. The frightening carnival and its undead attractions had pretty much given Alisa her fill of skeletons for the year. She'd still run into some no doubt, and would defenitely visit it again next year, but for now, this was more than enough for her. She arrived in Baska right after the twilight darkened into evening, checking herself in at the nearest, most pleasant smelling hotel she could find, and stripped off her sweat drenched sports wear down to her birthday suit, piece by piece, as she stepped into the bathroom. Indeed, the night was still young...

But Alisa had just come from a several day long marathon... If there was ever a time when a hard working magic girl genuinely deserves not only to rest but pamper herself, now would be that time. And she knew just what she needed. With a tired but still visibly eager smile, she opened the tap and left it open, filling up the bathtub little by little, shrowing in soap as she did so, until the air became filled, saturated with pleasant scented steam until mirrors and windows all grew foggy. Then and only then did she dip one feet daintily into the water, wincing, hissing ever so slighty at the sheer heat compared to the cool outside. She acclimated quickly enough, and the heat promptly became pleasant, her skin growing flushed as she laid down in the water and relaxed... The warm, soapy bubbles, cleasing all the strain away in a soothing massage, reaching every inch of her alabaster skin, unwinding her exhauasted muscles oh so tenderly... Closing her eyes, Alisa sighed blissfully, smiling as she sunk deeper into the tub, immersing herself in this relaxing watery caress:

"Ahhhh~...", she sighed again, leaning her head back, "This feels lovely~"

She didn't know how long she actually stayed there, lazing about, her legs gracefully spashing over and under, kicking up bubbles in slow, sensuous motions, right at the edge of slumber from the numbing combination of steamy heat and through exhaustion. But she did know she wished to get a look around Baska at night, and this would the perfect opportunity to do so. Reluctantly, she eventually stepped out of the bath and wrapped a towel tightly around her breasts, and then another around her hair. Ordinarily, this would be the time when she browsed through the different attires she had avaliable, sometimes almost an hour on end, and picked out what to wear... Alas, her options today were limited: A smelly sports wear? Nope. A pure white outfit most people would associate with the Pegasus known as the White Empress? Nope. Well, she could, but she'd rather wear that one for the A-rank mission. Which left the ideal choice: Her new favorite halloween dress. The Skeleton carnival had done quite a number on it, when the time came for her to plunge her head into a pool of blood... But it was still good to go.

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#2Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:05 am


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As the sweltering heat from her bath steadily escaped through the few inches of window she'd just opened, the cool night air brought goosebumps to the tall woman's flawless skin, as she once more grabbed that black dress and loosened the towel, letting it slip down her form into a clumped up pile around her feet. She pressed the dress up against her body first, one hand under her neck and the other over her midriff, gazing at her reflection with the cool, admiring smile of a delighted artist.

Indeed she looked gorgeous in it, but more importantly, she still enjoyed seeing herself in this dress... She put on a pair of black panties, then slipped her head through the hole then pulled it down over her topless body, the cups of the dress molding to her shape and doubling as a halter bra, firmly supported by a tight fit around her neck. One by one she adjusted every edge and crease until it looked as flawless as the first time, and finally oggled her own reflection again, shifting her body to the side, turning around, making sure every angle was worth looking at. How good it felt to wear this fine, silken comfort on her skin, how well it enveloped and highlighted her curves at their very best, but despite this tightness, didn't really feel restricting at all. True, it didn't bind everything in place like a proper training attire undoubtedly could; but being able to take proper strides despite seemingly having her legs bound like this never ceased to amaze her.

"Alright, guess it's time to hunt once again~", she'd conclude, oddly cheerful despite having just gotten out of such a grueling training session.

But exactly thanks to all that workout, Alisa felt quite confident and uplifted, at least, more than she normally did. She still felt a strong enough rush to enjoy a walk around town, and possibly run into one or so sprirts. Of course, she still wasn't in the mood to visit the more crowded places, but ultimately that also worked in her favor. After all, when have you heard of a ghost who enjoyed showing itself before a crowd? Alisa for one could defenitely understand them. The wind howled ever so gently under a rather radiant moonlight, and under an Autumn night like this, it didn't really take her long to find a spirit, somewhat cheerful looking at that.

Intrigued by the sight, Alisa paid attention to her. She wore a rather stylish, fancy dress, and unlike the last spirit she met, it didn't appear all ripped up by whatever her cause of death had been. Yet Alisa couldn't quite place it, there was something wierd about this whole thing... If the spirit was happy and fulfilled, then whatever held it back from crossing over to the next life? Alisa followed her long until they happened upon a house...

"Finally... Will you be able to see me this time...?", wondered the spirit, hovering towards a half open window and peering inside. Alisa joined her from a distance, wondering what the spirit might do, ready to help her if the need arose. But nothing happened. The girl still looked overjoyed as she stared inside, but at one point, all that joy started fading, and Alisa could all but tell the moment her heart broke completely, and all those feelings of love grew replaced with unyielding rage, "No...", a tear trailed down from the corner of her eye, and the sculpress couldn't help but gulp.

Up until now she'd been seeing nothing but saddened spirits... Could she about to witness the birth of a vengeful wraith? No! She had to something!!

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

#3Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:00 pm


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"What's the matter... Do you need help?", asked Alisa as helpfully as she could, immediately drawing the startled spirit's attention to herself. The dead woman's anger faded somewhat as it eyed someone other than its cause

"They... They killed me... Just so they could keep my money...", she mumbled on about the betrayal that had cost her life. At these words, Alisa approached the spirit and indeed peered through the window. Once second sufficed for her to understand they were celebrating, and a few minutes more to know they were celebrating someone's death. That of someone who had obviously been closed to them, "I can't leave them like this... They have to die! If only someone would assassinate them, then my money could at least go to someone who deserved it."

Assassination... This word held a special meaning to Alisa, one she seldom liked to recall, one that made her narrow her eyes into a frigid, down to business look. Back when she was a weak, at the very beginning of her travels as a lone, wandering mage, the only way she could kill the Dark Mages she targeted was by catching them off guard. That skill had probably rusted on some level as she grew stronger, but the mindset had not.

"So... Will you do it...?, asked the spirit expectantly, balling her fists and turning to Alisa with barely hidden rage and desperate hope, and looking visibly relieved when Alisa confirmed it with a nod, "But how...? I don't want you to get in trouble either..."

No, she wouldn't get in trouble... Alisa rubbed her chin, instantly forming a myriad of plans and selecting the ideal one as her plan A. The spirit no doubt imagined she'd need to pick off all the targets one by one and kill them before they could see her coming. And indeed she would, but she wouldn't need to wait until they were all alone. Now that she was powerful, assassination meant little more than targetting someone at a weaker moment, while they were distracted. And when her targets were weak, just about every moment was a weaker one.

And the golden opportunity laid right in front of her. With all three targets grouped together and talking about the person they killed, they had likely made sure nobody else knew where to find them or what they planned on talking about. She would use that careful planning against them, and take them all down with one strike.

"Huh...?", the spirit looked on with a healthy mix of wariness, confusion, and expectation as Alisa walked past her, moving in front of the window, just enough that she could see all of her targets, bumping glasses of champagne and toasting to the death of the ghost beside her.

A twitch at the corner of her lip, a very faint sign of disgust peered through the ordinary flawless cool she carried herself with. They had all taken a life solely in the name of their own selfish greed... To return balance and allow the spirit of their victim to cross over, their lives were but a small price to pay. Alisa infused mana in one arm. Their targets were all oblivious to their presence, drunk chatting boisterously, at no further than eighteen or so meters away from her. Kill them all required little more than opening her palm, producing a compact, glowing crystal right in the middle of their table, inches away from each of their heads. Yet the time between creating the crystal and its spontaneous detonation never exceeded a tenth of a second, not enough for any of them to see the shattering explosion of shrapnel that finally ended their lives, a hail of glass penetrating skin and piercing major blood vessels in the neck and chest, completely devastating the room and replacing the merry scene with a gruesome massacre one.

The murder weapons, after floating idly in the air, ultimately faded into nothingness, leaving no evidence that could be traced back to her. And the woman herself? She simply slipped into a shaded alleyway with the spirit in tow, just as it glowed with fulfilled relief. It didn't wash away her sadness, but she knew that once her heirs had died without wills of their own, all of her estate would revert to charity as per her own will...

And that was enough for her...

Spells: Floatstone


Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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