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Requiem's Sheet

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on Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:48 am



Relationship: Single

Team: ???


Weapon: ???

Head: ???

Body: ???

Ring: ???

Companion: Jaeger


Azrael's Magic:
Azrael Magic is a type of Shadow Magic that allows the user to call on the power of the archangel of Death and retribution (from whom it is believed that man received this power) to control shadows. Because of its nature, it often requires the user to toe the line between good and evil and forces them to see the darkest evil in themselves and brightest good in their enemies.

Users are capable of enhancing their weapons and armor with Darkness Element to improve their attacks and defenses. They also posses the ability to take on a shadowform which can augment their speed and/or strength. Azrael Magic possesses a wide range of offensive abilities.

D-rank Spells:

C-rank Spells:

B-rank Spells:

A-rank Spells:

S-rank Spells:


Topics Completed:

Topics Ongoing:


D-rank Quests Completed:

C-rank Quests Completed:

B-rank Quests Completed:

A-rank Quests Completed:

S-rank Quests Completed:

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on Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:03 am

Requiem's Appearance

Channeling Magic

Casual Wear

Formal Wear


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on Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:47 pm

The Story Thus Far

Requiem had gone to visit her father's grave after becoming a rune page. On her way back, she encountered and helped a spirit to find a place for the woman's cats. The delay, though minor, had been enough for a letter to catch up to her and call for her to return to her village.

Having feared the worst, she raced back home only to find that it was a trick by her childhood friend so he could take her to the undead carnival along with some children from their village. After the first night, Requiem and Conner managed to win a couple games and went home for the night.

She met another Rune Knight who had caused her to question whether or not the place she considered to be her home just that. After a night of prayer and meditation Requiem decided that the village was no longer her home, she had nothing really to tie her there anymore and left for the last time, swearing to not return until she became a holy knight.

With this new resolve, she volunteered for a posting in Oak in order to grow as a person and a knight. There she met a nice man named Baron whom she appears to have inspired to become a Rune Knight himself.

Shortly after Grimoire Heart attacked Crocus, Requiem arrived for her next posting. A brief stay lead to a quick race to Oak on an attack against Phantom Lord. Even though she never actually fought in the battle, her bravery in joining despite being outclassed by the enemy got her promoted to apprentice rune knight.

Upset about the unsatisfactory end of the fight, Requiem was almost caught off guard by one of her sisters, Luna, who bears the power of Lucifer's Magic. Luna escaped the fight and now Requiem believes that Echidna, the primordial entity of chaos that her original caretakers believe to have existed before Illumin, may be awakening to destroy existence.

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on Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:30 am



They are fast, elegant, and always ready to perform. Nekos appear almost human except for their with cat-like ears, tails, and occasionally whiskers. They are slender and quick with a vast array of hair and eye colors of almost any combination. Many nekos have a cheerful personality, but among them, there are also pessimistic ones, as well as quiet intellectual ones.

The neko society is a matriarchy with a long line of neko queens and princesses. They live in a social system in which females hold primary power, predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property at the specific exclusion of men, at least to a large degree. Their relationships are generally open and the concept of marriage is foreign to them but nekos have married before.

They live in small permanent villages, usually on the fringes of forests where they hunt. Even though nekos are afraid of water, they can bathe when they mentally prepare themselves for a while. These nekos are considered domestic; however, there are some nekos that live deep in the forests and at the base of mountains which are far more barbaric known as wild nekos.

It is not uncommon to see a neko in human societies as they have been generally accepted by the humans. Even though there are troubles with wild nekos, the Council understands that there are also 'wild' humans that cause trouble and that there are more good than bad nekos. Since the settled nekos don't cause trouble for humans, the Council has even permitted nekos to join the orders of the Rune Knight and become a guardian of the realm to serve the country of Fiore.

There is large settlement called Nekomatana in the mountains of West Fiore, which can be considered the largest neko society in Fiore. Most humans that wander to this place come to find the Neko Oracle. The Neko Oracle is the ruler of Nekomatana and has the gift to turn a human into a neko once her trust has been gained.


Nekos move quietly like a cat. They produce absolutely no sound when moving at a speed below their rankings. The fastest nekos can therefore even dash around without making noise before they leap into target.

Felines are often creatures of the night. Nekos are able to see in the dark as though it is completely light out, similar to that of a real cat. This allows for them to be able to hunt their prey, no matter the lighting.

Hunters should not be slowed down by terrain. Nekos are known to be able to walk across any surface, as long as it is a solid. Even a small thread can be walked along, so long as it can support the neko's weight.

Nekos can extend three Wolverine-like claws between their knuckles at will. When they slash with their claws the Strength is increased with 20%. They can't wield any weapon while using their claws however.

Cats aren't very fond of water, and neither are nekos. Not only will water strike fear into the heart of a neko, but they take extra damage from Water-type moves which is increased by two ranks in damage.

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