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The lost puppy and a Blue Pegasus (Social, Snowflake)

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on Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:41 pm

Farmlands stretched as far as her sight could reach, and like an awestruck child at a festival Esperia found herself wandering along the residential area of the town. It was quite an amazing sight for the young lady who was raised in the far reaches of North Fiore where snow and ice reigned supreme, so to see something like 'that' happening before her eyes were quite a sight for the young lass.

After passing a small farm she casually observed the denizen of the farm going through their everyday activities. A bunch of young men was tending to one of the cows, one of them seemingly milking it while another was replacing the buckets used to catch the milk in, but even more curious was when a third male noticed her and after a short moment of conversing with his companions suddenly discarded his shirt and exclaimed in an overly loud and dramatic fashion "It's so warm in here!"

A blink of bewilderment followed from the young lady who silently observed the trio, yet after a moment she spotted one of the young men walking over to her, seemingly holding what appeared to be a small bottle of a liquid, unmistakable milk. "Young lady! Are you a tourist?"

The question made her pause for a moment, a hand reaching for her cheek and while she rested it lightly against the side of her head she replied in a soft and gentle tone. "Something along those lines..."

It appeared the lad had heard just the thing he wanted, for he flashed a grin at her and replied in a voice filled with cheer and energy. "Where did you come from? Have you ever tasted Baska's famous Cow Milk before?"

Cow milk? Obviously, she knew what a cow was, but there was no way those poor animals could endure the intense coldness of the climate she was raised in, so to say that she wasn't curious about the flavor was a lie."I'm from the far reaches of the North, even beyond Nanuq Town, so I never had the opportunity to sample Cow Milk before."

The young man laughed heartily at her explanation, seemingly amused at the thought a girl of her age had never tasted cow milk before! Perhaps it was for that reason that he handed her over the bottle with a smirk. "Then let Baska be the first town to make you enjoy the taste of cow milk!"

Her crimson eye sparked with a liveliness as she was handed the bottle, the glass somewhat chilly to the touch, and after removing the cork on the bottle she took a sip of the liquid, almost subconsciously finding her lips curving up into a bright smile. "It's delicious!"

The guy nodded his head while giving her a thumbs-up sign, explaining with clear excitement and enthusiasm. "Not only is it a delicious beverage, but it is also used for a lot of things, like cooking! Consider it a souvenir for your visit to our farm~ By the way, if I may ask... what brings you to Baska?"

A light tensing of her body followed at the question as she raised her hand awkwardly to the back of her head and laughed weakly. "hehe... I sort of got lost in my search for someone."

The young man nodded his head briefly, seemingly thinking about the subject carefully. "Do you have any description of her? like a picture or a name?"

A light shake of her head followed, seemingly a bit saddened by the subject but she soon replied with a brief smile emerging on her lips. "Her name is Elena, she's from the Elestia tribe, but don't worry! that girl has a knack for getting in and out of troubles! I'm sure she'll be totally fine."

For a while longer they remained talking, allowing her to obtain some valuable knowledge on the layout of the land and the people that lived inside the town. It appeared Baska was a small merchant town, but also enjoyed a certain boost to its tourism with the yearly large-scale market that was held there, making it a worthwhile location to memorize.

"I guess I should get back to work, if you ever get lost, feel free to come back here. Also, didn't you notice anything?"

The girl tilted her head slightly toward the side, looking at the young man's handsome yet somewhat slightly rugged and muscular chest before humming softly. "Aren't you cold like that?"

The two farmers in the back started to cover their mouths, attempting to force themselves not to erupt into a laughing fit when Esperia turned her back toward the farmer after giving a light wave of her hand.

"Guess I'm really not in North Fiore anymore..." The poor farmer, if only he had realized his attempt to seduce her with his fine body had failed hopelessly because Esperia's interests were somewhere quite different...

And so she resumed her journey, occasionally sipping from her newly obtained drink while walking along the farm fields wondering what to do next. Elena was unlikely to be within Baska, and she had no clues about the existence of that peculiar group of Lycans either.

The lack of information on both subjects was infuriating, but she knew more than well enough not to let that demotivate her! For the time being, she would just enjoy the sights around Baska, and who knew where the road would take her?

"Still, I wonder if walking around topless is a tradition in Baska... Hope they don't mind that I'm not participating in it..." Thinking back about the farmer, she had to admit she was quite grateful for the bottle of milk he was so kind to give her for free. But little did she know that this was only the very first of an encounter, that might possibly stir into motion a entirely different story...


on Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:50 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

The village was a relaxing burst of green when Snowflake first took a breather at the curved slope of a burrowing mountain path. Her taste of village air made her wonder if the winds gathered here differently, flocking to one side and hovering to another, seeping into the leaves and harvesting the scent of growth, dirt and stillness. Everything around her seemed to be stuck in a verdant pause, lively yet so quiet. Perhaps the earthly scene was to be left undisturbed for a bit longer if it hadn’t been for the steady clacking of hooves working tirelessly down the path she came from. Unfamiliar with the place, it seemed that a fellow snow-haired girl had ended up somewhat lost in the area and from the looks of it, she seemed to be in the outskirts of the town.

It was of common occurrence to find Snowflake in the most austere locations at the most random times, and that wasn’t entirely made up of her travel reasons but due to her horrible sense of direction. Her journeys were very rarely mundane as he was, at best, quite gifted in assuming a stroll whenever the times were most interesting. It’s as if there had been a compass implanted into her head that always directed the Ice wizard to a fascinating venture in wait, where greater adversaries were seemingly wriggling in their impatience, allies bound to be part of the scheme and she was surely more than willing to involve herself when an opportunity such as that came to present itself. Beyond her was the empty grasslands and the sky, stretching on for eons without seeing the end to it as she weakly conjured up random analogies in her head.

The horse made a pleased sound as the cart came to a slow stop beside her and Snowflake turned to meet the solemn eyes of an old man whose straw hat tilted to one side, shadowing the wrinkles on his cheekbones. He sported a lazy smile as he took in Snowflake’s questioningly youthful stare.

”Where you off to, young lady?” He asked, the wheels of his horse cart stopping at a low scratching sound.

The youth opened her mouth to say something, only to close them again, realising that there was nowhere specific that she wanted to travel but perhaps, a stroll around the farms might help. Noticing her awkwardness, the old man released chuckle and with a wrinkle hand, tipped the edge of his farmer hat. ”The fields are just over the yonder.” He said, his hand offering a small basis of direction as he stretched it out towards the blurry greenery sitting harmlessly at the far right. ”It’s a rather quiet place. You might want to spend some time there to enjoy the view.” Blue-grey eyes followed the direction of where the old man pointed and she was somewhat satisfied by the sight of it. The young woman nodded, bowing slightly at the elder to show her gratitude before ushering quickly over the distance.

Dirt gathered in herds over her heels as she neared the fields with discretion. Perhaps, it wasn’t the best idea to meander over the outskirts wearing wedged heels but a girl has to look her best, right? Upon reaching the location, she’d randomly select an open spot in the fields before settling herself down and reclined onto her back to stare up at the sky. There was nothing she could do at the farms, so she might as well take a nap at where she was and enjoy the spectacular view above her.


on Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:41 pm

Rule number one: Always take a nap somewhere secluded, then you're least likely to be interrupted.

It was a saying her sister often used in jest whenever she found Esperia napping around the church. It was rather ironic how different the Eisenberg siblings were. Aselia was a young woman who carried herself with grace and elegance and the professionalism of a trained Holy Knight, yet at the same time, she held a certain softness in her heart that only her family and closest companions were able to enjoy.

She still remembered it fondly, of how she skipped her father's sermon and took a nap in the fields behind the church, her hands resting against the back of her head while her legs swung back and forth along with the chorus of the choir that was singing.

A soft humming followed as the girl closed her eyes, recalling how her sister found her so easily and said those very same words, a teasing grin upon her lips.

"Sis..." The memory had faded away, replaced with the bone-chilling visage of her sister collapsed in a pool of blood, her voice wavering as she whispered she was glad that her younger sibling was left unhurt. Tears started to gather, her eyes growing moist but she would not allow those tragic feelings to surface, a brief shake of her head erasing any evidence of their existence as she took another sip from the milk bottle.

"Someday I'll find out why everyone died Sis... And then I'll avenge everyone." A soft sigh followed as she continued onwards, her steps guiding her along one of the fields when she spotted a figure amidst the grass. It was a person, judging from the first glance it might have been a female, and just like curiosity kills the cat, it also draws in the Esperia, and soon a pair of footsteps approached her. One step followed the other till she reached the person, the closed eyes making her whisper softly.

"Odd place to take a nap at... At least I genuinely hope she is asleep and not dead..."

Leaning slightly forwards she took a peek at the stranger's face, the initial concern about the state of being of the person being replaced by something similar to awe... "She's pretty..." a soft whisper, barely audible followed while she waved a small hand above the person's face, humming softly. "Oooy... are you asleep? This is a bad spot to take a nap at, according to Rule One of Naps you got to pick a secluded spot so you remain undisturbed, that's supposed to be common knowledge."

It was clear from the softness of her tone that she was acting without any ill intentions, but at the same time she waited for a response she raised a hand to her cheek, a soft mumble following. "I wonder, if she is asleep do I need to get her a bucket of cold water? But I only got this bottle of milk... and I don't want to cry over spilled milk, especially if she is dead instead of asleep."

A soft hum followed as she tilted her head sideways and continued. "Or maybe a prayer is in order? No, don't think so negatively Esperia, surely she is just asleep. I mean who would drop a corpse in such a open place? You'd have to be an idiot of a criminal to do such a thing, not that I know much of crime myself..." Poor lass seems there wouldn't be any naps today!


on Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:32 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Clouds raced over the cobalt sky above and she loved how fast they go, over the blazing yellow orb and other puffs of white cushions. The gentle breeze that blew across the vicinity of Baska Town was soothing, encouraging the silver haired wizard to fall into her deep slumber. Her eyelids grew heavy and seconds later, darkness engulfed her and Snowflake would eventually find herself in an endless, dark abyss. The next minute, she was standing in the same location as she was, when she encountered the demon for the first time. A dark, silent place where you can see nor hear anything apart from the consistent drops of water dropping from above and onto the puddle below her feet.

”Why’re you here again?” The loud, booming voice filled the area and the demon’s face would emerge through the shadows, peering down at her with bright red eyes and fangs protruding from its canine teeth.

”…I need to know more. About you, and the girl.” The Ice wizard hesitated for a brief moment until the words slowly escaped her lips. The demon would know exactly what she was talking about – the original owner of her body.

”I’m not required to tell anything to a lowly human!” The demon screamed and the realm that she was in would shake solely from the power of the creature. So far, her attempts to have her questions answered and earn an explanation from the demon within her was almost near impossible. Even just from its presence, Snowflake could tell that the creature was a rather aggressive one, which would take her quite a long time to take control of him.

Her eyes flew open, revealing a pair of gorgeous yet, emotionless, stormy eyes followed by a soft gasp from her lips. Despite the frigid, harsh gales that blew across the farmlands, her body had broken into a fine dew of perspiration and beads of sweat would line across her temple and forehead. A shadow loomed above her face and her eyes would slowly drift upwards to the source, where she noticed a rather young girl peeping down at her with a bottle of milk in her hands. From the features of her face, the girl seemed worried about something – perhaps, she thought Snowflake was dead; she couldn’t blame her, after all she was lying in the middle of the farms and with her extremely pale skin and blank eyes, she highly resembled a dead corpse.

”I’m not dead, yet.”

She spoke, her tone as icy as the winds that blew through the north and immediately pushed herself upwards before balancing her body in a reclining position on her two hands. ”Would you like to take a seat?” The young woman patted the empty spot next to her, inviting the other girl to join in on the mundane task of watching the sky and the horizon beyond her. She was one who would rather preferred to remain alone by herself, albeit, seeing that there was nothing to do she figured that she might let the girl accompany her in the fields.  

”What brings you here?”


on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:59 pm

When the stranger spoke a smile emerged upon Esperia's lips while a little nod of approval was given in response to the statement that she wasn't dead, or at least not yet. In the end, most undead wasn't intelligent enough to speak beyond grunts and groans, and those who did like Vampires were usually not exactly the most active in the outdoors during the day.

"Good~ Cause the dead deserve their six feet under and digging a hole that deep would be quite tiresome." A little smile lingered upon her lips when the stranger, who had yet to give a name to identify her with asked if she wanted to sit beside her. Nodding her head lightly in response the girl she replied with a cheerful "Please don't mind if I do~" and soon she took her seat beside her, the feeling of the wind gently brushing against her cheeks provoking a gentle sigh from the girl. "The climate here truly is different from back home, the wind is mild and somewhat pleasant, comforting even compared to the cold chill that it brings where I live."

Her gaze drifted along the fields, taking in the sights as she tried to memorize the landscape, albeit her attention was soon drawn toward the young lady. Despite the icy tone of her voice Esperia found there to be something curious about the stranger, perhaps the reason why when she inquired about why Esperia was visiting the area that the girl replied in a soft tone that concealed a bit of chipper and cheer in it. "I totally got lost~" A straight and honest answer was followed by a chuckle while she continued. "Or something along those lines. It's not exactly the same as going left instead of right, or taking the wrong turn on the road... it's like I'm traveling without a road in sight."

A gentle sigh followed while the girl raised her free hand to her cheek, seemingly pondering about the situation. "Sorry, that might have sounded a bit confusing, what I meant to say was: I'm here without a particular reason or goal in mind."

Indeed, it was a bit odd perhaps for someone her age to be in such a situation, but if she was, to be honest, she had only two goals in mind, and both were currently still out of reach.

"Or perhaps I am searching for a reason... I was hoping to catch up with a childhood friend, but I haven't had much luck finding her trail. Hehe~ Elena is a slippery lass when it comes to finding her."

A little chuckle followed while she shook her head a few times to clear her thoughts. "And my other goal is still way too far out of reach for me to pursue, so right now I'm mostly just a lonesome traveler~"

Her gaze shifting away from the stranger she looked back at the field, wondering what about the sight had stirred her to take a break at this field to enjoy the scenery, but instead, after a moment she spoke once more. "What about you? Any particular reason why you are napping out here?"

A simple question, and one asked without any ulterior motives aside from perhaps some childish curiosity. In the end, it wasn't every day you found a young lady trying to take a nap in the fields of Baska's residential area!

At the very least she couldn't say she disliked the fact that she found her napping here, since it led to the chance to have a conversation with someone!


on Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:37 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

The Ice wizard had always preferred large, open areas like the grass plains and although, she believed that there would be no one in the vicinity to see her stunt of laying in the middle of the fields – she was wrong. Snowflake turned to face forward and crossed her legs over one another while she absently plucked out blades of grass that prodded her skin through the tiny gaps of her clothing. The other female appeared much younger than her, but perhaps, that could just be due to genetics and noted herself not to make assumptions based on appearance, since looks were high deceptive. Growing up alone, Snowflake tends to be cautious around people albeit, the dark haired girl does not seem to have any ill intentions towards her, which was why she had requested for her presence.

”Where’re you from?”

From the looks of it, the girl did not seem to be from the area – considering how she was comparing the weather to her hometown, mayhap, she originated from the colder regions. Snowflake couldn’t say much about the weather since she had never been to the northernmost part of the country, as much as she wished to travel to the location to experience an entirely different climate although, she was highly aware that the cold wouldn’t have any effects on her since her body had grown immune to it: due to her magic.

The nameless girl had a reason to be in the area, in spite of the fact that she had gotten lost during her travels of searching for this particular person, called Elena. ”I hope you find her.” She’d say, glancing over at the other girl with a soft smile on her face. Her attempts of being friendly to a stranger have certainly made some drastic improvements, even more, when she had learnt how to smile properly without looking like a dead beat to random people – apart from her beau. The harsh gales continued to blow across the lands, the wind wafting through the white of her hair, lightly brushing against her face as she instinctively tucked the loose strands behind her ear.

”That makes two of us then.”

Stormy hues shifted over to the girl and gathered her knees in her arms before resting her cheek against it. Her answer was directed to her questioning of her reason of being here, implying that her awful sense of direction had led her to the outskirts of the village unexpectedly although, it had turned out for a good cause. After all, she was able to meet someone else who was willing to accompany her for a short while. ”I was searching for a request board to complete some missions but somehow, here I am.”


on Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:43 pm

A moment of nostalgia followed as Esperia was asked about her place of origins. While one might have questioned whether it was a painful subject to bring up considering the loss of her family at such a young age, Esperia was quite fond of recalling those peaceful days prior to the event. Of how she lived in the large Eisenberg church that was located on the far edge of the Worth Woodsea, how as if it was a miracle by nature itself the land she lived on seemed to be evenly split between the snowy fields of the lands the Elestia tribe dwelled in, and the lush green scenery of the forest. Even more peculiar was the fact she had memories connecting to both places, but the land she lived in was no more.

The Eisenberg church had been burned to the ground after the siege by the Lycan raiding party and being the only member of her family who had survived it was difficult to say she truly felt like she had a place she belonged in. Her family was gone, the promise made by a childhood friend of hers unfulfilled and she never truly found herself comfortable among the Elestia tribe.

"The far north, a bit beyond the Woodsea and on the border of the frozen lands where the Elestia tribe dwells. However, it's understandable that you haven't heard about the place before. My family lived a hermit-like existence, and nowadays the church we lived in got burnt to the ground after some things happened..."

A soft sigh followed as she brushed a hand along some of her locks, an idle gesture in the hope of clearing her thoughts away from the gloomy memories. The stranger tried to wish her luck with the search for Elena, something that brought a smile to her lips. She was confident that she would find her in due time, it was just a matter of continuing her search till she found her! A clever idea, even if she did say so herself~

However, the moment the young lady commented about her search for the board that held the requests of the various citizen of the town a little chuckle escaped her lips while she explained with a smile. "You might beat me in terms of getting lost then~ The request board is at the Town Square, or at least I saw one there. If you want I could take you there?"

After waiting for her answer the girl finally realized something quite silly, the fact she had forgotten proper etiquette and that neither of them even knew what to call each other! Perhaps it was for that reason the girl finally decided to introduce herself, a little nod of her head following along with her introduction.

"My name is Esperia~ Esperia Von Eisenberg, it's a pleasure to meet you miss--?" She paused for a moment as if she was hoping to get the favor of the introduction returned, in the end, she couldn't go around and call this person 'Snowwhite' despite her matching the image of a princess of a snowy kingdom!


on Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:14 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

”I see.”

Her voice was almost a whisper albeit, loud enough for those around her to hear her words and shifted her gaze back to the view in front of her. To Snowflake, the dale was a beautiful swathe of rolling green, picturesque and tranquil but to most, it was just grass, grass and more grass. In a distance was a wide variety of deciduous trees in the woodland and stretched before her like a great quilt of golden, brown and green squares held together by the thick green stitching of the hedgerows. It rose and fell like giant waves on a gentle ocean and was dotted with animals that fed on grass.

To be honest, grasslands were quite a boring place with nothing much to do apart from enjoying the scenery but if she had brought a novel with her, it would probably be different. Or perhaps, she could explore the countryside of the village. It was then her train of thoughts was interrupted by the other girl’s voice, who suggested that she could take her to the request board in the Town Square. The silver haired mage raised her eyebrows and immediately responded with a nod. ”If you could, please.” At least she will finally have something to anticipate for the remaining day, instead of laying in the fields doing nothing.

The other female introduced herself as Esperia and it was then, she felt a sudden pang of guilt rushing over her. How could she possibly forget to share her greetings? ”Oh, my sincerest apologies. I’m Snow. Snowflake.” She ran an awkward hand through the strands of her hair, tied up in a high ponytail and pushed herself upright whilst brushing the blades of grass on her dress. ”The pleasure’s mine.” She’d say, extending out a hand towards the girl, in a way to assist her to be on her feet. Snowflake had been doing her best to be amicable to strangers, despite her extremely dull communication skills and somehow, it seemed to be working.

Esperia Von Eisenberg, she repeated the name in her head. It was a very unique name – one that she has not even heard before and the tone of it almost sounded like names from other countries. ”By any chance, are you a mage?” The question was unexpected in the situation, it wasn’t that she intended to ask her but it seemed that the words passed her lips unconsciously.


on Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:59 pm

When Snowflake extended a hand toward her Esperia smiled briefly in return, gently grasping a hold of it while letting the name resound through her mind. Snowflake, it was a unique but somewhat fitting name for the young woman before her. After being helped back onto her feet and their next destination being made into the Town Square where the Request Board awaited them.

However, it was when Snowflake asked a rather curious question that Esperia paused for a moment: Was she a mage? A brief frown crossed her visage as she pondered the statement and after a moment of consideration continued her explanation.

"Something along those lines. The Von Eisenberg was a family that functioned similarly to the Holy Knights." She paused for a moment as if the past tense of her sentence would have been a clue already. "For generations, we kept the lands safe from occult threats and similar inhuman dangers that would otherwise destroy the peaceful existence of towns like this."

She closed her eyes as she briefly recalled a distant memory, her steps slowing down just a little as she was guiding Snowflake along the path to the town square.

"While magic is obviously an important asset of our training I never truly had the opportunity to learn how to use mine. You see, I lost my family during an attack on our household five years ago, and as a child, I was told to never use my magic in public unless it was to save myself."

She raised a hand slightly forwards, shifting it so the palm of her hand was pointed upwards and channeling her energy through her arm the magic manifested in the form of a small orb of illuminating light... or at least it did at first.

"My magic is tainted..." She explained with a weak smile as the light started to darken and the warmth it released turned into a cold chilly sensation, the black glowing orb pulsing above her hand till she closed her hand and the orb exploded into tiny fireworks around her hand, similar to a magician's little trick.

"So to answer your question: I can use magic, but never received formal training with it. In fact aside from petty parlor tricks like this, I doubt I have any means of using my magic in combat situations so far..."

She admitted with a hint of amusement in her voice while pulling her hands to her side again and looked at Snowflake with a curious glance. "Were you looking for a mage?"


on Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:12 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Occasionally, Snowflake would simply just nod as Esperia explained about her family. She was never one to be curious about anyone else, apart from her beloved ones, but rather, preferred to remain in silence – partly because she did not know how to respond as well. Her steps were slow and consistent, trying to match up to the girl beside her and kicked a stray pebble at her foot, watching it rotate over the dust for several turns and subtly followed the other female’s lead. According to Esperia’s story, it seemed quite tragic, being unable to use magic but only to protect one self.

In her case, it was mostly just to stay alive, after her parents were murdered – an incident that she had never brought it up to anyone else, not even her lover – but, her travels over the country had at least given her the opportunity to learn magic, and throughout her journey, she was fortunate enough to stumble upon a guild that was willing to take her in.

Blue Pegasus had been nothing but family to her; a precious part of her life that she holds dear to her heart. Icy optics gazed beyond her, acres of grass plains and the uninterrupted blue sky stretching on for eons without seeing the end to it.  She’d tip herself a loop-sided grin as she weakly conjured up random analogies in her head; something about the blue yonder above her, and a journey too, maybe even the distance it took to span the entire sky. Esperia’s voice abruptly interrupted her train of thoughts as her eyes were drawn towards the girl’s hand, summoning an orb of light, however, hers was much different than what she had seen before.

Instead of a bright, golden illuminating colour, it was tainted with darkness, as if it was ill-omened. ”Why is that?” She found herself questioning the dark-haired female, curious as to why it was particularly different. Perhaps, she was a fallen angel? It was a silly thought that crossed her mind, but it was always possible that angels would exist in a very eccentric country like Fiore. With a motion of her hand, she watched the orb detonate into a set of fireworks, which she honestly thought was a splendid trick. When Esperia asked whether she was looking for a mage, only a quiet sound passed her lips, ”Hmm…”, taking a moment to contemplate until she found her answer.

”Well, not necessarily. But, I look out for people with potential and give them the option to join our guild. I’m only trying to accomplish the responsibility of a guild master.”

It was then the brightest idea came upon her mind.

”Say, why don’t you hone your abilities further as a member of our guild – Blue Pegasus?”

To her, Esperia seemed like a lost soul, who is still searching for a suitable place to reside in and somehow, it reminded a lot about herself, during her younger days. Everyone’s future is uncertain, however, if there was anything she could do to keep them on the right path to chase their dreams, she was willing to provide assistance.


on Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:44 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

When inquired about why her magic seemed tainted the girl merely shook her head as if she was soundlessly conveying her own lack of knowledge on the matter. However, the words that followed afterward certainly intrigued her. An invitation to an organization known as Blue Pegasus. She had heard about them before, although most of it was merely stories she heard left and right, but they seemed to be a pretty famous and popular guild, something that left the young lady feeling a bit curious about them.

Finally, she stopped in her tracks, her gaze settling onto Snowflake as she asked in a softer tone that betrayed a hint of seriousness that had previously been absent during their earlier conversation. “Can you tell me a bit more about them… About your guild?”

As she waited for Snowflake to speak Esperia’s gaze remained focused, as if she was trying to read the emotions that Snowflake’s expression might betray when talking about them, but at the same time she also thought back about the past. Once upon a time she had a sister who was a proud member of the Holy Knights, and the memory surrounding her death still lingered on her mind. Her sister had tried to warn her about something, but what? Would it be an answer the Blue Pegasus could help her find? Or was it a secret she would only find among the Holy Knights? “To be honest… I’m not sure how suited I am, despite being humbled by your kindness to extend an invitation to me.”

She raised a hand, gently resting it on her own chest while she briefly closed her eyes, feeling her heart beating lightly in it. “Even now five years later I still seek answers, and I’m not certain how or where I can find them. There must had been a reason why my family was murdered, why the Lycan stayed his hand rather than making me join my family into the hereafter.”

It was a question that had plagued her mind for such a long time, and perhaps it was for that reason she felt so lost. “Till now I thought figuring a way to reach the Holy Knights might lead me to an answer, considering my sister was a member of them but… I doubt her path is mine to travel.”

She opened her eyes, her lips curving up into a sorrowful smile as she continued. “Even now my heart darkens with hatred whenever I think back about the pack responsible for my loss. And it is for that reason I’m hesitant to accept your invitation. How could I possibly contribute to your guild when I possess neither power or talent, or even the right mindset for the type of people that are supposed to fill the ranks of such an organization. It wouldn’t even be wrong to say that the way I am right now I might be almost a liability to an organization like the Blue Pegasus.”

A step forwards followed as she enclosed the distance between herself and Snowflake as she asked in what barely amounted to a whisper. “Knowing all that, would you still extend that hand?”


on Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:41 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

It seemed that Esperia was genuinely considering about her offer and when she ceased in her tracks, Snowflake would do the same and turn around to face the young female. When asked about her guild, a simple ”Hmm..” left her lips, as she contemplated about her answer. Honestly, it was a hard question to answer and if she wanted to, she would have wasted the entire day explaining about why she loves being a member of Blue Pegasus. ”It’s like…”, she paused and her gaze drifted down to the space between her shoes, ”…home to me,” That was how she would describe her guild. There was so many things she could say, and if Esperia could possibly read her mind, she would understand what she was thinking.

”We treat each other as family; brothers and sisters and help each of them achieve their goals, whilst being free at the same time.”

That was what she had summarized from her jumbled thoughts that filled her mind. The corners of her lips would curve upwards into a soft smile as she spoke, and it was apparent that she regarded highly of her own guild. Who wouldn’t? Esperia was rather doubting of herself, whether she would fit the role of being a member of the guild and the girl would simply shake her head and rested a hand on her shoulder, in an attempt to reassure her. She couldn’t blame her for being indecisive, after all, she was being invited to a guild that she knew nothing about. But, isn’t that where the fun begins? Slowly, one can discover more about themselves and choose their own path. The only thing she desired for her members was to be accepting of themselves, others and to give them a choice in decisions of life.

”You shouldn’t feel that way. If you wish to hunt down the lycans, then, so be it. If you want to be a part of the Holy Knights, I’ll help you reach your goals.” She gazed straight into her eyes, her stare piercing through hers to display that she was just as serious as her. ”We don’t recruit people just because they’re strong, and neither do we neglect those who aren’t used to being a part of the magic world. Whether you’re a traveller or a merchant, even a thief, we will provide shelter for those in need, nurture them and learn among each other.” The grip on Esperia’s shoulders tighten, not as much as to harm her but to inform that she would there to assist as much as possible.

Snowflake released her grasp, only to take Esperia’s hands into hers and with a gentle squeeze, she whispered, ”Of course. I protect my family with my life on the line, and you’ll be among them.”


on Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:40 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Sometimes it was odd how powerful words could be. When Snowflake answered her inquiry it felt like the words stirred something in her. Despite clearly being in the rural residential area of Baska and talking to Snowflake, her heart was elsewhere.

It was as if time had rewind itself and she had returned to the far north of Fiore, a girl clad in a fur-coated robe was running along the road that led upwards toward a hill. As she traveled along the path she felt her excitement stirring, a soft melody being hummed by the child while she herself was trailing behind the girl like an ethereal being.

Was it a memory? After a short walk the child reached the top of the hill, and standing before her was a large church, a couple of people standing outside smiling kindly at her, and a lone child rushing up to her, arms spread as she tried to tackle her into a hug.


That's right, now she remembered. The thing she had longed for... The thing she had lost five years ago and that her heart been crying out for ever since then. To have a place to call home, but what exactly was it that made a place called home feel so warm?

Snowflake's next course of action, the words of how she considered the guild to be a family, to be sisters and brothers who supported each other through thick and thin, happiness and sorrow... till death tore them apart. It reminded her of the warmth she longed for, the warmth she had lost after those five years.

A hand trailed to her eyes, wiping away the gathering tears as she answered Snowflake's next comment with one of her own. "Although I desire justice, I also desire answers, I need to find out why my family got murdered that night. Only then will I finally be able to make a decision on what to do with that pack."

In the end just blindly seeking revenge was wrong, she knew that even if a part of her desired to do it. But she was taught that justice was only justice if all facts were gathered and the person was correctly judged for their crimes.

The hand that firmly grasped a hold of her shoulder was somehow reassuring as if she felt that she would no longer be carrying that burden by herself. That warmth was intoxicating, that feeling of having others to rely on, to have a family of her own... Perhaps it was only after losing something important, that one realized the importance of the thing they lost.

The hand that gently grasped a hold of her own and squeezed it gently make Esperia's expression soften, her other hand reaching gently for it to rest on top of Snowflake's own while she whispered softly.

"How could I possibly refuse such an invitation... after such kinds work were spoken by someone who is willing to return to me what I lost all those years ago. But you better don't come to regret it~ I'm a little sister who is quite a handful~"


on Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:32 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Her eyes were fixated on Esperia, with hope that she would grant her the answer that she wished to have. Certainly, she was not one who would pressure anyone in their choices and if needed, she would have given time for her to make her decision, although it seemed that Esperia might already have a resolution. ”Of course,” replied the white haired female, in regards to how Esperia wished to search for the solutions to her questions. ”I completely understand,” and she smiled – a rare gesture that she would not normally show to strangers often. Despite how distrusting she was towards people, she felt that she could let her guard down with this particular female; perhaps, it was due to her soothing presence.

”…I hope you feel home, with us.”

The words escaped her lips easily and upon hearing her response, the sudden joy spread within her as she gently wrapped her arms around Esperia’s petite frame. ”Welcome to Blue Pegasus,” she’d say, and for the first time, Snowflake felt as if her responsibility had been fulfilled, although, she, out of all people, was highly aware that the job of a guild master wasn’t as easy as how one would imagine it to be. Flashbacks of war between the guild and Grimoire Heart; the death of their previous guild master and innocent lives, was presented in front of her eyes and the joy that she felt a minute ago instantly disappeared. She released a long sigh at the thought, wondering when her time would come.

Not wanting to ruin the moment, the beauty pushed away her thoughts to the back of her mind and instead, merely focused on the situation at hand. ”I don’t regret my choices.” Her voice was firm as she spoke, to emphasize on her words. ”I’m sure you’ll have fun.” Her gaze glided beyond her, over the grasslands and she would see the Town Square in the distance, not too far from where they were located. She reached for Esperia’s hand, fingers grasping around hers gently as she gently pulled her towards the direction of the city centre.


She stood tall, and her back showed nothing but decisiveness and she was one who would not look back to her past decisions that had been regretful but instead, moving forward with strength. There was only one thing on her mind at that moment; to lead those who chose to follow her to the correct path.  

{ EXIT }


on Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:52 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The gaze that was fixated on Snowflake was met by one of the girl's own, it had been a difficult decision to make honestly. Although she might had desired to find answers and bring justice to the death of her family, it didn't change the fact that deep inside Esperia had been haunted by those five years, an immense sense of loneliness and longing having been left within her heart. Perhaps it was for that reason the Eisenberg was so emotionally drawn in by Snowflake's words, the description of Blue Pegasus being akin to a home and its members a family stirring something within her heart.

Still, that smile Snowflake gave her made her feel there was a certain innocent radiance to it that she had never seen before, to the point she almost felt the corners of her mouth curve upwards in a little smile at the sight of them. The understanding nature of the girl as she had explained to Snowflake about how she had desired to search for answers making her feel somewhat at ease.

What was it like to feel at home? To have a family waiting for you? However, she had certainly not expected what would follow, the joyous response of Snowflake as she wrapped her arms around her in a gentle embrace coaxing a sudden flush of her cheeks, her face coloring a crimson hue.

To Snowflake it might have been an instinctive reaction, but for Esperia who had adjusted to the soothing and innocent atmosphere between the two of them, the embrace had provoked a sense of embarrassment from within her.

Not that she disliked the embrace, far from it but if one was to put themselves in her shoes they would understand: Who wouldn't be embarrassed if a cute girl suddenly embraced them with such a joyous reaction?

It didn't help that the one being embraced was also an S-rank lesbian, leading to the poor girl to have to pull out all her willpower to keep her mind on the pure path.

"Thank you for the welcome~"

She smiled briefly, her tone soft as she noticed a brief subtle change in Snowflake's expression, perhaps something had occupied her thoughts, and almost instinctively Esperia playfully pushed her forehead forwards, trying to rest it against Snowflake's own as she replied in a gentle tone. "Something bothering you? If you stay like this I might be able to read your thoughts... just kidding~"

A little giggle followed as she added the last bit as a joke when finally it appeared Snowflake's mood had returned back, her response about not regretting her choices being spoken with a surprising amount of resolve and confidence.

"I'll keep you to those words then, in the end, they say a true family can't be broken that easily."

Indeed, some would say that even death couldn't tear apart a family, and as Snowflake's hand grasped a hold of her own the girl found herself pulled along gently, finding herself subconsciously smiling at her companion, yet the warmth that she felt made her briefly feel as if her visage changed, as if Snowflake's back reminded her of someone else...

Perhaps she might have unknowingly found something she had lost five years ago...


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