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Hammer time [quest Thanos Dreyar]

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#1Thanos Dreyar 

on Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:56 pm

Today is a new day, Thanos just completed his first quest yesterday. He help Father Jerad. He woke up by the sunlight, he open his eyes and stretch his body. He get down his bed and open the window. The wind blowing slowly, the soind of birds singing is so beautiful and heart warmer. He look up to the sky, clouds, birds, and sun. They all up there and make this day even beautiful. “It’s a good day to do work.” He think that way.He decide to go to guild hall and look for quest, maybe there is something he can do today. So he go to his bathroom, take a shower, brush his teeth, and get dressed up. Now he ready to go. “LET’S GO!!!” He say that with cheerful face and his spirit is on fire today. Then he go to guild hall.

It’s not far from his house to the guild hall. When he is on his way, he pass Kardia Cathedral and say hi to Father Jerad, “good morning Father Jerad, what a beautiful day.” He say. “morning Thanos, God bless your day.” And Thanos continue his walk to guild hall.

When he arrive at guild hall, he was pretty shock cause the guild hall is quite empty, He talk to one teenager and ask where is everyone. “some of them going to Tenrou Island, amd some others going to Hargeon.” That young man say. So Thanos move to the quest board and looking for quest to do. It’sso many quest he can take, many quest from outside this city magnolia. While he look at the board, he realize that different quest have different requirement and regulation. There are quest for specific rank, there are some rank need specific item, and some quest is requested to some specific person. He look at one quest and stuck there, he read it carefully. The regulations and the requirements. “I think this quest is perfect for me.” He take that quest and go to work. This quest named Hammer Time requested by Barras Berend from Black Anvil.

Thanos feels so happy and proud because he can finish his first quest pretty well, and he doing it alone. He walk on the way to Black Anvil, and people there can tell that he is so happy. He keep smiling all the way to Black Anvil. He arrive at this famous blacksmith intown, Black Anvil. The building look awesome and pretty big from outside. He walk in, and he can see a guy inside. He see this big and muscular man, he look so busy, working alone, hammering away at some metal. “He must be Barras.” When Thanos think that way, Barras suddenly stop his work and turn around saying “What can I help you with?” Thanos got shock and answer his question. “oh hi, I’m Thanos from Fairy Tail, I’m the one who take your quest to help you here at the forge.” “oh thank God you’re here. I actually have one assistant who work here and help me with most of my works. But bad news is, He just broke his arm few days ago and he can’t work for now. So that’s why I sent a quest to your guild, Fairy Tail to help me here with the work. And now you are here ready to help right?” “Yes of course sir.” “Good, let’s come in, I’ll explain what you have to do.”

The both come in to the workspace, and inside the workspace Barras explain to Thanos what he have to do. “So you will do hard work today, your task is to hammer soft metals out a bit and flatten it out for me, you will do this until the end of this day. And after that, I’ll give you your rewards. My assistant here will help you to do your job, he also will tell you how to do it right.” “Aye, sir”
Thanos and the Smith’s assistant is start their work. The assistant take a soft metal and Thanos start hammering, flatten the metal, he feel a bit hurt on his arm cause the hammer is so heavy, and the soft metal is not really soft. 1 metal is finished, he feel tired already, but the day still long. So he take a little break before he continues the work. He drink water, take a sit, stretching. His continue his job right after he finished take rest.

Time is passing by, Thanos hammering the soft metal one by one. Thanos flatten the soft metal one by one. The Smith’s assistant help him by put the soft metal so Thanos can do his job. One by one, Thanos doing it with his power, with his strength, with his best. The sun goes down, the sky is become red, orange, purple, and black. Sunset sky in magnolia is the most beautiful moment. It’s make Thanos feel more on fire, feel more powerful, the sunset it Thanos's favorite moment. The sound of the birds, and the sound of him hammering comes together, it become so beautiful. So harmonic. The day is almost done. This job is almost finish, the way Thanos do this quest is so tiring.

The black smith come to Thanos and told him to stop. Cause this is the end of today, Thanos has finish his job so good. Thanos feel greatful cause he can finish this quest. The blacksmith give him the rewards. “here your rewards, thank you for helping me here today. Your help is so meaningful.” Thanos take the rewards, and go back home. Thanos will be Thanos, not talking to much. But this is the second day his doing a job. And he is so happy inside him. Even though he's not showing it out. But he glad that he can be helpful and useful for help others and do quest from guild. This day is a long day for Thanos. He decided to go back to his house and take a rest and do the report tomorrow morning when he go to the guild hall.

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