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Orchidia - Distraction [Mission | Alisa | Solo]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:12 am


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Grandma's cookies really hit the sweet spot. Even though Alisa had to stop her from giving her the whole platter, the little lunchbox she took along all but provided a whole lunch on their own, and considering who made them she doubted that might actually make for a healthy meal. That said, she wasn't the kind of person who could in good conscience forgo a proper lunch. She'd spent too much time training, honing and sculpting her body into the beautiful temple it was now to throw it all away with poor eating habits... Even if she couldn't stop herself from devouring all but three of cookies, mustering her willpower to save them for dessert.

Sitting in the middle of the park at near lunch time gave her a rather decent view of the nearby foot trucks, at least three of them that she could spot, and some of the people lining up for their turn to order, most of them looking like they were in quite a rush. Understandably so as most of them were on the clock, and none of them were like Alisa who had her own hours. So she walked up towards a sandwich truck, looking over the alternatives. She wasn't hungry enough to eat at a proper restaurant, so she just ordered a small egg and tuna sandwich

Just enough to maker her feel like she had eaten something resembling a proper meal, before munching down on the last three remaining cookies for dessert.

"Now, time to go back to work.", mumbled Alisa, thinking out loud as she wiped her mouth and stood back up, dusting off her coat too. This next job had her working for a local noble family, meaning it would no doubt well paid... Or not... But she could at least expect this payment to be reliable and efficent if she fulfilled their needs.

Finding the location was as easy as taking candy from a baby... It's a huge castle, smack dab right in the middle of Orchidia. This time, she had no need to meet up with the employer beforehand as the job request had indeed been quite clear about she needed to do. Stand guard outside and wait for a notorious satanist and doomsayer to come by. This family was hosting an event for other noble houses, and even the locals found this guy funny, they knew having him around would leave a bad impression on the guests. On the other hand, getting a bunch of big buff guards to forcefull remove a frail, crippled old man would also bring shame on the family should their guests see it, and make them look like heartless, autharitarian rulers.

And for a noble family, their reputation is paramount, being closely related to their actual power, and how much they need to rely on others to hold on to it...

Alisa had a good bit of time to ponder on the very nature of political power, as the village idiot took his sweet time showing his face. Had he changed his mind about appearing, she wondered?

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#2Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:12 am


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Since she was wasting her time guarding the castle, then if he didn't appear she would still have done her job? It felt like it, after all, she wasn't too kind of spending time doing a job not to recieve money in the end. If the job request turned out unnecessary, too bad for the client.

Alas, it appeared such considerations would ultimately grow unnecessary, as before long a raving voice made itself heard from across the street, "All hail Lord Satan! He shall bring his rule unto this land!!"

The woman let him be for now, as she still had a couple of hours until the event. Instead, she would bide her time, waiting, watching, looking out for the opportunity to put her plan into action. Surely enough, she eventually heard a commotion beside her, for reasons she didn't know about, nor care. All that mattered was that was close enough to pretend to have heard it.

"No way!", Alisa cried out with as genuine surprise, with every passerby looking at her as if she were just as crazy as the old man, "The travelling circus arrived today?!"

"WHAT, REALLY?! There's gonna be a lot of people there!!", suddenly, Leis no longer cared about ranting in front of the castle, all he cared about was the woman with delectable news of a far better place to do his thing. In a flash, Alisa had darted off, just slow enough that the old man in a wheel chair could keep up with her.

Of course, once the people realize this ridiculous claim had gotten the madman away from them, none of them said a word - simply whistling in the other direction like it was none of their business - while some of them might have even understood she'd been paid off to get this guy away from the castle. Of course, as Alisa led Leis through the city, she had to wonder how hard she'd have to try to hold the idiot in place throughout the event, if he were to find out there wasn't actually any travelling circus around these parts. But it appeared they didn't call him the village idiot for no reason.

"Wait, no travelling circus...? Hah! You pulled a fast one on me, didn't you girl?!", he said, a sudden flash of realization hitting him well after an hour past Alisa initially started leading him away.

But when she figured she'd have no choice but to physically stop him, Leis surrendered. He agreed not to put up a fight if she talked to him and eventually walked home, which she didn't really mind. After all, the woman was on the clock with no specific task but keeping this man out the precinct, and if she could achieve that without any added hassle she most defenitely would. And even her employer - the Guard Captain - agreed with her decision once she came back, or at least, he didn't really care how she did it so long as she didn't have to beat up a defenseless old man:

"The event has already started... And Leis still hasn't shown up to rant and ramble. It appears I have you to thank for that? Damn fine job there Miss!", congratulated the guard Captain, handing Alisa a pouch full of jewels. Nice and heavy, just the way she liked them, and enough to widen that charming smile on her face, "You're free to go now. The rest of the guards can make sure he doesn't come back while the event is underway."

Honest pay for honest work...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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