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Fairies' Symposium [Tori]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

on Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:12 pm

The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail had no logical reason as to why he felt so at home here on the soil of Tenrou Island - he simply did. It would have been reasonable to assume it was because this was the ancestral home of Fairy Tail, a sanctuary and home away from home for all of those who bore the guild's emblem proudly on their bodies, but something in him refused to acknowledge that as the cause. He felt a certain sense of nostalgia here in the company of feral animals and wild, untamed flora that grew without any human supervision whatsoever. With that in mind, there was no question that this was the first time that Houren had ever been on Tenrou Island, so to suggest that this was 'true' nostalgia, so to speak, was completely outrageous. Still, he decided that it was better not to focus on something like that, and just to enjoy the limited time that he would have here. After all, who knows when he would next be given the opportunity to return?

He had heard about the place from many of his fellow guild members before, with most of them speaking about it as though it were some mythical place like Shangri-la, the lost city of Atlantis or sky islands. Of course, out of the hundreds of members that Houren spoke to about Tenrou Island, he imagined only a handful of them had actually stepped foot on it before. After all, coming to this place was something like a pilgrimage for Fairy Tail members, except, instead of traveling to some holy site of great historical and religious merit, it was the guild's own personal island.

"Forget about Fiore, I could stay here forever," it was a loose lipped, practically offhanded comment that he made to no one in particular, since he was under the impression that the rest of the expedition team were at least a mile away westwards. He was currently on the island's coast, just slightly north of where Captain Seagull's ship had docked, and he was enjoying the view here tremendously. It was a simple musing, of course, he would eventually have to return to the mainland and with that, his daily life could begin again.

#2Tori Lancaster 

on Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:40 pm

It was a sunnier day than Tori could remember on the sacred island of Fairy Tail. The brightness of the sunbeams pierced through the forest as the sun was held up by the large tree at the heart of the island, which Tori had affectionately dubbed the Tenrou Tree. The group had found a lull in their mission and found some down time between their objectives, so Tori decided she would take it upon herself to explore a little bit in the hopes that the ice user could take a personal vacation here on the island at some point. She found herself breaking through the treeline and winding up back on the shore where they island met the ocean.

Looking around down the beach a small distance was Captain Seagull and his ship. She couldn't tell from the distance, but it looked like he was doing the maintenance to prepare for the return voyage back to the mainland. Turning her head in the opposite direction, she found the one she had vowed to remain closest to throughout this assignment. Houren stood on the beach gazing out as she had done while on the ship. Tori tried to figure out what he was thinking about, but she quickly gave up. You never know with men sometimes. She took a seat on a fallen log that buried itself into the sand and gazed out herself out to the horizon. She would swim in her own thoughts as the waves lapped the shoreline just wondering, as usual, what the future held.

#3Houren Vanadis 

on Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:41 pm

It wasn't a particularly long walk from the area where he was reminiscing now back to the place where Captain Seagull had docked his boat, and if the prospect of having another talk with the guildmaster's seafaring old friend appealed to him, he could easily have made the trek back without much effort. At the moment though, he didn't feel like it would have been fair to Captain Seagull if Houren began to disturb him now, especially since he was in the midst of doing some maintenance work on his ship. He was perfectly satisfied in his own company, and he had to admit that he was feeling especially relieved after having spent so much time in the presence of others. It wasn't that he disliked his guild mates per se, but rather, he was the solitary type that liked to be alone, and those who knew him well enough could attest to that.

The Fire Dragon Slayer was alone with his thoughts, debating something trivial with himself when he caught a whiff of a familiar scent. His Dragon Slayer abilities were not so refined that he was able to pinpoint her exact location, but he knew that the other Dragon Slayer in the Fairy Tail guild was close. He didn't want to risk calling out her name, and finding out that she was too far away for her to have heard him; that would have been embarrassing. Instead, he turned around to face the direction he suspected she was in. He imagined that her sense of smell was as keen as his and was already aware of his location. After all, being in an open area, it wasn't like he had anywhere to hide.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are," he began, softly enough, knowing that even if his words were not loud enough to reach her, provided she was looking in his direction, she would be able to read the movements of his lips.

#4Tori Lancaster 

on Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:48 pm

Standing on the beach, Tori wistfully thought about what she would do once the group returned to the guild back in Magnolia. Would she actually get to meet the guild master this time around? Only time would tell for the young blonde as the sound of the waves lapping the sand felt like a massage for the soul. That massage would put Tori into a kind of meditative trance that would remain unbroken until a voice pierced the veil of meditation which currently occupied her mind.

She heard a male voice calling out to her, one that could only belong to a certain someone. It also didn't help he stood tens of meters away from her on the very same beach. Houren was looking for her, but apparently he had gotten some salt from the air in his eyes or something as she wasn't exactly hiding from him. Nonetheless, she closed the distance to the other Dragon Slayer before addressing him. She wasn't about to pollute the scene with noise from her yelling down the beach. "You trying to cool off with air from the ocean?" she asked jokingly, making a comment towards his serious nature. "Relax and live a little."

#5Houren Vanadis 

on Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:17 pm

''Water's not really my element," he murmured offhandedly, directing his line of sight so that his eyes were once again focused on the crystal clear waves of the vast and great sea. Through deteriorating eyesight or otherwise, the Fire Dragon Slayer had not been able to see his fellow guild mate previously (although he could smell her), but now had properly confirmed her presence in the vicinity; in other words, he felt it safe to once again turn his back towards her and once again face the ocean from which he sought comfort. He couldn't recall a situation where he needed to showcase his magic in front of any guild mates, so it was probably a safe assumption that Tori had no idea as to what kind of Dragon Slayer Houren was, just that he was one. Of course, this also applied both ways and Houren had absolutely no clue as to what element Tori used either.

It was common knowledge that there were approximately two different ways of learning Dragon Slayer Magic. The first way would be to learn it from an actual dragon, but of course, dragons are anything but common. Some say they never existed to begin with, and the others who do might claim that they have been gone for god knows how many years. The other way, the way that Houren had managed to become a Dragon Slayer, was by implanting a lacrima inside the body. Long winded perhaps, but Houren couldn't help but wonder exactly how Tori had learned her magic. If it turned out her mentor was some thousands of year old winged beast, then Houren was definitely interested to hear the story. That line of questioning would have to wait though.

"That's not to say looking out to the ocean like this doesn't put me in a good mood," the Fire Dragon Slayer allowed a slight chuckle. "Provided I don't fall in, of course," he quipped.

#6Tori Lancaster 

on Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:49 pm

Tori listened to Houren explain his relationship with the waves, or rather with water itself. She giggled at his quip before replying in kind. "Same here." It was odd standing so close to a person knowing that they would eventually have to engage in a brutal battle, even more so being that they were guild mates. But at the same time, she took solace in the fact that no matter how this battle between them played out, and whoever ended up being crowned the Dragon Emperor; Fairy Tail possessed two users of one of the strongest magics in recorded history. That was enough to bring a smile to the ice user's face.

Then again, as the woman thought more about the inevitable combat between her would be rival, the more excited she got about the premise. As long as one of them was crowned Dragon Emperor, Fairy Tail would be undoubtedly the strongest guild in Fiore. Sure, she hoped it would be her, but if she was going to lose to anyone, she would rather it be him to keep the title within the walls of the guild. The only question was who was it going to be?

#7Houren Vanadis 

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:18 pm

He had not expected her to agree with him, nor did he think he could reply adequately to her response since he, himself, hadn't been much good at keeping the conversation alive. He directed his gaze towards the ocean again, pondering deeply about their meeting here today. The Fire Dragon Slayer had nothing against Tori as a person, in fact, out of all the members of the expedition team, she was probably the one that he felt like he could get along with the most. Due to circumstances, of course, that would likely never happen. She was a Dragon Slayer, as was he, and it was in both their natures to clash. Even if they were compatible in every other way, this one difference (or perhaps similarity?) meant that they could never be anything more than bitter rivals. He couldn't tell her intentions as of right now, but he would assume that she was also after the coveted title of Dragon Emperor. After all, who in their right mind wouldn't be?

He shuffled for a bit, before turning his head back to face her. "No matter what happens, no hard feelings, OK?" Houren had full confidence that she knew exactly what it was that he was referring to. It was a short, unassuming sentence, one that, if taken out of context, probably didn't mean anything to anyone. For the Fire Dragon Slayer though, it was his own way of reaching out; of saying that they should not let potential disappointment influence the potential friendship that they could possibly have. It was a big step for someone such as him, it went without saying, and finding himself all talked out for the time being, Houren took his leave, murmuring only the vaguest of farewells as he left, presumably back to Captain Seagull's ship.


#8Tori Lancaster 

on Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:07 pm

Tori listened to the waves continue to lap at the shore, having a good idea that Houren was completely preoccupied with their inevitable battle. Tori felt the same way, just as much so. It would feel like an eternity until the man would break the silence between the two and face her like the rival he knew they would be. He spoke of no hard feelings, no matter the outcome. Tori smiled. "Took the words right out of my mouth." she said simply watching him mutter a farewell and take his leave. Something about him reminded her of herself. He seemed completely serious, but when he had nothing to be serious about, or perhaps too much to be serious about, he grew slightly awkward. She assumed he had never had a meaningful relationship with anyone before, as a rival or otherwise. But regardless of his past, or hers, none of it mattered now. All that mattered was the present, and future. She wasn't sure of much, but she was positive of one thing. Tori versus Houren would be the most intense fight that Fairy Tail had seen in some time. And while no hard feelings would exist between the Dragon Slayers, she couldn't help but wonder if the same would ring true for everyone else.


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