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Marigold To Orchidia [Train Travel]

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#1Hikari Snow 

on Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:35 pm

Only a hint of excitingly charged sunlight was present then, as the winds drafted by her figure. The sunrise was nearly at the end of dawn, and morning would come in fast to melt it away. Everything around her seemed to be stuck in a verdant pause, lively yet so quiet. Perhaps, the earthly scene was to be left undisturbed for a bit longer if it hadn’t been for the steady clacking of hooves working tirelessly down the path she came from. Even though her stay in Marigold was not that long, she was glad that she decided to visit the town after a long while. The unique part of Marigold is the tranquillity that hung high in the entire vicinity, and it was not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was the silence that had summoned Snowflake at the location.

The female kicked a stray pebble at her foot, watching it make several turns as she proceeded on her way towards the train station. Both Chelvaric – her lover, and herself had decided to depart together, to Orchidia and instead of walking, they were determined to take the take the train instead. Being her first time to ever ride on such a vehicle, the youth was rather excited about the trip, though she wondered how long the journey would take. A day prior, she had delivered a letter to the man that she would be waiting by the train station. Though she did inform the man that they should leave the town early, she pondered if he would be even awake at this hour.

The frigid, harsh gales passed over the vicinity, billowing out her skirt and strands of silver hair flew behind her like a kite. The chilly weather had announced the upcoming of a colder season and the white haired woman couldn’t wait for the snowy days to arrive.



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