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Dynamic Duo [Vid & Pheebs]

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Dynamic Duo [Vid & Pheebs] Empty on Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:47 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
After visiting the spa more often, some special treatment from Bella and all Phoebe started to look a little different. Not much, same face, same eyes, her hair though was not so straight anymore and looked in her eyes more beautiful than ever. She liked a little wavy hair compared to the straight hair that she had. She was now for quite some time in Magnolia and she still loved it. The streets were rather busy and at the moment no accident seem to have happend here. Only something about the Fairy Tail guildhall that she didn't really understand and it was only a rumour.

Today, Phoebe was a bit bored, she had worked on her magic, worked on plenty of jobs but yet it wasn't exactly the same. She simply had no clue what else to do. She frowned as she sat on a bench on the street, thinking about what to do. She could go and grab some food, go walk in the park, go get something to drink but she wasn't hungry and walking in the park seemed rather dull on your own. She sighed a bit loud and noticed people staring at her and started to blush a little, which totally didn't match her natural looking bitchy face. She wasn't entirely aware she had one. Maybe go walk around in the forest, that sounded interesting but not on your own and she didn't want to bother King with inviting him to everything, she had been with him for the last couple of days and it had been wonderful but again: it felt like stalking and if she was a teenager like Mary, although her sister wasn't that young either anymore, she was eighteen, close to the ending of being.. why was she thinking of Mary!

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Dynamic Duo [Vid & Pheebs] Empty on Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:35 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
It was no use, sitting here, nothing would change and nothing would happen. So with a deep breath in, Phoebe stood up and looked at the cobble stones before she simply walked around the bench, she would buy something to drink and get on with her job of finding a job. She had been cut off, of her friends again and it was getting a bit sad, so she needed to find a solution for this trouble. Perhaps she should go somewhere else? But she liked Magnolia, she doubt it would be an option to go somewhere again. Perhaps, she should go back home?

The black haired lady shook her head, it was no option to run home every time that she felt lonely or that she was not taking any step forward, which made her annoyed with herself. But perhaps she shouldn't see it like that. She would see it as a visiting home and going to the next stop after there, getting her energy back and make a decision. But she didn't intend to run immediately, she would see how long she would be able to take it, perhaps make plans for other places but she wasn't entirely sure, she would definitely see.


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