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#1Vyrst Walken 

on Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:52 pm

It was a bright and shiny day for the handsome man known as Vyrst. As it was a tad warm that day he had forgone wearing long sleeved outfits and opted for a simple black shirt with short sleeves and some sort of weird board shorts. He thought he flaunted his muscles to a certain degree, which was a bonus, but it was the comfiness that made him decide on the outfit. Having read something about a job the day before, Vyrst had made his way back to the job assignment board to reread the instructions. Having read them over for a second time he felt that he remembered the information well. It seemed like he had to go gather some herbs for an old man who might not be spry enough to gather them on his own, and the prospect of being able to reap the benefits of whatever concoction he was creating was appealing to Vyrst. Perhaps it would make him a bit stronger, but he hoped it was not anything that might have a negative effect on his foundation. Regardless of such thoughts, he proceeded to go over the first thing that he needed to do. From what the request said, he needed to find an herb known as a ‘curly fern’, which were known to be common in the area.

The first portion of the request seemed simple enough, So Vyrst made his way out of the city and into some nearby wilderness. The request did not provide a picture of course, but rather a description of the herb. In the case of the curly fern, it was described to be a purple fern that curled over on itself, hence the namesake. The problem with identifying it was there was a large number of purple plants in the wilderness area that he decided to search. After mucking around a bit Vyrst managed to find one after about an hour of searching. Throughout the process of finding it he had gotten into a bit of trouble after trespassing on some large critter’s territory, which chased him out at the first sign of his existence. After plucking the first one Vyrst knew that he should find the next one in a reasonable amount of time, as they were supposed to be fresh. To his surprise, Vyrst managed to find another fern after about five minutes of searching, leaving him to go search for the next item on his list.

It seemed that with each preceding herb the search would become more and more difficult. This was unfortunate for Vyrst given his luck with the first one almost getting him killed by wild animals, but as he had already decided to complete the quest, it was not like him to just give up and be done with it. Continuing to persist in such circumstances could be seen as a type of tempering to the young man, so he was fine to keep on going. Apparently this new second herb was a type of blue lichen that could be found on old rotting logs in the forest.

#2Vyrst Walken 

on Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:52 pm

Vyrst walked around the forest searching for any rotting stumps that he could find, but as the job had described, they were even more difficult to find than the ferns. He managed to find one after about two hours of searching, and after having found it, he harvested the lichen and put it away, thinking back to what the third requested herb was.

For the third herb, it was the rarest of the list and hidden somewhere deep in the forest. Vyrst didn’t much like the idea of having to venture deep into the forest with his current set of skills, but if it was for a job he was willing to take some risks. From what he could remember he was searching for some sort of red leafed vine that grew on large trees. It seemed like he had to take a bit of a long journey to make it to the deep parts of the forest, so Vyrst thought it would be a good idea to just train his conditioning and take a jog down there. He jogged for about thirty minutes until the trees started to become larger and the canopy started to become denser. This seemed like a good place for him to begin searching, so he started checking out the many types of vines that grew from the trees around him. As the job request had said, it took him longer to find the vines than both the first two herbs combined. He spent about 4 hours before he found one and harvested it before deciding to head back.

After making the thirty minute trek back he made his way to the location where he was supposed to deliver the goods. After losing his way a few times he managed to make it to the Mag Drug Magic Shop and went inside. On his entrance he noticed the old .” Vyrst said as he walked inside. The old man stopped what he was doing and turned around with a bit of happiness and reminiscence in eyes and said “Ah thank you young man. Stick around until i'm done with this potion and I’ll give you both the reward and a taste of what I’m brewing.” Vyrst did not say anything in response and just sat down in a designated area while the man worked. The old man took the herbs that he had gathered and performed some work on them, like grinding some up into powder and soaking the others in odd looking liquids. The whole process took about thirty minutes and after he was done preparing, he tossed the prepared ingredients into his water filled cauldron in a specific order. He stirred the cauldron for a bit and poured some of the concoction into a vial for it to cool. After a few minutes he handed the bottle to Vyrst, who promptly drank it and felt a bit of extra energy flowing through his veins. It was obvious to the man that the potion had worked, and he showed Vyrst out of his shop so he could go on with his life.

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