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Elena Chronicles (Lacie)

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on Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:38 am



ibraries are a sacred haven for wisdom, where civilizations gather ancient knowledge. Naturally, it would be an ideal location when you are seeking for advice on a topic unknown to you. Elena settled on going to the library, in search of "true ice". Time was her arch-nemesis , a foul fiend. Her time was limited, every second that passed by, meant she had a little less time on her hands.

The Hargeon Town Square, was a rather crowded area. But it was beautiful, as you can have a slight peek of the docks that lies not too far away. Elena thought that maybe she could have a little break, and relax on the warm sand of the beach, after her search in the library. She  leaned against the heavy metal doors, to reveal a large room packed with books of all kinds, as she gasped in awe. A bookworm was her nature, she took an old leather book, and inhaled the musky scent of the aged paper. Do people get high from sniffing library paper?  Books are considered luxury in the poor, northern tribe of Elestia. Elena only had one book in her possession back at home, it was her favorite book, called the Serenity. It was about a heroine who had to save her own village from the evil forces, she giggled, realizing how similar her situation was to the books. Instead of evil forces, it was unknown reasons melting the enchanted ice. After countless hours of reading through books, she wanted to have a slight break. She had packed her own lunch again, just a simple salad. She sat on a bench outside of the library, curious on what the day will bring to her.

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#2Lacie Eventide 

on Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:30 am

It made no sense, even if this wasn't Era, there had to be information. She growled at the reflection of the pictures and the books that she kept open on the table. Nothing, no information about any invasion or anything and it just pissed her off. How would she face Lucifer if she didn't know what to do or any information to tell. She needed her sister, she needed her cousin but every stupid knight was of course busy. Out of frustration she simply threw a book away and yelled at it. She took a deep breath, shook her orange head out of her face, apologized to the librarian and picked up the books and put them back.

She was too frustrated to leave though and she walked past the books but nothing happened. No feeling of finding answers and she had better things to do. She didn't know what to say or what to do, it was simply frustrated. With another deep breath she walked outside and dropped herself on a bench without looking around to anyone. She was so frustrated that it didn't matter to her anymore. She suddenly heard someone munching on food next to her and it broke her out of her bubble. She looked at the person next to her and tried to laugh it off, "Oh sorry, I didn't see you there, obviously. Sorry for suddenly popping up and taking your bench." she stood up to leave because it was probably better to leave a person alone.


on Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:04 pm



lena was startled by the sudden thump on the bench beside her by the light haired, stranger. She was about to say that it was fine, however she started choking on her food, consequently causing her to cough. She quickly grabbed the stranger by her wrist, and took a giant sip of water from her bottle. “Hey! It’s totally fine, are you hungry? I accidentally packed way too much food!” Elena shoved her hand into her brown satchel, and a delicious, pork cutlet sandwich appeared in her fair hands. “Uh, I promise I didn’t poison it!” She quickly added when she noticed the stranger hesitated at her offer, and moved to the end of the bench.

“Sit, I insist!” She patted the space beside her on the bench rapidly, eager for the stranger to join her. She sure does not seem like she is from around here, hopefully she knows something about “true ice”, this may just be my lucky day! She bursted out laughing, not realising that the stranger had no clue on what she was giggling on about.

"My name is Elena, I made this delicious sandwich that you should totally eat, and I am a mage!" She motioned at the sandwich in her hands, by waving it around in the air in circles, and beamed happily at the stranger. "Oh by the way, I was wondering if you just happen of heard of something known as "true ice", or enchanted ice that never melts, or someone that practices powerful ice magic?" She needed answers, and she might be lucky, meeting someone that had these answers she longed for. She noticed that the stranger was beautiful, her ginger hair, perfectly framed her elegant features.

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#4Lacie Eventide 

on Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:31 am

Lacie stopped midwalk and turned around to look at the stranger that suddenly offered her food. Her mind was immediately working to think about what she should do but she shook her head, no. No she shouldn't. It didn't work last time and she had much better things to do. But this girl, it was not that Lacie was very interested in her but it was funny, she obviously had not noticed Lacie shaking her head which was good. She started to unrafel her own mask and that was obviously not the idea.

As the stranger said that she didn't poison the bread, she chuckled, "That sounds safe." she answered although still hesitante in joining. Oh whatever, what did she had to lose, obviously not her soul. Apart from that she couldn't find answers and Selena was busy. She finally went to sit down after the girl said she insist. Well at least she had manners, now she only had to introduce herself but Lacie wouldn't mind if that was left on her. Alright, maybe she was a bit strange when she bursted out laughing but Lacie reminded quiet. Didn't say anything and simply sat there watching her, looking her up and down before she introduced herself as Elena. "Hello Elena, my name is Lacie." She was quickly to spill the beans what annoyed Lacie but she didn't snow that. She simply sat there with a smile on her face.

"Wauw a mage. Sounds rather impressive." suggesting that she wasn't one, which wasn't completely a lie, she couldn't use it anymore since she dropped her faith and didn't want to help and heal people. Lacie wondered about true ice, she had never heard about it clearly, "I don't know true ice. I heard that it is possible if you are a strong mage to be capable of making ice that doesn't melt and let's see. Do I know ice mages?" She didn't, not on top of her head but she ticked with her right index finger to her chin while she was thinking. "I do know a lot of people but I can't recall everyone their magic I'm afraid." She looked a bit sad with that, she wasn't sad at all but part of the act was to feel sad for not being able to give the girl the information that she wanted.


on Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:15 am



should perhaps stop adding that every time I offer somebody food," she chuckled and flushed slightly red, embarrassed. She noticed that Lacie hesitated slightly when she offered her food, but she still sat down anyways. As Elena bursted out laughing, Lacie stayed quiet, consequently causing Elena to stop her contagious laughter.

"It's splendid to meet you officially, Lacie! Lacie is such a beautiful name, who blessed you with such an interesting name?" She beamed at the stranger, who she thought had became her friend, simply because she revealed her name to her. "It's not that impressive, my magic abilities are extremely feeble, I should totally train some more to increase my strength. Besides, I see my powers as more of a curse, it's not exactly a blessing." Elena looked at her hand, and sighed. Her powers is the reason why she is isolated from her tribe, she was forced to carry the responsibilites of the entire tribe, simply because she had magic. I guess she isn't a mage, Elena was a bit dissapointed, as she was actually hoping that she would be able to inform her on "true ice".

"I've never thought about that, you are actually a genius!" Elena agreed by nodding when Lacie suggested that a mage when strong enough, is capable of conjuring ice so cold, that it does not melt. But I'm too weak, she needed to find someone stronger, capable of manipulation of ice.

"You are friends with a lot of other mages?
That's so cool!" Elena found that interesting, a non-mage having a lot of mage friends. Elena noticed that Lacie had a sudden change in expression, she expressed sadness when she revealed to her that she could not help her, as she does not remember the magic of all her friends. She is so kind, and such a great person, Elena put a hand to her heart, charmed by Lacie's benevolence, unaware that is was partly an act.

"Please, don't be upset! You have helped me plenty already, by simply conversing with me! It really helped me, to relax a little!" Elena wanted to cheer up Lacie, she didn't want her to feel ashamed because she couldn't help her.

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#6Lacie Eventide 

on Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:11 pm

Lacie laughed again at the stranger at that point, "It makes it a challenge to see if we can trust you if you indeed didn't poison it." normally she wouldn't take such things, basically because of the food that she mostly didn't like but today: she had nothing left to lose. Either she would die sooner or nothing would change all together.

She introduced herself after Elena said her own name and she liked her name, it showed some elegance but it was Elena that complimented her on a beautiful name. "Oh well, actually it is an anagram for my sister's name. We are twins you see and our names are anagrams for the other. My name is Lacie but hers is Alice." She liked her name more but this time, she would not show her hatred for her sister, this time she would stay nice and polite. Even though she sang the song, the poem she created a few days ago in her mind, the one that gave her the opportunity to meet Lucifer.

Elena told Lacie that she was a mage and because of her unbelieve in the Divine so suddenly, she lost the ability of her own magic and she simply pretended to not be a mage at the moment, it made things a lot easier than to explain a long story full of pain and hatred, "But I bet you would be very strong if you train it." she said with a positive tone, even though she wondered what she meant with curse and she turned her head a little sideways to look better at Elena, "What do you mean by that? A curse?" her healing magic had been called Sun's Blessing, but again she didn't tell that, she lost it: that was considered a curse.

As they talked more about Elena her magic, the question rose about true ice and she simply said what came to mind, which made her a genius apparently and her smile became more genuine, she liked getting compliments and apparently Elena wasn't shy with them, "It was just a suggestion, I wish there was more information I could give you." But that's when Elena said that it was great to only already talk and she smiled again, "I'm so glad to hear that." she herself had calmed down as well as she had to focus on her acting as well instead of on the irritation of not being able to find answers.


on Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:54 pm


ven though Lacie laughed at Elena, she didn't mind it because it made her finally smile. She could see that her stern expression had softened. Elena giggled at her comment, and studied Lacie carefully while she ate her food. It made her extremely satisfied to see someone else eat something she made.

"A twin sister? Is she as splendid and sophisticated as you are, Lacie? That's actually a really intruiging idea, anagrams for twins!" Giggling at the idea, Elena suddenly remembered that she had a twin brother back at home. "I actually have a twin as well, not a sister though, a twin brother! However, we don't have names that are related the slightest at all!" She had missed her twin brother dearly, his bad sense of humour, and how he would always protect her.

"Thanks for your faith in me! I'll do my best to not let you down, and become a powerful mage!" Elena had been used to promising people that, since people from her tribe relied on her." Elena sighed, and played with her thumbs, before continuing on. "You see, even my name is affected by my powers. I was given the name, Elena, by the tribe Elders because of what happened during my birth. The name itself means shining one, or bright light. People tend to forget who I am as a person, and only recognize me for my magical abilities. It's a curse because I don't want to carry the responsiblities of my entire tribe just on my shoulders, I traveled from my tribe all by myself, and I miss everyone terribly. I'm scared, of failing my tribe, I'm scared of having all this stress to myself." Through her tear soaked lashes, Elena tried to make out Lacie's elegant figure.

"I'm sorry for the outburst, I have a hard time controlling my emotions." She quickly wiped her tears away, and forced a brilliant smile, after all, she was the "bright light" of her tribe. "So, what might you being doing at Hargeon?"

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#8Lacie Eventide 

on Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:19 pm

Lacie took a bite of the food. She looked at it and took another bite of the sandwich and looked at it again. She was a picky eater but she liked this very much. "Oh it is so tasty." She took a third bite and turned to look at the girl next to her and asked Elena what she made it off. That is when the subject changed to their names and she told about the anagram for her sister's name. Which of course brought the conversation to her twin and she had to be careful in this subject. Never to make a mistake again; like she had done with Konstantin. "Well that depends in how you mean it." She said with a short laugh, "She is a bit more rough and tough. She is a mage and works with the Rune Knights. So again it matters in what way you mean sophisticated." She doubted that Elena had met Alice because most people would mix them in that case but that was no problem. She had to be careful for the future as well and she was working on that as well. She might still have her childish act but she better change all that now she had to survive in a way with this. She should meet up with Selena soon again. But she invincibly shook off this feeling and turned her attention back to the conversation as she was still looking at Elena. She heard still something about names and quickly filled in the blanks for herself,
"Oh how interesting. What is his name?" She looked at Elena a little better; "It looks like you miss him dearly." Which was something difficult to say about Lacie and Alice. But she would figure something out.

Thanks to these questions, she quickly learned more about Elena and her curse of ice magic and she slowly nodded. Staring at the girl that cried. A short and quick grin appeared on her face but was too quickly replaced by a sad expression and Lacie scooted a little closer to pat Elena on the back. "That sounds like a very hard job. All on your own. Do not apologize for your emotions. It shows your strong will and love for your friends and family."
Yet Elena asked after that what she was doing in Hargeon and she gave her a faint smile, "I am working with my cousin to find my sister. She has been missing for quite a time. We are all very worried about her."

#9Lacie Eventide 

on Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:26 am

Talking to Elena made Lacie realized something and she jumped up. and looked at the ground, still holding on to the sandwich that Elena had sort of made for her, without them knowing they would meet. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I have to look something up. If you don't mind, I will see you here in a bit." This library held every information that she needed. It might not give information about the knights or Lucifer or how it worked to sell your soul but it could maybe tell her about people's records and she could find the man that she had tried to avoid.

Her father.

With a grin that only the people that would pass her could see, she hurried away into the library. Throwing the sandwich away in the progress to hurry towards the part where they ought to have the family files. After pleading and batting her eyelashes she got her enterance to find Richard.. whatever his surname was, which would make it very difficult. Why was she so stupid, while Alice knew everything. She bet that her sister had found her father but she had better plans with him and all she needed was an image of him now. And the spell that was slowly forming in her head, if only she knew how to work it out, but she got access to that as well in this library. She had to bite her lip not to laugh but this was going to be amazing.


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