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Hammer Time[Vyrst]

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on Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:38 pm

Vyrst Walken
Having entered the city a day ago and finding a place to stay for the night, Vyrst woke up bright and early in the morning, deciding to go for a nice walk around the city, seeing if he could find something interesting to do. He had styled his hair into its normal messy fashion and was wearing a very casual outfit. As it was a somewhat brisk morning he had on a trench coat wrapped around a form fitting black shirt and some nice loose pants. Before doing anything though he decided to pick up some breakfast from a nearby restaurant before heading out on his adventure. He left the restaurant and made his way over the market district where all sorts of tradesman and craftsman were performing their jobs and living their lives. Craftsman held a special place in Vyrst’s heart as his parents were craftsman for the village he lived in as a child. Speaking to some of the older and more experienced craftsman reminded him of home, and he was always happy to see what they had to say.

After looking around the stalls for a bit and taking a look at what sort of wares people were selling, Vyrst made his way into a very nice looking blacksmithing shop known as the Black Anvil. Vyrst recalled there being some sort of job for this location that was noted on a notice board and decided that he might as well just help the shop out with it since he was already there. After walking into the smithery, Vyrst noticed a strong young man hammering away at a large piece of molten metal. Not wanting to disturb his work for the moment, Vyrst waited until the man was done with his current work before making himself known to the man. “Hey there! I’m here for the job offering you left on the notice board. What sort of work do you need me to do?” Watching the man work with metal made Vyrst quite excited, causing him to relive the memories of his youth. He was itching to help out and show his meager blacksmithing skills.

The young man Barras introduced himself and said “I’ve been having some trouble keeping up with the demand of the knights, so I am in need of some prep work being done for me in advance. I need you to help my assistant with hammering out some metal to make it flat. My assistant was a bit clumsy recently and broke his arm during accident, so he will be heating the metal for you while you work on it.” Barras chuckled a bit as he mentioned the part about his assistant breaking his arm, as though this was a regular occurrence and that the assistant was known for his clumsiness. In response to the man’s instructions Vyrst nodded and said, “Understood. Now where will I be working?” Barras took Vyrst to where his assistant was working and introduced him to him. The assistant was a teenager a few years younger than Vyrst, but the teen had a well defined set of muscles, signifying the physical labor that he went through every day.


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on Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:47 pm

Vyrst Walken
Vyrst looked at the teenager and said, “Let’s get to work.” After having spoken to the teenager, he watch him heat the metal with eager eyes, already having grabbed a hammer, perhaps scaring the teenager with his fervour. After waiting a few minutes for the metal to heat up, the assistant took the metal out from the forge and placed it upon the anvil. With the instructions of having to flatten the metal, Vyrst began to slam his hammer down on the metal. Given that he had quite a strong physique and tall stature, he was able to provide the great deal of force necessary to shape the metal. As he had experience doing this as a youth he was able to create a well shaped piece of flat metal in a reasonable amount of time. At this point Vyrst did not care about getting the job done though, as he was just in it to experience working in a forge again. In his work for the day he tuned out most of the hubbub of the market and the sounds of other blacksmiths working as he remembered the faces of his parents and thought about how they might be doing now. He still was not aware of where he used to live, but he thought it might be a nice experience to find it again one day, should his parents still be there of course.

After finishing the first piece of metal, Vyrst and the assistant continued to work on more and more pieces, depending on what the order was. Different types of weapons required different specifications for the size of the prepared metals and given Vyrst’s experience, he was able to follow them with a decent amount of skill. Barras was not required to show him any of the basic forging methods required to flatten this metal, which somewhat impressed the man, given that most random folk that he contracts were not very skilled with craftsmanship. Mages in particular were not known for the craftsmanship, so one being capable of doing so was a pleasant surprise for the man. The blanks Vyrst was making were not anywhere near the level that Barras was capable of of course, but they were still good enough to be used for the knights that requested them.

After working for about 8 hours and completing the required quota for the day, Vyrst made his way back to Barras to speak with him and have a bit of dinner. “Your work ethic is quite impressive Vyrst. I’m surprised you were able to work 8 hours straight. I thought my assistant was going to keel over without a break but he surprisingly made it through.” Barras chuckled again after speaking about his assistant. “Here’s your pay for the day. I hope that you can come and help out again if I put out a request.” Vyrst smiled and told Barras, “If I’m in the area I’ll try and come help out if I can. See ya later.” Having gotten his payment and an enjoyable experience, Vyrst left the Black Anvil and went off to see more of the city.


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