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Conman Coward - Katerina Mihail

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on Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:37 pm

Katerina Mihail
"Hello, Miss Katerina Mihail, can I talk to you regarding your rent?" Asked my landlord, with a  solemn voice.

"Oh yeah, of course! How are you today, Mrs. Petrova?" I replied with a fake voice and batted my eyelashes.  She is so annoying, it's not like I haven't payed my rent for a year, it's only been six months. Someone needs to get laid. I must of rolled my eyes a thousand times mentally.

"Oh, my day is spectacular! Especially since I got this!" She said triumphantly, extending her arm, revealing a document that she hid in her armpits.

I squinted to make out the black words on the piece of paper, I really need glasses, but they are so ugly. How tragic.

"Eva-evacuation notice?" I gasped, pointing at the dreaded sheet.

"Yes sweetie, if you fail to pay your rent within a week, you'll be forced to evacuate!" She said cheerfully with an emphasis on the word "evacuate".

I can't believe that hag had the audacity to evacuate THE Katerina Mihail, but that's how I ended in front of the guild's request board.

Hmm, babysitting, cleaning, OH! To retrieve stolen money! Now that sounds like a job for the great Katerina Mihail. It's pretty tragic how mages are basically maids especially in the lower ranks. I was honestly expecting to be fighting some greater evil, whatsoever.

The quest sounds easy enough, I won't even chip a nail. I ripped the request form off the board, and flipped my hair. I'll just bat my eyes, pout my lips, show some cleavage, and the con artist will just return the money to me without doubt. That's how it always work with men. Nobody can resist the extremely, sexy allure of Katerina, after all. Not even myself at times, it's so hard being so gorgeous. I mentally wiped a tear.

The request form asked me to meet the client during four o'clock at an inn at Crocus. I wonder if he's hot, Batra sounds like the name of a sexy beast. I looked at my phone, it was already 3:40 PM, so I immediately started making my way to the inn.

I sat down at the bar, and I totally take back what I said. Batra is NOT a sexy name, bald is definitely not attractive. I mean, if your into that I won't judge. He had an annoyed expression on his face.

"Is something the matter, Batra?" I dragged out his name, and pronounced it with a sexy tone.

"Yes, its 6:45 PM." He replied blankly with a sigh.  "I've never had someone from the Rune Knights be so irresponsible." He huffed.

"Woah there, baldy, try traveling in these bad boys. You think you can run in them too?" I lift my leg to the counter, showing off my purple pumps.

"Well-" He started to say.

"Exactly, then don't make any unnecessary comments." I snarled, and then quickly smiled, tilting my head slightly side ways. "So, what's the sitch?" I leaned on the table, playing with a strand of my curly locks.

Berta explained the situation in great detail, and poured me a cup of tea.

"Alright, I'll bring your money back in no time, you better be thankful. Too-da-loo!" I giggled and made my way out of the inn.

I thought my life couldn't be easier, the con-artist was sitting on a bench in public, in the Crocus street.

"Hey beautiful!" He greeted me with a wink and patted the space next to him, motioning me to sit down.

"Oh, hey there! What's your name, hottie?" I lowered my shirt to show some cleavage. I've never cringed so hard in my life before.  If I wasn't this desperate, this guy would never, ever, in his gross lifetime, have the honor of being graced with my presence. But I needed to make sure that this was the right person.

"Kyle, what bout you hun?" He attempted to flex his nonexistent arm muscles. Bingo, he's the one I'm looking for.

"Oh, I see. It's a pleasure to meet you! What's that bat for? I love myself a baseball boy!" I pointed at the bat, that was leaning on the side of the bench.

"Uh, yeah baseball! It's obviously for baseball, what else would it be for? Haha...ha!" He laughed awkwardly, scratching his head.

"Thanks for your show and tell, now it's my turn." I pulled my sleeve backwards, revealing my guild tattoo.

"You-you are a guild mage?" He shot straight up and swiftly grabbed his bat.

"Woah, just give me the money and we are even." I said with a matter of fact tone.

"Oh, okay then." He reached into his pocket and handed me a blue bag. "There you go, am I free to go?" He raised both of his arms in the air.

"Alright, the great Katerina will spare your worthless life. Scam!" I waved my hand, dismissing him. What did I say? Nobody can resist the seduction of Katerina. Didn't think it would of been that easy though. I made my way back to the inn.

"Cough it up, baldy," I tossed the bag of money onto his counter.

"Uh, so what kind of gig is this?" He raised an eyebrow when he peered into the bag. He released the content of the bag onto the counter.

"Is that...fake money?" I flushed, embarrassed that I did not identify it earlier. "I'll fix this, don't worry!" I quickly ran out to find the culprit.

After constantly running around, I sat down on a bench and sighed. I'm really tired from walking all day in these heels. It's been half an hour, and I still haven't seen the con artist. But then I saw someone wearing a mask, and carrying a bat run straight pass me. I stood up immediately and chased after him.

"Hey! I should be the one getting the head start, I'm the one in heels!" I hollered at the culprit, I gathered my energy and transmitted a sphere of darkness which knocked over the con artist.

The con artist attempted to reach for his bat that he dropped, but I quickly kicked it aside and stepped on his hand with my heel.

"Oh stop it! We both clearly know that I can tear you to shreds, and do my nails both at the same time." I said while dragging him back to the inn.

"Here's your order!" I threw the con artist against the wall. "Where's my jewels?"

"Your honestly the most dramatic and irresponsible mage ever, but here you go anyways." He handed me a bag of jewels.

"Thanks, and your inn is ridiculously ugly. Too-da-lol!" I turned around and walked out the door. Triumphant, that I received my reward.

End of Quest

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