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One Step At a Time [Odin | Private]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:37 am

It was obviously a lot more difficult than being a good person, because you couldn't simply tell people what you felt and what you wanted if it was not something positive. The world was full of the liars that everyone pretended to be, the miss perfects as her stupid twinsister. Lacie stared at the people that were leaving the area around the lighthouse. She didn't know why she came here, she had let her feet carry her, but it looked like it would rain and it would like it would downpour. That was probably the reason why everyone was leaving.

"One step closer to your death." she muttered under her breath, it was more like singing in a whisper, "One step closer, no regret." Because of the effort that it would take and the idea that Selena was watching her every step made everything a lot more difficult and the fact that she had no idea where the other version of herself was. Everyone had betrayed her and it was time to do something about it. "I will find you, don't be scared." She hummed further to the song she made herself to get rid of all the annoyed feelings of being stuck. How hard she tried and how much she planned, it wouldn't work without the victim and especially not with her stupid weak body. She coughed a little, as if it reacted to her thinking about it, "My sister dear, you won't be spared." She stopped humming as she looked up at the sky, maybe she should leave as well but she had no idea what to do. She wasn't looking forward to interact with Selena and the damn Rune Knights. But she would keep up the pretendence that she was glad that her family was interested in her again.


on Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:47 am

Odin had decided to visit one of the last landmarks in Hargeon today, due to the fact that he was planning on leaving the town soon, the landmark in question being the lighthouse, a necessity in the port town, as it guided ships towards the shore safely. If the lighthouse was to ever stop, all of the shipping trade would plunge into darkness. But that's not what interesting Odin the most, as his ears pricked up upon hearing a woman humming that he walked past, having paid her no mind until hearing her whispered final verse.

"My sister dear, you won't be spared."

How intriguing, that someone would be singing a song about the death of a sibling, it was enough to stop Odin in his tracks, and make him observe the woman: with her luscious orange hair and otherwise calm and innocent face. Whether this song was simply one she knew well and enjoyed singing, or whether there was more to it, Odin couldn't yet know, but he was interested in finding out, as he approached the girl, adopting a strange fusion of his two personalities: the friendliness of Lucifer the bar owner, while keeping the stone face of Odin the dark mage.

"My dear, I couldn't help but hear the end of your song. Might you, by any chance, be able to repeat the words to me, so that I may yet understand the verse?"

#3Lacie Eventide 

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:04 pm

Lacie looked like a lost little child, considering how she hummed and looked in a dress sitting alone on a bench. But she was twenty-one, didn't look that with her doll like face but she wouldn't mind to be guessed younger than she was, a little child would not be a great assumption though. She stared at the sky, the dark clouds were exactly how she felt at the moment, but she didn't feel like crying if the rain represented that. Her brown eyes dropped down when she heard someone speak to her. Interesting, someone must have good ears, or well it was of course getting a bit lonely out of here.

She eyed him, not entirely sure what to say, she could obviously repeat, she would do that in a few seconds but she first had to see the consequences at that. Oh well, Selena would protect her right if something would go wrong. Maybe, for the first time, she could finally tell her feelings, maybe the fact that Selena had found her and wanted to change her and protect her and bla...bla..bla was a good thing for a plan that the girl wanted, she wanted to see opportunities without playing the good cards all the time, it was time to play her cards. If she finally would be able to get her hands on all of them,

"Of course. It's a short one. It goes like this." she said and she coughed a little to make sure her voice was loud enough and steady, after the whispering. "One step closer to your death,
One step closer, no regret.
I will find you, don't be scared.
My sister dear, you won't be spared."
There was this tiny smile, a little bit sinister, on her lips, she was very curious to the reaction of this stranger. Which could be described as one of the first times that she was interested in someone's reaction like that.


on Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:28 pm

The girl kindly recounted the entire poem to Odin, and an interesting one it was at that. The plot of it was rather straightforward: someone wished to kill their sister, but the build up had some interesting narratives. The first line in particular caught Odin's attention. 'One step closer to your death', it was an amusing notion to ponder, despite how obvious the truth of the statement was. Every step, every moment a person spent alive, placed them one moment closer to their inevitable demise. That was why it was so important to make sure every step, every moment, had purpose and meaning. It also made murder a stranger notion: as the poor victim had gone through their entire life, slowly progressing to that exact moment where there life would be taken by another. Their entire purpose was to be killed by someone else, Odin stopped for a moment to consider if that was his fate, not that he cared much for the notion. Was he to be killed by another, or would he be the murderer that rose above and killed the ants.

It was then that the olive haired mage noticed the girl's smile: a sinister one that did not belong on the face of a young girl having just given her rendition of a poem. Whatever it was about the poem, there was something else.

"Hmm, an interesting poem certainly. Is it yours or did you read it somewhere?"

#5Lacie Eventide 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:00 am

Being sort of a captive of her family and with that the Rune Knights, because they were both a part of the Rune Knights and well Alice wasn't really that nice but she disappeared and Lacie found that a bit sad. It was her intention to make her sister disappear not someone else. But here she sat, reciting a sort of poem, verse that she had just made to calm herself down and to keep her goal in front of her eyes.

This man asked her where she got the poem from, if she simply remembered it or made it up. She felt a little brave today, "I made it myself. It sounds very eerie I know but as long as it works, don't you think?" she said again with that happy smile towards the stranger. She was a bit scared for the results of this conversation but she was sure it would be fine. She didn't show her fear, if she would be arrested: she was sure Selena would bail her out again. Besides, it were words she didn't kill anyone and there was no proof if she had done. Not that it happened because she had no idea where her angel like victim was.


on Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:21 am

She made it herself? How interesting indeed, thought Odin as he listened to the girl's words. This poem had come from her own mind, which meant something had made her come up with those lines, that verse, the rhymes. It was unlikely to simply be a coincidentally dark poem, and it was more likely than not related to the girl's own experiences and truth. Her own passion of death, as it were, which caused Odin's left eyebrow to slowly rise, before he decided to ask her another question.

"Might you indulge me with two things, my dear. One, your name, as it would be rude of me not to ask. Of course, I am Lucifer Morningstar, a pleasure. Second", Odin's voice dropped in volume as he edged closer to her, so that only she would hear him, a malicious grin forming on his face, "Do you have any sisters?" It mattered little what her answer would be, as Odin had not yet said anything that could be used against him. Rather, he had just asked an, albeit dark, friendly question about the origin of a poem he had heard from a young girl at a lighthouse. He had yet to mention any kind of death or murder, despite it being fully on his mind. Her answer would determine whether she was truly interesting, or just a good poet.

#7Lacie Eventide 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:31 am

She eyed the stranger, because who knows, she had been very careful and hit a wall that made her unable to move forward and to go on in a plan that would never happen if she stayed stuck like this. She noticed the eyebrow raise and she couldn't help but keep a smile on her face, eventhough she knew it wasn't smart. Were people willing to risk things as she would try now because she had nothing left to lose or would this be another death end?

And this guy apparently seemed to have manners as he asked for her name and before she could give it, he would give his own, Lucifer very, very interesting. It felt as if it was some hint for going into the right direction if Lacie still thought in that way, but she had given up in her supersticious feelings when the Divine dropped her. And the grin was very attractive to this conversation which made her smile wider and her eyes glistering in the hope to get a door in her maze of endless disappointment, "My name is Lacie Eventide and.." she also lowered her voice, "Unfortunately I still have a sister." She felt some sort of adrenaline, combined with excitement and the fear of what might happen. But she kept repeating in her mind that nothing could happen to her, she would probably be dead in weeks if her body kept on fighting like this and else, she would count on Selena. She could probably manipulate her cousin into thinking she wasn't that big of a deal.


on Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:26 am

Lacie Eventide, an interesting, if albeit slightly simple compared to Lucifer, name, but that was not even remotely what interested Odin the most, as the girl lowered her voice to a quiet murmur too, stating that she did have a sister, but making a point of stating that this fact was unfortunate to her, suggesting that she would much rather not have a sister. The closest thing to a sibling that Odin possessed was Lucifer, but that didn't really count considering the pact and truth behind their partnership, so the young mage couldn't understand why this girl hated her sister, or what reasons she could have for creating a poem to showcase that hatred. Siblings were a foreign concept to Odin, but even he knew that there were very few situations where a sibling would death upon her other half, which made Lacie actually rather unique, how lucky for the demon of pride, who loved sowing the seeds of chaos.

"Must be a real shame, eh? Having a living sister when you'd much prefer her in...some other state. Tell me, how much would you wish to see her in that other state? Depending on your answer, I could make it happen." Despite what he was saying, Odin had returned his voice to its normal volume, mostly because there were now very few people around the lighthouse, having left when the weather had started to get worse.

#9Lacie Eventide 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:47 am

She whispered, sort of holding on to her heart even though again and again: nothing could go wrong. Selena would safe her out of this mess. It was actually funny to consider how much her cousin offered to try and get her back to the point of being a good person. She had even sort of said so, but it was after the meeting with her twin and with her cousin that she had given up on good in the world. No good deed would go unpunished and the wicked seemed to have much more fun when it come to living their life. So she was done with living her life to do good, to run to everyone their aid while no one asked how she was doing! It was ridiculous. She turned her gaze from Lucifer to her surroundings, staring in front of her, not wanting to show the anger that she felt when she simply thought about her family. She could tolerate Selena and she would be able to pretend to try and understand her and to work with her but asking about Alice and seeing her again in the future would be too much.

She turned to look at Lucifer again when he spoke and smiled a little. It felt for the first time that she met someone that would understand her and she wanted to praise something, forgetting for a second she didn't believe in the Divine anymore. But she had been honest to the right person, perhaps not careful enough but she wondered: did she really think she had anything left to lose? She was combing her hair with her fingers, looking exactly like her doll like looks: innocent. Her mind was not so and when Lucifer said that considering her answer, he could make it happen, she stopped moving and simply stared at him, surprised and yet not afraid, but rather happy with the answer. "I don't think I could express how much I would wish her in that other state as you just said so nicely. I believe that considering my history with my sister, she deserves to be on the other side of this and that I wish for nothing more." There was no better way to describe it, she simply didn't wish for anything else but to be the only Eventide, with this face walking on the Earth. Which was weird for she detested her looks because it was almost indentical to her twin's.


on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:19 pm

Well now, it seemed that Odin was going to be busy in the next few months, as the girl not only wished for the death of her sister, she felt like the woman would deserve what was coming to her, and that the death would be something worthy of the sister's time. An intriguing answer indeed, Odin couldn't help his grin as it grew even wider. Not only was this girl an interesting poet to speak to, she had much darker wishes than most people in the world, something that always amused the demon prince's vessel, as he responded to her answer.

"Well now, that is indeed interesting. Assuming you'd be interested in having her dealt with, what would you be willing to give up in return? What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want? I can, and if you wish it I will, be able to give you what it is that you seek. I need to know if it's worth my time to do so." At this point, the lighthouse was completely, with the appearance of dark clouds above the two, signifying the oncoming arrival of rain. It was true, what the dark mage said. He could easily kill the girl's sister if it was what she wished, but there was no point doing it for nothing. They lived in a material world after all.

"Also, how will I be able to locate and recognise your sister?"

#11Lacie Eventide 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:42 pm

She was playing on dangerous grounds, it was clearly visible from the grin on Lucifer his face. But she was finally also getting what she want and thus she couldn't simply pull back by being afraid. This was the first step in a new path that would form her She was sure that there was still something that would stop her from going through, she would have to see, for there was still things that she wanted to know. But Lucifer wouldn't let her wait long before he began to speak again and she was listening very actively. He would be able to help her but of course, everything comes with a price. She leaned on her hand and stared at the young man that couldn't be much older than her. Very interesting and she frowned, "Good point, because I barely have anything." What would be interesting, she looked at the bench itself and noticed the little scratches in the wood, "Hmm it might be simply already interesting to take her down, of course not for me, but as for me, well I assume jewels aren't very interesting to you and apart from that I don't have much to offer I'm afraid." But she shouldn't give up yet, the plan wasn't falling apart yet. Should she simply give her sister's name already before the deal was complete? That would be stupid right. She had to be very careful in her woording.

If he belonged to a guild, she wanted to know but how would he tell, especially if it was one of the darker ones than simple Phantom Lord, what was the name again.. Lacie couldn't remember but she was sure that Alice as a lieutenant must hate it. She couldn't offer her services, her body was dying as well but maybe that would change once she would be rid of her sister, "Or is it this creepy stuff that I can sell my soul to you?" she said it with a joke but she was rather curious to what it was true, maybe she could do that.. did that work?

With intention she ignored to give him the information he needed, she would say that as soon as the deal was dealt with and if that was she would simply say it. "It is very, very easy to recognize her. She looks exactly like me and she would probably walk around in her beautiful Rune Knight uniform as she is Lieutenant Alice Baskerville." Obviously she doubted this guy knew her or knew her name but it was nice to say that he would probably dislike her from the idea that she was a Rune Knight. Who knew.


on Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:27 am

It seemed that the girl didn't have much to offer, despite desperately wishing for the death of her sister. She assumed that money was too common a trade item to give the demon for death, which slightly disappointed Odin, despite not showing it on his face. While he was never completely poor, it was always good to have a bit of extra money lying around, and he could easily get a really good price from this girl, considering what she would've been paying her to do. But, he didn't interrupt, instead curious to see if there was anything she could think of giving him beyond just a monetary amount, which she then mentioned, offering up her soul. Now, at that, Odin was no longer paying attention, but Lucifer indeed was. For someone to freely offer their soul was always worth dire consideration, and this girl clearly had no idea what it could mean to give her soul to a demon, but again, Odin waited until she finished, as she was about to describe the appearance of his target.

Lieutenant Alice Baskerville, not a name Odin personally knew. And a Rune Knight at that, making this challenge slightly more difficult. Not that he'd refuse it now of course, he welcomed the challenge, and he'd never killed a Rune Knight before, or at least not one of such a high rank. But she was an identical twin, which meant spotting her wouldn't be too difficult, as Odin finally spoke once more, speaking on behalf of Lucifer.

"You can sell me your soul if you'd be willing to die to achieve what you want. The process will not kill you, but it will damn you to a painful afterlife when you pass, and you will belong to me. If you are truly willing to give up your life to end your sister's, we shall begin."

#13Lacie Eventide 

on Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:34 am

She frowned after she simply asked what it would be if she gave her soul. She wasn't entirely sure if that was a good deal, on one hand she didn't care much what happened to her as she was dying already anyway. The painful afterlife didn't sound bad because this world was already bad, she was sure she wouldn't be able to handle that as well as she did here but whatever. If she was going to die, better take her stupid sister with her. She wasn't entirely sure though if she didn't want to live a little bit longer to enjoy the life without Alice. "Well since it wouldn't kill me." And yet she was obviously afraid, she didn't know this Lucifer and just giving up everything seemed to be a bit of a long shot for her happiness as well.

She sighed a little bit because she wasn't entirely sure what to give, "You have no use for someone that has some inside information from the Rune Knights from time to time do you? So I can keep my soul." She didn't actually know much about magic, the Divine had given her the opportunity to get healing magic but now she had sort of lost that because of her disbelieves in the like of the Illumin, she was afraid that the redemption of her soul would be a lot more fearful and that people could take souls was a bit scary as well. "Not that I want to disappoint you of course." she didn't want to say out loud that if there was nothing else to offer that she would be giving her soul because than you knew you gave everything away at once, "My soul won't be off much use, considering I'm dying already I believe."


on Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:00 am

From this girl, Odin received a lot of information in a very short space of time, including the knowledge that she could provide him with information pertaining to the Rune Knights, but the information wasn't always received easily, and it would be more of a 'every so often', than knowing when desired, but it was definitely a start. Odin had always considered the use of having a mole inside the knights' organisation, he had just never found a suitable candidate, a fact that had seemingly now changed. The sister of a lieutenant, who wished for nothing more than the death of her blood, it was certainly a unique opportunity that was being presented to Odin, but of course there was a catch.

Dying she believed? That could either mean two things. The first was that she felt like she was dying but she had not yet been truly diagnosed, which meant it was probably unlikely that she would indeed die for a while. Or perhaps she was truly dying, but she had just not yet computed what that meant. Either way it made no difference to the olive haired mage, who now knew that he would simply have to use her to her fullest while he still could.


In an instant, Odin was gone, and Lucifer stood, ready to begin the ritual and gain possession of the girl's soul. What an exciting moment.

"Well then girl. Are you ready to pledge your soul to me, both in this life and the next? If you provide us with information, we will grant you what you seek."

#15Lacie Eventide 

on Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:36 am

She offered her services. How smart did she think she was? Obviously she was very stupid but she didn't care anymore. The revenge would be bittersweet but doing nothing would be something worse. So she didn't think about any regrets that she might have by doing this. Her services would be included if you would consider that she was sort of selling her soul. Which sounded extremely scary, so she simply held on. She clenched her hands into fist and simply stared in front of her before she was sure her lip would stop trembeling and she would stop being a child about this. She was twenty-one for crying out loud.

She took a deep breath, she had just confessed she was dying, such a great idea to say when you were just selling your soul. She heard a word coming from the person next to her and she simply looked up in surprise and turned to look at the young man that ought to have been next to her. Her mouth opened in surprise but not much words formed at first, great not even selling her soul was enough she also needed to profide information.

But damn magic, everything was so different from what she was ever able to get. Besides that, she never got anything considering how the Divine dropped her but fine here she was on the other side of the scale. She took another deep breath: "Sure I'm as ready as I can be." Because she wouldn't get closer to being calm as she was now and it was basically the adrenaline and the idea that she wasn't entirely sure what was going to happen that kept her calm."This is probably going to hurt isn't it?" At least she was glad that she wasn't shaking like a leaf.


on Mon Oct 16, 2017 5:49 am

The surprise on the girl's face soon faded after seeing Lucifer transformation, suggesting she was now prepared for anything that was about to happen. After all, she was just about to sell her soul to a demon prince, there weren't many things stranger to the human condition than that which they could not understand. She took a deep breath before stating that she was ready as she would ever be, all things considered that as the best Lucifer could probably hope for. She was dying, and she was potentially about to get a chance to have her wishes granted. All she needed to do was keep the dark mage as up to date as possible with information about the Rune Knights. She then asked if it would hurt, to which Lucifer merely said, "That I do not know. It will depend simply on how much you want Alice dead."

Smiling and cracking his neck, the demon brought the girl round the back of the lighthouse, where he managed to find a particularly sharp rock, perfect for their needs. Burning any water and bacteria off of the rock, Lucifer handed it to Lacie, who he hoped would indeed be prepared for whatever it was that was going to come next. "Cut your hand with this rock and repeat after me." He would wait for her to begin before he continued, "I, state your name, do hereby pledge my soul to Lucifer Morningstar, Demon Prince of Pride, to do with as he sees fit. I do this of my own volition and to see my own ends met out by the devil."

"State what it is you wish for me to do and why, and then don't let go of that feeling."

#17Lacie Eventide 

on Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:01 am

Right, everything had let her down and for the first time in weeks, months everything.. it finally felt like steps were taking forward. Nothing changed from being nice and here she was finally able to not be nice and probably get what she want even sooner than she had expected. Selling her soul was only one of the issues but why would she care, it didn't change anything for her. It didn't change that she was dying anyway nor the fact that she had an unhealthy body or so but it did change the fact that she wasn't the only one dying. Alice was on top of that list now and she did not even know.

She stood up from the bench and followed the other version of Lucifer, she didn't entirely understand what was going on and that was fine for now. She would probably wonder about it later but she didn't mind, Selena and Alice, mostly Alice would be punished for this. She looked at the sharp rock and took it and for the first time, she felt that she might be a bit harsh on Selena for her cousin had showed more compassion than her own twinsister but it was all too late for that now. She took a firm grip on the rock and looked at her left hand as Lucifer instructed her to cut it. For a few seconds she wasn't even sure if she was able to use the power to cut her own skin.

She pushed the little sharp edge of the rock against the skin of her hand palm and pushed a little harder and slowly and a little bit shaking pulled the stone back so it would cut across her palm. While she was doing that, she listened to Lucifer. Right.. demon. What a coincidence, she was literally jumping from one side to the next in a matter of weeks, "I, Lacie Eventide, do hereby pledge my soul to Lucifer Morningstar, Demon Prince of Pride, to do with as he sees fit. I do this of my own volition and to see my own ends met out by the devil." but that wasn't everything and she had to state her wish and hold on to that feeling. Well that wasn't so difficult. Even though her hand was stinging, she felt angry. The same sort of anger that she felt for her twinsister the last couple of weeks. "I wish for Lucifer Morningstar to find my twinsister Alice Baskerville and to kill her because life isn't fair." which was exactly the reason it might sound short but believe her feelings and reasons that it was enough. Alice got everything Lacie never got and that would stop, and it would stop very soon, because life wasn't fair.


on Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:48 am

Full of fury and rage, Lacie completed the ritual, stating what she wished the demon to do and why she wished it. As it happened, a red magic seal formed over the girl's bloodied hand, and then disappeared almost as instantly as it had appeared. The deed was done, and now Lucifer had a soul at his command, and an informant for the Rune Knights. Today had been certainly one of the more interesting days that the demon had experienced since arriving in Hargeon, as he had never held such power over another mortal while being on the Earth. Smiling as he did so, the demon spoke.

"Good, the deed is done and your soul belongs to me. Find out whatever information you can about the Rune Knights, and I will find out all I can about the location of your sister." With all said that needed to be, Lucifer became Odin once again, changing in complete appearance except for his eyes, which always stayed the crimson red colour, and his smile, the malicious smile of someone with power. Walking back around the front of the lighthouse, the dark mage raised the hood on his cloak before walking back into Hargeon, planning on making preparations to leave. As he did this, it started to rain.


#19Lacie Eventide 

on Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:03 pm

For a second she looked at the seal on her hand but it disappeared and the wound closed without any further ado. She couldn't believe it, she turned to look at Lucifer who talked to her and she didn't want to freak out but for god sake what had she done. It wasn't so much as in selling her soul but the fact that she needed to grab information to be useful. She needed to become stronger. She had to make use of Selena for far more reasons than simply being able to get information out of the Rune Knights. She took a deep breath. "I will do the very best I can." She said as she watched him turn back to the original looks that she first had seen. She simply watched him walk away and was left there.

She turned to look up at the sky, imagined what she had done and a grin spread across her face, she should hurry home before the rain and the storm would come. She was done for now and she would have to do the very best she could to get every little bit of information. She quickly started to run when the first drops fell to get to to her hotel.


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