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Just a taste [Private]

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on Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:55 pm

Dinner time! Rice bowls, crab meat, catfish nuggets, yellow tail tuna steaks, octopus balls, calamari rings, more rice bowls, ten fried shrimp, five crawfish, and for dessert a strawberry short cake dish, oh and a large soda. The spread in front of Baron was enough to feed a family of five, but this was nothing but dinner for him. The entire table was stacked with food, everything in arm’s reach as he prepared himself mentally for the meal ahead. Spending the jewels that lady gave him on this much food was probably a bad idea, but he couldn’t help it all of the sea food here was gonna go to waste if he didn’t nom down on it before anyone else could. He always loved sea food, he but what he loved the most was crab legs. Crustaceans were always a favorite animal of his, back home he would catch dozens of mud crabs by the waterfront and boil them for himself. It seemed selfish, but he was hungry and had little time to think about anything but his gut.

A waitress stood beside his booth, hands clasped at her waist as she waited for his next few orders. “S-sir, are you sure this isn’t enough? Our chief has worked himself silly trying to prepare such a large meal.” she mumbled nervously a visible blush on her cheeks, small droplets of sweats dotting her. She was a lanky blonde with a rather nice build, the base of her hair was dyed green, her eyes green in color.

Baron rubbed his chin, “I guess this is enough, but I’m gonna be looking for you to bring me another round doll face.” he chuckled as he picked up his spoon. This was going to be quite a spectacle. The waitress nodded, but didn’t move from her position, she seemed frozen there as her gaze directed at the entrance. The adventurer would have looked up with her, but instead he continued to eat.

“W-who is that?”

#2Alisa Vollan 

on Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:11 pm


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The last few days had been pretty busy... Starting with the raid on Blue Pegasus, followed by Alisa's training frenzy... The latter hadn't really ended, but merely been put on hold until they elected Lance's successor. Yet that forceful pause left the sculptress in dire need of something to entertain herself. Sure, she had the Pegasus Beach Party, yet that was only one day... Even her rendezvous with Yuni didn't last more than one afternoon... Of all these events, only her night with Xandra truly hung around her thoughts for more than a couple of days, and she found herself thinking about that intriguing blonde more often that not...

But she hadn't seen her since...

Alisa hoped this wouldn't turn out like Marina, who disappeared without a word the moment they reached Hargeon. With some luck, she'd see the girl soon, maybe even in a few days. She needed to clear her head. Step outside, breathe in the fresh air, maybe run around some alleys to avoid the worst of the crowds... She didn't really know what she'd find though, but then, that was just part of the amusement, wasn't it? So there she was, walking around town in a stylish set of gray skirt and jacket over stockings, under a stylish black jacket. Even though though dinner time was already upon them, the sunset's gleam still shone brightly enough to warrant sunglasses, but they'd outlive their usefulness soon enough... As well as look incredibly corny. But then, a pleasant smell teased her nose, just as she walked by the 8 island restaurant. And that soon travelled down to her stomach for a low, yet sufficiently embarassing growl, coloring her cheeks red and reminding Alisa she hadn't eaten anything in a long while.

"Let's see what they have here today...", she thought out loud, pulling off her sunglasses and stepping inside.

It hadn't changed much from the last time she'd seen it... But as she looked around curiously, her eyes soon settled upon a dark haired man, with a myriad of foods before him. A wide selection that could have normally only come from a buffet, not any kind of restaurant. Thus, her lips drew into a cool smile as she walked up and slipped her shades into her pocked, striding casually as she crossed her arms under her bust:

"I didn't know this place had turned into an all you can eat buffet...", Alisa point out, casually approaching the man. Indeed, he was pretty enough to look, which only helped motivate her to walk up, as if she needed any extra. She'd never seen anybody order this much (except for maybe Arisa), and had to wonder just what kind of party he was setting up. Her curiosity just wouldn't allow her to ignore it...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:30 pm

Forgetting his manners he put his spoon down and clapped his hands together, pressing them against one another as one would do in prayer, “Thanks for the food, bless this mess.” he closed his eyes as he said the words before his meal. It was a bad habit, his mother would always have him pray before he ate, but be it he wasn’t all that religious he never really took into account the effect the action would have on him, almost out of habit he would always pray before he ate and if he didn’t when he was younger, hell even when he was nineteen his mother would smack him with a wooden spoon and make him. Lord did he love that old bag.

Picking up his spoon once again he leaned over his meal to begin digging in, with a bowl of rice in hand he burrowed right through it with little to no worries of choking, the food seemed to disappear he began to eat so fast, bowl after bowl sliding into his maw like nothing. The man ate like a pig and he didn’t care who knew furthering him being the typical bandit or at least having the appeal of one. Instead of buying new clothes, better ones anyway to replace his old cloak and sweats he spent all of his jewels on more food. What was more important after all? Looking good or eating until he’s had his fill. Obviously the former! As the latter was for those rich types. Baron didn’t come from money, thus he treated every meal like a blessing and it just so turned out that when it came to his blessings he liked them in seconds, thirds, and fourths until he had enough of them.

Before moving on to the lobster tails he looked up at the waitress, still perplexed by something in the distance, he would shrug her off and continue to eat, rice clinging to his face, red shells falling onto the table and and into the stacked bowls at his side.

Munching on what was infront of him now someone would soon come interrupt his meal with a statement regarding his meal. He looked up at them and flinched a tad as he looked them up and down, shocked by their stunning appearance he’d beat his chest as he choked a tad, It’d take a bit of pounding but when it finally went down he would answer her or at least try to with a cool smile on his face, calm and collected as ever.

“Well, I suppose you could say I managed to get them to open the buffet just once.” he’d joke with a smile cheek still munching on his eats, “Feel free to join me though if you like, be warned what you don’t grab I’ll probably eat.” he looked down at her feet, eyes slowly shifting to her waist, “Hm, and if you don’t want to join me for lunch I would love to eat you up.”

Stupid, stupid, stupid, why would he say that? She came up to him and he makes a fool of himself! Foreshame.

#4Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:52 am


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She'd end up interrupting the ravenous man just as he started his meal, her eyes widening for a split second at the sheer speed he devoured the whole thing, enough to put even Arisa and Xandra to shame. By the time she did get his attention, one could no longer call that 'starting' the meal considering he'd muched his way through a couple of bowls. Guess she should have expected a big eater, considering just how much he ordered himself in the first place. Now that she looked around, the sculptress confirmed nobody else had ordered anything remotely close, not even half of it. Everything about the way he ate stood as the opposite of all the elegance she stood for, she still found something laudable in his passion, how he seemed to ignore his surroundings until she came close enough that he had no choice but to look away from the table.

And literally choked on his food, immediately prompting her to come closer and pat the guy in the back to help him cough it out. Damn, it's not like she wanted to kill him or anything...!

"Hmmm, sounds like an expensive bargain... Very well, I guess I can ease some of the burden off your back.", she noted, rubbing her cheek, then flipping her hair behind her as she pulled up a chair. Indeed, the guy had ordered enough food to feed a legion, and though this may not be an fancy restaurant, it wasn't exactly cheap either...

Yet no manner of contrast came close to the the amusement brought about by his latter comment. One hand reached up over her mouth as a thoroughly cheerful yet still, elegant laughter escaped it. Unlike the more forceful hit ons she often found herself of the recieveing end of, his choice of setting and words turned it into an entertaining joke; so she took it in stride, giving credit where credit was due. She didn't doubt the man likely held a genuine interest, but she couldn't really hold that against him; it just meant he had good taste:

"I wonder about that, with all the food on your plate...", her smile drew into a smirk as she accepted the offer, grabbing an empty plate, then filling it up with a serving of rice, crab cakes, calamari - and just about every pleasantly smelling thing that struck her fancy - while cooly responding to that culinary innuendo, "Bite off more than you can chew and you won't be able to move once you're done~"

He was pretty enough, though he'd no doubt prettier if he wasn't eating like that... Still, two could play that game, even though Alisa's thoughs yet remained preoccupied with lovers past and hopeful lovers future. Like the whimsical woman she was, going with the flow just came naturally to her...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:30 pm

It seemed he managed to interest her in lunch. A lucky break for what had been other wise a rather typical morning for the Boscan migrant. He wouldn’t have guessed someone like her would engage him randomly like this. She was a pretty young woman, yes, but he couldn’t believe that she’d talk to him of all people. He was a bad looking guy, he knew that, but he couldn’t wrap his mind about her intentions. Maybe she was looking for something to eat, that or she was looking for a free meal and was going to use him. She had the looks for it and could probably get anything she wanted out of anyone with her looks alone. If she had a big appetite she’d be Baron’s dream woman, if she liked to fight she’d be wife material.

When she’d pat him on the back he had managed to get the food down, so she was kind? That’s interesting, maybe she was the kind hearted type always helping others and what not. Hm, she certainly had his attention now.

“Ah, then welcome~” he smiled and looked back down at his meal, he would slowly resume eating, placing a  tuna steak on top of his rice bowls and dug in cutting it and raising it to his mouth. He’d do this as he ate mixing his food  and enjoying them together. The rice here was fairly good, really good though it wasn’t all that much in the way of flavor.

When she spoke about him biting off more than he could chew he swallowed and chuckled with a devious smirk, “Well, I’d hope I’d bite off more than I could chew. Means I can dive in again and get another mouthful.” this was the sort of air he was used to, flirting with someone he didn’t know, though he never expected a woman to say something back, especially something so… ‘interesting’.

She was gorgeous, he wanted to say more but he would ease off of her instead and smile at her. “So beautiful, can I get your name?” he put down his spoon and laced his fingers on the table as he leaned in attentively. “Oh, I’m Baron by the way.”

#6Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:27 am


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Indeed Alisa wasn't really the type to be wooed by food... But she had just finished a day long training session and walked out of the inn to eat after getting a shower and a change of clothes. And after such a intense training, she'd need a fitting amount of nutrition before she was satisfied. That said, she couldn't or wouldn't scarf down food nearly as fast as the guy before her. She ate daintily by stark comparison, often holding a hand in front of her mouth - the very picture of elegance - particularly if she needed to speak up halfway through. Crossing her legs, she took to watching the man eat with interest.

She hadn't really considered mooching him off his food, but after he offered, why would she say no? That looked too much food for one person. She'd pay her share though, Alisa didn't really like owing people, especially men who would likely expect something in return, something she'd usually be unwilling to give. Not for that reason anyway...

To his credit, he stopped pigging out once he had a woman at his table, further hinting this was a man who simply chose to forgo all social etiquette instead of just not knowing it.

"My, you sound like a ravenous one indeed... I take it It's all you can eat until you explode, then?", chuckled Alisa, obviously boasting sufficient confidence in her sexuality to shoot innuendo back and forth without the faintest hint of red coloring her cheeks.

Unlike the men who usually said those cheesy lines to her, this guy didn't look remotely interested in sounding smooth, and how could he, after she'd seen him munching like that? That complete lack of self importance made him different, unique even, enough to win her attention. Not her attraction though; maybe if he took a shower and got a change of clothes she'd consider it...

"Alisa.", she answered simply smiling cool and classily as she learning his name to be Baron, crossing her legs and resting back on the chair, "Pleasure to meet you. I'd ask how you're finding the food here, but it appears that question has already been answered... Well, I can at least recommend you a good wine."

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:43 pm

As they spoke Baron felt himself becoming comfortable, almost tranquil in his emotions at the moment. He could have continued thinking dirty, almost sleazy thoughts about the young woman before him, but instead he would only smile at her with sincerity and warmth. It was easy to make a pass at her, but that would likely lead to little more than a one night stand or a discomfortable evening and he did not want either of those things at the moment. What was important was for him was to obtain acquaintanceship from this person as out of character as it sounded.

He sighed contently and closed his eyes for a moment, he thought about his surroundings and everything happening around him. The sweet aroma of the food around him, the sounds of chatter and most importantly the words of his companion in front of him. Never before had he felt so calm, maybe it was because of her or he had just randomly plagued his own mind with peace either way he felt… Alive.

As she spoke he nodded with a sincere smile, “I apologise for my eating habits, my family usually has a spread like this back on the farm and we would all partake in such ravenous ways.” he pointed out, his family was a pack of animals when it came to dining.

“The pleasure is all mine.” he nodded to her after she introduced herself, “The food is delicious and I would enjoy a fine wine anytime as long as you keep me company why I try it.” he threw in a tiny hint of flirtation, but nothing more than what should have been present.

#8Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:44 am


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After the first couple back and forth rounds, both of them realized easily enough they could probably do this all day. But even though she was comfortable doing it, Alisa still favored elegance over lascivousness, and simply shared a final laughter with her new acquaintance. Plus, she might have wound up giving the wrong message; a rather easy result to attain when talking to men, even without resorting to innuendo. It shouldn't come as a surprise how hungry people found it easier to bond over food, as that was exactly what they did, munching on their meals with different measures of grace and even speed.

She looked around, and cofirmed how most people had stopped looking so hard at their table the moment she sat at it. Well, half of them... Most of the women lost interest, while most of the men had a new reason to gawk. Alisa smile, business as it usual it appeared. She glanced back to her new acquaintance easily enough as he excused for his eating habits, but she didn't really hold it against him, "It's quite alright.", instead smiling as she shook her head

She really wasn't a judgemental person, and didn't try to impose her views on others either. She could easily smile and cooly respond to anything short of threatening to kill people in front of her, and even that might earn little more than a laughter if Alisa doubted the speaker's ability to turn words into action. On the other hand, she held an almost sacred regard for her personal space, and such unwanted invasions could easily sully her mood, with possibly dangerous consequences.

This didn't look like that type however, at least, not with a full plate in front of him: He had other priorities and kept them straight, she could respect that in a man.

"But of course~ This is far too much food just for one person, wouldn't you agree?", another classy little chuckle left her lips before she called over the waitress, hooking a finger at her, "Could you bring as a bottle of Lockser White, 783? Thank you.", she ordered as the woman came close, reciting the name and year by heart without the need of looking at the menu.

Not only had she come to this restaurant before, but knew her wine well enough to memorize the best ones: This particular light bodied white wine - with a subtle acidity - was a match made in heaven for all this seafood. That said, anybody wine connoisseur understood this bottle wasn't exactly cheap... Not one of the most expensive, sure, but pricey enough to cost as much as a third the food they had on the table, if not more so.

"Don't worry, I'll pay for the bottle. You were kind enough to share your food, It's only fair."

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on Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:36 pm


As the food began to dissipate on the table as did his appetite, this was nice. It was nice to eat with another person again, even if she was only a stranger now he felt like he had known her for a few days rather. Oddly he didn’t make a move on this woman, mostly because the food held his attention for so long and when it was mostly gone his hunger was sated entirely. He still ate of course! Food never went to waste in the Corbin household and it wouldn’t be going to waste now! With a crab leg in his hands he snapped it in two and took a polite bite out of the white succulent flesh.

He didn’t have a clue that people had been staring at them, he was aware that he got a few peers because of his rugged appearance and messy look, but he didn’t mind all that much, he was the sort of person mothers warned their daughters about after all. The man that would capture their hearts and make them his. That or he was the kind of guys wanted for their daughters, he couldn’t make up his mind on it since romance in general was an iffy topic for him while he did suck up to many women in his life he had never been ‘intimate’ with one as surprising as it may seem.

It wasn’t like he was a bad person, he didn’t make anyone do anything they didn’t want, always tried to be helpful in a pinch and went out of his way for his friends and family no matter what the circumstance. Yet, even with such a kind heart he was always too nervous to enter a relationship, or well, enter anything more than a bit of dialogue and awkward handshakes. He was soft hearted, but always go choked up in the presence of those higher than himself thus he never really had given romance a fair chance out of fear he’d mess up

“Yea!” he agreed picking up his spoon as he slowly ate his rice. She ordered the wine… That wasn’t good. He and wine had an interesting relationship, well, more wine never agreed with him and often backfired if he wasn’t careful.

“Sounds good to me, let’s get some glasses and crack it open.” he was going to get hammered tonight.

#10Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:47 pm


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Damn... Just the time it took the waitress to get them their wine was how much Baron took to munch his way through a good bulk of his meal. Even with Alisa eating faster than normal owing to her prior workout, she still couldn't hold a candle to him. She'd only seen two other people eat as much as he did, and almost as fast even. Surprisingly, they were both girls - Arisa and Xandra - both who lingered around Alisa's thoughts more often than not, for different reasons...

Although she still thought a lot about Marina, the sculptress seldom though in terms of what they could or couldn't have been, not anymore... She simply missed her friend. But why was she still thinking about her hopeful lovers? She couldn't really help it though, not when she had a rather pretty looking guy flirting with her not so long ago. Yet, while he appeared to be the forward type, once they stopped shooting flirtatious quips at each other he'd pretty much mellowed out since. He lacked that wild animal vibe he gave off at first, looking surprisingly nice... Had first appearances mislead her once again? It didn't really surprise her, after all, once she thought about it for a bit longer: Despite his apparent lack of manners, he clearly knew all those rules well enough to choose not to abide by them.

Alisa wasn't particularly forward herself (not romantically at least) but she was pretty honest, not mention whimsical, enough that she'd approach a complete stranger the moment he caught her attention. Indeed she imposed her lack of romantic boldness on herself, choosing to never chase and keep her mind clear for other pursuits. And it worked, most of the time...

"Pretty eager huh? Well, I can't blame you, it is a really good wine after all.", she all but flipped her hair in a faint display of vanity; like someone who enjoyed praise... Barely even considering whether Baron was indeed satisfied by her specific choice, or simply alcohol in general. Guess she'd see later, maybe? No matter, for now she settled with making conversation as they waited for their drinks to arrive, "So how long have you been in Hargeon?"

As she bit through the rather delicious calamari, she found her hunger steadily calming down that they could enjoy whatever food remained at a slower pace,

especially once the waitress finally brough the promised bottle of wine. She couldn't help but raise an intrigued brow at her dinner company, noting how he looked almost wary once the woman placed down their glasses and filled them up:

"Hmmm~...", she hummed with a delighted smile, all but closing her eyes as she stirred the clear fluid in the glass and raised it up to her nose, taking a long whiff, "Delicate scent, only a tad bit fruity... Much like I remembered it.", and finally took a sip, tasting that glorious ambrosia as it seeped over her tongue and dowm her throat. Only then did she turn those ruby irises back to the man before her, inquiring on his opinion, "...How are you finding it?"

She crossed her legs, putting the glass back down on the table but still stirring it, fingers over the base in what looked more like an idle, but dignified gesture than an action proper...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:48 pm


His head began to swim a bit as it seemed he has taken a bit too much to eat in his now full tummy. The bulk of his meal was gone now and only a couple more bowls of rice remained paired with a few crab tails. He probably should have relaxed a bit and let his cohort eat a bit more, though knowing her type she probably wanted to watch her waist, else she’d blow up a bit in her own eyes when in reality the extra weight would probably look good on her. What did Baron know he was just a loner with a big appetite when it came to food and women.

Baron thought about a few other things, all of this talk of romance made him weary about his mind and where he was mentally. He never had a romantic partner, he had to remember that specifically. He didn’t believe in doing anything sexual before marriage maybe? He wasn’t too sure, his parents seemed to have had quite a few of his older siblings before marriage so it wasn't like they input a fear of doing it into him. Maybe he was just a nut job over thinking something simple.

“Gotta be eager for booze milady.” he nodded, as he waited for his glass, “Hm? Wha? Oooh ok, uh I’ve been here for about two or three months now, made my way here from Bosco.” he nodded reassuringly as he thought of his back story. “What about you? Husband or wife drag you here?” he asked with sincere interest.

With their wine finally before them, he downed the glass in record time as soon as it was placed down, he wasn’t one to savor in all honesty and it showed as he selfishly downed his new poured glass. “It’s yummy!” he licked his lips and poured himself another glass and doing the same. “Hey, don’t ya wanna finish the bottle? Can’t do that if you take your time!” he poured a third glass already and refilled his companions.

“Let’s get hammered on wine!”

#12Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:14 pm


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Unlike how it may have seemed, Alisa didn't really stop eating when the average woman might have. True, she wasn't particularly fast about it, but she was resilient, maintaining a mostly consistent pace even as her mostly full companion slowed down. All the better for her, since at that point easily outsped him. Indeed, she didn't worry too much about getting all those calories in, the needed both the carbs and the protein to keep her body fit for battle at any point, while keeping her waist trip with a rigorous cardio regimen.

She had him pegged for a big eater and so far she'd been right. Yet she also had him pegged for a womanizer, but at this rate, she'd soon find she'd at least been wrong about that. Of course, neither of those traits would make her think any more or less of him; she herself made it a point to enjoy the pleasures life had to offer, both eating whatever and whomever struck her fancy, favoring a polyamorous lifestyle over a monogamous one. Her elegance balanced it out however, since she'd never go as far as throwing herself onto a stranger:

"Hmm, subtlety isn't your forte, is it~? No, I'm not married; not even to the guild like some of my colleagues.", she chuckled then smirked, used to men having only one interest in mind when they asked about her marital status. She was surprised to hear about him being in Hargeon for a few months, as she expected she might have seen him at the beach at one point or another, which she hadn't. In the end, it didn't really stop her from telling him what kept her in Hargeon in the first place, well, besides the beach at least, "But, I do have to check in every once in a while, especially when someone attacks it."

Alisa didn't specifically state it, but worded it clearly enough for anyone to draw the correct conclusions. As far as the relationship status he showed interest in, Baron was still out of luck if he was hoping for a quick fling: She had a one night stand not that long ago - although a whole day stand would be more accurate - which not only relieved her lust but left her feeling like she should probably avoid another one in the near future; for modesty's sake. She wasn't opposed to a fun night out however, and it soon grew apparent he had one of those in mind, perhaps a bit sooner than she'd expect. He did enjoy the wine however, perhaps a bit too much:

"Patience sweetie, the night's still young.", she'd say as a heartily amused giggle left her lips, and she raised the glass he so kindly refilled, "Though I'm glad you enjoy it~", winking before bringing it halfway across the table for a little toast, "To drinking buddies...!"

Indeed Alisa wasn't really in a hurry to get wasted. With wine this good, she'd much rather enjoy it to the last drop... That said, it was a rather strong one, at least, as far as white wine was concerned. So much her overeager dinner company would have nothing to complain about if they kept drinking at this pace. She herself already felt giddy and lightheaded at the third glass, and she easily had the highest alcohol tolerance among her guildmates, several times more than most women would easily handle...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:17 am

This girl seemed like she could hold her own at the dinner table, though she was exceptionally slower than what he was used to at the dinner table. His family were the types to clear a buffet a few minutes after it dropped leaving only bones and table legs in their wake. Ah how he missed his family, House Corbin was his and he often thought about them often but he couldn’t think about them for too long he was in good company and had to keep up appearances right?

Hmm, this was strong, he was buzzing for a moment. Though he was enjoying his meal he couldn’t help but think about what she thinking about him. Did she think about him? Did she want to get married? Have babies? Make babies? He couldn’t be a father yet, he was too young and spry, he had his whole life ahead of him, not that he would mind trying her out for a few hours! Ok, his thoughts were getting dark, maybe he could just relax a bit more. She was nice and all but he couldn’t even get this woman out of his mind! She wasn’t even flirting with him at the moment or was she? She must have wanted him badly… Only one way to find out! Get her drunk!

She spoke about patience, he would show her some patience alright, he poured himself another glass and toasted hers, “To drinkin’ with buddies! So drink more!” he cheered downing yet another glass.

“So what’s your guild called again?”

#14Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Oct 20, 2017 7:29 pm


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Was he trying to get her drunk? Or was he just the type who just drinks over and over until they pass out? Well, even though he was pretty cute, he wasn't as cute as the last of the former Alisa had met. Though hopefully he wasn't as much a lightweight as Xandra, no matter how adorable that might be. He looked a lot more confident in his tolerance after all...

That said, she was wholeheartedly convinced his train of though revolved around booze and possibly getting her in bed, and had no idea just how far his wandering mind had ventured, or just how different he was from the usual guy buying her drinks. Well, for starters, she was the one buying the drinks in the end, though he had fed her a rather respectable amount of food. Regardless, she soon finished what remained of the food and wiped her mouth on the napkin, leaving only the wine, including the extra bottle she ordered halfway through.

Two bottles for two people huh?

"Oh my, how very eager~", she teased, laughing playfully as she kept drinking her wine, slowly but steadily, savoring every drop for this was, in the end, some damn good wine. Far too good to just binge drink without sampling it, "Blue Pegasus. You know, really large Guild Hall, right in the middle of Hargeon...?", her smile faded somewhat, but only for a split second as she looked to the side, towards the center, where the guild hall now stood half rebuild, after the Grimoire Heart attack, "...Or at least, that's where it used to be. But don't worry, very soon you'll be able to see it at its full, renewed glory."

Of course, if he truly intended to get her wasted, he was in for a nasty surprise. Alisa had never met someone who could drink her under the table save for Master Lance, may he rest in peace. Her father and uncle probably could, but that's not really the kind of game you play with your family.

"What about you...?", she inquired, tilting the glass ever so slightly before taking another sip, "Do you belong to any guild?"

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:20 pm

Before Baron knew it he had managed to down half of the bottle on his own with little effort. Or well, in his case a large effort given how tired he was. He was beginning to get drowsy from his overconsumption of alcohol, maybe he shouldn’t have tried to drink this chick under the table because evident she had already done so to him with style as his rosy cheeks gave way his already weakened state.

“Y-you… You have good endurance.” he chuckled out, words slurring and babbling as he tried his best to keep his eyes open. At this point all of the food was gone save for one last lobster tail nestled on a plate just inches away from him. He had to eat it, it was the best part of the meal: That last morsel that begged to be consumed, It was the sweetest most nutritious thing yet and all he had to do was grab a hold of it and slurp out the meat inside. It was so close yet so far. Golden eyes rested on the red shelled food item, he reached out to it but the table seemed to expand dozens of yards keeping it away from him. In reality it was right in front of him and his arm was barely bending for him to reach it.

“I am not… In a guild right now, I’m all on my own.” he admitted with his tongue protruding from his mouth as he reached for the tail. “Just a little bit more.” he saw his arm stretching for it, it was literally right under the palm of his hand, but in his mind it had only gotten farther and farther almost to the point where his muscles were tensing from the heavy stretching. “So… Close… Just a few more inches!” he beamed, thumb and index finger tips brushing the shell as he wiggled his fingers to grab it. He could almost get it!

With one last reach he felt nothing in his hand but air, he fell forward body becoming heavy as his he face planted on the table. It seemed he was out cold, maybe dead? No, soon snores would emit from his downed form. In his hands though was his prize, a death grip around the lobster tail. “Mmm… I got ya…” he mumbled in his sleep, “Why don’t you… break me off some more of that… tail…” he began to snore a bit more.

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Between the two of them, the drink disappeared fast enough. Indeed Alisa wasn't as ravenous as her impromptu dinner date, but she still wound up both eating and drinking a great deal faster than her usual speed. And for all her endurance, it wasn't as if she was immune to all the alcohol either. Yet the time it took her to get tipsy - then finally a fair bit drunk - was just about how long Baron needed to be left completely out of it.

"Mmm, You're no slouch yourself either...", praised Alisa, already requiring a bit of effort not to slur her words. She was being completely honest, not everybody could keep up with her that well. Yet he was very obviously nearing his limits, his eyes drifting closed, at times forcing him to open one eye at a time.

Still, completely out of it he may be, that didn't really stop him from trying to grab the last piece of food. Alisa watched his movements with interest for a few moments, and eventually went as far as pushing the plate closer towards him.

"Well, I too wandered without a guild for a long while...", she commented, gaze drifting off towards the window and the night sky past it, remembering how even for her, a time eventually came when she understood she'd be better off in a guild that outside of it. Still, that didn't stop her from implying he'd eventually feel like joining one, even if she wasn't sure whether or not her words would ring true in an unforeseen future, "Enjoy it for as long as you can."

Alisa had nearly lost herself in her quest, lost sight of who she was... Finding a guild of like minded people all but ensured she'd have others at her corner, ensuring she'd never stray too far from who she was. She was about to elaborate on that when she heard a loud thud, and finally turned forward, an astonished look in her eyes when she saw Baron unconscious atop the table. She chuckled at the sight, but cringed at the thought of how absurd a hangover he'd have in the morning.

She had to get him back home though.

For starters, Alisa paid the bills and had that leftover lobster put in a doggy box. She considered draping the guy's arm around her shoulder and helping him walk it off, but that didn't really work. He was clearly in no state to be moving his legs. Instead, she'd have to carry him... Like a princess... All the while thinking how this scene should have played out in a completely opposite fashion, but then again she couldn't exactly leave the poor guy there now, could she? She had to check his pocket to see where he was staying though, or else just get him a room at a nearby inn.

She'd leave him in bed with the leftover food, drinks, and an amused little note on his nightstand, 'Hopefully you won't pass out as quickly next time~', implying she wouldn't mind drinking with him again sometime soon.


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