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Exodus. [Training]

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#1Shura Ranzu 

on Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:09 am

[Real World : Hours Ago]

Shura was sound asleep under the snowfall. His body was starting to give off more heat than usual. Enough to keep the snow from burying him completely. The sigil on his chest had begun to glow blue and force his body to give off abnormal levels of heat. It was as if the sigil was protecting him while he was at his most vulnerable. The snow had built up around him and the tree but it could not touch him. This also shielded him from the beasts that watched the incident unfold. The beasts just circled, staying within the confines of the forest while night grew closer with each passing moment. Someone else had been watching this whole thing unfurl. A older gentleman, looked to be about in his sixties came walking across the snow field from the direction of the city. All of the commotion and explosions generated by the battle got someone’s attention. He was wearing a attire fitting of a aristocrat but something stood out about the man. He was walking on a peg leg with a cane but he was armed to the teeth. Dual pistols, a large scythe on his back and vials of glowing liquid across his belt.

Making his way slowly over to the sleeping boy, the beasts began to cower even more so. He stopped for a moment and picked up the boy’s sword with no effort at all. He stuck it into the ground. He reached into his pocket and pulled a slip of paper out. It was a talisman with runes imprinted on it. He muttered some words under his breath and placed it on guard of the weapon. The talisman began to glow and in return the sword gave off a ominous red glow. The weapon was protected by some unknown force. No doubt lethal to anyone or anything that tried to pull it from this spot. Should anyone not Shura or this man tried to grab it the sword would detonate it’s strongest spell. The talisman would remain but anyone in the vicinity are likely to be vaporized. This man was a hunter of Dahlia. The weapons and scars each told a tale of his trials and triumphs. After doing this he walked over to the sleeping boy.

He was looking over the boy and got down on one knee. He was looking over the lad, checking the damage that was done to him. The sigil burned brighter and generated more heat. The thing was, the heat did not bother him one bit. He pushed the boys head up with one hand, moving his head side to side. He could see the glowing markings on the boy’s chest. The man stayed within the confines of his head, several questions made him wonder what ‘her’ intentions were for leaving this boy alive. It could mean a plethora of things, he could kill the boy here and stop any possible plans she may have. Or he could wait for the boy to wake up and here the story directly.

It was a gamble but the old hunter decided to let the boy live. He didn’t need to draw the demon’s attention and bring her back. The old man straightened himself out and picked the boy up by his intact arm. Standing to his full height of six foot nine he was able to throw Shura over his shoulder with relative ease. This showed how strong this man truly was.


#2Shura Ranzu 

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:48 am

The old hunter walked back through the snowfield with Shura in tow. He did not have a care in the world nor concern himself with the low level beasts roaming around the forest. His presence was more than enough to keep the monsters at bay. It took about thirty minutes to get Shura to his house that was located on the outskirts of town. From the looks of it, time had had it’s way with the outside of the house. But that was just a cover for what was inside. The house itself was protected by a series of runes that cloaked the house and hit it’s true form from the outside world. Only those permitted by the old man were allowed to enter. The surrounding area and house looked completely different on the other side of the veil. The man walked through with Shura revealing the beautiful landscape that seemed to be untouched by time. A path lead up a hill, with grave stones on each side of the path. At the top of the hill a two story house sat at the top. The backyard was a large field covered in white magnolias. In the middle of the large field there was a large willow tree, it’s leaves shared the same color. Under the tree sat a single rocking chair, the purpose behind this chair will be revealed at a later time.

The two entered the house, Shura still unconscious during this whole time. The old man took him into what looked like a operating room and laid him on the table. That way he could get a good look at the boy to see what kind of damage had been done to him. The boy’s clothes were ripped and tattered. The first thing he did was get the boy out of his clothes and into a medical gown. This took some time because Shura was a big guy and being unconscious just meant he was dead weight. After getting Shura in a gown he was able to check his body from top to bottom to check the extent of his injuries. The old man flicked on a light over the tray and went over him. A lot of the injuries he had were sealed up quickly, tissue looked as if it was rushed. Scars were left behind, ‘This must be her doing.’ he thought to himself. The thing that stood out the most was the missing arm. Looked as if the wound regenerated after the bone and muscle was ripped. He was just as curious as Shura in his comatose state, why did she not just kill him?

He removed the end of the stethoscope and began to listen to the boy’s heart beat. Everything seemed normal, no rattling around inside. So he did not have to open up the boy and rummage around. He could let the lad rest until he woke up from his deep sleep. He hoped that this was a coma situation and he was going to have to play nurse. He would rather kill Shura and free him from this world before that. He snapped his fingers causing hundreds of small white ghouls to come crawling out of the dark parts of the house.

They were about knee height and they obeyed the old man. They appeared to be small corpses of beings that were long extinct. It was a mystery how this man came to be their master. They seemed pretty harmless and heeded every command of the individual. They moved on all fours across all matters of surfaces. Scurrying around and huddled around the table where Shura rested. “Take the boy to the guest room, few of you monitor him. Come get me when he wakes up.” They made squeaking noises and began to act on his orders. They took no time to grab the boy’s body and move him from the table gently and out of the medical room. Because there was so many of them it was easy to move quickly through the two story house.

Shura did not wake up from being moved due to being borderline comatose. Taking him up the stairs they placed him in the bed and tucked him in. The old man came shortly with a metal stand with a IV fluid bag. So that way he can stay sustained during his sleep. Some ghouls stayed behind and kept a close eye on him. Some played board games others read. There was one that sat on Shura’s chest, watching over him.


#3Shura Ranzu 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:17 pm

[Dream state]

Shura found himself sinking into the abyss. He was completely surrounded by a black liquid that acted like quicksand. Every passing moment he only sank deeper. His body felt heavy and it refused to respond to any command. The only thing he could do was blink and move his mouth. Even those two things took every ounce of energy to do so. It was like the dream he had before, this time there were no demons doing it. He pushed against the idea of dying but this was somewhat soothing. He just felt so tired of carrying on like he was. Not being able to stack up constantly was weighing heavily on him. Fate saw fit to test Shura’s resolve by throwing people in his path back to back. This last defeat being the most alarming one yet. The two encounters before just left him with a bit of pain and mental distraught. This last lost came with a heavy price. Death was not ready to take him away from the pain. Not ready to release him from the disappointment that was flaunted in his face.

No, it would have been too easy to do so. He was beginning to lose faith in himself and his own ability. Doubt had become a anchor that weighed him down even more so in this endless nothingness he had fallen into. Even though there seemed like there was no bottom to this abyss. A light shined from above, he was able to look upward at it. A shimmer of hope that this wasn’t the end. That light just so happened to be the old man examining his body at the time.  The silhouette of a large individual could be seen. This was the moment that he was looking into Shura’s eyes to make sure there was life in them still. Then his descent in the nothingness was sped up by something grabbing him and pulling him down by his leg. A large hand of some unknown individual or entity.

He finally began to slow down before he was sitting in a chair in the pitch black. His legs and arms were strapped in. He was able to move his head but nothing else. He could hear the sounds of static coming from directions all around him. Then screens came visible all in front of him. There were nine to be exact. They were fixed at three across and three down. Each screen played a different memory. Memories that have had the most influence on him, both good and bad. Then a familiar voice came from behind.

“Whew lad, you just can’t catch a break can ya? First I show up, then spooky nightmares, and now you went and kicked the hornet's nest.” His hand pressed on Shura’s shoulder causing the boy to look upward as the figure revealed itself. Geno had finally revealed himself after being missing for some time. His large frame was illuminated by the screens in front of Shura. The front of his body was still covered in shadow, just the outline of him could be made out. He was also identified by the booming voice he had. He had a small device in his hand, it was a remote to control the screens. “Let’s see that shit show again shall we?”

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#4Shura Ranzu 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:18 pm

He moved out of the way of the screens so they both could watch clearly. He tapped a button and played the incident again. The nine screens fit into a larger puzzle creating one giant screen composed of nine screens.That sensation of doubt began to fade as anger flooded into his body. He could feel himself beginning to heat up. The memory playing made him remember the feeling he felt at that moment. He was gritting his teeth trying to struggle free of the chair. His body began to give off heat creating a light in the darkness. Geno made sure to leave the memory on repeat so he could never forget this. Every reaction, attack, word was examined. Then it clicked, fate was not to blame for this. He was the reason he lost, he can’t be angry at someone or anything else for being stronger. No matter how hard he wanted to deflect the blame he knew that it was the lack of his own power. He just needed to not let it eat away at him. Geno was trying to get Shura somewhere. Being apart of his psyche he knew everything about Shura. How he felt, what was going through his mind.

There was a reason behind torturing Shura like this. Making him see his failures over and over. It was going to do one of two things. He was going to break and give up here. Never wake up from this deep sleep, and die a nobody thus ending his story. Or, he would overcome these emotions and rise above himself. Everyone else saw a potential in him but he couldn’t see it himself.

A large figure, almost ten meters in height, much bigger than Geno was behind the screens. A flame erupted from the figure, illuminating the area. Shura saw that he was back in the middle of the snow field. The screens were still present but he could see thing  that lit up the area. It was the demon from his dream before. A centaur like creature covered in brimstone and scales. It was looking down on Shura. Then it clicked, the words of the succubus played.

"In this world, there are beings with power that you can not possibly imagine. The moment you contracted yourself, you became a participant of this world. Never forget this, this was the price you paid today, but any other day, any other person, it could have been your life."

Geno moved back in view of Shura, smiling behind his mask. He could hardly contain his excitement, it was evolution in real time. The boy was growing right before their eyes. Shura had began to laugh, pushing away any negative feelings that plagued him at that moment. He was looking at the world through the keyhole. He didn’t realize how limited his vision was of everything until that moment. It was comical to him how foolish he had been. He was beginning to see the full scope of the world, he was beginning to believe.

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#5Shura Ranzu 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:19 pm

Shura looked down at his left arm to confirm it being missing. It became a reminder of what could possibly happen. The world was a unforgiving monster that could crush you if any sign of weakness was present. Using his new found strength and resolve he broke free of the chair and stood up on his own.

“Big man can take it from here.” Geno began to break apart. During that he revealed his face showing Shura what he really looked and sounded like. He had the look of a proud father on his face. “You have grown in such a short time. It makes me proud to know you are a Ranzu.” With those parting words Geno became a fleeting thought.

“Thank you.” As much shit Geno talked, Shura knew he meant well. All of the taunting was a means of pushing Shura, let's just call it tough love. The screens faded away only leaving the silent demon and Shura staring each other down. Shura was the one to break the silence.

“Be straight with me, why me?”

The demon smiled and replied. “Because I saw something in you that night. You will grow to do great things and I wanted to be apart of that. I can’t reveal to you too much, because where is the fun in that?”

Shura was taken back by the forward answer. He was expecting some cryptic message to be laid out in front of him. “I am guessing we are stuck together till I die?”


“I suppose if we are going to share a body till death do we part. I ask you share your strength with me.”

“I have already given it to you. You just haven’t reached into it yet.”

Shura looked down at his right hand at that moment. Like his light magic he manifested it by feeling it. Knowing that he could use it at any moment to strike down anyone or anything that stood before him. A small blue flame ignited in the palm of his hand. On top of that, the flame was cold to the touch. This meant two things, his elemental affinity was now fire and he was not harmed by the heat of it. He looked back up at the being before him.

“My elemental nature changed?”

“Consider it a byproduct of our contract. My strength is now yours. Of course you don’t have full access to it yet. I give to you what you can handle. As you grow you will be able to tap into it’s true potential. “

Shura nodded in response and looking over at his vacant left. He was aware that magic was a malleable substance and could be crafted into just about anything. What could be made was only limited by the creativity of the user. But Shura was still hinged on one idea. He was going to be hindered by the fact he had one arm. Wielding his weapon became nigh impossible in his head. Then it dawned on him what to do next. He thought about the size and shape of the object he was creating. He pictured a arm, by looking up at the demon’s left arm. His right hand began to glow and he palmed the area where his hand used to be. A blue flame erupted at that very moment and this caused him to pull his right hand away. As he pulled his hand the arm materialized rapidly. There was an arm covered in red scales with clawed finger tips. Same size and length of his right arm.

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#6Shura Ranzu 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:26 pm

At first the arm fell limp. He could feel the spell dig into his skin. The spell linked to his nervous system and connected muscle tissue. There was a bit of pain but he endured it. Letting out a sigh he waited a moment before trying to move it. He looked down at the arm and focused on it. He started to move it by touching each finger to his thumb. Then his forearm and shoulder.

“My you are a quick learner.” He was a bit impressed by his ability to adapt so quickly. 'There is hope for this boy yet.

Shura said nothing, took a stance and began shadow boxing. It settled in nicely and he was proud of his creation. The arm was a bit wild at first but he managed to contain the fire in the arm. He could feel his mana draining but it wasn’t as taxing he thought it would be. With a strong left he opened his palm up and blasted his forearm off at twenty meters a second. He quickly retracted it making a snapping sound. He looked at his clawed arm and flexed the fingers. He wondered if he could cast spells from the left arm.

“Ya I can get used to this.”

Looking at his left arm he released the surrogate arm. The arm turned into smaller flames and scattered to the winds. He turned to the demon and looked up at him. “So what do I call you? You already know who I am clearly.”  

“I suppose I should tell you. Seeing how we are stuck till the end of time. I go by many names depending on what religion you follow. But for the sake of ease and familiarity, call me Ifrit.” He explained.

"It is a pleasure to be working with you." Shura replied. Afterwards he had a bit of a look around. Wondering to himself he was supposed return to the world of the living. He didn't want to stay asleep for too long.

After looking around he turned to Ifrit and asked. “So how do I get out of here?”

Ifrit pointed upward with a clawed finger. “Gotta go back the way you came.”

Shura looked a bit confused at how that was possible. Seeing how he didn’t have the power of flight. “Uh? How do you suppose I do that?”

Ifrit walked over to him and grabbed him. If Shura made a gasping sound. Had he been a toy a squeaking sound would have come out. “I can handle that.” Ifrit pulled his arm back and launched Shura upward. A explosion came at the point of release to add momentum to his departure. Shura found himself to be flying upward into the air. Flying from the snow part of the memory fragment. The wind wrapped around the front of his face. He was cast back into the abyss flying upward. He was heading towards a dim light towards the top of the nothingness.

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#7Shura Ranzu 

on Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:25 am

[Real World]

Shura sat up in the bed suddenly while gasping for air. The small ghoul sleeping on his stomach jumped up. Shura’s sudden movement startled it and it fell to the bed. Sitting up he grabbed his head with his right. Looking over at his left it throbbed a bit. Then looking over to his right he saw the bag was nearly drained of fluid. He looked at the needle on his arm, he tried to move his non existent left. Rolling his eyes he looked over around the room to see the small creature looking back up at him. It had a small gold crest on it’s forehead. Making it stand out from the rest.  “Uh who are you?” Shura asked. The creature said nothing for and left the room quickly. “Alrighty then.” Shura raised a eyebrow at the small creature’s departure. He looked around the room for a moment before his attention was drawn to the door. Well more so drawn to the sound of someone coming up the stairs followed by multiple feet.

He could hear the sounds of something wooden hitting the floor with each step. The door opened and a old man walked in. A man in a velvet robe came in, with his peg leg making sounds against the wood with each sound. Following him a couple of ghouls came in huddled around  him. One of them was riding on the man’s shoulder, all of them making different variations of the squeaks. This was their way of communicating with each other and some humans.

“Good you are awake. I was afraid you were going to stay in that state.”

Shura examined the creatures and the old man before speaking. “Thank you for taking care of me.” He knew had it not been for this man removing him from the snow he could have frozen to death. Or the lycan’s could have come looking for their fallen comrade. The old man looked at the ground where the small creatures were conversing with each other.  “Help our guest here get out of bed.”

They squeaked in response and got to work. Some ran out of the room, only to return with neatly folded clothing. On top of the clothing there was a new mask sitting on top. Unlike the one he was used too. The one with the gold crest was back and removing the needle from his right hand. “Thank you.” The ghoul squeaked and hopped off the bed on the right side to remove the metal stand from the room. Shura watched it and the others get to work cleaning the room and such. Somehow this man gain the ability to control these beings. Making them his personal servants.

“Peculiar little things.” Shura climbed out of bed and saw the pile of clothing sitting on the night stand next to the bed. He looked at the old man who was making his way out of the room. “Get dressed, and come down stairs. I have dinner ready, we will speak during that time. I am sure you have many questions for me. Bathroom is down the hall on your right.” With that being said he left the room with the door cracked. The ghouls left behind him, squeezing through the cracked door. He could hear the several footsteps from behind the wall.

Shura held up the mask and admired it’s work. He felt a calm breeze pass by his mocha toned cheeks. He grabbed the pile of clothes and moved into the bathroom. He took the time to shower, shave and tidy up a bit. Even though it was only a couple of days he was adamant about keeping himself clean all around. He put on the clothes which was a perfect fit. Actually too perfect as if they were crafted for him. Even taking into fact that he had no left the cloak he placed on draped long over his left side to cover that fact up. No longer did her wear the baggy purple clothing. His attire was sharper, more fitting to his nature.

He took up the mask and placed it over his face. It attached to his face, as if it was magical. Looking in the mirror he moved his jaw line to see the mask follow it. He turned around and looked in the mirror, admiring his new look. He smiled, accepting the new look with the new face. Leaving the bathroom he looked around in the room for a moment realizing his weapon was not present.

He went down the stairs and before he could say anything the old man spoke up. “I see the clothes fit correctly. I had the gremlins take your measurements while you were passed out.”

“What of my old clothes?”

“I burned them, wreaked of lycan and the blood from those things don’t wash out easily. Not to mention the rips and your mask was cracked. Kruger is the name by the way.” He explained. The old man was sitting at the table eating with one hand and reading the paper with the other.

“I thank you for everything you have done for me. I wish I could stay longer and chat. But I must take my leave. I have to find my weapon before someone steals it.” Shura was in a hurry and began to make his way to the door.

The old man took a drink of his tea and spoke again. “You need not worry my boy. The weapon is safe. I placed a protective barrier on it. You can find it back in the snowfield where you met that demon at.”

Suddenly a flashback of her crossed his mind and he knew exactly where to go. Shura relaxed a bit but it did not change the fact he had to go. “Don’t worry I understand if you have to leave.” Kruger stood up and hobbled his way over to Shura. He tapped him on his left collarbone because the lack of a shoulder. A surge of energy rushed through his body and he felt a shiver through his spine. “This house is hidden from the world, and only those marked by my hand can enter. I don’t need to tell you how careful you need to be. You have a reminder of what could happen out there.”

Shura nodded and walked out the front. “I will find a way to repay you and I will come back.”

“Just do me a favor and try not to die lad. Don’t want all of this to have been a waste.”

With that Shura left the house and hurried back to the snow field in question. He dashed back towards the scene of the crime to see his weapon completely intact where the old man said it would be. Calmly walking up to it he cautiously grabbed the weapon. The paper on the sword with glowing runes began to burn suddenly. It turned to ash and faded away. With that Shura placed the weapon on his back where the old man had crafted a special sheath for it. With one arm the sword needed to be supported in such a way that it felt natural carrying around. He found himself looking at his hand and clenching his right fist. With new found power and determination, he was ready to continue his journey to the top.

“And now the Curtain Rises.”



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