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Dahlia - Skeleton Crown

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Quest: Skeleton Crown

Rank: A

Type: Bad


  • From Under the Ground completed
  • Red Hades Cult completed
  • Rise and Shine completed
  • Living Burial completed
  • Night of the Living Dead completed
  • Skeleton Key completed
  • Let Sleeping Corpses Lie completed
  • Thousand Souls completed

Adarian the Heretic: Adarian moves around Dahlia in secret with his cult while keeping themselves busy with the taboo magic of Necromancery. Due to the large amount of graveyards in and around Dahlia, it is the perfect location for them to experiment with their magic here. The cult is one of the reasons that there are many undead roaming around the town.

Summary: With an entire legion in his command, Adarian needs a final piece to confirm his overwhelming victory against Bishop Santos. Now with the guards of the founding house and the souls of countless warriors in the Aldenwald, the Skeleton Crown would be the cherry on top of his ice cream. The skeleton crown belonged to a powerful necromancer who became a lich. Its powers would ensure that Adarian would be able to sustain these massive forces for the duration of the battle despite whatever Bishop Santos would have in store against him.

Enemies: None

Objective: Locate the Skeleton Crown.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in the Forsaken Cemetery.
  • Meet with Adarian just outside the cemetery, who will tell you that their victory is almost assured, and that Bishop Santos will soon be a thought of the past. There is only one thing they need to make their victory and inevitability: the skeleton crown. An extremely powerful crown that once belonged to a legendary necromancer in Dahlia town who managed to turn his body into that of a Lich's, granting him incredible necromantic powers.
  • Adarian will explain that no one has seen or heard from the necromancer in over a thousand years, but the cultist was able to translate some old passages in the book you stole for him from Bishop Santos, and it turns out that the necromancer's body in buried in the Forsaken cemetery, and it even gives the name he was buried under, which is where Adarian wants you to begin your search. He doesn't expect the crown to be buried with him, but perhaps it will give a clue as to where to locate it.
  • Enter the cemetery, walking through the, by this point, all too familiar names as you search for the one you are seeking. You will pass the graves of many you have killed during your time working for Adarian, as well as graves that could have been if not for your involvement, but soon enough you will reach the gravestone with the correct name.
  • Digging into the grave, you will find that it is rather shallow, and it doesn't take you long at all to find the casket which belonged to the necromancer. Upon opening it, you will not find the crown, or even a body, but a passage heading underground. Make your way down the passage to see where it leads.
  • The pathway will take you underneath the church, and into a massive laboratory, filled with corpses, strange potions and, sitting on top of a pedestal, the Skeleton crown, just as Adarian had described.
  • As you pick up the crown, you will feel a surge of energy, and make your way back through the passage into the cemetery, closing the casket and hiding it from the world once more.
  • A cultist will appear and steal the crown from you, claiming that he can't let Adarian die. You will chase after him, but as he will know Dahlia better than you, he will lose you within a few minutes. No matter what you do, the Cultist always manages to snatch it away from you.
  • Having lost sight of both the cultist and the crown, return to Adarian, who will be waiting exactly where he was. He will be grateful that you managed to find the crown, but disappointed at its loss, claiming that he is partly to blame for it. Brushing it to one side, he will give you your payment, and warn you that he will be needing you very soon.

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