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Set Fire to the Rain [King & Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:33 am

There was this small sort of cafe in the middle of the South Gate Park, it was a tea house and here was Phoebe sitting and sipping from her rose flavoured cup of tea. She was wearing a thight pair of skinny jeans and a red crop top. Which looked very cold if you were not used to the cold like Phoebe was. Which was not exactly the reason why she was never cold: she was a fire mage. Though for apparence she was still wearing a see through black vest that reached around her knees, so people wouldn't stare at her as she passed by. But right now she was sitting here, being bored. Lately she haven't done much, she did her jobs, she worked on her health and sports and that was about it. She felt a bit empty inside because of the search for her mother had stopped.

It wasn't as if she didn't want to find her mother but she couldn't for as long as she still didn't control her magic. Which was about a month ago that something must have happened and changed everything. She lived a bit of an isolated live now, she didn't want to go home because she didn't belong there at this point but she seemed to miss a lot of her so called friends. Which was obviously her own fault for not meeting them and not travelling as she had intended to do but well yeah.. everyone had those issues at some point hopefully.

She took another sip of her drink and wondered about what to do today, she was good for the jewels but maybe, she should try and train a little. Which was a very scary idea for her and she avoided it the whole time. She picked up a magazine out of her bag and brushed the hair out of her face thanks to the soft wind that was blowing, what should she do today?


Default on Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:56 am

Recently, King had been idle; doing nothing but lazing around and fooling with pretty ladies at night in bars. It was almost like a slump for him, where he was not motivated enough or had any inspiration to do anything else and whenever he stumbled across a quest board, he would immediately recoil from the responsibility of a wizard. Hot, unbearable days were finally gone and the weather was starting to get colder now that winter was just around the corner. It would only get colder from now on and it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing – at least to him, since he had always wanted to experience a bit of snow, coming from a country that was hot all year round.

The streets were busy with a lively tempo as people flocked to places they were supposed to be, finding things they were supposed to do and one man would be there, muddled through the crowd, unknowing of what to pursue first and how to deal with the day when he was still so hung up with how far he’s been thrown off his primary objective. Wandering through the streets, King was unsure what he should do for the day and honestly, he didn’t want to waste another day doing nothing. Somehow, he ended up near South Gate Park after meandering aimlessly and from the corner of his eyes, a small café attracted his attention.

Figuring that the might as well do some contemplation at the café while having a drink or two, the man entered the café. Golden hues glided across the store and there he saw – dark hair, a familiar face – one that he had met quite a while ago. ”How surprising to run into each other.” The man approached at her table, slightly bending over to catch her eye. ”Do you mind?” He’d ask, but he had already taken a seat right across her and idly looked around once again.

”How have you been?”

#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:07 am

She lazily looked through the magazine, she didn't need any new clothing and mostly she didn't found things all that interesting, she wasn't entirely sure what to do and that was bothering her mind. She took another sip of her tea before she placed it down again and looked at the magazine with a bored expression on her face, she didn't hold it in front of her: it was placed on the table. She sighed softly for herself, maybe going back to Orchidia was an option or another busy town, apparently there was a lot happening in Hargeon and she didn't plan to go there but she had liked Hargeon for the week that she had been there. That's when she looked up in the face of King.

She blinked in surprised, leaving her mouth open in a silent hello because she had not expected to bump into him or anyone for that matter, she couldn't help but smile immediately and even though he asked and sat down at the same time, she felt happy to bump into someone. Or well someone into her, "Oh sure I don't," she almost said that she had felt lonely but she managed to shut her mouth before that happened, "Oh well to be honest I'm rather bored lately but apart from that I'm fine, healthy, active, good things." She closed the magazine slowly and dropped it in her bag that was leaning against the chair she was sitting on.

For a second she wondered to herself if she only would say stupid things when King was around, now he might expect that she pushed him to ask her out or well to do something and that's not what she meant, she would just like to chitchat here and if he wanted to leave that was fine as well, but he picked the table she was sitting on, he even sat down before she could say anything, so that was a good thing right?


Default on Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:46 am

The corners of his lips curved upwards into a smile as he leaned back into his seat and a waiter would drop by their table to take his order. ”Just a cup of coffee, please.” With that, the waiter scuttled away to tend other business. King took a glimpse around the café, taking everything in sight. There were a decent amount of people in the store; not too many or not too little, just the right amount which was perfect for him, since he didn’t like being around too many people either. King nodded at her response to his question, clearly understanding of her situation, most likely because he felt the same as well.

”Me too.” He’d say, though his information was very brief but he doubted Phoebe would care. ”How did you end up coming here?”

The waiter returned to their table with the coffee that he had ordered, with an extra beaker of milk, allowing him to pour whichever amount he preferred. The man blew out the fumes from his cup as he lifted it against his lips and took a sip. Yuck. It was too bitter for his taste and sure enough, coffee didn’t taste the best to him without milk or sugar. King poured an ample amount of milk into his cup and took a sip. Much better.

#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:05 am

Phoebe couldn't help but stare at King, she tried to hide it and not be impolite but it had been a while, he hadn't changed much. Neither had she for that matter, she heard him being bored as well and she couldn't help but leave out a chuckle. "We could go on an adventure, if only I knew where to find one." she couldn't help but say with that same chuckle again, she didn't want him to think that.. Okay stop thinking so much Phoebe. She thought to herself and with that she found it smart to take another sip of tea and not say anything anymore, she would simply wait for King his response as she watched him drink coffee, she wasn't a fan of coffee all that much. Which was the reason why she drank tea.

She looked at the table, thinking about what to say in general. She had seen King two times before and they had talked, mentioned magic, she had showed her fire magic. So he was a mage, she could maybe ask him if he ever had trouble with his magic but she found it so personal that she for now decided not to do so, "Did you travel around?" She wasn't entirely sure anymore if they talked about that as well, they talked about a lot after all. She felt a bit blocked because of her own situation, what to talk about, what to say, perhaps ask. The issue of her magic was really pressing her since it had been around a month now. Maybe she should go and see someone specialized in magic? She bit her lip softly inside to not sigh because that would be rude and questions would be asked. She would just try and find topics to talk to until King might leave her alone again, which she didn't look forward to. Her heart was beating a little faster and she found herself absolutely ridiculous, but what to do about it but sit here and smile at King.


Default on Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:31 am

Not enough, King thought as he took another sip of his coffee, clearly still not satisfied with the taste of it. The man grabbed a packet of sugar and held it over her coffee, ”An adventure sounds lovely!” He exclaimed, and with a quick rip of the little packet, he poured the goodness into his coffee before stirring it a good amount while the heat fumes continued to rise from the liquid. ”Speaking of which, I was thinking of inviting you to travel with me over the distance to discover some towns in the near future, if you’d like that is”, suggested the silver haired man, hoping that she would accept his offer. Having a partner to travel with would at least help him enjoy his journeys and he’d be able to get to know Phoebe further as well.  

King propped up an elbow onto a table and rested his chin onto his palm as citrine optics locked onto the gaze of violet, a smile tugging upon the corner of his lips and his dimples would crease as he did so. The female appeared slightly uncomfortable and he wondered if it was because of his presence and while she observed her movements, he’d notice her glancing at him every now and then which found rather adorable. His eyes would instinctively glide down onto her torso, though not intentionally, and noticed the cute outfit that she had worn for the day.

”I don’t think I mentioned that you look stunning today – per usual.”

When Phoebe asked him whether he had travelled around, the man would nod briefly, taking a moment to sip on his coffee which he had somehow managed to accustomed it to his taste. ”I think it was called Magnolia. Have you been there before?” He asked. Magnolia was a lovely town, albeit, he didn’t get to enjoy much since he departed the city without exploring but he had promised himself to visit again soon. He was beginning to notice how fidgety Phoebe was in her seat, that was starting to get him worried. ”Are you alright? Am I making you uncomfortable, by any chance?”

#7Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:34 pm

Phoebe was a bit surprised that King so easily wouldn't mind an adventure, she would even be more surprised a few minutes after when he asked her to travel together. Her cheeks turned a quick crimson, the same colour as her crop top. She had not expected to find someone willing to travel around with her, "You want to travel with me? I mean it sounds wonderful but well you barely know me and I barely know you." of course it was an opportunity to get to know him better, she did know him best from all the people she met in Magnolia, she was sure of that. She tried to not bit her lip but habits were hard to kill, she simply fidget with her fingers, clinging them into each other and letting go every so often. "I haven't seen much of Fiore, it does feel nice to travel with someone." She finally said to not make it sound like she said no, because that was definitely not her answer. She just didn't want to disappoint anyone at this point.

While the blush was disappearing a little, he gave her a compliment for her looks and the crimson colour came back so easily, she should definitely work on that, "Well thank you, I did try my very best." she said to try and make it a joke, she should not think too much she still said to herself. With that she pushed herself to stop blushing and took a sip of her tea, which was now steaming because she held the cup while he gave her the compliment and she was embarrassed, however the heat still didn't bother her. Before she could ask more about the town and for she had not visit it before, she heard him ask if there was something wrong and well why hide it, apparently it was obvious anyway.

She looked left and right for a second before scooting a little closer and sitting on the edge of her seat, "You are a mage, right King?" it was more of a retorical question and thus she didn't need to hear the answer, "I was wondering if you ever had trouble with your magic, like.. it seems out of control?" If only she was more educated in magic, she would understand it was not out of control but getting more powerful than her simple Fire Starter magic. The fuel came from trying to best her mother whom had simply left her for another family.


Default on Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:01 am

A soft curl tugged onto the corner of the man’s lips. ”That’s the point.” He paused, taking another sip of his coffee, ”If possible, I’d love to get to know you more”, followed by a light chuckle. He didn’t mean to pressure her or anything, but only if she wanted to travel along with him, in the near future perhaps. ”I haven’t either and from what I’ve read, Fiore seems like a lovely country.” He meant those words. The sole intention of him coming down to Fiore was not only because of his travel purpose but also to better his fighting style and so far, he’s yet to find anyone that might be capable enough to help him assist with his abilities.

”Oh, yes, I am.” He spoke, in response to her question, wondering what might be bothering Phoebe so much that she would even feel uncomfortable in her own seat. ”Magic, huh?” It was a good question – one that he had been wanting to discuss for a long time now. Trained harshly since childhood, King was now very accustomed to his own magic; perhaps, being a prodigy helped him with his capabilities, though of course, when he discovered the use of his magic, it did not turn out well, which was to be expected. ”I understand. It occurred to me when I was young, but not anymore.” The man took a sip and gazed intently at the female sat right across him, his tone slightly different, more serious than before, ”I see, you’re having difficulty controlling it?”

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#9Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:22 am

She let a soft "Oh," escape her lips when he said it was just the point. Some invisible Phoebe was making some hulla dance, because she was happy that someone wanted to get to know her, and it was a handsome man too. The tea cup was steaming a little bit more thanks to how heated Phoebe felt, she couldn't imagine someone invited her along. She nodded activily when King said that it was a lovely country for she agreed, "Though at the moment I still believe Orchidia, my hometown is the most beautiful city." She knew he wasn't from Fiore, they met because of that, at the cupcake store and thus she wondered now if he had been to Orchidia before.

Because she was nervous and fidgeting, King noticed and asked her if something was bothering her, from which she asked if he was a mage, an answer she already knew and asked if ever his magic had gone out of control. She blushed a little, in a different way than before. She felt horrible for having to admit that her magic was behaving strangely while she was trained in it before, "I don't know what happened but suddenly my fire magic, it doesn't behave like it normally does." She heard a chair next to her make a scraggy noise while someone moved away from her because she talked possibly about fire magic and she looked annoyed before turning back to King, "I don't have that many friends and I didn't dare to go home, I don't know what to do. How did you train that if I may ask?" She didn't want to be rude and all, asking abouth is past.


Default on Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:40 am

The other female appeared surprised by the fact that he was willing to get to know her more – of course he would be, she was a beautiful woman after all, and by all means, he would try and snatch her into his hands, though, not for any evil intentions. ”Hmm, Orchidia…” The man trailed off, repeating the name of the town in his head as he rubbed his finger against his chin. ”I haven’t been there before. Perhaps, I’ll make a visit one day.” He was bound to explore the country so it was highly likely that King would stumble upon the town in his journey. He remembered how excited he had been in his childhood when he had to study about different countries, wishing he was old enough to travel already and now, he was able to make his dreams come true.

”Oh, fire magic. Interesting.”

The man smiled, leaning further onto his palm and finally finished his coffee, in which he would gladly order another cup from a waiter nearby. ”I had a mentor train me, so he was able to teach me a lot of things as I grew up.” He tried to keep the information as brief as possible, since there were quite a lot of things that he didn’t want to mention, such as being a part of a wealthy family, and how his parents pressured him into learning things so that he could become one that was worthy of the family name.

”Perhaps I could assist you with your magic, with a bit of my knowledge – if that helps.” He’d offer and poured the entire beaker of milk as well as sugar into his coffee. It wasn’t as if he knew a lot about magic, since he was still learning and discovering more to his abilities himself but if there was something he could do to help, he was willing to give Phoebe a hand. Normally, he could care less about what happened to others but now that, he was starting to grow close to the girl, the least he could do was to make her worries go away.

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Default on Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:29 am

She had made a joke about her hometown, though she loved it deeply and still thought it was the most beautiful, but she had not seen everything yet. But how the trees had become one with the city, showing beautiful plants and flowers, something she found beautiful as well. Which might sound weird for a fire mage but who cares. "That sounds like a good idea, maybe I will show you around sometime." she said and she wanted to wink but that simply didn't happen because Phoebe couldn't be that smooth when she was under the impression of being a disaster. Of course she thought she was beautiful but that someone agreed, well she never expected much from that. She quickly finished her tea and let go of the cup but when King ordered a new coffee, she accidentally ordered a new tea, and imagined herself boiling the cup. Oh well.

She didn't ask much when she simply mentioned her Fire magic. If only King could help her that would be a blessing, she simply couldn't keep her eyes off him but she tried her very, very best. But his golden hues were very interesting to look at and the way he looked at her, she tried to hide the blush and even though it wasn't crimson anymore, it was still on her pale cheeks, well not so pale now.

She opened her mouth to ask something but didn't say much anymore, she didn't want a special teacher's information, especially not when he was hired unless King wanted to give her the information, but he seemed to be short in giving any information so she decided not to ask anything more. She was sitting rather close, if he would lean a bit more forward with his body, she was sure their knees would bump, which was ridiculous to think about if she wanted distraction, but she blinked in surprise when King offered to help her. "It already sounds very helpful for a mage to assist me. I haven't been able to use my magic for over a month, it feels very limited." which also meant that she wasn't much more in a hurry, "I don't want to force you to do something that might not interest you of course. But it feels like such a relieve, even if we aren't able to find a solution."


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”Hm, lovely”, responded the man, clearly excited about the idea of visiting new places – not to mention, being shown by a rather gorgeous woman would be an amazing experience. ”Oh, you prefer tea over coffee?” King asked, curious over her choice of taste. It wasn’t as though he was a big fan of coffee either, same goes for tea but it was just that he needed something instead of alcohol to sip on when he had nothing else to do; a habit that he had yet been successful to remove. He lifted the cup against his lips as he instinctively glanced over at Phoebe. Their eyes locked for a brief second and it was when he noticed that she might have been staring at him as well.

Was she interested in him?

If that were true, everything was going according to his plan although, he didn’t want to push his luck too much either. The corners of his lips twitched into a small smile and as much as he tried to hide, he couldn’t help but grin widely to himself. Ah, she’s adorable. King had never met someone who expressed their feelings so bluntly, and it was easy to figure what she was thinking just by looking at the features on Phoebe’s face. Thinking that it would have been rude to make a comment at this moment, he quickly moved onto the topic regarding their magic.

”Oh, no no. Trust me, I’d love to help out a stunning girl like you. This would also be a way to further improve my abilities as well.” He’d add a little compliment per usual to flirt with women as he took another sip of his coffee and this time, he was drinking faster than usual even though he wasn’t in a hurry. ”Do you have any plans on what you wish to do with your magic?”

#13Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:16 am

She tried her very best to not become red in her face again and for now it was working, there was simply a pink blush on her cheeks, which was easy considering she had a very pale skin. "I don't mind coffee, but yes I prefer tea. Or well actually I prefer wine but it's a bit weird at this part of the day already," She this time was able to give him a wink, as if to say that she was inviting him for wine later or anything he might prefer. Obviously she didn't know that about him. She was daring enough or well something that could described as that to look at him when their eyes locked before she simply turned her gaze to the cup that was just placed in front of her and thank the waiter, finding the new herbs and leaves she added to the hot water cup.

She bit her lip softly to avoid blushing again when she got another compliment after King moved on to the subject of her magic, she didn't know what she felt, apart from the fast beating heart because of the compliments and the gorgeous man opposite her, the idea of how close they sat, she scooted a little back on her chair. "You flatter me way to much King." she said with a smug smile on her face. Okay maybe she was getting a bit better at this, "A wish about my magic? Eh," she said with a little laugh, "I don't know if it would be interesting to you or if you even want to know," or if she would even be able to tell, "For now, all I want is to get control over my magic and not be afraid to burn the nearest place I am at. For example this establishment."


Default on Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:59 am

The silver haired man raised his eyebrows in amusement, when Phoebe stated that she enjoyed drinking wine and he couldn’t help but add a little comment on it, ”Perfect. We should have a dinner together some time, with a bit of wine and alcohol.” King smirked; a rather friendly one and seeing that Phoebe winked at him afterwards, it was apparent to him that she’d like his company. Oh, that was so inviting. If Phoebe was wondering if the little flirty look worked on him, it definitely did and he was honestly stunned. It was unexpected as well, since he wasn’t aware that she could be so…mischievous, but he liked that playful side of hers.

His attention then drifted down onto her lips and he suddenly felt the urge to make a move, but perhaps, it wasn’t a good idea with all the people around and he didn’t know if Phoebe would think of him that way. He didn’t want to earn a slap across his cheek, after all – like what the women did to him when he easily broke their hearts.

He chuckled.

”Are you going to burn me down with this building? I hope not.”

The man spoke, a small smile still resting upon his lips, wanting to tease the girl even though he knew that he shouldn’t. ”Well, if you wish to burn something I could take you to a forest nearby.” He figured that it would be a better place instead of burning buildings down since it wouldn’t be a good sight to see people getting harmed. They could get some quality time together alone as well. Ah, so naughty of him.

#15Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:04 am

He looked amused at her when she admitted she liked wine. She really prefered the ones with a rich flavour, "That soundsd like something interesting to look forward to." she answered more smooth and easily than she had expected. But who knows how things would turn out, she didn't know him that well and she needed to be very aware of that at the moment, but it was so difficult for she was hopeless when it came to romance, she liked to daydream about impossible, possible situations at too many times. For now she shouldn't daydream, she should be able to just keep her head clear to maybe be able to flirt, a little.

She didn't notice him looking at her as she was working on her tea, pouting a little when she was wondering which herbs and leaves to pick. She talked about her magic, making her bite her lip a little and talked about what she wished from her magic, she explained that she simply wished to control it at the moment. Where she made the comment to be afraid to burn the establishment and King sort of made a joke, "That would be a terrible think to do. Such a shame." she said with a teasing tone in her voice, she definitely wanted to see King more often, and it was also good to not burn down a building. Which never happened, it was just a feeling. He made another comment about a forest and she easily knew what to answer "Hmm a forest sounds lovely but I rather do not burn that as well if you do not mind." She said with a soft giggle, which had not been the idea but it accidentally happened.

Now she sounded like a teenager, a stupid person, one she sort of disliked, she reminded herself of Mary, her sister. And for a second she wondered, distracted, how her family was doing.


Default on Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:37 pm

That was a bad idea. It didn’t come to his mind that burning the forest would actually cause a wildfire and eventually, cause harm to the entire town. How stupid can he be? The man took another sip from the cup, only to realise that his drink was already finished. He was engrossed in the talk with Phoebe that he had been casually sipping at his coffee every now and then. As much as he wanted to order another cup, he figured that too much coffee wouldn’t be good for his body, since he would be like a hyped up animal for the rest of the day, which isn’t actually a good sight to be honest. Besides, he assumed that they would be leaving the store soon anyway, to test out their magic.

”Makes sense. Where do you suggest we should go?”

There wasn’t anything specific on his mind and he would’ve followed Phoebe to their preferred location since it was her decision from the beginning. King absently looked out of the window located beside him and he found himself watching the movements of the people walking by the street; the citizens, families, couples and even visitors from the high seas, flocking to market vendors and other shops while the guests wandered around to enjoy the sightings of the boisterous city of Magnolia.

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Default on Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:06 am

She placed her elbow on the edge of the table and leaned with her chin on her open hand. She stared at King as he realized that what he said didn't make it much easier than a building. She didn't blame him, walking in the forest was lovely, they had done it once to bring supplies to a hermit but if it was to train than it was no easy. "I never felt that fire was so destroying." But when you felt like you had no control, it could be a lot worse. He asked her where they should go and she thought about it and looked outside as well, "Looking at the possible problem of being able to burn things the park would have been a great idea. I mean we are already there but it is rather busy so better not." she was just thinking out loud at this point and frowned a little, pouted it as well as she was thinking, her eyes traveling past the ceiling, as if it contained any answers for her. "I believe there is a bit of a flat grassland if you go to the north of the city, I mean I came through there twice and well grassland is fine." perhaps take a few buckets of water for the problem, on the other hand, she could kill fire as well with her power as long as it didn't travel too fast so it would be too big of an area to stop. But with grassland she felt secure enough.

She took a sip of her tea, which was almost finished and she thought about taking a bit of food with them. With the possibility of going all out to train magic, that could make them hungry, maybe if everything would go right, she could hold a picnic. Her lilac eyes looked at King for a few seconds, she didn't want to be caught staring again, so she simply looked at the ceiling again tapping her chin with her left hand, "I think we should take some food and drinks, water perhaps? I mean training magic can be hard." She shouldn't say she wanted to hold a picnic, than she would be a Mary again.


Default on Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:43 am

King’s eyes drifted back towards the female seated in front of her as he listened to her speak. Performing such a training in the middle of the city wouldn’t be the best option and when she suggested the grasslands, his eyes lit up in agreement. ”Grasslands sound perfectly fine.” It would be the best location for him to test his new abilities as well, and with thunder and storm, it was best if it was in an open area since there are many possibilities of harming innocent people nearby with that kind of magic. ”Yes, we should get some food and water.” They are necessities for a human, after all. Speaking of which, he had been drinking so much coffee that he had failed to notice that he hadn’t eaten anything. Bread or perhaps, a small meal might help after the training, he thought.

”What would you like to order?”

He’d turn around to ask Phoebe as they walked up by the counter of the store, as well as to pay for the meals and to get some takeaway to eat after the training. Whatever Phoebe’s choice was, it would be on his tab. ”I’d like some sandwich, with ham, eggs and cheese.” The meal was not a large one, but it contained enough protein and calories to keep him energised for a few hours before he’d be hungry once again.

#19Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:52 am

She had thought about it and the only idea of where to train fire magic would be the grasslands and King seemed to like the suggestion as he answered and looked at her with some sort of enthusiasm, which made her smile even more. And even though she thought a picnic was childish, her second idea was accepted as well, though she had phrased it differently. So she stood up once she finished her tea to make sure that she would order something as well.

She followed King to the counter and ordered a bottle of water, and a cheese sandwich. While she wanted to get her jewels out of her bag, King already ordered and paid and she let go of her purse and simply smiled at him, "Well thank you. Next time we should bring a bottle of wine." She grinned shortly before looking somewhere else. Because she was saying stupid things again. She looked around the rest of the store until everything was done and they would head outside. She would be able to guide him towards where the grasslands were, which wasn't far out of the city, but considering they were in the park they would have to cross the northern part of the town.

But once they reached the edge, there was only grass, barely a tree or a bush. Nothing but the green colour of grass. "I'm glad I remembered this place." she said as she simply found a spot a bit further from the last houses to drop her bag and make sure that her hair wouldn't blow in her face thanks to the wind. "So any idea what the best approach would be?" she asked as she went to look at King again.


Default on Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:16 am

King rolled jewels over the counter towards the worker, more than enough to pay for both of their meals as the employee handed over their orders. ”Mmm, lovely.” He agreed at her comment and walked out of the store, in which he would be led towards the grasslands by Phoebe. Despite how he had been in Fiore for months now, he was still unfamiliar with all the roads, since they were quite different compared to the ones back in his country. Besides, King always had a horrible sense of direction so it was no surprise that he still couldn’t remember the places. The grasslands appeared to be located near the outskirts of the town, which was good, meaning that they would be far from people and he would be alone together with her as well and forced himself not to think of anything else.

It took them quite a while to reach the grasslands though the scene of greenery was relaxing and peaceful that he had to close his eyes briefly to enjoy the tranquillity that lingered in the air. The empty fields made him feel like he was a child, urging him to run through the fields and continue running. ”I really like this place.” He mumbled under his breath, not sure if Phoebe heard him or not but he enjoyed being in areas like these.

As expected, Phoebe cut straight to the chase asking him how she should begin the training. The man crossed his arms against his broad chest and rubbed his index finger on his chin, his brows furrowed deeply in thought. ”Try making a fire ball in your hands and see if you can control it.”

#21Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe wondered if she needed to think something from a guy that was paying for her, but she didn't want to make her head more crazy about King than it already was so she simply thought he was very sweet. She brought King to the grasslands and he immediately said that it was a nice place, it felt so nice, easy and peaceful that she would have to agree. Well she wasn't entirely sure if he had said that so she looked at him for a second before quickly turning her eyes away. She would have to focus on actually working on her magic instead of just, daydreaming and staring at King. So she made some space and because of the idea of traning she immediately asked him the point of magic. Only in this way she could focus on something else instead of on him only. which was still a hard combination considering she would look at him at this point.

She nodded after King his suggestion and took a deep breath to calm her nerves and stare at her hand. She had done this plenty of times before and yet, it must have been ages ago when she was so nervous as she was now. She held up her hand and clenched it into a fist to open it again and stare at the little orb of Fire that didn't look so special. If you looked closely at it, you could see the flames swirl as if they were in a tiny glass orb. She found it so beautiful but that's when she noticed that it slowly started to increase and she panicked, which was her first mistake.


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Before their training began, King closed his eyes for a brief moment and enjoyed the nature around him. The view was so refreshing – one that he’s never seen before since the country he originated from had nothing but barren deserts – and immediately, he took an immense liking to it. Turning his attention back to Phoebe, he would watch her summon a small fire orb in her hands. It wasn’t too big, nor too small, but at least, she was able to suppress her abilities into the fire ball. ”That’s good,” He nodded, and folded his arms across his chest while he continued to watch her testing out her abilities.

It wasn’t until the ball suddenly grew in size and his eyes widened in shock. ”Whoa, whoa. Try cutting off your mana flow and close your hands.” He suggested, not exactly sure what he should do. King was a novice in magic himself, but he could still grasp his own abilities so all he was doing was telling her what he did when he learned how to use magic from his master in his younger days.

Once the training was completed, the man settled down his down with a long sigh escaping his lips in exhaustion. Fortunately, the view beyond him was enough to soothe his chest easily. He’d pat the vacant spot next to him, gesturing Phoebe to take a seat. With only just cups of coffee for lunch, King was famished and thus, reached out for the food that he had purchased from the café earlier and began to devour them. Together, they would enjoy their meal under the vast blue sky, after an exhausting yet, rewarding training that they completed. Somewhat, it was pretty romantic, with only two of them in the fields – if it wasn’t for the training, it would have been a lovely date among themselves.

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She learned to control the fire again a little, with help from King and she realized she was really glad with that. It might not saved everything but it would work a lot better than it had done before. She explained to him that it felt more powerful than it had done before but that she couldn't explain why but that might explain why it sort of exploded like that.

Because of this heavy training, she was quite tired and let herself drop on the ground next to King and not much later let herself fall back into the grass and look at the little bit of clouds that were here and tried to find shapes in them before she noticed how hungry she was and she sat upright again to start eating the food that they bought in the cafe or well King had bought it. She would get to know King a little bit better again as it happened every time she would see him again and she really enjoyed it.

She almost forgot that he had helped her train with her magic because she was absorbed in the moment of the picnic in the empty grasslands but sometimes it came crashing in like a fire wall and she remembered her goal, to try and find her mother. For now she didn't feel the need to think about that anymore


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