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Stage Hand [Quest: Ana & Aria]

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Default on Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:39 pm

Ana had travelled pretty far, all the way from Era to Marigold Town. It was not that far if you actually thought about it, but Ana went and decided to walk, so she had to take a powernap to replenish the energy she lost. So far, she had been coping well with all the traveling, but she was starting to run out of money. The last time she felt like she needed to make some emergency cash was a long time ago. Most of the time she saved up what she earned so that she would not have that problem. But after so much traveling, even though she tried to walk most of the time, she still spent a lot. So much for saving up. The reason for her to be traveling so much was to get to know Fiore better than she already did. She was trying to climb the ranks in her guild, so she had just begun to try harder than usual to be noticed by the master as well as Fiore.

Right after she woke up from her long nap, Ana took a cold shower to freshen up and picked out a simple outfit to go out and look for a quick job to get some quick cash. Jobs that were meant for mages specifically were not usually like the ones she used to take before as an assassin. And even though she did not use much magic, she was still a mage. She was more of a weapons master, however, and specialized in weaponry. That did not mean she was a total noob with magic. She knew some tricks here and there that she needed rarely. Ana headed towards the theater after asking the innkeeper a place she could find jobs. She was told a lot of mages go to find jobs there, so that was perfect. Once she got there, she looked around, catching sight of a dark-haired girl. Ana approached the girl casually, tapping on her shoulder gently from behind to grab her attention.

“Hey, who do I ask for a job here?”


#2Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

Default on Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:04 pm

Eyes closed, arms sprawling as well as her typical white girl legs, Aria was chilling as she was laying in the grass all by herself. The grass felt cool yet it was drying up, but it was too soon for it to actually die as it wasn't even winter yet. The weather was changing and in her eyes it wasn't really a bad thing. Slowly she turned to the left, to the right as she was laying in the grass. The tree above her was covering and shading her from the mean o' sun. Aria didn't really like the sun in her eyes, but nonetheless it was almost time to go. Her smooth light skin would curl up towards her body in general in a stretch before getting up. ''Welp! Time to go.'' she spoke to herself all excited for whatever was coming up. She knew she had to go look up things to do, like job wise because she was getting poor. No one likes being poor.

Aria got up with a hop and walked forward towards town. The street wasn't really lively and it made her curious on why it wasn't that alive. Each step she walked, every move she made, the small rocks and dust would be kicked and left behind. Her long black raven hair would look shiny and silky as it waved like a beautiful ocean of darkness that spilled out of the abyss. Her eyes on the other hand was a half pool of blood and gold like a gold coin dipped top-side in a cup of blood itself. Her soft fine lips were expressionless as she continued up her way which caused her to think, to day dream.

Aria walked slowly towards the threater in which she wondered if that one guy was going to be her partner. ''Where the hell is ... whoever it's going to be?!'' she thought out loud. Her silver foxxy eyes would wander, her arms crossed against her chest and from there on she would day dream. She thought of what it would be like if she was going to be some typical girl. A girl who wore dresses, bowed to all to be like some gentle lotus flower. It disgusted her, the thought of it all. If she never killed off her sister... Where would she be? Her mind was completely distracted from reality and she knew that if someone was coming, she'd hear it from a couple minutes away.

In her day dream she was living with a lovely family that lived in a house made out of chalk-like stone and a roof of shackles, thin and red. The area was quite new looking as if they were medium class. Her mother, her father and sister were alive and they lived in a different area that wasn't Fiore. What was this place exactly? The streets had its own space, six meters between each house as if to give every house their own space. Some had rich flowers, fragrance of blossoms and the sound of running waterfall flows. In due time she would laugh, smile and cheer with her dear family and then the door knocked. Her heart jumped, eyes opened to then wake up to reality.

Sadly enough she was almost to the theater, but even though not many people were around, someone with an interesting tone of skin got her attention with a tap and she was really tall. 'Maybe she's going here for quests too!' she thought and smiled, turning to look directly at her. 'Damn she tall.' she thought with her head tilted the opposite direction of the woman with a thinking expression. Finally, she coughed and then slide up beside the woman and talked to get it out of the way. ''Are you here for a quest as well then?'' she questioned the obvious. She sometimes didn't mind looking dumb, but it was better to be safe than sorry! ''We could get things done easier with both of us. Oh right, job. Uhh, we can go inside and talk to Alice. She needs help the last I heard...'' she stated the obvious and a fact to help this unknown woman. Aria made an innocent look as she walked beside this tall woman that was going towards the same theater unless she had other plans.



Default on Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:27 pm

Ana seemed to have startled the girl, but only moments later, the girl started talking about jobs and this brought a grin to Ana’s face. “Lovely. Let’s go talk to Alice then,” she said. It was a huge gap between their heights, but it was nothing new to Ana. She was a gigantic woman, but she was never shy about it nor was she ever made fun of because of it. If anyone ever did make fun of it, they would be fed some fists because Ana was basically the bully back in school. The dark haired girl was pretty small compared to her, she could literally pick her up. But that was actually normal height for a woman, and Ana was the abnormal one here. She wasted no time to get inside, asking for an Alice to the staff inside the theater. Once they got to Alice, the brunette told them what she needed help with, giving them instructions on how to handle the curtains and the lights. Ana nodded and listened attentively, hoping that her job partner was doing the same.

“Alright, I’ll handle the lights and you can do the curtains,” she told her. If the girl did not disagree to her decision, she would get to work, practising with the light controls to make sure that she did not fuck up. It was pretty easy, nothing like chasing and killing someone. It was nice to take these simple and easy jobs once in awhile. If she remembered correctly, the doors would be open at exactly fifteen minutes to six, so that people could settle into their seats for the show. Ana had already mastered her part in the job, so once the show began, she did as Alice had told her to do without messing up until the very end. After all was done, she would meet back with her partner to say goodbye. “I guess I’ll see you around. Major is the name, by the way. Maybe we can take some jobs together again later,” she said with a laugh and left with her reward.


#4Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

Default on Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:40 pm

The woman had golden eyes that reminded her of some animal that she totally doesn't remember. Her hair was a dark violet like some flowers that can only be seen in spring. This woman was typically an amazonian which wasn't much to laugh at. She looked attractive enough, her body was built flawlessly as if some famous person perfectly sculptured a woman's body and got a ten out of ten if not more. Her own body was rather voluptuous and was also flawless, but at a larger proportion. She was quite older than some people that still do this like some teen or a chick who just turned adult. Aria didn't know this woman well, but maybe they will get to know each other very well.

A sweet smile appeared on her lips as the woman agreed to go forward and to the theater. The area itself was grand, build with the typical maroon colors and walls of brown and some designs of gold and black. Typically it could never really be for-told of where and what it looked like nor where Alice was. She hoped that it wouldn't take long for them to find the woman. Her lady hips swayed, long raven hair moved left and right while her eyes swooned some males who passed on by. Her eyes were rare as it had two different colors upon each eye. Not many people she knew had anything like her own eyes. Alice appeared with a greet and meet. She seemed happy to have two people helping her out with this. She explained what they needed to do with the curtains and lights. The woman who she met earlier agreed to do the lights which Aria didn't mind doing curtains. In the end she did what she had to do, finishing the job, saying goodbye to the woman and introducing herself being Aria. That woman was nice and hopefully they'd meet again.




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