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Baska to Magnolia [Train Travel | Yami]

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on Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:06 pm

The wind mage called Yami was seated on a bench in the Baska railway station, a bag of his belongings sitting beside him. The devilishly handsome man in his mid twenties rested on the bench as he waited for his train to arrive. He had walked from Oak to Baska and it had taken him most of the day only arriving in Baska an hour ago. He had spoken to the guards guarding the entrance to Baska find out about when the next train would be leaving, turns out he had a good hour and a half ago so here he was. He hadn't gone straight to the Railway though instead he had decided to poke around Baska and look into the various shops and stalls. Baska was a wide green town with not much to do when festivals and events weren't happening but it had little trinket shops, coffee shops and takeaway plus a small grocery.

The small merchant town was quite quaint in its appearance and had a calming aura to it. Yami felt quite relaxed while visiting this small little town even if it would be for one hour and thirty minutes. So for the first hour, minus ten minutes to gather information from the guards, Yami explored. He got an ice cream from one of the local vendors and visited the Giant's Tear ducts to see what they were about. After visiting the Tear ducts he went to the local pub for a pint enjoying a fresh cold beer, downing it before going back to his exploration. He checked out the local blacksmiths and magic shops to see if anything peeked his interest but it was all low rank gear that did nothing for him so he didn't bother. That was how he passed an hour before deciding to head to the Railway Station. On arrival he purchased a ticket for the next outgoing train to Magnolia which was due to arrive in thirty minutes. Now the lycan was resting on a bench while waiting.

Time ticked away and soon thirty minutes had passed. In the distance Yami could see the training coming down into the station. The train puffed along and slowed in, its breaks screeching loudly that hurt Yami's ears. Yami covered his ears with his hands as the train came to a halt. The mage shook his head and stood up, making his way onto the train Yami found his seat and sat down in it and waited. Ten minutes passed, everyone had settled with Yami luckily being seated on his own, the train doors closed and the train began to move. The Locomotive steamed off powering its way towards Magnolia. As Yami settled himself, being far to tall for the chairs he angled his body by taking the window seat so he could stretch his legs to the walkway. An attendant walked through checking tickets. Yami handed over his ticket and got it stamped before taking it back. Once that was over with the mage crossed his arms over his chest and decided to get some sleep. Within seconds Yami had drifted off allowing the train to carry him away.

WC: 528 / 450


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