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Baska-->Oak[Foot Travel]

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on Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:17 pm

Now that he was off the stupid train, Caius could finish up the final part of his journey which was the travel to Oak Town. After walking for a little bit he finally was on the path to the north of Baska. From here it would be a straight shot and then he would be able to reach the town in a few hours. He could run to make it shorter but he was tried from all the traveling and the big meal that he ate on the train. He would toss his bag across his shoulder and would start the long walk. He would be about halfway and stop int he middle of the woods now that he was out of the mountains and hills of baksa. He would see a bear by the river fishing and would scare it off with his wind magic and then he would kneel down and he would then fill up his vial with water for the rest of the trip. He took a sip and headed down the path. Before long he was back in Oak Town after a long time away.

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