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Up on high (Social|Arisa)

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#1Atlas Prime 

on Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:21 pm

Atlas walked up to the lighthouse in Hargeon with Totodile on his shoulder. He wore his regular day outfit of tan pants and a black T-shirt. The T-shirt hung well to his body. He had visited quite a few places in his time here in Hargeon, but the lighthouse was one place he still needed to visit as well. He started to recall what he had been through since coming to Hargeon. He more came for a friendly visit but was soon called to help defend Blue Pegasus from an attack from a weird group of people. Atlas wanted to know more about them, but it seemed it wasn't the time too. He never got the opportunity to check out his opponent before he left to try and help else where.

Atlas focused again on what he was doing though. He got closer to the lighthouse now and looked up. He figured it would be cool to climb to the top, he just hoped it would be okay. He looked around for somebody who might be able to let him know, he would figure though if nobody came to response he would probably just go in, but for now he was looking around for somebody to tell him if it was okay.


on Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:30 pm

Arisa walked forward step by step, watching where she was walking more than the actual location she chose for her destination. Today she felt like it was a wonderful day to check out the lighthouse. Out of all of her days here, never has she been there. Her long violet vibrant hair shined from the sun's light touch making it lilac. Her soft hands grasped onto a basket that was weaved by her own hands. It was the type that was enclosed with handles for two hands. It was big enough to carry some snacks, drinks and her book. In case she was cold she brought a shoulder cover as well. She smiled softly as her large hips swayed and her heart would beat with the rhythm of her soft humming that was rather melodic. She wore a lilac solid colored sundress with a white 5inch wide ribbon around her thin waist. For shoes she wore bamboo made sandals with a flower by the big toe on each sandal. On her head she wore a woven sunhat with a hibiscus of red that was fully bloomed. Softly she took a deep breather as she looked up at the light house, wondering on what it was like at night. Finally, as she got closer she saw someone that looked a tad familiar.

'Isn't he the one I saw at those events at the beach?' she wondered to herself softly. Her gaze of sunsets would study him to assure herself it was him. ''Greetings, stranger. Are you here to visit the light house as well?'' she spoke sweetly like soothing silk with a small foreign accent. With that she wore a genuine smile that was warming and welcoming. Hopefully this man was not in a dark guild since people from that one guild were welcomed. Arisa didn't wish to judge them, but she couldn't truly trust a dark guild neither.

#3Atlas Prime 

on Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:14 am

As Atlas looked around the front of the light house Totodile seemed to stomp a little on his shoulder trying to get his attention. "Yeah,
what is it buddy?"
he asked. Totodile would indicate to look behind him. Atlas would turn and saw a person approaching. He looked and at a distance he thought it was Miyu, because of her dress, but as she got closer he realized he was wrong. It seemed to be a girl he saw at the Blue Pegasus event. She approached him and asked if he was here to visit the lighthouse. "Yeah, I haven't visited since I got here, I'm guessing you are doing the same thing?" he asked her. He tried to rack his brain if he had seen her before but he wasn't quite sure. "I was looking around to make sure its okay to go in, don't want to get in trouble you know," he said. Atlas at the moment was not in Orchida, where he might have more leverage if he did something wrong, so he had to make sure that he didn't get in trouble for himself or for his guild. After a moment of hesitation from that he almost smacked himself in the face. "Oh, I forgot. My name is Atlas Prime and this is Totodile," he said extending his hand to her.


on Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:16 pm

Arisa looked at the stranger that was at the same height as her yet maybe a couple of inches shorter? Her gaze of sunset brown studied the man and then his hand was obviously out. It was a normal hand, what was so interesting about it? There was a mark on it as it showed the guild mark of Lamia scale. She had a familiar mark, but in a different area. She decided to get it within her mouth and under the lip part. No one would be able to see if of course unless she unfolded her lower lip to show. Slowly her hand would place on her wide hip, holding the basket while the other hand reached out towards his hand for this 'handshake' she has heard of.

Her eyes then gazed at the creature that looked familiar to a crocodile or alligator. 'What an odd creature.' she thought calmly and smiled with the hand shake, a strong grip at that. After a split second she stopped and took her hand back. ''My name is Arisa, nice to meet you as well as your companion.'' she introduced herself in her soothing soft tone that had her 'french' accent. She had no reason to really hide it and it was quite foreign to where most people wouldn't know where it came from, but it was quite alright. Her head tilted up and the arm that first did the hand shake then held her hat still. ''Mmm, I don't think they'll mind if we go up there.'' she spoke softly once more. ''Do you intend to use the door or climb from the outside with nothing to grip?'' she questioned and giggled. There was obviously a door or two somewhere so they could go up to the top.

#5Atlas Prime 

on Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:44 pm

Atlas was glad the woman took his hand to shake, it would of been quite awkward if she did not. Atlas looked at her and noticed the basket she carried, he wondered why she had it, but maybe is was similar to if he carried a pouch for something or a backpack. Tge woman soon introduced herself as Arisa. Atlas couldn't really notice it at first but he now noticed that she had an accent to her voice. He wasn't really sure where it was from, but it was different. She mentioned that she was pretty sure they wouldn't mind them going up the lighthouse and that was what Atlas originally thought but he wanted to make sure. She then asked him a sarcastic question of wondering if he might try to climb the outside of it. "I don't think that would work very well, it could work if I could fly though, but stairs seem easier," he said back. He then thought of something. "Well, since we are both here for the lighthouse, want to go up together Arisa?" he would ask her. It could be a good chance to learn more about her as well. He really had to wonder where she might be from too, but that was a question he could save while they were climbing up or once they were up there.


on Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:58 am

Her eyes gazed away as she re-thought about what she said. 'Did it sound rude?' she wondered and then re-questioned it in her head. 'Obviously. Are you stupid?' the other voice spoke in her head. She looked displeased as she heard the voice in her head speak up. Taking a deep breather she looked back at the man and let his speak before she apologized. He agreed about the whole wall thing and even asked if she wanted to join him. 'You should.' the voice spoke and her eyes then gazed up at the light tower. ''Sure, I don't mind.'' she replied softly and then gripped her basket tightly. ''Also sorry if my uhh... question earlier sounded rude. Meant it as a joke.'' she applied a 'sorry' before she would then head for the door. She walked with Atlas and then looked back at his hand, forward and went for the door. ''Lamia Scale huh? Do you enjoy it there?'' she questioned. She didn't make it obvious that she was from there as well, but she didn't want to say she was in that guild neither just yet. Arisa wanted to know how he felt about it first. Finally, they would enter the light house and step-by-step they would go to the door to a room that was about 10x10 diameter with the light structure in the middle.

#7Atlas Prime 

on Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:45 pm

Atlas was glad that the woman names Arisa seemed alright with going up the light house together. She could of said no which might of been awkward as well for him. She then apologized about her comment earlier, saying it was a joke. "Oh, I figured it was, that's what I was trying to aim with what I said too. Sadly I can't fly," he said to her. He didn't want her to feel down if it sounded like he couldn't take a joke from somebody. As they walked to the door she talked about Lamia Scale, Atlas was confused at first but them remembered his arm was showing earlier, so that would mean is tattoo would as well. "Yeah, they took me in when I was in need, so I just stuck around. And yeah, its a nice place. I have a couple good friends back at the guild. Kind of been a way for a while though," he mentioned. He wondered what guild this girl belonged too. He could figure she was from a guild though since he saw her at the Blue Pegasus beach party. After entering the lighthouse they would both climb to the top. Atlas was glad he was in good condition or he might seem weak in front of this girl if he was out of breath just from climbing. Once they reach the top he would set Totodile down. "You can play, just be careful," Atlas said to him. He would them turn back to Arisa. "Wow, isn't this amazing?" he asked her looking around the place. He would walk over to the edge and look out on the water. Since it was night out, there wasn't much to see but it would change when the light would hit it. "Have you ever been up top on one of these things?" he asked her.


on Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:30 pm

Arisa looked around while her arms dangled against her side with the gripping on her basket. The sunset of her eyes would glow with the glimmer of the light from the structure in the middle. The lighthouse was made out of unique stone, something like marble, but it was chalky. The builders did something to the chalky earth to form it like they did. Slowly her soft finger tips trailed the stone, the windows to the other side and around. Sure enough she listened to Atlas and him agreeing that he was indeed from Lamia scale. 'So perhaps an ally.' she thought calmly and cornered her eyes to him with a smile. First it looked sinister in a sexy way, but it turned sweet as she turned around to look at him, leaning against the window. ''It's nice to meet another Lamia Scale member. It's nice... Wait... Atlas.. You must be the one Maarschalk talked about that one day.'' she spoke softly yet saddened. Swiftly she turned away to look out of the lighthouse and towards the ocean. ''I'm sure it's beautiful when the light is shining on the waters. It's more beautiful when there's a rainbow out during the night and around the moon.'' she commented and finally heard his last question. 'On these?' she wondered and looked away from the window, towards the floor.

''No. This is the first time. Oddly I usually get excited about new things. I guess with different things going on, I wouldn't find amusement out of stuff like this.'' Arisa answered honestly and looked back at the water. This was a good time to ask someone about their opinion on him. Never has she gotten to speak to someone before about Maarschalk. Well, their opinion about him. ''So how do you see him? A friend? A guild member? Also... how would you describe him?'' she thought out-loud while also questioning Atlas. She just met this guy other than those events, but she felt like she should ask for future reference and maybe for her own mental goodness.

#9Atlas Prime 

on Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:52 pm

Atlas was shocked when she talked about meeting another Lamia Scale mage. This made him have two thoughts, either she is a Lamia Scale mage as well or she has met another Lamia Scale mage beside him. She them mentioned Maarschalk. Atlas still didn't know what to think of Maarschalk, sure he was strong, but that is kind of all he knew about him. He had only fought Maarschalk in the martial arts tournament and fought with Maarschalk against the unknown attacker. She then mentioned about his comment of the view, she agreed it was beautiful as well. Atlas hadn't seen a lot of beautiful things or things he thought was super nice so this would stick with him for the moment. When he asked his comment about if she had ever been in a lighthouse before she seemed to answer no, but then said she would normally find amusement for something like this, but not right now. "Is everything alright?" he asked her. He barely knew the woman but if she needed someone to talk to at the moment he was there. After Atlas asked this Totodile would still be walking around the top excited. He, noticing the mood, would approach Arisa as well to check if she was okay. Arisa then seemed to speak of something on her mind. She asked how he thought about him. Atlas was stumped for the moment before remembering that they talked about Maarschalk. He would be the common interest between them after all. "Hmm, I'm not really sure with him to be honest. I've barely spoken to him or seen him. We did a couple battles together though. One word for him is strong, the man knows how to fight," Atlas said. Atlas would stop for a moment before speaking again. "How do you know him?" he wondered. He guessed he would try and connect how they knew him. He wondered her connection to him as well to question about him.


on Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:40 pm

She listened carefully to what Atlas had to say, but firstly he did ask her if she was alright. Arisa noted that question for when he was done. While she waited she saw his small little companion appear and checked on her like a little dog who checks on people, feeling their emotion. Her hands gripped on the ledge bars that was there to grip to stare at the window. Her sunset eyes had their own shine as if there was a pair of suns in her eyes. Listening she would find out that he only knew him by some fights, particularly the tournament. 'Interesting...' she thought to herself. Her plump full lips form into a small smile while she turned so her asset was against the bars and hands gripping them tightly. Atlas questioned about how she knew him and so on. Her mind didn't even know where to start, but she just chuckled. ''Heh... I first met him randomly when I visited your guild so many months ago. After that it was the semi-finals of the same tournament. He of course won...'' she started and then looked up at Atlas with a little more of a smile. Her eyes were half-golden with the upper half being brown. ''Met him again by accident, went for some drinks and then he ran off. I guess you can say we were romantic interests, lovers maybe.. but...'' she was continuing, but turned away to look out towards the ocean. ''I don't know now. On our last date he just ran off. I suppose I said too much and scared him off.'' she ranted and let go of the bars so her arms dangled against her side. Her eyes were starting to tear-up. ''Forgive me. I don't usually cry. Oddly enough... he just got to my heart and I let it happen. I don't think I can ever get him out.'' she chuckled and dried her own tears, using the light to dry them up. ''He's an important person to me...'' she whispered. ''So uhh.. How did you meet your companion?'' she spoke, trying to change the subject. Her eyes cornered to look at this companion of his... So small and pure.

#11Atlas Prime 

on Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:28 pm

Atlas listened to her talk. She seemed to have met Maarschalk first at the guild, and then the tournament. Atlas would wait for an opportunity before speaking about that. "That's funny. Guess if I survived a couple more rounds we would of been fighting instead," he said. But it went to show that Maarschalk was strong though, since he did win the tournament. Atlas didn't know how to feel for that. He lost to the man who won, which could win him some honor back, but he lost in the first round as well. Would the outcome have been different if he didn't fight Maarschalk right away he had to wonder. Arisa then continued to talk about her relation with Maarschalk, which sounded kind of complicated too. Atlas had to think himself of the closest person to him at the moment. He had been gone for so long he had not seen Miyu in a long time. It wasn't like they were in a relationship or anything, but she was the closest person to him. After Arisa spoke all that it seemed she started to cry while apologizing about it. "Its fine, sometimes you need to let your emotions go, or they will tear you up inside," he said. Atlas remembered his past again from this talk. When his adopted father had died he tried to act tough which hurt him inside. Finally when he started to cry and mourn for him did he start to recover and feel better about himself. Arisa then seemed to try and move the conversation away to a different topic. Atlas didn't mind though, it seemed she hurt a little from this so he wouldn't press her for more. "Ah, I got Totodile from a traveling merchant. It seemed he had a little to much energy for the person. I passed by and he caught my eye and then man asked if I wanted him. I guess I got attached at the idea so I bought him. I'm glad I did. Makes traveling and other stuff less lonely," Atlas said while crouching down. Totodile, like a dog, ran over to Atlas who would stroke him. "He also helps me train and helps on requests if he can," he said to her. Atlas thought for a moment before asking her another questions. "Not to be frank or rude, but your not from here are you?" he asked her, he didn't want to sound rude on it, but was just curious of where she originated from.


on Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:35 am

It looked as if Atlas was listening to her while her eyes gazed towards him once in awhile. She was taught that eye contact was important and it could really speak a lot about someone. There was no sun in her eyes as they were plain sparkling topaz brown. Her heart was still beating fast as she thought about the time with that certain someone. Was he ever going to leave her mind? Her heart perhaps? Probably not as he was engraved in it all rather he accepted it or not. Quietly she gulped and looked at Atlas unsure of what to say so she would instead listen to him as he did with her. Weirdly he got his companion from some merchant which was odd to her. Her eyebrow lifted in curiosity and wonder. Atlas went on about how his 'friend' helps him travel, train and perhaps motivation could be another good word. A sweet smile appeared on her face as if it was motherly, bowing her head. ''Thank you for letting to rant on as such. Also... '' she paused and gripped her basket, sat down on the ground. ''Maybe I need a companion and someday meet mine.'' she spoke once more and crossed her legs, back against the wall and looked up at Atlas. ''Would either of you like a cookie, sandwich or perhaps anything to snack on?'' she questioned genuinely. If she ate and drank in front of her company, it could be seen as rude and perhaps bad company.

#13Atlas Prime 

on Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:27 am

(Don't think we put in a time of day yet, so around sunset now)

Atlas was glad it seemed Arisa was listening to him, well it seemed fair since he did listen to her. It wouldn't be right to just let her talk and have him not pay attention. Atlas stood up after petting Totodile, but he seemed to stay where he was. Atlas looked out at the sky outside and watched as the sun began to set in the sky. He always thought sunrise and sunset were a nice sight to see. As he looked out Arisa seemed to offer either one of them a snack that was in her basket. "Ah, we actually just ate before coming here, but thank you very much. That's really kind of you," he said turning around and smiling at her. Atlas again tried to turn the conversation in trying to possibly learn more about her. "So seeing as you were at the beach competition you must be in a guild. If I may wonder, what guild are you from?" he asked her. She could only be in a couple sets of guilds but Atlas heard that only Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Rune Knights, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, and oddly enough Phantom Lord were invited. He heard that light guilds were helping defend Blue Pegasus but wondered how Phantom Lord came about to help them. He would look back to the girl and wonder if she was possibly from Phantom Lord.


on Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:57 am


The man, Atlas and his companion already ate according to what he said. She wasn't sure if it was true or if he was just kindly rejecting it. Her back was somewhat hurting for leaning against the light house. A small smile was still on her full plump lips, her eyes were gazing towards Atlas and his companion as he was petting him. She wondered what it was going to be like when she had her own little friend. She wasn't always alone, but when she was, she felt like she was in a dark room of nothing but darkness.

The sun was getting more beautiful as it was setting, the gold in her eyes moved downward yet her pupils were looking straight at him. Her eyes were like sun timing as one could tell the time by looking at her eyes if they knew 'Sun Time'. ''My guild? Oh haha...'' she started to say with a giggle. ''Same guild as you, Lamia scale. Maarschalk invited me to it with certain words, belonging to his side... Jeebus Chrimminy...'' she spoke, sighed and face palmed softly. ''I can't get over it... Anyways... Yes. Your guild.'' she spoke and smiled, shaking her head trying to get the thought of him out.

#15Atlas Prime 

on Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:47 pm

Atlas was surprised when his thoughts were thrown off. He wondered if she might be from Phantom Lord but she revealed she was from Lamia Scale as well. Atlas was shocked but glad at the fact. "Oh, wow that's amazing. Really cool to meet another Lamia Scale mage that I don't know about," he said. He then remembered a fact about Lamia Scale and knew he had to question it. "I guess that would make you pretty strong if you are in Lamia Scale right?" he said. Lamia Scale mages could not refuse a fight unless the person they were fighting was way out of there league in power. But he knew that if they couldn't refuse a fight then they must have the power to back it up. Would be pretty pointless to always lose in a fight if you didn't have the power to back yourself up. Atlas looked at the girl and had to wonder what more she could offer. "So, if I may wonder, since we are apart of the same guild, what kind of magic can you use?" he said. He waited for a moment before speaking again. "I myself use vibration magic. I can energize the atoms in the air to vibrate at a very fast speed, basically making energy, just sounds a little more complex then regular energy magic though," he said to her. It wouldn't be right to try and get her to talk about her magic if he himself wouldn't reveal his.

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on Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:49 am


He acted surprised that she was from Lamia scale, but why? Was it because of her appearance? The other woman she met before, Gem, believed the same thing -- with her not really being in Lamia Scale. It made her question if she really did belong there now that her motive for being here was a little dead. It was that or maybe she just needed to find another motive. After that he questioned if she was strong, making her chuckle. ''Haha, strong? Not sure about that.. I sure you.'' she responded to it and then got up, standing on her feet after she put things away in her basket. While she was doing that, Atlas was talking about magics and what kind she had. With that he was also telling her that his magic was a vibration kind, like sound perhaps, but a little bit different.

Her gentle eyes gazed at him and his small companion and responded in exchange. ''Nothing special I suppose, just light magic. Controlling the light and using it.''. Arisa didn't want to go into full detail saying how her light magic was enchanted compared to other people's magic and the fact that she was some non-human being, a Seraphim. She heard rumors that they don't exist on the ground anymore so she felt like she should keep quiet about it for now.

#17Atlas Prime 

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:25 pm

Atlas listened to her speak saying she might not be that strong. He had to wonder if she was being humble or not. There were always different kinds of people. Some that were strong and boasted about it, and some that were strong but didn't want to tell others about it or didn't want to brag. He didn't really want to believe she was weak since she was in a strong guild. He remembered Miyu though. She was in Lamia Scale but sadly Atlas couldn't really say she was strong. She was a support style mage though, so that was also apart it. Arisa answered that her magic was light magic. "Ah, thats still pretty cool. I mean not every magic has to be super strong I guess. It is how the mage uses it, you know?" he said to her. He did wonder how she would respond to that. He looked back outside to the ocean and noticed the sun went down even more making the scene look amazing. "Wow, that is an amazing sight to see," he said. He knew they had talked about it several times already but it still blew him away. Totodile ran up to the glass on the window and pressed against it, eager to look too.


on Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:21 pm

Her ears listened to Atlas' statement after she answered his questions. While doing that, her soft fingers would twine and twirl small strands of her thick, vibrant-violet hair. She wondered perhaps if she was going too hard on herself. Maybe when a certain someone broke things off with her in his own way, she felt completely broken like a mirror. Right as she was feeling good about herself and things in life, in general. Her head looked up and go into a position to look at the sky while listening to Atlas still. The little companion on the other hand was getting in some position to look out at the sky as well. While the sun was going down, the gold in her eyes went down as well. When the sun disappeared, so did the gold in her eyes. Her eyes were like a timer of the sun, but there was no moon to appear in her eyes. ''I guess you're right... Whoever possesses it can make something that is so simple into something strong. Stronger than someone else's with the same element.'' she started to state facts. ''The sun seems to be gone now... Mmm..'' she started to mumble on about random things. ''Did you know the gold color in my eyes resembles the sky? The sun I suppose.'' she started to continue on. Arisa didn't want to act like she sees herself as special, she honestly just wants to say whatever she must to keep a certain someone from her mind.

#19Atlas Prime 

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:09 pm

It seemed Arisa agreed with his statement. It always depended on how the mage used their own magic to make it strong. Atlas had never really seen a lot of super strong magics though. Maybe there were some out there that were super over powered in a sense, but he knew that if he got stronger he could contend against them. After the sun was gone from the sky Arisa spoke again. She stated that the gold in her eyes resemble the sun. Atlas would look at her trying to catch a look at her eyes, he tried to remember meeting her earlier and remember if she had a golden look in her eyes. He never really was good at look at other peoples details. He had to really know someone to start remembering things about them. If he was able to catch her eyes he would notice though that she didn't have the gold color in her eyes. It seemed Totodile wanted to check as well because he would look up at her too. Atlas tried to think of something to continue the conversation. "So, what brought you to Hargeon?" he asked her. "We more came just wanting to check it out. Felt like we needed a change in scenery. Guess it was a good thing, since we also helped out to defend Blue Pegasus from those weird attackers," he said to her.


on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:43 pm

She stood there silently after she spoke her words. She thought of how the day went with Alisa, a certain person and Hyoen. She found out somethings that bothered her thanks to those creatures. They were mysterious because they weren't even any mythological beings she has ever heard of, but they've heard of her. Her chest pressed against the bar and window as she looked outside. The tall woman towered over and then the light started to shine from the light house. Slowly she turned and noticed that they were looking for probably the gold color in her eyes, the Orbs of the sun. She giggled and looked at them both. ''They won't obviously be there since the sun is gone. Don't you think?~'' she playfully asked with a smile. She stepped slowly towards the front-way of the light where the base ocean was. Her body was towards the huge ocean now, looking out far into the distance.

''You're so lucky to have someone always with you. Even if they aren't human-like.'' she spoke a statement, escaping from her full lips as her right hand removed bangs away from her eyes. Slowly she stood up six foot four, tall and postured straight and turned towards Atlas. ''What brought me here? Well...'' she started, rolled her eyes towards the left and chuckled. ''Ironically for Maarschalk, but look how that went, but then I got to meet new friends.'' she spoke with a motherly smile. ''Weird attacks?'' she asked surprised with her eyes more open. Finally, she stood there with her arms crossed against her stomach, wondering about these 'attackers'.

After his answer she chuckled nervously. ''I see... Well I must go Atlas, it was nice meeting you and having this talk.'' she spoke softly, turning to look at him directly and bowed her head. With that she left the area as she had to head out with this news of her own to hold.


#21Atlas Prime 

on Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:39 pm

It seemed Arisa understood what he was trying to do by looking at her eyes. He felt a little embarrassed from that turning his gaze away after she answered. "Well I guess I didn't know your eyes work like that, well that's amazing," he said. Atlas looked back towards the ocean and listened to her speak and then question about the attacks. "Oh, yeah. Some group attacked Blue Pegasus. That's all the information I was given at least. Maarschalk and defeated one, he seemed to have a strong magic so it was good we worked together," he said. After that Arisa seemed to say that she had to go. Atlas was a little shocked to realized how far the time had gone. "Nice meeting you too, hope to see you around," he said to her, letting her walk off. Atlas didn't know if he wanted to leave yet or stay. He looked towards Totodile who seemed to be looking up at him. "Well I guess we got something good out of this visit, lets head back and try to get some sleep okay?" he said out loud. Totodile nodded his head in agreement. Atlas picked him up and headed out of the lighthouse.


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