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Nora's Sheet

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Nora Deston

Personalities | Age | Gender
Nora | 20 | Female
Zeke | 27 | Male
Freya | 23 | Female
N | 16 | Male
Iris | 8 | Female

Birth Date
11th January, X765


Phantom Lord


Relationship Status


Special Characteristics
Nora Suffers from DID (Disassociate Identity Disorder) aka Multiple Personality Disorder. Often when a personality takes over, the main persona, Nora, has no control over her body, rather she is unconscious. When a personality is unconscious, they have no memories of what happened to the body during that period of time. Each personality is different from another and has specific triggers which cause it to awaken. When a persona is being switched, the previously conscious personality suffers from severe headaches. As all the personalities originated from Nora, they all have some basic features in common but overall, are different in their ways of expressing their emotions.



Nora could be generalized as someone who is rather irresponsible, or more like an unsupervised child who does whatever she wishes to without thinking of the consequences. She finds amusement in playing with other people and toying with their emotions. Nora definitely is someone who is slightly concerned about the personalities that live within her but doesn't necessarily mind as being the main persona herself, she gets to have the longest time being conscious. She typically enjoys challenges quite a lot and has a very competitive side to more. Moreover, she's quite full of herself and takes pride in her looks especially. Nora is someone who likes to get what she wants and will go through any length to do so. Some bloodbath makes no difference to her. In fact, if she were to see bloodshed happening, she would most likely stand in a corner and cheer as loud as she could for the winning party.

Nora is someone who likes to be seen in good light, even though she herself is someone who is far from being a ethically good person. Fooling people just has a beauty that she cannot describe, especially when it comes to men. She is someone who enjoys laughing at how predictable and what she calls, hilarious, humans are but once she starts finding them boring, she does not hesitate to get rid of them. In the world, she sees no one but herself and considers nobody important. Most of the time, she associates herself with others only to perhaps gain some amusement from it. She also has a knack for watching people suffer.

Nora loves being in command of the situation, especially of the situation ends up in the screams and frightful cries of other. She finds thrill in painful situations, be it her who is the one suffering, or others. The unpredictability of life is something she thrives to continue living for. She is often seen with a smile riding on her face and her gleaming crimson gaze is always sparkling in joy. When her smile disappears, then a problem arises. Unless another personality takes over, the female, when bored happens to attempt to create her own source of amusement which usually never ends well for the person she wishes to be her victim.


Intimidating. Aggressive. Dominating. These could be the words used to describe the tough, twenty-seven years old Zeke, who absolutely dislikes living within the body of female. His rough way of talking and tendency to use violence when angry (which happens quite often), gives a good insight into his character. Zeke is someone who does what he wants, rather than what a situation/person want or require him to do. He will say what he wants to say, disregarding the fact that someone else may get hurt from it. He will do what he wants to do, not caring about the outcome. He loves to fight. It gives him a rush of adrenaline and a sense of power, something which he adores. Apart from being a rough and tough, Zeke also likes to look the part. Dressing up fashionably gives him a sense of superiority because he knows he looks good, even if it's in the body of a woman. He has the constant desire to prove that he is better than everyone.

Zeke is someone who likes challenges. He will willingly and confidently accept any challenge thrown his way and will challenge people unnecessarily. His attitude is quite intimidating as it can often scares people and he uses that to his advantage, plus it provides him pleaseure. He loves to see people fear him and cower before him. Anger seems to be his best ally and when under the control of rage, he is capable of mercilessly killing people without having any regrets. Brutality is a part of him, he sticks to it as much as latches onto violence.

In battle, he is merciless and ruthless. He will do whatever he can to win; he will kill countless people. He usually prefers to not hurt women or children unless they are the ones who irritate him first, not because he's nice but simply because he finds them too weak to waste his time on it. Zeke enjoys using his hands and weapons in combat, if fact, he is partially the reason for Nora's slightly tough built. He is considered to be the most troublesome personality as he is a persona that wants to take Nora's place and become the owner of the personalities so that he gets more time to be conscious. He is rather sensitive when Nora is hurt or angry and makes an appearance, thinking that Nora is weak and he'll be able to handle those emotions better. Her anger and pain are the trigger to his consciousness.


Freya could easily be described as someone who is sexually active. She is often quite open about what she wants and desires which happen to be two simple things; pleasure and money. Her time often passes in clubs, drinking and smoking or spending some leisure time with any and everyone she finds attractive. When it comes to partners, gender makes no difference to her, as long as she is happy by the end of the day. Freya considers herself to be a heartthrob who is loved by people and does not hesitate to break their hearts. She herself thinks that Nora is quite beautiful, hence thinking of it as her own body, makes content use of it. She's a seductress who knows what she wants, and how to get it. Shame and pride mean absolutely nothing to her.

She doesn't stick around the same person for too long; maybe no more than one night. If however, that person has power, she will stick to them and leech off of them. All the times that she's been conscious in Nora's body has given her the ability to fake her attitude to please people and get their attention, which happens to be something she lives for. Freya is often what Nora would call something along the lines of a succubus or a gold digger but it doesn't matter because those words describe her perfectly. As someone who usually isn't accepted into society, not only because of her attitude towards things but also because she is often considered a mutation, she has developed a resistance to people's harsh words. Sarcasm has instead, become her favorite ally. She doesn't care about people's feelings and casually throws insults at them. Unlike Nora, she has no interest in being seen in good light; she just does whatever she wants.

Of course however, she too sometimes gets affected by words. Freya created a rule for herself to never love people, but to never hate them either. The former she keeps intact, but the hate sometimes manages to escape and when it does, it's never nice. She's someone who could be called a typical sadist. She isn't straightforwardly violent or direct with her words, but instead prefers the slow and painful way of teaching others a lesson. Although she tries not to, it usually ends up that way but she's doesn't really mind. Rather, she finds is too joyful.


N happens to be the epitome of mystery. He is the only personality that causes no trouble, neither does he leave behind any sort of clue that gives an insight into his character. N has teal eyes which are masked with thick rimmed glasses. He is often found moving sitting quietly in a corner with a book that he reads. His personality can be classified as anti-social and pessimistic. He sees nothing positive in life and does not mind the idea of death; he rather likes it, be it himself or others. It's more like he idolizes the idea of death, which is also why, he may occasionally kill or watch people die before him simply because he finds it quite amazing. He has the tendency to appear when Nora feels rather pessimistic so that he takes in that negativity and controls it. N can appear at any time but during such moments, he usually appears to take in the pessimism instead of Nora as he knows how to be in control over his emotions so he won't react strongly.

He rarely ever speaks and often never replies when communicated with. Sitting with a blank expression, he prefers to be alone all the time. He dislikes human contact and communication. He hates the idea of even being in the presence of other creatures. N happens to be very different from usual teenage boys; he hates everything that humans like. It could even be said that he thinks that he's better than everyone else and that they're not worthy of his time or attention. Every time he encounters one, he tries not to hide his disgust and either completely ignores them or looks at them as though they're worthless beings who don't deserve a place in this world. N has brilliant brain. Although he dislikes violence when he himself is involved and is rather weak when it comes to physical combat, he can use his brains to come up with strategies to execute a simple battle.


Innocence. A word used to describe those who have lived a simple life with pure intentions; those who have unconsciously distanced themselves from the firm hold of darkness. Iris is a harmless young child with an innocent yet simple mindset, well at least, that's what she thinks. She expects nothing much from life, except fun. Her slight obsession with this word and the feeling of joy it offers her is rather beautiful. Her wish is simple, to live her life while having fun. She wants to play, whether it is with toys or with others, she loves the idea of 'playing'; the idea that brings a smile onto her face. It is extremely easy to frighten the child for an eight-year old can barely protect herself despite being in a body of someone who is much older and much stronger.

Despite how innocent and naive she may appear to be, one of her favorite hobbies happens to be terrorizing people, which she considers 'playing'. She just finds it so funny and gleeful when people scream in pain and terror. Her favorite object besides her teddy bears happen to sharp objects, especially scissors which she often hides within the body of her stuffed animals. The sight of blood is something she finds pretty and can often be found harming others just to see some red blood and play with it alongside frightened people. In fact, what makes her enjoy her so called hobbies even more is when she sings your usual children's rhymes. Iris herself, does not see this as something wrong but instead, as something quite normal as she happens to be the only personality who doesn't know that there are other personalities that live within her body too.

Iris is a hurricane of emotions who often feels angry due to mild things such as someone refusing to play with her and it is during this period of rage that she screams and yells, even retorts to her favorite violent strategies. She likes them so much that she too tried to cut herself thinking it would be fun but ended up crying because she felt pain. The reason she enjoys hurting people is because she genuinely believes that adults don't feel pain at all and cannot wait to grow up so she too, can become immune to pain.

Iris is a personality that usually surfaces when Nora suffers from extreme stress or feels tremendous rage. Iris, being a young and rather simple personality, does not hold grudges. She does not remain sad for long and instead converts that rage into happiness for she can, within moments, go from tears to laughs.






On her back, in dark red.

With a curvy body, Nora stands at an average height of 160 centimeters. She has long, slick black hair that extend till her thighs. Short strands fall onto her pale forehead in the form of bangs. Her eyes are relatively large, clearly portraying the color of her irises. Nora has a thin, heart shaped face that that makes her plump pink lips stand out. She is often seen clad in a short skirt, paired with translucent stockings and a simple shirt that highlights her features quite a lot.



X768, a prosperous year where the world appeared to be at the brim of fortune. Nobles and the rich roamed around clad in elegant clothing and all the words that rolled of the tongues of people were laced with politeness and courtesy. Happiness and tranquility lingered in the air as the people enjoyed themselves with liquor and delicious delicacies. It was as if the world knew of no problems, but rather, only of peace and joy.However, beneath this alluring facade laid the haunting truth that ruined the lives of many unfortunate souls who weren't born into rich or even middle-class families and were sold by the blessed into the territory of slavery. Among these unfortunate souls was a young girl who was named Nora Deston who was born into a small, happy family who had enough money to survive. Unfortunately, their downfall arrived as the man and his wife fell into a debt and ended up on the streets. Life became tougher, especially with a child in their arms as they went around, living the lives of beggars who were pathetically beaten up for not repaying the money that was impossible for them to repay. The misery of life drove them to committing the inhumane sin of developing a hatred for their own flesh and blood and upon her usual cries of hunger and despair. Alas, they seeked the only option that was available to them and that was to sell their own daughter to the hands of vicious monsters for the sake of a few pennies that they believed would satisfy their starvation. Much to their dismay, upon the selling of their daughter, the only payment they received was crude treatment of ongoing torture as the man and his wife became playthings for the servants of the rich. Death was not far behind as it waited for them to lay it's divine punishment upon them. From then, began the young girl's life in dark towers, wearing torn up clothes and being surrounded by dejected people. Growing up, never had she ever known what it meant to have fun as the only thing that she knew was how to work.


Misfortune seemed to wrap around her neck tighter as the days past but unbeknown to her was the fact that she would indeed be rescued, or so was thought. Spending her days crumbling over the idea of wanting to go out into the world and receive some amusement, the 9 years old Nora was more or less mesmerized upon the sight of a rich individual that appeared to check up on the progress of the work being done within her assigned location. It seemed as if the young, handsome blonde man who went by the name of Donovan, too had taken a liking to the young girl as he was enraptured by the beauty of the young girl with shine black hair and glistening crimson eyes and often walked up to her to praise her for all the hard work that was done by such a youngster. He pampered her, wanting her to grow older so she could become a young and beautiful woman who fulfilled his every deep and dark desire and hence, he began manipulating her. Being constantly told that she was better than those worthless humans that she was grouped with had, alas, reached to her head. Arrogance became her ally and so did the constant desire to prove to everyone that she was indeed, stronger and better than them. Her demeanor began changing into a rough one as she often found herself falling unconscious, only to wake up later with a bruised body and with even more bruised bodies that laid around her. She knew not then that her arrogance had given birth to a fragrant of her own being, a fragrant named Zeke.


It wasn't long until she was completely isolated from everyone around her. In fact, she often fell victim to assaults and harsh words which would once again awaken her hidden personality morphed from anger and arrogance. Time passed as the only time the conscious Nora found herself happy was whenever that corrupted man hiding behind the beautiful facade arrived to her aid. Before she knew it, she had turned ten years old, which in the eyes of Donovan was considered old enough for him entertainment and so he took her away from that horrid place. She was naive and happy, as she assumed that she would be going to a better place but if only she knew that she was possibly going to live the most miserable years of her life. He took her to a big mansion, provided her with beautiful clothes and showered her with servants and jewelry. To a naive child like her who grew up in the midst of brutality, this was the equivalent to heaven. Donovan talked to her and often taught her things, forcing and manipulating her to be more mature than her age called for. However, Nora thought that was normal. She often explored through the library that was a part of his magnificent house and the only thing there that attracted her attention was the romantic stories that she often heard the servants gushing on about. It was only a matter of time before she assumed that she was in love with the man who had rescued her. Little did she know that she was falling straight into his trap; she was too far gone into these feelings of love. It was one fine day that she stumbled upon an unopened door which she curiously opened and the sight before her was shocking. Women and young girls beaten up and tied in a room, either dead or on the verge of death. It took a few days for her to find out that they were all in fact, the man's playthings. However, instead of hating him, she felt jealousy seep through her. Her mind was already messed up. In fact, it was this insanity which gave birth to her sick and twisted thoughts. In the depths of jealousy, she found herself wanting to hurt anyone the man had laid his hands on and so she did, mercilessly. For such a young girl, she found herself enjoying the pain of others as they screamed and begged for mercy. Nora too wanted to look beautiful for Donovan. Her constant desire to be loved by him and gain his attention became the forming factor of Freya. She often found herself falling unconscious, a lot more often than before. Others though, found her becoming bolder as she would openly express her feelings with sincerity and a hint of seductiveness.


Nora knew that Donovan favored her a lot. She began wanting to enjoy more books and spent her free time in the library, while looking done on the other female servants. She ordered them around and acted like she was god. She thought that she was better than those worthless human beings simply because of the fact that she was smitten by the manipulative words of the man. She was too deep into the abyss of darkness to walk out of there. Nora found herself, sometimes wanting to be alone, away from everyone. It wasn't because she wanted some time to herself, but simply because she started disliking anyone except Donovan. She thought of herself as someone much more superior and often resorted to using the servants as her play things. However, there was only so much power that a 11 years old child had. Her attitude was eventually rebelled against and she found people raising their voices against her. Not only did that fuel her uncanny hatred towards them but also infuriated her because in her eyes, she was no greater than God. The only person she found superior to herself was the blond man who began noticing the changes in her and liking it quite a lot. He wasted no time to make his move on Nora, only to be unaware that it was in fact Freya who fulfilled his desires. She of course, knew how to use his affection and favoritism as she asked him to order the execution of those who opposed her and with a wicked smile, he wasted no time in doing so. He found that she was becoming similar to himself. He saw different faces of her and loved it. His sick and twisted mentality made him think about how much fun he would have fooling her and using her for is own selfish purposes. After the massacre of the bold servants, the others began fearing the child to an extent, not even lifting a finger against her. She too became more engrossed in her selfish and sick ideology which eventually fractioned out into N. She thought of herself as someone too great to waste her precious time on those worthless beings.


She stuck together with the man, thinking of her love for him as the chain that binds them together. It was often that she stumbled upon other 12 year old children and found them playing, wearing childish and cute dresses while she was often clad in either skimpy outfits or heavy gowns. She saw them playing with one another, laughing and crying as they fell and ran only to get up again to continue what they were doing. They didn't seem to mind getting their clothes dirty and proceeded to have fun. Nora did once walk up to them and was told that playing was 'Fun' but when she ordered them to play with her, threatening them, she found herself isolated once again. Unlike adults, they cried and ran away rather than cowered before her. This made her think that maybe when people become adults, they don't feel pain or cry anymore. Nora didn't know what having fun meant until she witnessed Donovan killing people so brutally after torturing them with sharp objects. She felt a rush of adrenaline from it and when she had asked why he did it, she was told that it was in fact, fun. A 12 years old child such as herself assumed that this was what it meant to play. It was only a matter of time before her desire to play and have fun became uncontrollable. She couldn't help herself for she was only a young child but she knew that the man she loved wouldn't want that. She suppressed her urges or so she thought as she morphed into the green-eyed Iris who lived for the sole purpose of playing and entertaining herself. Her first victims became children who refused to play with her, angering her as she found a sharp object and without hesitation, proceeded to kill. She begged for stuffed toys and she received them. She begged for sharp tools and that too she received. Nora, or rather Iris, found herself singing the children's songs as she did what she was taught was the definition of fun. Donovan thoroughly enjoyed the different scenarios Nora presented to him so as a reward, he wished to use her once again. Unknown to him was the fact that Iris had taken over her. She wanted to play, and he did too so he arrogantly took her to an alleyway to have his way with her only to let out screams moments later as the child proceeded to rip him apart with a smile on her face. He received a well-deserved death but when Nora awoke, she no longer saw her loved one anywhere. It was as if he had disappeared. Her new goal in life became clear; to find a man who was already dead, killed by a fragment of her own personality.

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Magic Name
Chains of Abyss

Magic Element

Magic Description
Chains of Abyss is a magic that allows the user to control the movement of chains that are created. They usually escape from the user's body and with free control, allow the user to use supplementary and to some extent, offensive and defensive spells too. The way it is used is solely reliant upon the user although this magic is mainly used for the purpose of capturing and tying down opponents. The chains are usually all the same in shape and size, however their movement mid-air is controlled by the wielder. They often appear to be bright sliver and are made out of the magical energy of the user.




















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Interrogation Tactics | Solo | Strength (+1)









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