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The Lighthouse [Selena][Kon]

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#1Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:23 am

Kon had never been for neither smoking nor the ocean, however there he was standing on the top of the Hargeon Lighthouse looking out at the ocean and the dozens of ships that were both leaving and entering the harbour of the town to which the lighthouse was associated with. He had only recently started smoking to help relieve his unbearable loneliness having lost one of his closest friends or more specifically lost contact with her to the point in which she seems lost to him. For now, however, he would have to push through the pain, with a sigh he took one more hit of his cigarette causing the members of it to flare slightly before slamming it out onto the rusting metal barrier that prevented people from falling off the peak of the lighthouse. With the harsh wind flowing through him and removing all of his warmth he returned back into the lighthouse interior to speak with the Lighthouse keeper along with anyone who was there. The Lighthouse interior itself was fairly small and plain with the odd personal effect here or there like a photo of the keeper and his son on the table close to the lamp itself.

#2Selena Maelstrom 

Default on Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:24 pm

It was getting dark in the harbor town yet it was more alive than ever. The city was brightly lit, especially the docks. More and more ships were beginning to anchor at the docs as their cargo was emptied. Selena walked along the docs, her arms folded to keep any heat in her body. She knew that her body couldn't produce any heat, however the strong wind that blew threw her made her want to stop her body from getting colder. Selena had came to Hargeon hoping to meet up with her cousin, but no matter how hard she looked she could not be found. A deep pit grew inside Selena's stomach whenever she thought about the possibilities of where he cousin could be. Selena rarely slept, being too bust thinking of her cousin and as a result took to the streets to do something rather than lying in bed doing nothing. Before she knew it, Selena's feet carried her to the local lighthouse of Hargeon. Sighing lightly, her breath visible on the cold night's air she began to walk up the stairs, what harm could looking out at the sea do? As she neared the top the smell of tobacco became more poignant. As she reached the top she realized someone else was there, enjoying the scenery of the sea. Little did Selena know that she knew this person the only difference was that the man had changed in more ways than she would even be allowed to remember.

#3Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:01 pm

The interior of the lighthouses upper section while small was surprisingly comfortable, he had been granted the use of the couch which he didn’t know how it had got there was placed in the middle of the room with a moderate sized table in front of it. Reclining back on one side of the couch with his right leg over his left he read a book while having a clear view of the entry. The sound of footsteps grew more and more though he could tell they were not of the lighthouse keepers nor even a man due to the tone to which they created. Interested to see who it was, he placed down the book and prepared himself to defend both himself and the lighthouse itself. At most he would be able to use his staff or summon his rats as his angels would destroy the place but it would likely be sufficient if it was needed.

Grabbing his staff that he had left inside leaning against the aforementioned table and rising to his feet, he maintained his focus on the door while aiming his staff directly at the height of the average person’s neck would be. Eventually the footsteps came to and end with the door opening instead and who was to appear much to his surprise, Selena. He hadn’t seen her for probably over 6 months?, Shocked at her return, he lowered his staff slightly. “Selena is that you?”

#4Selena Maelstrom 

Default on Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:25 pm

Selena was somewhat taken aback to see a long wooden pole being pointed at her, aimed at her neck. The man in front of her seemed cold, distant and above all annoyed. His face softened once his eyes lay on Selena to actually take in her appearance. Selena was wearing her usual lancer gear and had her hair, longer than Konstantin would have remembered it in a ponytail. As he spoke his voice matched the man's appearance. It was slightly rough, gravely almost yet had a twinge of care. It was almost as if he was talking to himself more than Selena. Selena looked somewhat puzzled, even the soul of the Slime within her body was taken aback. Selena had no memory of this man yet he knew her. "Yeah... how did you know?" Selena asked a little skeptical. The man had lowered his guard, but her own was more alert than ever. Selena glanced around the war. The place seemed almost eligible to live in. Could this man be living here?

As Selena's mind began to race of all the possible scenarios, within her own soul the Slime would ponder on who this strange man could be. Scoring through the memories of Selena showed nothing, not even the slightest clue as to this stranger was. The one thing Selena and the Slime knew was that they would be prepared to fight at a moment's notice.

#5Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:59 pm

Things were certainly odd, it seemed that Selena had no memory of them despite the two of them having met on multiple times and him even considering her a friend at one point. "How can I resolve this issue?" He thought to himself, going over past events with her he recalled she was one to quickly jump into a conflict which he hoped he could avoid. "We were comrades, friends within the Rune Knights, your cousin is Alice Baskerville, I'm her boyfriend, Kon, I don't mean to harm you in any way." Lowering his staff further he continued. "We last saw each-other on poor terms however I think we can recover or reestablish this relationship we have been one another as comrades, though I will not be able to do so in an official capacity as I am no longer a member of the Rune Knights myself." Slightly confused himself, he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Now this is an odd place for both of us to be at such a time, why are you here?, I'm here because the Lighthouse keeper is sick and needs someone to look after both him and the lighthouse as he recovers, but you, however, are you lost?"

#6Selena Maelstrom 

Default on Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:23 pm

Selena tensed up more as the man spoke. She couldn't help but feel more and more agitated as he spoke. If they were comrades why hadn't he looked for her? Over some fight they had beforehand? They must not have been close comrades but as who was to blame, Selena chose to blame him. What truly caused Selena to grind her teeth was that he mentioned Alice, and that they were in a relationship. Selena could not comprehend this statement. All she could think was that Kon, as he introduced himself as was lying. It was the anger, the lack of sleep, the frustration of loosing her cousin that made Selena believe all of this. Something that the Slime gripped onto. Before Selena knew it she was dragged into the depth of her subconscious as the soul of slime had taken over her body once more, although not visibly.

The tense aura Selena was exerting had all but vanished. Her stance had lowered, now far more casual, as her mouth loosened into a smile. "I see." Selena spoke softly, unlike how she had done so only a moment ago. Now that the Slime was in control she was going to be having some fun with Kon. The Slime had read through all of Selena's memories regarding Konstantin, including their little falling out. Now coupled with Selena's current rage the Slime bared the full extent of her grudge against this man, however she would not show it. leaving he hands swinging by her side as she walked up to him, still a soft smile on her lips. "Couldn't sleep..." Selena began as she walked around the room looking at the various pictures and analyzing the furniture. She would be sure not to lie, she could tell that since they had last met Kon had become far more experienced, so it was best not to poke the dragon. "So instead of lying awake doing nothing I went for a walk and I ended up hear." She finished as she came to the couch and sat on the armrest of it. "Speaking of Alice have you seen her? I've been trying to get in contact with her but haven't heard anything from her. You as her boyfriend must surely know?" She would ask in a genuine sort of way. Selena remained with the same smile but behind it the slime was full of malicious intent. She could piece together that he had not met with her either, given how rough he looked and due to not being with her now. The Slime also recalled that Konstanting never smoked yet wreaked of tobacco and by the few cigarette butts outside she could tell he had been brooding for a while. The Slime was planing on having a little fun with Konstantin this fine night. The Wind blew hard against the sea, causing loud crashes of waves to be hard as clouds rolled in off the horizon and it began to drizzle.

#7Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:11 pm

Clearly there was something wrong with his former friend having lost all memory of him significant due to the sheer time that they had spent together, in saying that of course he listened as Selena seemed to change as he commented with her emotions being shown as clear as day. His ability to identify whether someone was lying was interesting to say the least if not hard to gauge as she responded to his questioning telling him simply she couldn’t sleep before expanding upon it. It was odd taking a walk in such a climate as this something he wouldn’t be able to tolerate personal although he wouldn’t comment on it at least for now. The most unfortunate thing however from their discussion as least for now seemed to be Selena’s own lack of contact with Alice informing him of her inability to contact her while questioning him about his own interactions with her. It was hard to the blonde haired mage to explain the circumstances of their last encounter as it seemed so long ago but he would try nonetheless. “I haven’t spoke to Alice in awhile, the last time I heard she was here in Hargeon town defending against Grimoire Heart for the Blue Pegasus, since then things have gone silent from her, I have become increasing concerned due to nature of Grimoire Heart, hopefully she’s just lost or been looked after by my people.”

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#8Selena Maelstrom 

Default on Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:17 am

Selena gazed at Kon, Her sapphire like eyes staring deep into his. As he spoke about Alice the feeling inside Selena worsened. "Yes, actually we were meant to meet each other here to discuss what to do about the problem, and of course meeting other rune knights to formulate a plan,
but Alice was no where to be seen."
Selena said, her eyes shifting to the dirty ground of the lighthouse. While on the arm chair's armrest she crossed on leg over the other as if do be doing something. Selena, or rather the Slime knew what she wanted to do, but some theatrics were required to keep Kon on the hook. "I won't lie to you Kon, that's partially why I can't sleep. I'm too worried, as a knight I should have been there for her." Selena spoke, her voice becoming shakier with every word. "I understand why you didn't come now, since you are no longer a knight. But why did you leave?" Selena asked, looking up now, her eyes sparkling with the begging of tears. Both Selena and the Slime were more than curious to find out why Kon had left the Rune Knights. A small part of resentment rose inside Selena, blaming Kon for this. "If he had stayed Alice would be safe, what Kind of boyfriend was he?!" She thought. The Slime was sure to keep those feelings in check as to reveal them now would spoil the fun. As far as Selena acted she did not show any other signs of internal conflict but more so focusing on the conversation at hand.

#9Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:47 am

Apparently the relationship between Alice and Selena was significantly closer than the average cousin, though he wouldn’t mention it due to his own with LeeAnn. He noticed that Selena spoke of a problem and the need to establish a plan to resolve it. Curious about what this problem was and what the plan involved he interjected as she crossed her legs. “Pardon, Problem?, what sort of problem?, Also a plan? A plan to take out Grimoire Heart perhaps?” It was clear however that Selena was distracted during their conversation and revealed in fact that she too was worried about her specifically because she was a knight which was only really half-true as the more significant thing between them had been their familial bond as cousins. Choosing not to question her on that part and recognising that she was more friend and foe he returned to his couch albeit clutching his staff between the gap of his right arm and armpit. What followed however cut him deeply as she in part insult his very core questioning him about why he left to begin with. Shame drew upon him as he recalled the last time he spoke with Alice. “It’s complicated Selena, both Alice and I had different duties at the time I was still a knight at the time if i’m remember correctly, we had been assigned to different locations and since then I’ve been looking for her without success.”

#10Selena Maelstrom 

Default on Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:03 am

"The problem being Grimwore heart yes." Selena answered. "Well yes of course we needed a plan. Alice and I planned to meet in Hargeon as soon as possible once were given word. But she had just been promoted to Lieutenant so she had to meet me there. We had organised to randevu at the Harbor, but she never showed up..." Selena's voice trailed off as she gave her reply. The more they talked about their last moments seeing Alice the more anxious she became.

It did not help matter once Kon had mentioned how he hadn't seen her since he was relocated. Selena couldn't help but smile as she rubbed her eyes. So he cared enough for her cousin as to leave the knights? That was her understanding of the comment anyway. At the same time however a bubbling jealousy or rather anger brewed within her heart. He had gone to such lengths to find Alice, a former thief, but when his comrade had gone missing he didn't do anything due to the terms they left on. Despite her best efforts the question came out. "So why didn't you try looking for me?" Selena would ask, moving her head to look at Kon who was now seated beside her, his stick under his arm. For a brief moment the Slime recalled the walking stick her used when their team had met together for their first real outing, but this one was different, more regal in a sense. It was not a walking aid that was for sure. Keeping up her guard somewhat Selena waited for Kon's reply, gazing at him with her eyes of azure, sadder than they had been since they had known each other.

#11Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Sat Sep 30, 2017 5:34 am

His guesses appeared to be correct on both parts, it seemed that Grimoire Heart had been a complete blight towards Fiore, listening about how they were going to establish a plan in Hargeon of course things had clearly not gone to as they wanted with them never meeting up. Wanting to ensure the wellbeing of Selena, he responded to her reply. “While Alice is not here I still am, though I’m not a Rune Knight anymore I am willing to help destroy Grimoire Heart if needed.” Unfortunately however there was something wrong with what he said as well, with her questioning him about his lack of concern towards her absence. The harsh truth of the matter was that he had known Alice for almost a year and seen her regularly during that period, meanwhile he had only interacted with Selena very briefly just has he had with many other Rune Knights who seemingly disappeared as just as soon as she did. As a rather callous individual he shrugged at the question. “To be honest we were more estranged colleagues so it would have likely not been my place, had Alice requested my assistance in finding you though I would have gladly helped her.”

#12Selena Maelstrom 

Default on Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:56 am

It seem Kon's love for Alice had far exceeded Selena's expectations. Not only did he want to destroy the guild for their possible attack against his girlfriend, Selena felt a distinct tone of confidence in his voice, as if he could do such a feat. Even while Sitting there The beast within her realized that Kon was not as weak as he once was, he didn't even resemble the old Konstantin at all.

Selena nor the Slime could dwell on Kon's greater power for too long as he had answered her other question she asked. His blunt answer wounded both Selena and the Slime. His voice although tried to carry across a hint of sympathy Selena found it ultimately uncaring. As if to mock Selena of their old relationship as colleagues he said he would have only helped if Alice had asked him to. "I see. I take it she's the dominant one in the relationship?" Selena would ask with a somewhat weary smile as if trying to find some humor in this situation. Sighing lightly Selena slouched onto the couch itself from the armrest. The drizzle outside the lighthouse soon turned to Harsh rain the further they talked.

Now on the couch, sitting beside Kon Selena would slouch down to rest her head on his shoulder. "I don't know what I can do without her...." Selena began taking a shaky breath in. The Slime made sure to choose her words carefully for Selena. "She's the one who got me back and helped me back on my feet again, back to having some sense of belonging again." Reminiscing of how they had met back in Era Selena's eyes were building up with tears again. Once she was finished speaking thunder would crack outside. A storm was beginning to brew.

#13Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:54 am

It seemed that his blunt comments were taking to heart far more than intended though Selena did at the same time attempt to lighten the mood by questioning the roles within his relationship with Alice. Wanting to illustrate that he was the one who wore the pants in it he responded with her joke perhaps too seriously. “Look, Selena, while I’ll take my time out of my day for her don’t mistake it for some submissive reason heck I could take her down quite easily if I wanted to, I’ve changed since I’ve left the Rune Knights should be pretty obvious considering even just the way I look.” His cat ears twitching to represent just how he had changed physically albeit it in a way that he didn’t enjoy. Disgruntled at worsening weather due to his pleasure over water he looked outside with a slight grimace. Selena went on to open up, however, revealing an intimate no vulnerable side to him that he had not seen before, Alice apparently had been helping her in someway though it was unclear as to how wanting to how more he merely prodded her with a simple question. “Oh, what happened? it’s clear that something shook you enough to not to even remember who I was.”

#14Selena Maelstrom 

Default on Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:52 pm

Selena's lips curled into a soft smile. Kon was still as power hungry as ever. The Slime found it funny how he wanted to put their little dispute behind them when he had changed still little. He didn't even apologise nor did he seem keen on changing. Even Selena didn't feel very comfortable with his answer. "Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it." Selena said simply. To have such a strong reaction did not bode well.

After opening up and telling Kon of her amnesia, he had pounced on the opportunity to learn more, just as the Slime had thought. "To be fair you look totally different - Well anyway some months back, after the last Grimwore Attack in Era, well that's just it I don't remember. I woke up outside the auction house where a bomb was placed, but with no memory of anything that had happened. It was like my mind was wiped clean of everything that had happened prior to the attack." She began. As the storm raged on Selena noticed Kon tense up. What's more was the top of his head was twitching, reminding her of Alice. "Wait are you a Neko too?" Selena asked in mild surprise. So he was tense due to the heavy rain. Selena kept this in mind. So if she used his magic he would be at a rather large disadvantage. Good to know.

#15Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:16 am

Selena seemed to recognise that she had hit a soft spot for him and promptly apologised for it after he pointed it out to her. While looking out to the ever worsening weather she recalled a tale of how she had woken up outside of a building that Grimoire had attacked in Era town without any of her past memories. It was peculiar to say the least how she could so vividly explain the situation just after the event that likely caused it, while he wanted to help his former comrade for now at least he would hold his tongue as she questioned him regarding his change of race particularly whether or not he was a Neko. Seeing no need to lie, he merely nodded a few time times before offering his help, “Yeah I’m a Neko I guess it’s pretty obvious with these cat ears and your familiarity with LeeAnn, hmm anyway I think I might be able to help you regain your memories if you like can’t promise anything of course but there’s no harm in trying.” Should Selena take his offer he was stretch out his right hand and place his fingers from her temple down to her jawline and release magic directly into her guided with careful precision had she declined he would understand and back off on the issue entirely.

#16Selena Maelstrom 

Default on Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:49 am

As Selena mentioned Kon's race he shrugged it off as if changing it was no big deal. The Slime thought the same since two other people had done the same, Alice and as Kon mentioned Leeann. The Slime wondered what happened to the girl and her kitsune husband Hans. A mystery for another day. Selena nor the Slime had much time to dwell on this as Kon suggested something. He wanted to help Selena get her memories back and was able to. Selena was eager for this however the Slime thought differently. Perhaps she could manipulate it in her favor...

Selena nodded and allowed kon to place his fingers on her temples as mana began to flow into her. Selena's soul was bathed with a golden light that seemed to radiate the most pure energy she had ever felt. The Slime was having trouble containing it all as she allowed some memories to float back to Selena. The memories released would Hit Selena like a ton of bricks, causing her to flinch and ultimately break the connection between her and Kon. Selena held her head in her hands, a searing pain radiating throughout her brain. Memories of a warm caring woman and a doting man entered her head. Her childhood memories had returned to her, that is to say the pleasant ones. Selena did not speak as she began to remember and only held her head, panting slowly.

#17Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:57 am

The process was interesting to stay the least, to be perfectly honest he hadn't even done something like that before, nor did he think he'd do it again anytime soon. Wanting to ensure that Selena had some time to think by herself, he would let her be. Evidently, from her behaviour, she was disorientated on wanting to disturb her in the slightest and seeking to separate himself from the other Nekos that Selena had encountered in the past, he left her side and made his way outside as he did so, he spoke in a rather neutral fashion despite the weather he was about to enter. "It was good seeing you again Selena, perhaps we will see each-other soon once more until then I'll leave you be to recover from what has just transpired." Leaving the Lighthouse interior he was no-longer shielded from the hazardous weather outside, the wind cut through him removing most of the warmth he had retained inside with the lighthouse only having the stairs to go back down he was left with only one option, freefalling. He wasn't inherently scared of heights because of this he actively welcomed the new experience, so walking over to the edge of the walkway he hopped over the railing while grabbing it with both hands before standing on the unprotected portion of the walkway.

Taking one deep long breathe, he closed his eyes and then pushed off from the walkway and began to fall straight down, swiftly he opened his eyes once more to reveal what he was going to hit, unsurprisingly it was something very hard and very sharp, wanting to forgo potential injuries, he rose his hand up causing Seraphiel to appear just in below him. As Seraphiel was mid-flight, Kon swiftly struck the summon jointing him slightly wanting to ensure he wasn't noticed too much, Seraphiel swiftly landed before decasting as Kon slid off it. Patting himself down he left the lighthouse area to return to the town with an appropriate pace considering the weather.


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