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A Journey For New Seights.(Open)

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on Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:39 pm

This seemed more or a journey of the mind and thoughts that always followed Judina like ghost haunting some one in a house, A light house was in view and Judina had an idea to walk over and stand on the rocks to view the water.

It was the one of the few things Judina and her father had in common that she remembered, Since Judina had not done much with him since he just chose to work and spend his time on the road, The roam life made sense to her this way but what all else she had to be use too Judina was unsure to her own thoughts of for many things lingered with in her mind.

Judina walking along to the path on the small dock to the light house, Her thoughts carried with her this trip, Why and where did this anger she left to control come from? This question was stuck into her mind along a few others but most of them she wouldn't speak outwardly really it was not super important.

The blowing wind seemed to slightly help ease her mind, along with the sounds of the moving waves, Nature and its sounds were like something of a soothing effect, Reminding her how she use to sleep to the sound of her mother's almost angelic singing voice use to put her and her brothers to sleep with in the matter of ten minutes, But times were different then.

Waylon was out wandering alone hopefully safe, Regis was danger locked behind hoping it is never open or touched left behind a mock cell for as long as either the door could handle or if some one else opened it. With the various thoughts still stuck on her mind Judina could see the light house was not much farther away, It wouldn't be long to reach it.

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