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Orchidia to Magnolia [Train Travel | Yumi]

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Default on Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:04 pm

Yumi sailed through the airs of Orchidia, using a pair of one point five meter long wings to soar through the open skies. Yumi could feel the wind in her hair as she sailed towards the Orchidia Train Station. Yumi rarely used trains preferring to keep to herself when she travelled, but Yumi was looking to return to Hargeon through the fastest means possible. The demon could have flown straight to Hargeon but it wouldn't be as fast as travelling to Orchidia by using the train stations. By going from Orchidia to Magnolia using a train than flying straight to Hargeon from Magnolia Yumi could effectively cut her travel time in half.

The snow-white beauty looked up, her crimson hues twinkling like stars as she spotted the train station just up ahead. Yumi flew down swooping in towards the station, landing outside her wings folded up n her back and dispersed as she cancelled out the spell. Yumi walked into the station and approached the ticket booth purchasing a ticket to Magnolia. Yumi went over to the train showing the ticket to the conductor and walked into the cabin. Looking around Yumi spotted her seat and sat down waiting patiently for the train to move.


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