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Rune Knights for a Day [Mission/Selena]

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on Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:07 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
Leon took another mission with another Rune Knight that was on her way to Hargeon. Another officer said it was perhaps a good thing he gotten to know other Rune Knights. Since he got hired by Nicolas Nakamura, LeeAnn's father, to find his missing daugther. The Twin of LeeAnn, Gala, did not like Leon at all thinking he did something with his sister. How could he explain all of this information tht he strangely just knew about her? The memories that he recieving when ever he blacks out. Oh well.

One thing at a time, Leon. He looked at the flyer. It was a easy job and something he was already doing. Doing a small job like this was going to be a piece of cake especially with two Rune Knights of higher ranking. He would look up from the flyer and smile at he heard the sound of light female footsteps towards him. Fay was not here with him today so it was odd. She said she had other things to do today. "Are you the person I am going to tkae this mission with" he asked out loud. The male neko gave a positive happy smile that was friedly nad not scary.

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on Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:18 am

Selena Maelstrom
Selena had came to Hargeon to see how it was doing. For the most part it seemed fine for the most part. It didn't look like there was any major losses or casualties. Deciding to get on top of work before it got on top of her Selena went to take a job to do for a little more money. As she took it she was told she was going to be working with another Knight. Selena thought maybe it would be he cousin Alice however the next day when she went to meet the person he was not greeted by her cousin but a male.

He asked if she was the person that he was going to be working with, not introducing himself. The man seemed to be happy in many ways, without a care. A large white smile and a general friendly atmosphere. For some reason Selena felt annoyed looking at the man. Even the Slime soul within Selena seemed to be on edge as if she knew this person but could not quite recall. "Yeah I am. My Name is Selena Maelstrom. Who are you?" She asked a little bluntly. She didn't offer her hand nor did she smile as widely as he did, only a small polite on covered Selena's face as she waited for a reply.

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on Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:48 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
Leon knew how to read body language. He thought it was a useful skill to read on first impressions and how someone acts. He was not a mind reader particularly, but was at least a experienced in the matter of at least getting a feel of how someone is. He could see this women was a little disappointed. Was she expecting someone else? He knew his officer, Nicolas Nakamura, partnered him up with Selena. There had to be a reason, but oh well. The neko smiled as she introduced herself as Selena Malestorm. Now he felt that he had to use his fake last name to reply to her with his full name. Oh well. "Pleased to meet you Selena. I am Leon, Leon Razor. Mr. Nakamura partnered me up with someone random, so I could get to know other people within my division" he said. Perhaps, this could lead him to some of his memories.

Leon wished there was some sort of miracle potion that could cure his amesia. There probably was without a doubt, but illegal most likely. He looked at hte mission below. The male read it with his ghoul eye. "Seems to be a Rune knight needs someone to fill in for him while he goes out on another job. We're suppose to meet him here" he said.


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on Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:49 pm

Selena Maelstrom
"Pleased to meet you too." Selena replied simply. The man introduced himself as Leon Razor. Selena noticed a slight shift in his eyes. He seemed to blink quickly as he said this. A small tell that one was lying however it could often be considered coincidence. Selena dismissed this however the Slime soul within her kept a note. "I'm aware." Selena replied, her tongue a little sharp. She had didn't see much reason to tell her information she already knew. A part of her knew he was just making sure but for whatever reason Selena just did not like this peppy knight. Something about him rubbed Selena the wrong way. Was it his attitude? Selena had been going through some harder things as of late and a smile seemed a far way off, yet this man saw no problem with being happy. Perhaps jealousy?

"We should get going then." Selena would say quickly. She didn't see much point in wasting time. She would let Leon lead as he had the information at hand, quite literally. As they would make some small talk, although mainly it was to gather information on this man. "So, Leon. How long have you been a knight, and what rank are you? From what I heard your no amateur." Selena would say, almost as if complementing the Neko.

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on Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:08 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
With a few looks, he could tell she was already irritated with him. What was with people lately? They found him really suspcious. Was being friendly a crime or just living life? He felt a little offended by people. Perhaps if he was a bit more cold that would help. Personally, he was heading down that road for some weird reason over time. Fay had noticed. Though, she never said anything. She asked about his rank and how long he had been a knight. From what he knew, he was in the council all along. He did not remember at all since he has amnesia. Only Mr. Nakamura and Fay knew about it. "Uhm. I honestly dont remember exactly. I have a bad case of amnesia and was apart of the council since I had the tattoo when I woke up. I am B-rank, Seated Knight" he said.

The Knight hoped that he did not sound suspicious. This time he told her the truth. Lately, he had a bad run of his luck. The Rune Knight saw their client.  Collin was his name and he looked to be in distress. Leon sighed. He seemed to be a frantic little knight. He walked up to him with Selena next to him. "Alright, Shimmers, whats the problem this time" he asked the Knight.


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on Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:26 pm

Selena Maelstrom
Selena was prepared to comment on how Leon's answer but as he said he had amnesia she decided against it. She too knew how frustrating that could be. In fact it almost seemed like leon was in the exact same predicament as her. He had amnesia but was still a fairly high ranking knight. Selena made no mention of his Amnesia but nodded as he spoke of his status. "As am I." Selena would say as they continued to walk. She say no tells to see if he was lying, besides one having amnesia would not be something to brag about. The more the two walked the more annoyed Selena became. She had had such hardships with her amnesia, but it seemed that Leon here had the opposite. He was smiling away as if nothing was wrong, as if there wasn't another part of him eating away at his insides with guilt for not remembering fond friends or family. She wanted to punch the smirk off his face right then and there but before she realized they were at the meeting place. Leon had already walked up to him and decided to see what it was they were going to do. Selena stood back and folded her arms (as to restrain herself from attack Leon) and let him handle the full details of the job.

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on Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:25 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Leon did have his hardships. Only a smile hid everything from sight and he was damn well good at it. He hated talking about it. He really did. Something he did not tell anyone. Sometimes it slipped out, it urked him that he had a stupid moment and now kicking himself in the ass for it. Though, he had to move on. The Page explained how the lord of Hargeon had called him to patrol the streets. He needed someone to watch his post while he was away. Leon could see this as a simple mission. There were tougher jobs he had done. This was probably nothing. It would be a cake walk for the Neko Knight. He smiled.

"We can do that no problem. Carry on, the Lord depends on ya. We got this"

He spoke. The Page trailed off to his new post. Leon grew as straight face. His ears perked up and grew more alert. The transition to hunting and patroling was a total new aura around him. It was not positive anymore, but serious. He knew that Selena seemed wary and annoyed about it. Like everyone else did, it was not easy to say for many.


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on Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:43 am

Selena Maelstrom
Selena grasped the concept of why they were called to do such a quest at once. Surely they could have found better people than two seated to patrol, however the number of knights was dwindling the past few weeks as Selena recalled. It seemed that Leon had decided to get serious, loosing his ridiculous smile and happy demeanor. Not only did his general tone shift but the small pointed ears on his head gave a wiggle too. 'Another Neko?' Selena thought to herself. As she recalled there were a few Neko's in the knight's already, including her cousin. Why was the race so popular?

"So were you born a Neko?" Selena would ask as they patrolled. There had been a few moments of Silence and rather have this be an experience where they were both miserable Selena decided to try and get more information out of her partner. Selena did not see any tail however she just presumed it was under the man's clothing.

As Selena asked this question the best within her soul was analyzing the data Selena was collecting. Everything about this person should indicate that he was a stranger but as time went on there was more and more similarities to people Selena had met previously who matched the description. Perhaps another who changed their face? Selena continued walking waiting for a reply from her partner.

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on Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:59 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
They would walk together in silence letting that grow between. It was not quite clear about Selena. There was apart of him that knew she was from somewhere. Yet that was everyone lately. His memory was frail and blank only lying wiht a few clues, but so far nothing. All he remembered was voices and a flashback of Hikaru. From what Gala had said, the man he described and had the picture shown to was Hikaru. His brother. The second eldest of hte Nakamura family. He heard the man had a habit for disappearing. Selena asked if he had always been a neko. The Knight paused and looked down as if he was trying to remember if he was or not. Leon shrugged.

"In all honesty, as much as I remember I always been a neko. Though, I don't remember much. I only remember the time I woke up to now, which was about a little over a month" he said. The Knight paused now look ahead of them. His ears twitched as he saw a two men dealing drugs near the dock area. He nudged his partner and point to them.

"We got trouble" he said, quite alert.


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on Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:37 am

Selena Maelstrom
Once again the man replied by stating he could not remember. Selena could not imagine anyone else as slow as this person. If he was going any slower he'd end up going back ways. Although now Selena managed to gather that it had only been a mere month when Leon had lost his memories. Selena felt no real importance to a month ago nor did it scream anything she should remember. More than likely just a confidence and nothing more.

As they walked on Leon's ear's twitched in a way that made Selena's skin crawl. They had twitched before but this time Selena managed to see the inside of his cat ear which just made her shudder. Something felt off about gazing so openly into the anatomy of another race. Quickly straitening herself from that odd moment she listed to what Leon had told her. "Well don't just stand there go and deal with it." Selena said as if the answer was so obvious. "You haven't forgotten how to defuse a hostile situation if one arises have you?" Selena said somewhat seriously. She had meant for this to mock the feline but as she spoke she realized there may be some truth in her words. "All Be your backup if something goes wrong anyway. Now go sort it out I want to see how you handle it."


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on Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:34 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
Selena seemed to want to see how he handle situations. Was she doubting his skills? There was no doubt that she probably was at least questioning it. That did not matter anymore. Therefore, he nodded and approached the two men who were dealing drugs. He was about to open his mouth when they both noticed Leon and Selena. There was no chance for him to say anything. One of them looked like Regean, a smulgger that was no good, and the man was nothing but a stranger to him. Both split, taking opposite directions. The stranger was closer to them and it would be obvious that Regean would get them lost. This was probably not his first time. Leon burst into speed chasing the other man. Selena probably knew and was watching him like a hawk. That's how it felt.

"Stop. Selena back up" he called. He did not know any speed buffs or anything. It was a shame that he did not otherwise it would be a lot better for his position. He wish he knew some. There was not much to say about him in regards about his meory. He was not one to like to talk about it unless if it was relevant information or on his terms. The man ahead of him seemed to get the better hand but he used his long legs to catch up as fast as he could.


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on Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:53 am

Selena Maelstrom
Before Leon could even open his mouth the thugs began to move. Selena rolled her eyes at their stupidity. When were they going to learn that innocent people never run? Before Leon even called out to her Selena dashed after the man closest to her. Her speed was rather high despite not being too active and somehow she managed to catch up with him. Despite this She couldn't go full speed. As the man ran he was throwing boxes that were full of fish, ice and various other contents in front of her as she pursued. Selena had to act quickly but with a few well timed jumps she hadn't lost any ground. As Selena was chasing the man she realized she did not get a good look at him. She had no clue if it was the man dealing drugs or Rengan the drug dealer. As Selena ran she had the fainest feeling of nostalgia, as if she had done something similar to this before. The only difference was that the wind was hitting her face much harder than she could remember. Were some of her memories coming back to her. Even the Slime soul inside her was not sure of this, but regardless Selena kept running after the man.
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