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Warmth Under The Sand [Arisa]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

on Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:36 am

Okay… the weather had not changed at all. It was still just as warm and almost cozy as it was back when he fought that huge serpent in the past. His feet were out of his spiked sneakers and touched the sand directly, embracing its heat that it had collected from hours upon hours of exposure to the sun’s radiations. It almost felt a little awkward for him to just walk around shoeless; despite looking like a boy from the wild, he rarely took off his shoes outside. It just didn’t suit him, and it sure didn’t here; he only did it because that many other guys and girls had done so too. It felt like a norm, and he didn’t want to stand out, but feeling the grains of sand beneath his toes felt a little weird. Then again, perhaps it was just due to the fact that he had so little to do at the moment that he began thinking about how the sand felt, how the breeze caused sweat pearls to pop out of his forehead and other things like the sound of seagulls in the distance and waves hitting the shore. On top of that, there had been quite a lot of events going on in this town, and yet so many people were still around him like nothing happened. He kept diving into his thoughts like that whilst enjoying a piece of raw elk meat on his hand…

WC: 243


on Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:24 pm

Eyes dulled and looking forward as she looked at the sky and ocean. She was sitting on top of a hill inches from the sand that lead to the beach itself, thinking. The beach and docks use to be her happy place and now all it reminded her was false dreams and hope. What use was it now? Ever since that day she tried to be optimistic about things and see the light of everything she looked at. 'All things are meant to die someday, I suppose.' she would hear in her head. The voice was dark and to be exact it was the voice that was always there.

All she knew or believed was it wasn't her own. Arisa had her knees brought against her chin and arms wrapped around them. 'I guess...but... why did that have to? If I could fix it... I would in a heart beat.' she thought and cornered her eyes to look at the ground. A part of her acknowledged that it was too late, but a little part of her hoped that they'd rebuild a friendship at most someday. Her full lips half-smiled while she watched the people scram about with their lives. She wore a lilac sundress with frills by her chest that was shaped as a V, revealing a little of her chest and her perfect flawless curves. Her skin wasn't shining by the sun though as she wore a sun hat with a red hibiscus flower.

#3Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:45 am

Coda was beginning to soar above the waters at the shore, her reflection following troop on the surface of the saltwater. Hyōen looked over the coast to watch her have a fun time flying around, approaching the surface little by little as she began trying to catch fishes like some kind of fishing eagle. It was an interesting scene to spectate for the admirer that he was, and despite simply hearing the sounds of people in the distance and Coda’s shrieks as she struggled to get a catch, the atmosphere was just perfect. Now the sand didn’t feel so irritating anymore, because he had something else to focus on; the joy that his dear, birdy companion got in snapping fishes.

All of a sudden, Coda approached Hyōen’s position from the sea. He readied an arm for the bird to land on, while a few kids walked by and watched how he waited for the raptor to land on his arm. Curious, they kept watching, until both they and Hyōen noticed how Coda flew over them and continued towards the hill. “… Huh?” he breathed out in surprise, speculating over what the bird was planning to. He watched and followed its direction as Coda made it to the peak of one of the hills further back at the beach, where she would softly land her rather strong talons on the surface beside a familiar, but rather upset face. The Fire Mage arrived only about half a minute later, spotting that whom Coda was heading for was Ana. “Oh… hey, it’s been a while,” he greeted joyfully, “I guess that things got under control here in Harg-“ His voice paused when he noticed her rather concealing position, feeling that something was a little off. Was she bored? He couldn’t pinpoint the case, but it sure caught his curiosity. “You look a little tired… I guess you’ve seen a lot. This town keeps taking me by surprise, too, and it's honestly starting to wear me off.”


on Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:34 pm

Arisa did hear the guy, but she didn't really want to even look up. Her stare was gazing forward at the beach scene. Her mind was playing a repeat on the episode between him and her. She needed to get the hell over it so why was it so hard? Was it because she lived such a lone life that she finally got a taste of not being alone and yet... it was gone now? Or was it because of that time he said that her place was with him yet he does this type of shit? While Arisa was thinking more of this her eyes squinted rather annoyed. 'What an asshole.' she thought darkly and then heard the person speak more, hearing who it was clearly as of now. Her head turned, eyes widened innocently once more and bit her lip. ''Oh.. Sorry. Didn't mean to ignore you. Just...'' she stopped for a moment and looked away. ''A lot on my mind I suppose.'' she spoke once more than then gazed back at him.

She didn't really have to look up much since she was pretty tall, but she gazed into Hyoen's dark eyes. ''And greetings to you bird.~'' she spoke happily with a fake yet real-persuasive smile. She was good at pretending to be happy as well as feeling rather good. ''I could use some sleep, but perhaps later.'' she spoke once more. She couldn't really tell him of her feelings for some other guild member they belonged to and the drama that happened. ''Are you here for a swim?'' she wondered curiously.

#5Daiko Flayme 

on Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:29 am

His assumption appeared to be confirmed; her expression and vague response indicated how deep within her thoughts that she had dove into. She barely heard what he was saying, his greeting and attempt to ease the sudden, stingy atmosphere up, a thing that did cause the Fire Mage to frown for a brief second, only to feel oddly sad and down, even causing his entire body to look like that. It was a rather ‘dramatic’ effect to show his displeasure, in which he spoke: “… 'Kaayy…” Apparently, her variation of thoughts would appear to be big, since she did state so very clearly. She must’ve hit some huge wall of surprise or desperation to appear like this… maybe she lost someone close. Or maybe she felt bad for having done something?

Due to her height, it wasn’t difficult to gaze directly into Hyōen’s eyes. They were honey-gold and honestly pretty to look at from his perspective. He could even sense the reflection of his very own, gloomy, shadowy eyes in hers. She seemed to have gotten better in an instant, which the Fire Mage gladly accepted. Perhaps she was just a little tired, or so he concluded. Anyway, her suggestion seemed to have caught him off guard; walking around the sand for a while now, he never considered taking a dip in the sea himself again. While Coda gently nuzzled her violet hair, Hyōen took a quick glance over the ocean; sapphire-blue and filled with exotic atmospheres. “I guess it’s a good idea. It’ll fresh you up,” he replied with a growing smile, “Won’t you join? You seem to need a refresh, too..!” Then again, he knew little of his prowess in swimming, but he needed moisture. The dark-skinned boy could only take so much from the sun, and Hargeon was a tough challenge compared to other sunny cities.


on Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:35 am

Her eyes cornered to look at the boy. Hyoen seemed to be quite nice compared to some people she knew. Did he actually care about how she was feeling? Weird... He barely knew her. Her sunset brown eyes would set as she gazed upward that turned downward as soon as she stood up tall. Slowly she would bend her knees and body to dust off the ground pieces off her legs and so on. ''I guess we should go.~'' she would say with a sweet smile. Her eyes gazed at the sparkling waters and the sand that looked rather hot. One at a time Arisa would put her foot in the sand, feeling that it was okay. After that Arisa ran towards the water without Hyoen. ''I'll beat you there!~'' she yelled playfully. Her womanly hips swayed, long legs ran while her hair flailed behind her. She smiled cheerfully like a child and eyes closed. Head tilted up feeling the wind that the sun made warmer while running about five meters per second and then finally jumped into the ocean after a huge jump in a cannonball form. As she sunk into the deep she would open her eyes to see the clear waters. Finally, she saw the fishes and it reminded her once again of that night...

#7Daiko Flayme 

on Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:59 am

She agreed to his suggestion, which quickly calmed down the Fire Mage. Perhaps she really just needed a good swim in the ocean, and Hyōen felt like needing some fresh water around himself too. He stretched a little as she got up and wiped dust off her legs, while Coda looked down on them and indirectly compared her own talons to Ana’s legs. Whilst curious about that, Hyōen couldn’t but smile back in relief to hers as things seemed to have been of vague reasons. It really seemed that, despite the atmosphere earlier, she was just a little down and needed some kind of catalyst. Having been that catalyst, he felt a little proud of himself and rested his hands on his hips in a moment of self-confidence, only to realize that she had ran off to the beach already, teasing him to catch up already. “A-Argh, no you won’t..!” He dashed off the hill in a hurry, while Coda had been left midair after Ana’s sprint.

His legs soon clashed with the waves of the ocean as he reached the waters, noticing that Ana had dove down to the surface below. Coda had begun to float around like some kind of swan, so the Fire Mage simply dove down to her, spotting fresh and salty fish swimming around. While Ana had her eyes on them, he suddenly swam into the picture, trying to chase one of the fishes for a later meal. Bubbles erupted from his mouth, indicating words like ‘Come here!’ and ‘I’ll get you!’ while he paddled with his legs and arms like an amateur swimmer.

Luck didn’t strike him with the fish, in which he returned to Ana’s position underwater after a quick moment of hunting. He had something to show her; pointing his fingers on his floating hair, he began emitting magic through it like he used to do when getting upset or excited, suddenly causing the waters around the hair to boil and cause a massive cloud of small bubbles of water to surround it. It was quite a hilarious view, and it also tickled a lot on Hyōen’s head.


on Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:40 pm

Her eyes saw the clear blue see; the bubbles were popping as they lifted for air from gravity taking off. Her hair flowed in strands as it shined like some violet lilac shredded silk. Arisa would hold her breath as she looked around for her friend. 'Where could Hyoen be?' she wondered to herself with wandering eyes. Her mind tried to forget about that night as she didn't want to ruin this little adventure she felt like going on for now. The water was cool -- not too cold nor too warm. A swimming technique that formed as a frog arm wise and with kicking feet, she swam around under sea. This felt so lovely, so lost in this paradise down here. It made her wonder what beautiful scene there was in the waters. That night she was with a certain someone, she didn't get to enjoy the watch of the water and its animals. No. Clearly she was more paying attention to him, actions and his words. Her head shook as she looked out for Hyoen. 'Hopefully he didn't get lost or well... you.' spoke a voice in her thoughts. Her eyes wandered left and right, up and down and then forward as she swam around once more. Finally, she would see Hyoen and pointed up to the air, signally to go up to talk. With that Arisa would go up there and waited for Hyoen to explain the next plan. She didn't want to do stuff without informing him.

#9Daiko Flayme 

on Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:14 pm

His hair caused quite a spectacle with all the bubbles and stuff, and he was happy that he somehow had a decent control over those harmless flames. While underwater, they caused bubbles to erupt and scare away fish from all directions, while Arisa had seemingly gone lost. Surprised, he turned his head in both directions, right and left, searching for her. Talking underwater, bubbles came out of his mouth that indicated words like ’Where did she go now?’ and ‘I hope that she’s close…’ He began paddling across the water to try and find her, but with the salty water covering his eyes, his vision wasn’t exactly perfect underwater. To be fair, he was finding it annoying to have such a blurred view, in which he would rub them a little. As he finished that, a silhouette came to view in the foreground; it was her, pointing upwards as if she wanted to say something. He nodded quickly and swam upwards by kicking himself from the sandy surface, causing a dust cloud underwater as he aimed for the surface above. He crossed the border between cold and warm water and finally reached the surface, breaking through the waves and shaking his head a little to throw off drops of water. “Eh… so, you feeling better? I definitely do..!” he commented with a chuckle. Coda would float around the two of them like a duck, enjoying the refreshing saltwater on her wings.


on Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:46 pm

She waited for Hyoen to get to the top surface. Her gaze would lower to look for him and hoped he wouldn't take too long. The idea she had felt somewhat different and fun for a change. Her violet lilac hair floated and slithered like snakes, but it shined like scaling silk being sparkled by the sun. Slowly she would let her body take charge into floating so her energy wasn't wasted by waiting. 'Where is he?' she wondered and then saw his companion float all about. 'Weird... But then again how will it follow us during my tripping idea?' she wondered curiously. Her right hand pointing finger would bend against her right jawline as she thought for a moment. It was obvious that it couldn't follow them. Soon enough, Hyoen appeared and she would chuckle. ''Took you long enough.'' she spoke fluently and smiled. ''I feel like we should go on an adventure through the sea. Something different than adventuring on land. Don't you say?'' she would question and state. Arisa waited for Hyoen to answer and hopefully he agreed to do that. With the hope he would say yes, she sunk back down into the water's world and started to swim. Her eyes looked forward as she swam further down, further away from the surface and to who-knows-where.

#11Daiko Flayme 

on Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:10 am

It was so damn weird to watch Coda float around them both like a red swan, relaxing her wings as they functioned as a kind of ’boat’ for her to float on. Not caring the least about predators that may had been lurking in the distance, the raptor enjoyed the swim while the Fire Mage looked at Ana. “I’m not a good swimmer…” he responded with a little chuckle afterwards. She suggested something unexpected after that, though, which was for them both to go adventuring through the sea. At first, he didn’t know how far from the coast that he was, and for some reason, he felt that it was a very important thing to know. Who could tell what dangers lied in wait for them… on the other hand, he would never say no to such a suggestion. The sea was still just as mystic to him as the stars in the sky, he was oblivious of what the waters contained.

“I say you lead the way, then, captain..!” he replied with a grin. He would watch Ana dive under the surface again and quickly threw a glance at Coda, the raptor who would definitely do well during his later absence for a good amount of time. He hoped that she wouldn’t worry too much about him, in which he directly spoke to her: “Coda, watch out for the fish while I’m gone, okay?” With that said, he dove underwater too, following what appeared to be Ana’s shining body approaching the depths as well. He got to see a few eels beneath them as well as other types of marine animals such as shells, sea stars and polyps.


on Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:57 pm

Further and further she would swim downward without thinking. Her mind wasn't thinking straight nor was it thinking right. Her eyes became dull as she looked at the beautiful scene of the ocean. The water was glowing around the edges of the darkened parts of the deep till she went in further. The life around them were school of fishes, some jelly fish and maybe other small sea life. Her hair flowed behind her like some mermaid. Arisa ignored the fact that she was wearing a sun dress, but luckily she had a bikini underneath. The night of when she watched the sea with her date was in her head, playing. The smell of his essence/aura, the strong embraces as if a bear hugged her, she liked that. The words she spoke were okay to her, but why was he scared of them? It was perhaps because he didn't feel the same. Her heart was in pain and her eyes teared up, but it couldn't be seen thanks to the water they were in, swimming. Tightly she bit the inner lip part of her right lower lip as they swam. 'I should've just stayed quiet.' she thought and then a glowing inner circle appeared. She stopped swimming, waited for Hyoen and pointed to it, hoping he'd get the gist that she was swimming to there/follow her. Finally, she swam to it, went in and appeared to have air-space for them to breathe.

#13Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:48 am

Ana had been beginning to dive pretty deep under the sea. Would they have enough air in their lungs to explore underwater for too long, though? Hyōen couldn’t answer that himself, but apparently, she appeared confident in the way that she moved down there, in which he simply took a huge breath and dove after her. Coda would be waiting on the surface for them, continuing to paddle around like that bird that she was. The cool water embraced him completely as he was down there, his eyes only faintly capable of following Ana’s direction. He wasn’t sure, but something felt odd with her… although, he couldn’t really justify that feeling by the blurred view. He would have an easier time looking at the fish as they weren’t blurred at all in his vision, a strange phenomenon but lucky as well. He did enjoy watching all the different species that he never saw before in Worth Woodsea swim by, wagging their bodies or darting pass him like a torpedo.

Some kind of glowing circle appeared near Ana. At first, the Fire Mage thought that it was her magic, but she appeared to swim towards it in curiosity as well. The situation didn’t call for any dangers, so he felt that the circle was perhaps some kind of natural phenomenon and not caused by a human, in which he approached it as well. As he entered the circle, he suddenly had space to breathe… the water around him was gone, and he fell directly on Ana’s thighs as they laid beneath his torso. “… W-Wait, where are we?” he spoke up in confusion, “Did… did we just dive to the other side of the land?”


on Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:21 am

Her eyes looked forward to see an area of land that was solid rock and bump. In certain spots there were spikes that she would hope not to fall into. Sadly due to swimming momentum, Hyoen swam fast that made them fall through the water 'portal' and fell onto the ground. She smacked into the ground and moved a little so her side would at least hit. Softly she took a deep breather till she felt someone by her legs. Her face blushed and looked at Hyoen. ''Eh-excuse you...'' she spoke and bent her legs towards her. Her dress was pretty soaked and then she noticed a glow. Her head turned, eyes wandered as she would see the sphere pool of water above in which they came from. In corners were shrugs against the wall, flowers of different kinds and beyond that were trees. ''Wow...'' she spoke quietly, hands against the ground that pushed her up. Arisa stood straight as she walked forward. Her feet would be careful to not step on anything sharp. Her heart was beating fast, nervous of this new area. ''Wonder what this place is.'' she spoke out-loud. Slowly she twirled, arms out and smiled. This place was beautiful like some fantasy amazon place. As she went forward she then had widened eyes, seeing a whole new land.

#15Daiko Flayme 

on Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:29 am

He couldn’t but find himself locked on the surroundings whilst laying on Ana’s legs; the area that they had entered appeared to be separated from the plane of water that floated above their heads as a liquid pool. Here, shrubbery and vegetation grew palmy around, flowers covered the view and the background had trees sticking up. It was only a while after fathoming all the wonders around him that Hyōen noticed himself on her, in which he quickly rose off and positioned himself a meter away from her. “Sorry about that, hehe… I hope that I didn’t hurt your legs,” he apologized while holding a hand on the back of his head. He would notice that even Ana was fascinated by this place, and that wasn’t something strange to think about; it was just below the bottom of the sea from where they came, so how could vegetation like this even grow so countlessly?

It was a shame that Coda wasn’t with them, because she would’ve loved this ‘forest’. He quickly stood up on his feet and walked towards Ana as the shrubbery around them began shrinking away and making space for the two of them to throw a glance at the distant plains that revealed a whole land before them. “W-Wooooaaahhh…” he couldn’t but let out in amaze, “This looks like the plains outside of the Woodsea… it’s beautiful.”


on Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:28 pm

She looked at Hyoen as if he was faking the apologetic act for falling on her legs. Eyes slanted in a doubtful stare as she sighed softly, shaking her head. ''Suuuure you are.'' she teased and chuckled, changing her expression to calm with a small smile within seconds. Slowly she turned away from Hyoen and walked towards the edge of a hill that lead to the bottom of this 'new world'. The place was tropical and a jungle, unknown to all from her world obviously. She wondered on how she was going to get down there and so she looked around. The mountain seemed flat and not bumpy, horizontal and went towards the bottom like a slide. She turned away from it and walked about to find something. ''Need something sturdy and flat at the bottom... big enough for one or both of us to sit on...'' she spoke out-loud, thinking. Soon enough she went towards a weird shaped log, grabbed a knife that was mysteriously by and started to carve. Her eyes looked and gazed at detail as in the end, she was done. The thing was made into a long bowl-like shape and so she would put it down by the edge and looked at Hyoen. ''Alright... You coming?'' she wondered and chuckled. She wasn't going to show she was an angel, so she wanted to avoid having to fly at all cost.

#17Daiko Flayme 

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:51 am

From where they stood, the mainland looked to be further below the surface that they stood on, indicating that they must have been located on top of some kind of hill or mountain. His eyes rolled around and fathomed all the wonders with excitement, while Ana began searching around the tropical shrubbery. “I wish that Coda was here… she would have loved this,” he spoke up, quickly aiming his eyes at the sphere of water from where they entered this plane. … I hope that we can return back to Hargeon Town, he thought with a small drop of sweat trickling down.

The mountain did look a little smooth, and apparently, Ana had that in mind as she was in the middle of carving some wood off for who knows. Curious, the Fire Mage approached her as she had mentioned that they needed something sturdy and flat at the bottom. It sounded as if she was talking about a chair or something… or a couch. What exactly did she mean? “Ehm… is that a couch?” he bluntly asked when looking at the finished product; a long, curved ride with a fair amount of space inside, smooth at the bottom and everything. Once Ana had put it on the edge of the mountain, the Fire Mage began getting the idea… in which he sweated a little. “Uhh…” he hummed by the look, but she did ask for him, so he couldn’t really pass, “Okay, make some space for me..!” He quickly rushed towards the ride and found a nice seat behind Ana, hoping that the thing would hold itself during the slide that awaited them. Yes, a slide, that was what this thing looked like, and Hyōen knew a thing or two about those. That was why he held his arms around Ana’s waist in anxiety; he hadn’t gotten much good experience from events where these were involved. “I really hope that it’ll do,” he spoke nervously, “Y-You sure that it’s going to make it all the way down? I-I mean, I can always fly or something else, hehehehehehe… hehe…” His eyes almost popped out of his head when looking down the hill, wondering about what would happen...


on Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:28 pm

The boy seemed to be talking about his bird already. He must really like that pet or companion, whatever they called it now-a-days. She wished that perhaps she would get a pet like such; to love, to embrace and care for. She could feel it now, a life just like her mothers. The path was already ready and set, about to start or did it actually start before she knew it? Her heart was beating fast as she had let off a small budge go forward and down they went. Her hands held on the edges tightly as Hyoen and Arisa have gone down the slope. Her hair flew back while the momentum of the speed made her back go backward a little. First it was fine, it then started to get rocky making her heart panic, but in the end they crashed into a pile of sand being built up next to a tree. Everywhere was guarded by trees, vines and plants of all kinds. Her eyes sparkled while the gold in her eyes were half way from the middle of her eyes. The sun was still not setting, but logically she didn't know that since no reflection. ''That was quite a ride... So many ways to go...'' she mumbled softly, wandering with her eyes and standing up straight to stretch. ''You okay, Hyoen?'' she spoke in a worrisome way.

#19Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:05 am

They finally began pushing towards the edge, approaching the path of the ride that Ana had planned. The Fire Mage looked in eager and a bit of worry too as they did so, keeping his eyes on the ground that they were rocking across. Okay, okay… maybe the hill is smooth enough, he began to think, I mean, I just looked at it. It looks good enough for a cozy ride, but… I wonder about the depth. How deep is there to the surface below? I’m not sure after the look, but maybe Ana found it pretty short… nah, I shouldn’t worry so-

His thoughts suddenly went completely mute when the slide reached the edge, beginning to descent across the hill with a fair acceleration. It surprised him at first, but as the ride began sliding on a level angle, it felt more harmless than before. However, when they began rocking up and down due to stones and other vegetations beneath the slide, his hair burst out greyish flames in shock and fright. “T-Too, much, t-too, much, I c-can’t see..!” he mumbled out loud, until they finally crashed into some shrubbery near the lower plain that they were aiming at. From his angle, everything looked like hanging from the ceiling, even Ana who was suddenly on her feet rather quickly. “… I feel… dizzy,” he sighed, suddenly spotting the vines that had tangled around his arms and feet as he was hanging from a tree, “…Ah, argh, I’m fine, just… give me a minute.” With a little struggle, he crossed his arms slowly and let razor-sharp, deep-red blades emerge from his arms’ sides like wrist blades. With them, he cut off the vines that were holding him tightly, while he landed on his back on the expectedly soft dirt. The vines that were cut glowed a little on the points where he sliced them off, but thankfully, the glows were quickly dying out.

“… We… Yo, we've got to do that again, sometime..!”


on Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:12 pm

They went down the slope, her violet strands from her hair would flail all about in indirect direction. She had a huge smile like some crazy chick shooting from a gun, laughing as she enjoyed this dangerous ride. Left, right as they went forward and down to the very bottom. Of course after they were at the bottom and she asked Hyoen if he was okay, he answered that he was. A small smile appeared on her full lips. ''That's good... Now then.'' she spoke and looked on about with her wandering eyes. Slowly she walked towards the right, entering an area of nothing but nature. The sounds the animals were making were rather annoying in a majestic way. Closer she would get, the more she smelled smoke. ''Wonder what that could be coming from..'' she spoke quietly. Soon enough her eyes looked at the left to see a giant plant, eating an animal, catching it with its unknown-like tongue. The colors were velvet, yellow and green. It was like a fly trap but ten times its size. ''uhhh...we better not really go over that way.'' she spoke to Hyoen. The area felt humid, sunny and honestly a shower sounded really good by now. Finally, her heart started beating with curiosity on where the smoke was coming from.

#21Daiko Flayme 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:25 am

The vines from earlier were beginning to smoke up a little. It took a brief moment for the Fire Mage to notice that as he had ignored the extremely small sparks that glowed up the edges of the vines where he had cut himself free from. However, smelling the very same smoke, he quickly turned around with a sweaty face, realizing that his magic was about to get hand of the shrubbery. “Blast it..!” he let out, dashing towards the vines and picking them up. Fortunately, they hadn’t ignited any trees or bushes yet; he couldn’t but feel so sad about what could’ve happened if he hadn’t been cautious. Taking a look at the vines, though, he concluded that he had to turn off the fire by the most reasonable method; water.

He dashed around the small area to look for water, but the only place that he spotted a while later was a small river near the opening. Rushing over there, he saw that the fire was getting bigger and reaching the air above him, in which he began sweating more. As soon as he stood in front of the river, he simply threw them down and leapt on them in order to get the entire collection of vines underwater, so that the fire could be properly extinguished. He then reached the surface and looked over the river, spotting what looked like a small village where greensmoke was coming out as well. It was rather coincidental, in which he called for Ana: “Hey, Ana! Come over here, I found someone..!”


on Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:53 am

Her eyes watched Hyoen as he rushed in multiple places, putting out a random heap of smoke. It was quite weird and she didn't know how exactly it happened, but she was going to put that aside. As they traveled through the tropical-like jungle, her dress was slowly being torn by the nature that kept poking her. While walking through this place, her head wandered with her eyes to see the place around. ''This place is rather beautiful. Dangerous, but beautiful.'' she started to say till she saw another plant eat some animal and then finished her sentence with 'dangerous'. Soon enough they walked into a village and green smoke was there. Her nose sniffled and could smell some good stuff. It wasn't something a human would use, but then she felt attracted to it. ''It smells rather good, but different...'' She spoke quietly. ''Wonder wha-'' she was about to say till Gremilins appeared.

They weer fluffy and - 'Wait...' she thought quickly. At first they looked threatening, but they looked at Arisa and smiled, bowing their head. ''It is good to see a moomsies! Moomsie is always welcome to a our homes.'' spoke one. It was two feet tall and dressed in leaf skirts and other nature-made clothing. A cheerful smile appeared on her lips, ''It's good to know that I didn't run into a cannibal village. Hahaha.'' she joked and was serious at the same time. Each one of the gremlin had their own fluffly or thin haired design and some different colors. The only one that would be taller by another foot would be their leader. ''Oh!'' she started and turned towards Hyoen with her right hand motioning towards them. ''These guys are friendly. They told me something that I would have either slowly found out when it was too late or never if it wasn't for them.'' she introduced in a lacking way and then looked at the Gremlins. ''He's my friend. Please don't harm.'' she spoke in a motherly soft tone with a sweet smile.

#23Daiko Flayme 

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:40 pm

The village with the green smoke appeared, at first, inhabited by small tents only. Entering it with Ana, the Fire Mage took a quick glance at the structures that were a tad smaller than he was used to, which began poking his curiosity. If there were anyone here to live in those tents, then how tall could they be? Rather, how ‘short’ would they be in order to find those tents comfortable? Who knew, maybe some kind of midget tribe lived here, and that reminded Hyōen that he too originated from one. However, his tribe would be far different from the small gremlins that arrived.

They appeared to have met Ana before… and they even called her moomsie. That truly made Hyōen chuckle a little, hearing Ana being called something like that. “Hehe, are those like your family or..?” he joked, taking another look at the small gremlins. No wonder that their tents were so small, they could all fit in them just nicely. It was also lucky that this wasn’t some kind of extreme cannibal village like Ana was relieved of as well.

“Ehh… well, it’s nice to meet you all!” he then greeted back to the minions/gremlins/small hug-worthy bears, “I’m Hyōen. Hy-ō-en, but…. you can also call me something cute like Ana’s… ehh, yeah.”


on Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:28 pm

The little creatures were happy to see her again yet these were different ones. How did they know her? She chuckled lightly, ''News seems to travel fast among your people.'' she spoke to them motherly-like. Hyoen tried his best to introduce himself in his own shy manner. It was somewhat cute, but then the leader who appeared gazed at her and nodded. ''I have heard you are carrying, young moomsie.~'' he spoke in a manly deep tone as he carried his staff that had a skeleton on it. ''Shall moomsie and moomsie's friend join us for our festival today?'' it spoke and then had a list of places in which they will be going. Arisa leaned forward to look at this small list of places and smiled. ''Hyoen.~ Wanna go on a 'Halloween' traveling hunt? It'll be fun.'' she spoke to him with a cheesy smile. She ignored the fact that the leader reported her news of 'carrying', but that won't get in her way... Within her brain, she tried her best to ignore the thoughts of 'him' and the future of what was within her. Rather she turned into what her mother became was in question. Finally, she looked at him as if nothing dark was in her mind.

#25Daiko Flayme 

on Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:23 am

Those small gremlins… they looked rather comedic from the Fire Mage’s perspective. Each expressed a level of fuzziness that he had never seen before or even fathomed. At least, his greeting appeared to have been gladly accepted by the friendly tribe, and his worries could finally fade away. He slowly walked towards them with a new, curious face, inspecting their facial expressions as he did so. Given by the gremlin’s speech, a festival was approaching them this day today. Festival… it kind of reminded Hyōen of something. Something specific that was coming up, but he wasn’t really sure just yet…

The same gremlin pulled up a list of places for them to go, and whilst Ana read them through, Hyōen leaned over and sweated over the small amount of locations that were listed there. It kept poking his nose that some special event was coming up, but the leaves looked green and tropical here. Autumn… damn, what exactly was it? He couldn’t pinpoint the thought that was hiding in his memory until Ana already revealed the name of a very special event that was associated with the fall’s prime; Halloween. There was, apparently, a traveling hunt with this theme, and Ana had asked him if he wished to go on that hunt with her. “… Ah, Halloween, right?” he replied whilst landing a one-handed sledgehammer on his left palm as he finally remembered, “So Halloween is coming up… alright, then, what’re we waiting for?!”

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