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What a beautiful View[Salem]

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#1Liam Kawitika 

on Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:43 pm

The blue haired man walked along the beach,he was going to walk to the docks so he could go to the lighthouse.It would be his first time going here in a long time,last time he went here was when he was little and he first came to Hargeon.Which was a decade ago,which is pretty long.He was thinking of what he was going to do there other than look at the view,maybe he could chill over there,or meet some new people hopefully.At least people that are good,not people who are planning to do something bad of course.

Eventually he made his way to the docks,the lighthouse was just perched upon a a large rock.He walked onto the docks to reach the tall lighthouse,it was colored a bright red and white,it looked alot like a candy cane or peppermint candy.Of course this did make Liam crave for some candy now,but there was no time to lose.He made his way up hoping that the staircase walk wouldn't be long,as usually lighthouses do have long walks just to reach the top.After like a few dozen more steps he did get a bit tired,but he wasn't even near the middle yet.How long would it take just to reach the top?! He was already exhausted,how long would it take just for him to reach the middle at least.


on Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:54 pm

Salem hadnít found himself in the town of Hargeon that long, having only found himself arriving in the town about a day or two ago, he had yet to really go and visit the one place that he had set his mind of going to when he first set Hargeon as the next stop on his journey around Fiora in hopes to rise in the ranks of the Magic Council Rune Knights. Though the reason Salem choose to come to Hargeon was purely for the beach, and the fact that Salem also felt that it would be a good time for him to work on his tan while he had some free time and was at a town with a wonderful beach. Since Salem hadnít found time to chill and relax around the water since he left the river town of Orchidia, the first place he really came to visit on his journey and place he had come to love, so Salem could only hope Hargeon did just as much to him as Orchidia.

Soon Salem found himself strolling down the beach, enjoying the day as well as the nice breeze he was feeling. Glancing around the young Rune Knight would soon come to see a small dock that lead out to a lighthouse that made rest out in the water away from the rest of the town. Feeling intrigued by the dock, Salem would soon found himself strolling down the dock on his way to the lighthouse to see what it held, having heard a old man lived their giving tours, Salem felt it might be a nice little spot to see while he was in Hargeon. Entering the Lighthouse Salem would soon find himself going up a spiral case to the top of the light house. Upon his journey Salem would soon come to find himself passing up a strange blue haired boy that also seemed to be making his way to the top. Reaching the top Salem would proceed to relax and enjoy the view waiting to see if the strange blue haired boy made it to the top.

#3Liam Kawitika 

on Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:38 pm

Still exhausted he walked up the staircase,whenever he reached midpoint of the lighthouse,a black haired man passed by him.He was quite the mysterious one,as he was wearing mostly black.An interesting sight it was,but the man did end up making it to the top of the tower quickly,unlike Liam."Maybe i should just run up the stairs,probably would make it much fatser than walking..." He thought as he walked a bit faster up the stairs.While he walked he was thinking about who the man who passed by him was,Maybe he was a mage like Liam?

But that really wouldn't matter,since he would make friends with almost anyone,with powers or without.Without noticing he had made almost made it to the top already,he thought the trip was going to last forever.But of course he was wrong,he walked up to the top of the tower,he was greeted by the black haired man he had seen pass by him on the stairs."Why hello there,Have you come to see the view as well?" He asked the man out of curiosity.He walked towards the edge of the tower to see how it looked from above.You could definitely see almost the whole town from up there.But the town didn't look quite small,since the lighthouse was a little short in height.


on Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:01 am

Upon reaching the top, Salem would begin to enjoy the view of the light house so much of that he would seem to forget about the strange blue haired boy that he had seen on his way up the spiraling stare case that seemed as though it was never going to end. The view allowed for the young Rune Knight to see the ocean as far as they eye could see, allowing for him to see the boats that were coming in and out of the ports of Hargeon town. Boats of man different sizes and shapes some of which Salem could tell where caring while others left a little to the mages imagination. None the less Salem was coming to like the relaxing view as he enjoyed the nice calm breeze that came along with it. Giving it the since as though the young mage was on some sort of vacation, though that is what once could say this journey of his somewhat was.

Soon enough the young magical scholar that was Salem would be snapped by to reality as he heard a voice speaking to him, one that he could only presume to be the voice of the strange blue haired boy that he had recently passed up on the way up. The boy coming off to be a little too friendly as he approached himself to Salem, though he would proceed to forget a big thing when it came to one approaching a stranger, something that bothered Salem slightly. And could be heard in the tone of his voice. ďIt is un-custom to approach and speak to a stranger without introducing yourself. Some might even find it rude one might sayĒ. Salem would proceed to finish his statement without even proceeding to turn around from looking at the view of the ocean that the lighthouse gave.

#5Liam Kawitika 

on Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:08 pm

Liam was just watching the view,realizing that he was really being too friendly.Maybe the black haired man didn't want to talk to anyone,or maybe he preferred to talk with someone who was much more proper than Liam.But it would make sense if that was the case."I really shouldn't just blurt out words" His mind kept telling him.Really it was hard for him not to be friendly,since he was taught to be the most friendly you could by the guild he was located from,Blue Pegasus.But the soft summer breeze calmed him down.

'I guess it's rude to just talk casually to a stranger,I'll just leave you alone.Thanks for telling me this,now i can keep this in mind" He told the stranger,watching the ocean with a bored expression upon his face.As he looked across the small town something captured his eye,lots of people seemed to be gathering up at the docks.But again this was a normal thing,since this could mean that some supplies such as food,water and building materials had come."What's on that boat...?" he thought,but he looked much more carefully at the boat,and saw that it was a special type of boat.Not one that sent in supplies but one that sent in animals,mostly livestock.Or at least that's what he could gather up based on the logo he saw.So really there was nothing special with the boat,just a normal old shipping boat.He backed up and started to go back down the lighthouse,since he already had finished getting a view,and the black haired man was probably annoyed with him.So he just decided to leave.


on Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:45 pm

Salem would wait for the response of the strange boy that had just made his way up the light tower. Having randomly just came to Salem and proceeded to ask questions, instantly being shut down by the Magical Scholar that was Salem. Considering Salem instantly shut down the young by informing him about how he was out of custom in not proceeding to introduce himself before speaking to Salem. Something that Salem could easily see that they boy was taking some offense to. Having come to find it in himself to say that he really should not be blurting out words. Though this would be slightly confusing in the way the boy managed to state it, as he seemed to speak it as though he was more or less thinking it in his head or saying it to himself instead of actually speaking to Salem.

The boy would seem to take complete offense of Salemís statement in his apologetic statement that Salem didnít feel was all to apologetic. And seeing that he did not want to deal with the strange boy for much longer. Salem would proceed to move around to another part of the top of the lighthouse. Looking over the sea proceeding to enjoy the view Salem would soon make his exit from the lighthouse proceeding to completely ignore the strange rude boy he had not to long ago met.


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